Leighton's Inspections

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The "Leighton's Inspections" questline, or simply known as "inspection days", is a sequence of events directly involving Leighton.


Every week, Leighton will enter the science classroom and arrange for the class to take mandatory "health inspections". These have a much more sinister purpose, however. Leighton has perverted plans, these are in the form of humilating lewd inspections for the class.


This event-chain will typically start around the following week after the player has attended Science class at least once. Although it is not required, it is easier if the player subsequently keeps attending each day.


The event begins with Leighton barging into Sirris' classroom and interrupting the lesson. Starting with the penis measuring event for the boys, followed by a panties/pussy inspection for the girls and a breast exam for both sexes. Only one of these events will happen per day and are usually spaced far apart - around two weeks apart, to be exact - and each can only occur once per character.

For the penis and pussy examinations specifically, Leighton will ask either the boys/girls to form a line, the player can either join the line or stay seated with the boys/girls. If the player appears as the gender opposite of the inspection (i.e. if they're dressed as a boy during the pussy inspection, or a girl during penis inspection) they'll be able to sit out of the respective examination, even if they possess the appropriate genitals. However, if certain conditions are met, it's possible the player will be called out and forced to come up.

The following factors determine whether or not the player will be expected to join the line.

  • If Leighton already knows the player's gender, they'll call the player up if they possess the appropriate genitals. This means a female character crossdressing as a boy will be unable to sit out of pussy inspection, and vice versa. If the player is a hermaphrodite and Leighton knows their gender, they'll automatically be called up for both inspections. Note that Leighton knowing the player's gender overrides the other two factors listed below.
    • On the other hand, if Leighton knows the player's gender and they are crossdressing, they won't be erroneously called up. For example, if a male character crossdressing as a girl tries sitting out of pussy inspection and Leighton is aware of the player's gender, the headteacher won't bat an eye.
  • If the player's reputation as a crossdresser/hermaphrodite is especially high (indicated by "Everyone at school has heard the rumours of your crossdressing/unique genitalia." in the Social tab), the player's classmates will tell Leighton if a crossdressing/hermaphrodite player tries sitting out of an inspection they should otherwise be participating in. If the player's Status is high enough ("Your fellow students think you're very cool."), however, they'll be safe, as no one would rat out a popular student such as the player.
  • If the player's gender appearance matches up with the gender being inspected (ex. if they look like a boy on penis inspection day), they'll be expected to come up regardless of their actual gender.

Joining the line when the player isn't expected to requires Exhibitionism 3, even if the player possesses the proper genitalia. If the player tries sitting when they're expected to join, they'll be called up and scolded by Leighton (+ Delinquency | + Stress).

Once in line, the player is given the following options:

  • Comply/Expose yourself | + Trauma | + Stress | + Exhibitionism Fame
  • Flaunt | Exhibitionism 4 | + + Exhibitonism Fame
  • Run away | + Delinquency | - Status

If the player was forced to come up despite lacking the proper genitalia (as a result of their crossdressing), they have the option to comply indignantly. Requires the Bratty/Defiant trait and Exhibitionism 3, and allows the player to circumvent the increase to Exhibitionism fame, at the cost of increasing their reputation as a crossdresser.

If the player does not possess the proper genitalia but chooses to join the line and flaunt regardless, Leighton won't be particularly bothered, simply telling the player to sit back down. However, if the player's Delinquency is especially high ("You are considered a delinquent by the teachers."), Leighton will be annoyed by the player's disruption, taking the opportunity to shame the player in front of the entire class (+ Trauma | + Stress).

The player's gender and whether or not it's common knowledge has no effect on the breast inspection, as both male and female students will be forced to participate. However, there is one unique interaction with this particular inspection. The player has the option to protest, refusing to go along with Leighton's perverted inspection. "I see," the headteacher says. "Does anyone else feel this way?"

  • If the player's Status is high (at least "Your fellow students think you're cool."), one of their classmates will speak up. "You shouldn't treat us like this," he/she says. "I'll tell my parents." Other students voice their agreements, and eventually the whole class is rallied against Leighton. "Fucking brats. This is for your own good. But if you're going to be like that, fine." He/She strides to the door. He/She turns and looks right at you before slamming the door behind him/her. | + Delinquency | + Status | - Trauma | - Stress | + Kindness Fame
  • If the player fails to meet the Status requirement, no one will be willing to stand behind the player. "No? I didn't think so. I'll see you in detention boy/girl. But first." Leighton proceeds to forcibly bare the player's breasts before taking a picture. + Delinquency | + Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal | + Exhibitionism Fame

Unlike with the other two inspections, there is no option to run away from breast inspection. The only way to avoid it is to protest with high Status. Otherwise, their only options are to comply (+ Trauma | + Stress | + Exhibitionism Fame) or flaunt (Exhibitionism 4, or Exhibitionism 1 if the player looks like a boy and their breasts are tiny or smaller).

After experiencing each inspection once, the player can replay them in the Scene Viewer.


  • If successful, no more inspections will occur after Leighton has been opposed by the rest of the class (and chased out).


  • After the girl's inspection day, Leighton will keep their underwear. If the player goes through this event, they will have to find new underwear. In addition, the rest of the girls in the class will go without underwear as well, although they will make no mention of it after the event has concluded.
  • Leighton seems to have a bias for girls (more specifically their underwear) regardless of their sex they are set as. Leighton does not take any pictures of the boy's genitalia (simply opting to have them measured instead) or have their underwear taken.

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