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The Locker Raid quest is a repeatable quest in which the player can make small amounts of cash by stealing certain articles from their fellows, and selling said articles to a shady individual.


The player is offered the unscrupulous job of stealing underwear from their schoolmates. The player can accomplish this by raiding the school's changing rooms, but be wary: a certain teacher will do all they can to bring the school's "legendary underwear thief" to justice.


One week must pass in-game before the player may begin this quest. Otherwise, there are no outstanding requirements.


Once a week has passed since the start of the player's game, when going to School they may come across a peculiar individual with an even more peculiar job offer.

Dirty Deals

The stranger approaches the player, asking if they'd like to make some money. The player immediately assumes that the individual is in the market for a prostitute; if their Promiscuity is high, they'll even start by stating their price. Regardless, the person interrupts and informs them of their true intentions.

"Underwear. I need students' underwear for my collection. They won't let me through the gate, but you could go to the changing rooms durings lessons and nab them from the lockers. I'll give you £10 per pair." This person is a weirdo, but you need the money.

Should the player accept the pervert's proposition, they'll eagerly inform the player that they'll be waiting in rear playground during lunch (between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM), urging the player to bring as many pairs of underwear as they can.

If the player refuses, the person will hurriedly slink away, though they'll still tell the player to meet them at the rear playground if they reconsider.

Panty Raid

After accepting the job, the player will now be able to raid lockers in the pool changing rooms. The player only has brief windows of opportunity to steal underwear; specifically, whenever a swimming class is in session and the changing rooms are unoccupied.

Since lessons are held at the same time as the player's usual classes, stealing underwear requires the player to ditch their classes. One lesson will be held every hour between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, except for during lunch. The player will not be able to search their peers' lockers five minutes past the start of a lesson or five minutes before the end of one, as the changing rooms will still be occupied.

The player does not need any prior skill in Skulduggery to open the lockers. It takes 10 minutes to rummage through a locker, slightly increasing Arousal in the process. After busting into a locker, the player will find one of the following:

  • A randomly coloured pair of underwear
  • A pair of underwear opposite of the owner's gender (i.e. a pair of panties in a boy's locker, or boxers in a girl's locker)
  • A skimpy thong (girl's locker) or g-string (boy's locker) | + Arousal
  • The player may not find any underwear at all, leading them to speculate that the locker's owner doesn't wear any | + Arousal

Stealing underwear is considered a Crime, and adds to the school's Suspicion (see below).


As the player steals more and more underwear, their notoriety will quickly rise. It won't take long for the school to realise there's a thief on the loose. This is represented by Suspicion rising with each pair of stolen underwear.

Each pair of stolen underwear adds one point of Suspicion. Similarly to Cafe Suspicion, the only way to reduce the school's suspicion is to let it gradually decay over time. Every night, Suspicion is reduced by one.

Once Mason's Suspicion becomes high enough, they'll begin doing routine checks of the changing rooms. At this point, one of two scenes will play out, depending on their current level of suspicion.

Caught in the Act

At least 10 Suspicion is required to initiate this scene, with 20 or higher guaranteeing that it will occur.

You hear the door to the pool open as you snatch the goods, followed by wet footsteps. There's no time to hide anywhere else. You enter the locker, closing it behind you. You peer through the slits. Mason walks into view. Water drips from his/her sleek body. He/She walks right past you, towards the entrance, and looks around the corner. "Thought I'd catch the thief this time," he/she mutters as he/she turns back. He/She enters the pool, closing the door behind him/her. You emerge from your hiding place. Your thieving has been noticed.

This event doesn't appear to have any actual effect, serving only to inform the player that they're making progress towards the next stage of the quest: getting caught by Mason.

Once their Suspicion becomes even higher, Mason becomes much more diligent in their efforts to catch the player. Starting at 21 Suspicion and rising with each subsequent point, there's a chance for Mason to corner the player during their attempted larceny.

Upon hearing Mason's approach, the player stows themselves in a locker as they normally do. This time, however, Mason is savvy to the player's tricks.

You peer through the slits. Mason walks into view. Water drips from his/her sleek body. He/She stops beside a locker several feet away, unlocks it, and throws it open. He/She repeats this with the next, and the next. He/She's going to find you.

Trapped in a locker, the player's only choices are to run (Athletics) or - if their Promiscuity is at least 2 - ambush Mason (++ Delinquency | + Lust)

Note: No matter what the player chooses to do here, they'll be unable to rifle through the lockers for the rest of the day. Returning to the changing rooms after running from or ambushing Mason will yield the following message: Mason keeps poking his/her head in. You won't be able to raid any more lockers today.

Run Away

Choosing to run initiates a difficult Athletics check - at least an S ranking is required to ensure success. If successful, the player will dash from the changing room and into the hallway as Mason gives chase, eventually running into Leighton. Mason begins to question Leighton about if they've seen a student running by, but Leighton will interrupt to chide them for getting the floors wet, sending them back to the pool room. Alternatively, Mason will instead find themselves embarrassed by the headteacher shamelessly leering at their swimsuit-clad body, causing them to bashfully scurry back to their class. In both cases, the player will manage to escape without any further incident.

If the player attempts to run and fails, they'll instead be intercepted by Mason before they can make it to the exit.

You run into him/her, but he/she steadies you with toned arms. "Got you," he/she pants. "The legendary underwear thief. What do you have to say for yourself?" | + Delinquency

The player can either apologise, argue, or say nothing. The latter two options have no effect, but opting to apologise has Mason going easier on the player, lowering Delinquency. Regardless of the player's choice, Mason will gently scold the player. If the player is in the changing room opposite their gender, Mason will comment appropriately.

If the player is in a state of undress when Mason catches them, the swim teacher will take notice, blushing and averting their gaze as they step away from the player. This increases their Lust by 5%.


If the player chooses to ambush the teacher, they'll wait until Mason opens their locker before abruptly pulling them inside. In order to take this scene all the way to its climax, the player must have a Promiscuity stat of 4, and Mason's Lust must be at 40% or higher. For information on raising Mason's Lust, see their page.

Once the player has them trapped in the cramped confines of the locker, Mason ends up in a compromising position (either their chest pressed against the player's, or their ass against the player's crotch) as they desperately attempt to escape, to little avail. If their Lust is high enough, the player will notice Mason's body reacting to the sudden stimulation.

  • If Mason has a penis: You glance between his/her legs. His/her swimsuit/trunks strain to contain his/her erection. | + Arousal
  • If Mason has a vagina: You look over his/her shoulder, at the wetness between his/her thighs. That's not just water. | + Arousal

If the player lacks the Promiscuity requirement, or if Mason's Lust isn't high enough, or if they simply choose to let Mason go, the scene will end and proceed as if Mason had caught the player earlier. Otherwise, the player is able to grab Mason's penis or finger their pussy.

  • Defiant: "Being bullied by a student makes you hard/wet?" you tease. "You're such a pervy teacher."
  • Neutral: "Hard/Wet already?" you tease. "And with a student! Naughty teacher."
  • Submissive: "Following a student into a locker," you tease. "Then getting hard/wet! Naughty teacher."

The player begins fondling Mason's genitals as they fruitlessly attempt to escape the locker. The player suddenly hears footsteps. Mason tenses as a late student rushes into the room, opening the locker right next to Mason and the player.

  • Defiant: "Best be a good boy/girl, and keep quiet," you whisper. "You wouldn't want to be caught molesting a student, would you?"
  • Neutral: "We'll be in trouble if we're caught," you whisper. "Don't worry. I'll be discreet."
  • Submissive: "What would he/she think if he/she caught you molesting a student?" you whisper. The boy/girl glances at your locker, before continuing to undress. "I-I'll be good, if you are."

Undeterred by the threat of getting caught - or by Mason's weak struggling - the player continue to stroke Mason's genitals.

  • Defiant: "Imagine what the school would think," you tease. "If they knew you liked being bullied by a student like this."
  • Neutral: "Imagine what the school would think," you tease. "If they knew you made students service you in such depraved ways."
  • Submissive: "I'm so helpless," you tease. "Trapped in here with teacher. Being forced to perform such a depraved act."

Finally, Mason reaches their peak, climaxing against the player's touch.

  • If Mason has a penis: At that, Mason's body shudders, and his/her penis twitches in your palm. Thick ropes of cum erupt from the tip, splattering against the locker wall. | -- Lust
  • If Mason has a vagina: At that, Mason's body shudders, and lewd fluid runs over your finger. A soft moan escapes his/her lips. You're reminded that he/she's not much older than you. | -- Lust

Mason's orgasm subsides as the boy/girl finally finishes changing, leaving the teacher to stumble out of the locker and onto a bench, panting. The player follows suit.

  • Defiant: "Best keep this to yourself," you say. "You wouldn't want the school knowing how perverted you are."
  • Neutral: "Let's keep this between us," you say. "Including my thieving."
  • Submissive: "I'll be a good boy/girl," you say. "I won't tell anyone how naughty you are."

"You're terrible," Mason says in response, though the player notes that they sound conflicted. They decide to let the player off with a warning before adjusting their swimwear and returning to their lesson.

Successfully bringing Mason to orgasm not only awards the "Mason's Shame" feat, but also negates any Delinquency the player would have gained from ambushing Mason, as the player essentially blackmails them into silence. This sequence can be repeated indefinitely, assuming Mason's Lust is high enough.


  • Money
  • The "Mason's Shame" feat


  • When selling stolen underwear to the creep in the playground, they'll react differently depending on how many pairs the player is carrying.
    • 1 pair: You push the underwear through the gap in the fence. The man/woman snatches and unfurls it. "Nice. Here."
    • 2-4 pairs: You push the underwear through the gap in the fence. The man/woman gathers them in his/her arms. "Excellent. Here."
    • 5-19 pairs: You push the underwear through the gap in the fence. The man/woman puts one on his/her head, and gathers the rest in his/her arms. "A good haul," he/she says. "Here."
    • 20-99 pairs: It'll take too long to push all this underwear through the fence, so you hurl it over the top in bundles. The man/woman catches most of them, but doesn't seem to mind picking the rest off the floor. "I'm in bliss," he/she says. "Here."
    • 100+ pairs: It'll take too long to push all this underwear through the fence, so you hurl it over the top in bundles. The man/woman faces up as the clothing rains on him/her, eyes shut in contentment. "Thank you," he/she says. "Here."

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