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Lurkers are one of several encounters which is referred to as "struggle encounters" within Degrees of Lewdity. These encounters serve as an in-between for creatures otherwise too big for swarm encounters, and too small for beast encounters.

Regardless, they still fall under the "Deviancy" category of options available to the player.


Make sure Bestiality is enabled in Settings, they will not appear otherwise. Once done, the player must then rely on luck (or bad luck) to find them. Lurkers can crop up in dangerous places, or even places the player would never expect. Common locations are listed below.


Lurker encounters tend to be non-consensual, as to be expected with the rest of the creatures, with only a small fraction of consensual lurkers existing within the game.

Lurkers appear to be based off of facehuggers. They are described as small with penis-like appendages, and have a tendency to latch onto the player's face. Similarly to tentacles or swarms, the premise behind the encounter is to succumb to their whim, or choose to resist and fight it off.

Alex also notes that eating a lurker is like eating leather, having captured some before to find out why Remy captures them, and that the lurkers contain a aphrodisiac that can be extracted.


Lurkers tend to appear in packs, and it is rare that they will appear alone. As with tentacles, the player will have to fight off each individual lurker that attacks them.

There are two routes the player can choose to rid themselves of a lurker - a defiant route, and a submissive route.

Lurker Actions

There are certain body parts the lurkers will attach themselves too. Common examples include the face, as well as the player's bottom. They will try to find entrances inside the player, such as inside their mouth, within their genitalia, and within their bottom. It will prod the player's pelvis for example, in an attempt of searching for the player's special parts. Stop them by covering those parts, or let them proceed.

As with other encounters, lurkers will stop at nothing to reach whatever is hidden beneath clothing, and as such will tear them apart somewhat easily if the player is too careless. It will pierce the fabric, tearing it off the player's body with a flick, exposing anything that was underneath - this may prove very dangerous if it was lower clothing, giving the lurker free reign to the player's genitalia.

Once "satisfied" (or defeated), lurkers will leap away from the player and back into the grass, with a green prompt stating that "it won't return" to the player from here onwards. If all lurkers are dealt with, the encounter will end.

Defiant Route

If the player chooses to fight them off, their goal is to pull off the lurker by force - or by alternative methods. Once a lurker is successfully pulled off, they are removed from that encounter.

Using Arms

Naturally the player's arms will remain in place, in which the player can choose to keep them still during the encounter - this uses up a turn, allowing the lurkers to proceed further with their intentions.

When a lurker is attached - the player's arms are free to partake in one of three actions.

  • [Grasp] - The player will raise their hand to the lurker, and may prove to be "hard to find purchase" - to sum things up, it will take more strength than that.

The player will now notice an improvement to their grip on the lurker. The plan from here is to get a firm grip on the lurker to successfully pull them off - [Strengthen your grip] - otherwise they may find attempting to do so will have the player's fingers pull away without the creature often. The player's grip on the lurker clutching a body part is determined by the Physique skill. Generally, the higher the Physique, the better the chances of pulling off the lurker successfully.

The order of the player's grip is as follows:

  • Fragile grip
  • Weak grip
  • Decent grip
  • Iron grip

After which, the player's grip can lead into another option:

  • [Pull] - Accessible after grasping the lurker. This is once again determined by the Physique skill, and will have a high chance of failing if the player does not have a firm enough grip on the target lurker. If the action consistently fails, opt for strengthening the grip on the lurker until the player has an iron grip on them.

Pepper Spray

Alternatively, should the player possess charges of Pepper Spray, they can attempt to deal with the lurker here and there using the spray. This will have the lurker leap off the player's body part, but they still remain in the encounter. It will land nearby, with a blue prompt indicating it is "preparing to attack."

During this moment, the player cannot have it retreat - and the lurker will return back onto the player's body next turn, making a leap towards the same body part. [Spray] it once more, and that should remove it from the encounter for good. Depending on the player's strength, it may take more than several pepper sprays to succeed.

Submissive Route

If fighting them off proves to be too difficult, or choosing not to fight them off, the player can act submissive.

Mouth Open

There are two initial submissive options. The player's mouth will start off closed, but there is an option for them to [Open] it, allowing the lurker through. Doing so will have the lurker force its appendage into the player's mouth, taking the player's oral virginity. At this point, the player can choose to rest, letting the appendage violate their mouth, or [Suck] on it.

This may lead into the lurker pushing further down the player's throat, to the point where they cannot breathe! An Air meter will appear and will drop fast if the player does not attempt to get the lurker out, having the meter run out will cause the player to pass out.

Also similarly to tentacles, lurkers will ejaculate slime. It will shudder as it begins to pump a "sweet fluid" down the player's throat, doing this for several turns (approximately three) before its appendage expands once again, with the extra pressure disappearing quickly. If the player has the Parasitic Pregnancy toggle enabled, it will have "left something behind."

Regardless, however, the lurker withdraws its appendage from the player's throat and leaps away, leaving the other lurkers to be dealt with.

Another option has the player defiantly [Bite] down on the lurker's appendage. This would otherwise deal heavy amounts of damage if done in any other encounter (especially with NPCs who have penises), but this is not the case here, as the appendage will not react to the player's biting no matter how hard they try to bite down. However, if the player has the "Fangs" trait as a part of a beast transformation, the effect will be much more impactful - causing the lurker to leap off the player's face instantly in response.

Stroke It

Choosing to [Stroke it] will have the player stroke it as expected, hoping to put it at ease. This seems to have very little effect on the creature, as they will still proceed to search for entrances regardless of the player's attempts. It also seems to have little effect on the creature's arousal, if any at all. Only pick this option should others not be available.

If done enough, the "put it at ease" prompt will change into the player "hoping to excite it".

Alex's net

Once the player clears the seventh field on Alex's Farm they will be given a net which they can use to capture the lurkers, after which they bring to Alex's lab to make phials of aphrodisiac which they can sell to the Compound.

Giant Lurkers


Editor's Note: They're a vore encounter.


Lurkers tend to hide in plain sight - more specifically, they like to hide within grass heathers and fields, where their small stature makes them hard to see until it is too late. They are primarily found out in the Farmlands area, far away from the Town.

  • Many encounters out in the Moor. The lurkers serve as the main threat within this area, and is possible that the player will stumble upon many in this location when trekking through the dangerous area.
  • A random encounter at Alex's Farm. There is a chance that the player can stumble upon a lurker attaching themselves to the player's body when the player is tending to the fields with their hands.


  • Originally, pepper spray had minimal effects on the lurker, meaning that a full set of charges proved to be ineffective. This was changed for them to be countered by pepper spray instead.
  • The Great Hawk feeding events describe their meat as chewy, but rather tasteless and unpalatable. Additionally, they are also described as "many-limbed" and possess leathery skin.
  • Lurkers were originally introduced in Version 0.2.17, along with Alex and their farm. They were a hidden feature not documented in the changelogs, with limited functionality. Their mechanics would be updated drastically in Version 0.2.22 to account for them being bigger threats.

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