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Machines are one of several unique encounter types found within Degrees of Lewdity. It is currently limited to certain locations, and intended to be a unique and rare encounter.


Machines are not locked behind a toggle, meaning there are no requirements within Settings. Specific locations house machines, in which one will have to be repaired first. No additional stats are required to access machines.


Machines are complex encounters, separating themselves as a unique encounter type. They must be discovered before they are able to be encountered with. The premise behind the encounters is that the player is forced (or willing) to "show off" it's functionality, albeit sexually. They will have a wide array of options available which the player can use, and work similarly to tentacle encounters - however, different parts behave differently though.

Phallic machines will aim to penetrate vaginas, and small phallic machines aim to penetrate anuses. Both can be damaged by whacking/kicking them, or kept way from the player's orifice by pushing them. Essentially, these machines tend to aim for a specific hole to enter, instead of being up to chance like tentacles and/or penises/strap-ons.

A machine with a tattoo gun acts different, taking a total of three turns for it to write something on the player's body - this machine requires the Bodywriting toggle to be enabled. Turn one has the machine choose a body part to write on, before turn two has the tattoo gun press against the player's skin, and the third and final turn has it write. Whacking/kicking the tattoo gun will both damage and push it away, forcing it to begin the process from the start.

There is an additional effect of the tattoo machine featuring smart chains - these will respond to an aggressive player accordingly. If the player whacks or kicks like other machines, they will quickly find their limbs restricted. However, the chains can be damaged by struggling against them.

All machines can be disabled through repeated defiant actions, and characters with high Physique have a chance to inflict bonus damage. Similarly to tentacles, machines have a limited capacity, powering down once they have expended their "ammo" capacity, akin to tentacles withdrawing from the encounter once spent. This is indicated by the machine "shuddering to a halt", withdrawing with a plop. Machine capacity is lost when they succeed at their task, such as managing to successfully continuously thrust into the player or tattooing the player.

Machine states are listed below:

  • Sturdy
  • Dented
  • Fractured
  • Cracked
  • Ruined

A prompt may appear, stating that the player feels something snap behind the silicon. This leaves it vulnerable for attacking. Once it reaches the final state, sparks will fly and the machine will shudder to a halt - rendering that specific machine immobile for the rest of the encounter.


Currently there are four locations to find machines. One will be much difficult to obtain than the other three, and less known.

  • The first and the more well-known of the two is the broken Brothel machine. To discover it, the player must gain access to the Brothel backstage - obtained when the player unlocks the option to partake in weekly shows on Friday - requires Prostitution fame. Examine the machine, in which the player discovers it is in a state of disrepair. Inquire about it from Briar, in which they will send the player on a task to fix it. More information below.
  • The second is at the Elk Street Compound, when breaking into the Central Building.
  • The third is at the Docks, when trespassing at night.
  • The fourth, less-known is the machine located at Remy's farm, otherwise known as the Underground Farm.

Repairing Machines

Some machines will have to be repaired before they are usable, one such example is the one at the Brothel.

After gaining access to the Brothel's backstage, refer to Briar - whom informs the player they need pink gel to fuel the machine - found within the Elk Street Landfill. The player must then head off to the furthest reaches of the landfill (as far as the player can possibly go), then choose the "Look for valuables" option to search for the gel.

Note that finding the gel/goo will always be a guaranteed chance if the player is in the right place. The only other requirement is to for the player to talk with Briar about the broken machine.


After retrieving the gel from the landfill, return to Briar at the brothel. There is an option to hand them the gel when entering their office - requires a Promiscuity rank of 5. Note that it may take some time for the machine to be fully repaired. Once operational, a new quest will appear in the Journal section of the Social tab.

This results in the player using the machine to star in a fifth, unique brothel show, showcasing the machine's functionality.

A feat is tied to fixing the Brothel machine - "Stolen Technology".

Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes Rank
Stolen Technology "Briar has something for everyone." "Repaired the Brothel sex machine." Use gel to successfully repair the machine for Briar. The player can find gel in the furthest reaches of the Elk Street Landfill.

Once repaired, the player can use it to partake in a fifth, unique brothel show.


  • Machine encounter types were added in Version 0.2.18, but certain machines did exist - such as milking machines at the Underground Farm or Alex's Farm - albeit without the newly-added mechanics.
  • The machine at the Underground Farm existed before Version 0.2.18, but as stated above did not have the 0.2.18 mechanics. The tattoo gun machine at the dungeon also existed before this update, and was expanded to include 0.2.18 mechanics.

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