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Main Skills are counted among the player's Characteristics. They grant the player specific abilities and capabilities that will prove useful throughout the whole game. Many events in the world will test the player's skills, and the outcome of said events will depend on the player's Main Skills. Higher skills will often mean the player can have their way, including fleeing from aggressors, retrieving valuable items, earning money or unlocking new locations.

The minimum statistics for Skills. The player starts with a 'None' ranking.
The statistics for Skills completely maxed out.


Main Skills take a long time to max out, at the cost of the player not needing to worry about skill decay later onward. They progress as follows: F, F+, D, D+, C, C+, B, B+, A, A+ and S. Reaching S rank means that the player cannot increase this skill any further.

Main Skills can often be leveled up when the player engages in actions that put them to the test. As the player does things more often, they naturally become more proficient on them over time. Main Skills do no decay over time, unlike Lewdity Stats.

All 6 Main Skills are listed thus:

  • Skulduggery
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Tending
  • Housekeeping

Each skill has their own unique purpose and are equally beneficial. Skulduggery involves the use of trickery to outwit others or steal valuables. Dancing defines the player's grace and agility to dance. Swimming is the skill of travesing through bodies of water. Athletics involve the player's swiftness and speed, often to struggle or escape from aggressors, while Tending is the player's proficiency in growing and caring for plants. Housekeeping is the players ability to do household chores.


Skulduggery consists of both the player's wit and dexterity to either trick and deceive people, or to steal money and valuables. It is a skill directly tied to criminal activity, but it should be noted that not all skulduggerous actions increase crime fame, only those that entail theft. Unlike other skills, it does not have a very apparent levelling path and easy things do not level up more experienced PCs.

Skulduggery is tied to the feat "Thief", which requires the player to reach maximum Skulduggery. This feat unlocks the feat boost "Starting skulduggery grade", which allows the player to start a new game with a higher than normal grade in skulduggery (up to C).

For more detailed information on Skulduggery please consult this page.

The Art of Deception

Skulduggery lets players trick or mislead people, often letting the player get away with valuables or avoiding compromising situations. Here are listed just a few examples.

  • Shortly before History class, a classmate in charge of giving books may taunt the player by dropping their book in front of them instead of handing it. Picking it up will lower school Status, while ignoring it will increase Delinquency as soon as an annoyed Winter scolds the player. With Skulduggery however, the player can lie and tell the classmate that Leighton saw what they did. If successfully misdirected, the classmate will look away and the player will then knock over the classmate and make them drop all their books. When Winter enters the classroom, they will be angry at the classmate instead, and the player's peers will have a good laugh as school Status increases.
  • If the player gets caught trespassing in the Elk Street Compound, good Skulduggery will let the player mislead the guard and get away with any valuables stolen.
  • Deviancy paired with Skulduggery can let the player calm down guard animals who also catch the player trespassing.

Accessing Locations

Skulduggerous players will be able to access otherwise inaccessible locations. This includes stores and establishments that are closed for the night, private households, and corporate compounds. Some of those locations are listed herein.

  • The Elk Street Compound is only accessible via Skulduggery. The player will be able to steal expensive items in this location, in addition to a Pepper Spray Charge.
  • The Landfill in the same street requires level A to open, but there are other ways to access it besides Skulduggery.
  • Almost every business and household in town can be broken into when the player has a D+ in Skulduggery. Businesses will often have a cash register that the player can crack open and steal money from.
  • If players find themselves confined to the Asylum or the Underground Brothel, having high Skulduggery will prove very useful to escape from them.

How to Level Up

  • The player can begin to grind their Skulduggery at None or F by lockpicking the School Lockers in the main hall. It will take 30 minutes to do so, but beware of getting caught or missing class. This may increase Delinquency.
  • At D+, players become more proficient at picking locks and will be able to break into mansions at Danube Street.
  • From level C onwards, progress will be more difficult to achieve. The player will only be able to break into one new location at night: the Docks. Also, when burglarizing houses in Domus Street, the player may encounter a safe which will require a C to open.
  • When doing the same thing in Danube, players may also encounter a bigger safe which requires a B to crack open. The most consistent way to further increase Skulduggery from level B onward is to pickpocket NPCs during encounters, consensual or otherwise. This can be done in any encounter with an unnamed NPC, assuming the player's hands/arms are not restrained. Players should be careful not to get caught while doing this, otherwise they risk angering the NPC. Thus, at first it is better to pickpocket with only one hand, since using both hands is more conspicuous.

Criminal History

Stealing money through Skulduggery is a relatively easier and quicker way to earn money in the game than working a job. However, every theft the player commits will increase their Criminal History. This will eventually have negative consequences for the player. When their Crime Fame is high enough, police patrols will be on the lookout for the player. The player may end up getting detained, fondled, or even publicly shamed at the Pillory. The only way to prevent this is to wear identity-concealing clothes when the player engages in theft. Masks will require the "stealthy" trait, like for example the Skulduggery Mask. Note that this does not completely prevent the growth of Crime History, this only reduces it.

For more detailed information on criminal history and how to manage fame, please visit the Fame page.


Dancing is the player's ability to dance. This skill will benefit players who wish to work as Dancers in the Strip Club or Brothel, earning good money. Performing for an audience will reward tips, with a chance of someone hiring the player's services afterwards. Dancing increases Fatigue by heavy amounts, but it is thus a quick way to level up Physique.

The player increases this skill by dancing at the aforementioned venues, but the Dance Studio in Barb Street will prove most useful to level this skill quickly. Lessons cost £12 and take an hour.

Maxing out the Dancing skill rewards the player with the "May I have this Dance?" Feat. This also unlocks the feat boost "Starting Dancing Grade", allowing the player to start a new game with a higher than normal grade in dancing (up to C), for the price of VrelCoins. It is also tied to the feat "Ballroom Show-off", which requires the player to win the dancing competition when on a date with Avery.

Being naked provides a small boost to the dancing skill.

Where to Bust Some Moves

Currently, the player can only dance in six locations: at the Connudatus Street Strip Club, the Brothel in Harvest Street, at the Beach during the late night teen party, at the Ocean Breeze Cafe during a client birthday event, at Danube street during one of Charlie's jobs, and finally, at the Underground Brothel, although in the latter case the player will not earn money, and is forced to dance. There are other instances where the Dancing skill will prove beneficial, however.

  • During Avery's Ballroom date, Avery will invite the player for a dance. The player can accept and let Avery lead, but having good Dancing skill lets the player take the lead instead and dance beautifully with Avery, to the admiration of the other invitees. This greatly increases Avery's Love and Endearment, along with Socialite Fame. After this, the party host will propose an impromptu dancing competition that Avery and the player can partake in. Entering the competition and winning also greatly increases Love, Endearment and Socialite Fame.
  • High Dancing skill grants the player greater flexibility, unlocking the option to orally pleasure themselves while masturbating.
  • A certain event in town consists of someone in a car throwing a water balloon at the player. With a good skill amount in Dancing, the player can dodge it with a dancer's grace and agility and even hurl it back into the passing car. RNG will determine the result of this action. In the best case scenario (for the player at least), the water balloon will collide with the car's windshield, temporarily blinding the driver and making them crash. The people will leave the car in panic, and there is a chance for one of them to drop their wallet with up to £100.

Working as a dancer in either the Brothel or Strip Club will reward the player good money, but they will need at least decent dancing skills and good Exhibitionism to consistently earn well in this line of work. Promiscuity 3 is also a given, because private sessions is where the real money is earned. Tips earned while dancing are best considered as a bonus.

There are a few points to consider about the locations where the player can dance for an audience:

  • Dancing at the Cafe during a somewhat rare birthday party event will be a rather short but safe performance, and the player gets £10 plus any tips received.
  • Dancing at the Beach is only available when the beach party is going on. Dancing in this location carries the same risk of being gang raped as in the Brothel.
  • Dancing at the Strip Club is one of the safest options as it has tight security, preventing the gangbang from happening. However, access requires a £500 fake ID, which the player must buy from Briar. The only problem is the late opening time - from 18:00 to 6:00.
  • The Brothel, in contrast, is always open and is accessed a lot more easily. The clients do tend to pay the player more than at the strip club. It is however rather dangerous, as there is no security members present. The player will be at risk of an audience member forcibly trying to remove clothes, or of seizing the player. The Brothel has some extra weekly night shows on Friday that the player can unlock upon reaching Obscure Prostitution Fame. These will reward the player with more cash, unlock certain outfits, and greatly increase some kinds of Fame. Read the Brothel page for more detailed information on Friday shows.
  • Dancing in the Underground Brothel will be a forced event. The player will not earn any money from this. Refusing to dance will result in the audience booing the player, and often in severe punishment. Read the Underground Brothel page for more detailed information.
  • Dancing during one of charlie's jobs is another safe option as any time a gangbang is attempted the culprit will be stopped before combat even begins and will be kicked out. Read the page about Charlie's jobs for more detailed information

Earning Tips

Tips earned while dancing are best considered as a bonus since, as stated previously, more money can be earned in private sessions. However, the player can earn very high amounts of money in tips (even £60 or £70) if the audience's stats are high.

How much money the player earns in tips while performing for an audience depends on a variety of factors, including crowd size and the audience's Awe, in addition to the player's Allure, Exhibitionism and Dancing stats, and the Reveal rating of any heels worn. All crowds will start small and can only increase by one person every turn. Only after dancing for a while, will the player attract a sizable crowd that rewards good tips.

Audience Attitudes

The crowd's attitude towards the dancing player is reflected in two different stats - how interested and how aroused they are. The audience's interest and arousal will increase in the following manner:

  • Your audience looks distracted and chaste
  • Your audience looks indifferent and reserved
  • Your audience looks attentive and temperate
  • Your audience looks interested and excited
  • Your audience looks impressed and lustful
  • Your audience looks engrossed and lecherous
  • Your audience looks obsessed and filled with carnal desire

Note that the audience's interest and arousal are separate stats and increase at different rates. Any dance the player performs and any cloth stripped will increase both stats, but audience arousal escalates a lot quicker.

The audience's interest grows slowly over time, requiring the player to dance well and strip clothing items. Audience arousal, on the other hand, is directly influenced by player Allure. As the player strips down, their Allure will be inevitably boosted. Seductive and sexual dances also increase audience arousal more than cool or sophisticated dances.

Both stats contribute to how much the player earns from tips, so this is considered to be a positive. However, max audience arousal is dangerous to the player. High interest remains good, but it will build slower than arousal - it is impossible to increase it without also increasing arousal in return.

For maximum tips, start off the dance session with a few sophisticated dances to get the audience size up to 20-30 people. Audience size increases by one each round. Once you have a sizable crowd, start stripping to get the Awe meter going. Once all the clothes are removed, alternate between Sexual dances (to get the Awe meter up) and Sophisticated dances (to lower the Arousal rating). Generally the player will want to keep arousal between excited and lecherous for maximum payout. With high stats and a large audience, this can yield a few hundred money per round.

The audience being filled with carnal desire will result in them seizing the player and initiating a non-consensual gangbang. The number of the attackers makes it impossible to fight it off using Defiance. This can be very difficult to endure, and it is very likely that the player ends up trapped in a loop of near-endless string of orgasms while people record them and take pictures and clothing as souvenirs. This will tremendously increase the player's Stress, Trauma and Rape fame. The player will likely faint the moment the crowd is finished with them.

It should be noted that only the Strip Club has security in place, so whenever the player maxes audience arousal, a bouncer will be there to make the player leave.

Audience Awe

A third stat that also influences tip size is audience Awe. It also affects how much an interested patron will offer the player for a private session. It is represented by the following bar:

Audience awe will only increase when the following factors take place at any point when the player dances:

  • When the player strips a clothing item.
  • When an audience member forcibly tries to remove a dancing player's clothes (doesn't occur in the strip club).
  • When a rich patron fondles the player.
  • When the player cums while onstage.

Stripping clothes will increase Awe depending on how much of the player's body is revealed. Higher Exhibitionist acts will increase Awe in a higher measure. Exposing the player's breasts or genitalia will amaze the audience the most, as well as orgasming while on stage.

It should be noted that female PCs with breasts will require Exhibitionism 4 to bare them, highly increasing Awe. Flat-chested male PCs will need Exhibitionism 1 instead, and it wont increase as much Awe. However, crossdresser male PCs will also need Exhibitionism 4 to bare their chest, even if they are flat. This will increase Audience Awe as if they had breasts, as "their feminine countenance" makes their stripping all the more lewd.

However, Audience Awe cannot be maintained at high levels for long, for it will gradually decrease every turn should the player not do things that increase it. After the player has run out of clothes to strip, there is not much else the player can do to fill the bar.

Over time, as the player amasses an interested crowd, the player will not be able to control the crowd for long. As such, their dancing will have to stop when the player leaves, chooses to service a client, or a security guard makes the player leave. It will also stop if the player is interrupted by lecherous NPCs. Whenever the player chooses to dance again, the crowd stats will be reset.

Dancing as a Crossdresser

Dancing while crossdressed does not change the way Dancing works. As noted above, crossdressing characters will work as if they were of the opposite gender, and the audience will treat them that way, until they bare their genitals. Revealing the player's true gender will have the crowd react either in cheers, shock, or even anger. Some audience members may leave, lowering the crowd size. Their comments will reflect their opinion on the revelation.

  • The audience cheer at the sight, an emboldened lust in their eyes.
  • The audience recoils in shock at the sight!
  • Your audience recoils in horror at the sight! They pelt you bottles and shout profanities, but seem no less entertained.

A happy audience will say that "the pussy/cock makes it better", still pleased at how hot the player is. A shocked audience will be unsure how to react other than surprise, remarking that they were fooled, and some members having to sit down for a moment. An angry audience will even throw food or drinks at the player, some claiming that they "would throw more, but the drinks here are expensive".

Whatever the audience reaction may be, the player can continue to dance and increase the audience's stats. They can also still receive a request for a private session. Private sessions by a crossdresser PC work the same as encounters. If the player's true gender was revealed onstage, the NPC will not be surprised during the encounter when seeing their genitals. Even if the audience was angry, an NPC who has seen the player's genitals and requests a private session will not be hostile.

If a crossdressing player did not bare their genitalia onstage, the private session with an NPC will have the NPC treating the player as the gender they are dressed as. Revealing the player's genitals may elicit a positive or negative response, just like normal encounters.


Swimming is the player´s ability to traverse bodies of water. This is a useful skill when exploring many areas around Town, including the Forest Lake, the Sewers, the Old Sewers, and the Ocean. Being a good swimmer will also facilitate escape should the player be imprisoned in the Underground Farm, or when shaking off pursuers in the Forest. The Swimming skill also affects the player's lung capacity: certain scenarios in the game will submerge the player underwater for extended periods, and the Swimming skill will increase the time the player can hold their breath.

This stat is tied to the feat "Aquanaut", which requires the player to reach maximum swimming skill. This unlocks the "Starting swimming grade" feat boost, which allows the player to start a new game with a higher than normal grade in swimming (up to C). It is also tied to the feat "The Endless Deep", which requires the player to swim as far into the ocean as possible.

Being naked provides a small boost to the swimming skill.

Where to Level Up

Levelling the Swimming skill up is relatively easy, but like all other Main Skills, it may take a long time to master it. Practicing swimming will always increase Fatigue and Physique as well. Players do well to keep in mind that their clothes will get drenched if they are not dressed appropriately.

  • The last period of school is dedicated to swimming class, which Mason presides. The player will be able to practice for an hour should they choose to focus on the lesson.
  • The player can practice swimming when in the Forest Lake for 30 minutes.
  • Additionally, the player can practice swimming on the shore of the Beach, taking 30 minutes and reducing stress, though they are at risk of being seized by surfers or scuba divers with lewd intentions. These will trigger non-consensual encounters.

Accessing Locations

Swimming will let the player enter and explore some remote locations.

  • The Forest Lake Ruins, which lie deep underwater in the Forest Lake, are home to some Antiques. However, the player will need to search for them among the ruins. Since this is all done underwater, the player will benefit from having good swimming, preferably at least a D+.
  • Deep within the Old Sewers, the waterflow is directed west. In the easternmost part of the old sewers, in the Detritus-filled tunnel, the player will find a drain exit. The waterflow will be very strong, and the player will need to swim against the current to reach the other side. With very high Swimming, it is likely the player can successfully swim against the current and find a rare antique plus a Pepper Spray charge. It is recommended for the player to have a B+ in Swimming.
  • Navigating the Ocean is extremely dangerous for PCs unskilled in swimming. Seawaves can easily prevent the player from reaching the shore. High swimming skill will let the player explore the Ocean a lot more. This can also reward the player with money if they successfully intercept a smuggler who can potentially be found between some rock formations, that are only accessible through the ocean.
  • Entering the Smuggler's Cave requires very high Swimming in order to successfully swim all the way to the bottom, because it is a very deep cave. The player can find an Antique and an explorable location.


Athletics involve the player's swiftness and stamina, usually for struggling or running away from someone. The player will be able to avoid non-consensual situations more often if possessing good Athletics (even if body size is small). Athletics can be leveled up primarily through exercise that is cardio or stamina-oriented, such as running or playing a sport like volleyball or frisbee. Actions that improve Athletics will also always improve Physique. It is unaffected by player size.

This stat is tied to the feat "Swift", which requires the player to reach maximum Athletics. This also unlocks the "Starting Athletics grade" feat boost, which allows the player to start a new game with a higher than normal grade in swimming (up to C) for the price of VrelCoins.

The Need for Speed

Many random events in Town, the Forest, the Harvest Trail, and other locations will put the player's agility to the test. As stated previously, the player will be able to get away unscathed with good Athletics. Some of those events are listed here:

  • While strolling around town at night, it is likely a person will attempt to seize the player and drag them into a nearby alley, where another person awaits to have their way with the player's body. Good to high Athletics are needed to successfully struggle and break free from the attacker.
  • One of many possible non-consensual encounters in the Forest will be perpetrated by an aggressive boar who charges at the player. Good Athletics will let the player outrun it safely.
  • Should the player be hitchhiking at the Harvest Trail, three people may hop out of a car to capture the player. The player can outrun them if Athletics are good enough, otherwise a non-consensual gangbang will ensue.
  • Another event in the Harvest Trail involves a sly driver letting the player into their car on the condition that they strip an item of clothing. If the driver lets them into the car after that, they may push their luck and tell the player to strip yet again and even get out of the car. The player can refuse to this, but the driver will become angry and try to force the player out of the car. With High Athletics, the player can successfully struggle and stay inside. The driver, unable to push the player out, will reluctantly continue driving and will drop the player off at the desired location.
  • With high Crime History, some police patrols may be on the lookout for the player. Should they spot the player, they will detain and possibly even strip them. One of the player's options will be to run away from police, which is achievable if the player has average to good Athletics.
  • Should the player be caught trespassing by a guard in the Elk Street Compound, one of many possible options is to simply run away. The player will need very good Athletics to pull this one off. Should they fail or compliantly go with the guard, a non-consensual encounter will happen with the guard and the player will remain captive in the compound for an interrogation.

How to Level Up

Levelling up Athletics may be a bit difficult because there are not as many places to level it up as other skills. The player will have to visit the park and the beach often.

  • When at the park, the player can choose to go for a run, taking 30 minutes plus increasing Athletics, Physique and Fatigue. If it is at night, the player has the opportunity to run while exposed, gaining a small bonus based on how exposed they are. Running in underwear has no requirement but running nude requires Exhibitionism 3. Both incur a special type of fame.
  • At the beach, the player can either go for a run just like in the park, or play volleyball with some teenagers (only available if the day is sunny and roughly between 10AM and 7PM)
  • If the player tags along with their peers after school to the Forest Lake, when hanging out with them there is a possibility they will end up playing catch frisbee. This will increase Athletics for a small amount.

Athletic/Physique Differences

Athletics is a Main Skill, while Physique is a Lewdity Stat. They should not be confused, as they are different stats and have different purposes.

As a Lewdity Stat, Physique can decay if the player does not exercise enough that day. Physique is primarily a combat stat because it determines how much damage the player's attacks will cause, and is limited by the player's body size. Only a minor quantity of events involve Physique, like Whitney mounting the player at school or when confronting a boar. Physique entails the use of strength.

As a Main Skill, Athletics do not decay overtime. This skill has no influence in combat, instead being useful for events that involve the player running or struggling. It is not limited by body size. Athletics entail the use of speed or agility.


Tending is the player's proficiency in growing and caring for plants. It is one of several methods to make money, as the player can sell what they grow at a market stall in Connudatus Street. Tending is also useful when caring or communicating with animals, such as those in Alex's Farm or when calming an agitated horse at Remy's Riding School. More in-depth information on crop harvesting and management can be found on the Tending article.

This skill is tied to the feat "Green Fingered", which requires the player to reach maximum Tending. Unlike the other skills, this one does not have a unique stat boost tied to it as of yet. It is however loosely tied to the feats "Hawker", "Vendor" and "Merchant", which require the player to sell increasing amounts of produce, in addition to the "Seedy" feat, which requires the player to collect all seeds for growing flowers.

How to Level Up

Increasing the player's Tending ability is very straightforward, but it will take a long time of constant repetition to max out. The player levels up this skill by planting, watering and harvesting plants that the player can grow in one of three places:

  • The Orphanage, where the player has access to three pots of poor soil quality in the Garden.
  • Eden's Cabin, where the player has access to three tillable plots with decent soil quality.
  • Wolf Cave, where the player has access to three tillable plots with decent soil quality.
  • The Asylum, where the player also has access to three pots.

Whenever the player tills the soil, waters the plant, or plants seeds, the Tending skill will grow. As Tending increases, it will gradually become easier and quicker to do these actions.

Benefits of Tending

No actions or events are locked because of having low or no Tending, but increasing it provides some benefits nonetheless in a variety of events and actions.

  • As stated above, when Tending increases, it becomes easier and quicker to grow and care for plants. Most actions will take less time.
  • Higher Tending will increase the yield of plants the player grows. This means the player will harvest more plants every time and can sell more of them at the market stand.
  • Higher Tending will help improve the player's odds at the market, along with the variety at display, business fame and beauty.
  • The player will be able to handle animals better with good Tending. Many events in Alex's Farm and even Remy's territories feature animals who may have to be calmed down or interacted with. Higher Tending will let the player soothe the animals or communicate with them successfully.


Housekeeping is the player's ability to do household chores. Increasing this skill unlocks job opportunities for the player.

This skill is tied to the feat "Majordomo", which requires the player to reach maximum Housekeeping.

How to Level Up

  • F to F+ by knocking on Domus Street doors.
  • F+ to D by knocking on doors in the Barb Street Flats.
  • at D+ players will be able to work on Danube Street by knocking on doors after passing a test.
  • from C onwards, progress can only be made from cleaning the Temple's quarters as an initiate.

Eden's Cabin also provides housekeeping skill at lower levels.

Benefits of Housekeeping

Certain events are locked because of having low or no Housekeeping, and increasing it provides some benefits in a variety of events and actions. With a higher Housekeeping skill, you can perform actions at certain locations in less time, and other locations may get you a higher reward.

  • Domus Street doors
  • Barb Street flats
  • Danube Street
  • Temple's quarters: Housekeeping skill affects efficiency.
  • Eden's Cabin

Weapon skills

NOTE: Currently incomplete

A new set of skills added into 0.3, there is currently only the spray the player uses, with another being a net given by Alex, for more details see Alex's Farm (Expanded)

The sprays weapon skill increases by 12-13% for each use and like main skills, it's progress doesn't decay. At higher levels, sprays have a chance to not be consumed when used. The sprays skill levels are; None, F, D, C, B, A and S.

The sprays skill doesn't increase when infinite sprays is enabled through the cheat menu.

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