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Mason the swimming teacher is the last of five teachers within Degrees of Lewdity. Their job role serves as the player's swimming instructor, as the job title suggests. They mainly teach at the local Oxford Street School, but they can also be found swimming alone in the Forest Lake during rainfall when school is not in session.

Meeting specific requirements has the player be able to access Mason's Pond, during the evenings.


Mason's description varies slightly on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will be described as being the youngest teacher, only a few years older than some of the other students. They have a toned body that is naturally shown off during their classes, but they give no indication should they notice the way they are leered at.

Their description will go into much detail about their body when they are present at the Forest Lake, should the player pressure them to show it off.

  • If they have a penis: Your eyes are drawn to his penis. You're used to seeing their contours beneath their tight swimswuit, but seeing them exposed in the water is something else.
  • If they have a vagina: Your eyes are drawn to her pussy. You're used to seeing their contours beneath their tight swimsuit, but seeing them exposed in the water is something else.

First Meeting

The player will tend to first encounter Mason as the last class of the day. They are potentially the last teacher the player comes across, should the player attend all subjects in order. If the player is late, Mason will state they are glad the player could join the class, but still mark them down for their tardiness - adding Delinquency.

Additionally, should the player be found not wearing a swimsuit when entering the school's pool area, Mason will tell them that they are unable to teach them without an appropriate swimming costume. Otherwise, Mason's class will begin as normal.


Mason can be usually be found teaching the player's class - the fifth and final class of the day - starting from 2PM. They can also be found teaching their other classes during the remainder of the school day.

To meet Mason at the Forest Lake, the following prerequisites are required for them to appear, listed below:

  • It must be between 9AM to 6PM.
  • It must be a rainy day. Mason seems to enjoy rain.
  • School must not be in session. This usually entails weekends, but it also means the school holidays.
    • If school is in session, Mason will not be at the lake, and will instead be found teaching at the school's pool area.

Mason will then return home after nightfall, where they cannot be interacted with until the following day.

Interacting with Mason

Upon stepping into the lake, it's noted that someone is swimming further out, past the dock. The player must then swim over to Mason from land, to the point just before the spot where the player usually dives down in to the Forest Lake Ruins. The description for the area is as follows:

"You are swimming in the lake near the shore. The rain is so thick you can't see the shore. An endless deluge surrounds you in all directions."

A prompt then states that Mason swims nearby. The player must then choose the following option: "Swim out to Mason". This is important to note as interacting with Mason cannot be done while the player is on land.


The player's relationship with Mason is determinant on the player's behaviour. They have the option to kiss Mason on their lips to show their gratitude for saving them during swimming class. Additionally, the player has the option to flirt with Mason should they enter the wrong classroom.

Like all other teachers, Mason will disapprove of the player being late to class, swiftly giving them detention. In Mason's case, they will also give the player detention should they enter the wrong changing room.

However, things do not stop there. The relationship will advance when the player visits them at the Forest Lake. There, Mason will have a more intimate role with the player. Subsequent visits to Mason after the initial event will allow the player to be able to interact with Mason in the same vein that they can with a love interest such as Robin and Kylar, although this may be difficult at first as Mason will act reserved.

These events will only unlock after the player has discovered the "Mason's Pond" location, within the Forest Lake Waterfall area.

It should be noted that Mason does not take kindly to the player's advances, via means of flirting or even kissing them in the school pool. They will try to avoid the topic wherever possible.

Note that it is currently impossible to initiate a lewd encounter with Mason, in a combat-like sexual encounter. However, certain criteria met will allow them to be lewd in nature, revealing something they otherwise would not.

Mason's Body

If the player has a decent amount of Lust (10+) with Mason, they will show off their body, much to the player's delight. Choose the option "Ask to see", and Mason will reluctantly agree to the player's demands, with their voice quivering with anger as much as embarrassment. Mason acts annoyed at the player, stating the following: "If that's what it'll take to get you to stop bothering me."

They move their arms aside, hesitating slightly. The player dives under the water for a better look at Mason's sleek and toned body, with the player's drawn to Mason's genitalia. It's noted that the player is used to seeing its contours beneath his tight swimsuit, but seeing it exposed in the water is something else.

Mason covers themselves again as the player surfaces for air. "I-I hope you're satisfied," they will state as they tell the player to then leave them to finish their laps in peace.

Mason's Pond

Should the player encounter Mason a second time at the Forest Lake, one of the potential options they can choose is "Ask to chat". Doing so has the player ask Mason if they are free to talk. Mason glances beneath the water, telling the player "n-not right now", but there is a place nearby they go during evenings after they are done lap swimming.

They go on to say that the player can find them there if they wish to talk. A new prompt will then appear, stating this:

"They give you directions to their secret spot near the waterfall. They will be there on rainy non-school evenings."

This will unlock the "Mason's Pond" area, located within the Forest Lake Waterfall. It will also remove the "Ask to chat" option when interacting with Mason within the Lake.

Once unlocked, the same requirements for meeting Mason within the Lake will also apply here, except it will occur at evenings (6PM to 9PM) instead of 9AM to 6PM. Additionally, it will open up more unique interactions with Mason. This allows the player to proceed with their relationship with Mason.

Visit the following page for more information on this location: Mason's Pond

Orphanage Spring

After gaining 60% love or more, Mason will suggest building a spring in the Orphanage Garden, but the player must check in with Bailey first. After visiting Bailey's Office between 7am and 9am to ask about it, Bailey will allow it but only if the player pays £6000 first for the construction.

Once the spring is unlocked, the player will get a new watered garden plot. This only allows for "Lotus" seeds to grow, no other seeds can be planted in this location. Additionally, the spring will give a daily passive increase to the Orphanage "hope" stat and unlock new scenes for the Orphanage that further increase Hope.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Mason's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As one of two locations Mason can be found at, Mason will make many appearances within their own swimming class at the school. They will serve as the player's swimming coach while attending there, remaining forefront and center in the role. Interactions with them will tend to involve teacher-student interactions, such as helping the player swim better and making sure the player is behaving in class.

However, they also make more prominent appearances outside their classroom, which involves their role as a person who enjoys swimming in solitude within the Forest Lake, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. While the player is here, they will act more personal and vulnerable towards them, which their behaviour of why this is the case will be revealed as the player spends more time with Mason. Nonetheless, Mason enjoys the player's company.

Swimming Classes

Mason tends to invest their time into teaching their own swimming classes. As such, Mason's most common occurrences can be found at the school pool area. In other events, they may make a cameo. An example includes the changing room gangbang (requires Promiscuity 5) asking if everything is okay in there.

  • If the player lacks a swimming costume or chooses to go in the pool without one, at Exhibitionism 5 they can ask to swim naked. Mason will reluctantly agree to this.
  • Mason will make a brief cameo after the changing room gangbang (requires Promiscuity 5) asking if everything is okay in there. The player scuttles away with no trace.

Unlocking Winter's Chastity Device

Class Interruption

If the player enters the pool room at any point after 9AM when school is in session, there is a good chance that they will disturb Mason's class, interrupting the lesson. Mason will cease their activity, asking if the player is lost.

The player can then choose to apologise, adding Stress and Trauma. This has the player do so, leaving the pool area embarrassed.

Entering the school pool area once more will have Mason cease their activity and look in the player's direction, stating rather bruntly that they have a class to teach, and the player should stop bothering the class. This will then add Delinquency.

Alternatively, should the player have any point of Trauma, they can choose to take it out on Mason. This grants the new "Mock" option below "Apologise", decreasing Stress, but adding Status - to the hit of Delinquency being added as well.

Doing so has the player mock Mason, their words determinant on what sex they are regarded as.

  • If male: "Sorry for interrupting, sir. I just wanted to see you in those tight shorts."
  • If female: "Sorry for interrupting, miss. I just wanted to see you in that tight swimsuit."

A few of the students laugh in response, with the others blushing. Mason will then blush in response. "I-I'll pretend I didn't hear that." They say, while stuttering on their words. Mason will then point towards the changing rooms, before quickly looking away from the player. This adds Delinquency. The player will then take their leave.

Kissing Mason

If the player is caught masturbating in class, Mason may notice the player having trouble in the water and jump in to rescue them. Upon pulling the player out of the water, they ask if they are okay while holding them. At this point, the player has the option to kiss Mason - this invokes a mixed expression of confusion, horror and blushing from Mason, and a loud cheer from the rest of the class. They move away from the scene, telling the player to get back in the pool. They avoid looking in the player's direction for the rest of the lesson.

Entering Nude

If at any point the player enters the pool room nude while a lesson is in session, an event will follow. A member of the class spots the player, clutching their hands to their face before squealing. The rest of the class follow suit, with varying reactions ranging from glee to embarrassment and amusement to displeasure in the case of the more prudish students. Mason, on the other hand, has their back to the player. They turn, but then realize what is going on - quickly averting their eyes away. They only just manage to speak a few words, demanding the player to go get their swimsuit.

The player will tease Mason, with the player saying "Oh?" The player will then lift one hand to their brow, as if to scan the horizon. They act clumsy, wondering where they had left it - the class erupts into laughter shortly afterwards.

Mason will refuse to look at the player while this happens, with them blushing. Nonetheless, they tell the player to get back in the changing room, with them stuttering on the word "Please."

Swimming Nude

A new option appears, should the player have Exhibitionism 5:

  • Ask to swim naked | Exhibitionism 5

This has the player ask to swim nude (or potentially announce that they are if they are either a delinquent and/or act Defiant) which in response has Mason's blush deepens as the class breaks into excitement. Mason reluctantly agrees, turning away and proceeding to do their best to quiet the other students down.

It's noted that Mason does little to temper their excitement. The player feels the class' eyes on them as they slip into the water.

Nude Swimming Classes

Should the player continue to swim nude during swimming class, this will open up a unique chain of events, culminating in the entire class following in the player's example and swimming nude with them. Despite this, class will proceed as normal.

A new event will occur each time the player chooses the "Ask to swim naked" option, at the start of the swimming class.

  • Part 1: Mason squeaks. "A-again?" they squeak. Before they have the chance to turn around, another student leaves the changing rooms naked, joining the player. They say that it's "unfair" if only the player gets to swim naked. Mason appears too stunned to respond, and reluctantly lets the player and the student enter the pool.
  • Part 2: The player leaves the changing rooms, spotting a group of three other students already in the pool area naked - much to the enjoyment of the students in the pool, and the horror of Mason. Mason's blush deepens even further as the class applauds a fourth student willing to bare it all. "More of you?" they say, shaking their head. At this point, the player can potentially say to Mason that they're "outnumbered."
  • Part 3: The player enters the pool, only to spot even more students than last time already here, nude. A few more come out behind them. It's stated that maybe half the class are attending naked. A member of the class waves at the player, their legs kicking in the water at the edge, while Mason tries their very best to distract the clothed students from the rest of the class. Several of them are doing stretches at the edge of the pool. Another student spots the player, pointing them out to yet another student, who both then wave at the player.
  • Part 4: Almost the entire class is now swimming naked. A few holdouts, including two students, struggle to avoid looking as Mason tries to teach.
  • Part 5: Part 4 will then repeat indefinitely for a span of time, until eventually Leighton will decide to barge in during a session one day. Just like their science class inspections, they have lewd intentions. They sermon Mason, before ordering everyone in the class to get naked if they are not already - including Mason. No one objects to this, and reluctantly agrees. They continue, stating to Mason that with this particular class, no swimsuits will be allowed anymore for them and their students.
    • Interestingly enough, the player can still partake in the session with a swimsuit, nonetheless. This results in everyone else continuing to wear a swimsuit too if the player does.

Showing Up Late

If the player arrives at swim class extremely late - specifically, within the last ten minutes - Mason will tell them that they're too late to join in, after which one of three scenes will play out.

  • Typically, Mason will point to a chair in the corner, instructing them to sit and be still. The player can choose to comply with Mason's orders (+ Status | + Stress) or simply get up and leave (+ Delinquency). Sitting and waiting has the additional effect of increasing Arousal if the player is exposed.
    • If the player enters the pool room without their proper swimming attire, Mason will comment on that as well. If the rest of the class is swimming naked and the player enters without getting undressed, Mason will sarcastically scold the player for not being dressed "properly," giving them a harsher punishment than usual out of spite.
  • There's a chance Mason will instead simply tell the player to leave, questioning why they bothered showing up so late. The player's only option is to return to the changing rooms.
  • If the player's Delinquency is high, or if they were already sent out by Mason in one of the two scenes listed above, Mason will react with exasperation. "You again," he/she says. "I've had enough. You're Leighton's problem. Class dismissed." They'll grab the player and begin dragging them to Leighton's office, giving them a towel if they're exposed. Other students laugh at the player as Mason leads them through the halls. | + Stress
    • If the player's Exhibitionism is at least 4 and their chest is exposed, they have the option to flaunt, increasing Status as Mason attempts to shield the player's body with their own. If the player is wearing a towel and their Exhibitionism is at least 5, they have the option to drop the towel, achieving the same effect.
    • The player may also attempt to run away, with an Athletics skill of B or higher guaranteeing a successful escape. Should the player fail, Mason will tighten their grip on the player (+ Pain) and forcibly pull them along to the headteacher's office.
      • The player can also try to escape after flaunting, taking advantage of Mason's distraction. In this case, only a C in Athletics is required to ensure success. Additionally, the player also has the new option of trying to duck, in which a Dancing skill of B will guarantee success. Failing either of these has the same outcome as failing the Athletics check above.

Changing Rooms

If the player tries snatching their schoolmates' underwear to sell to a certain pervert, they'll eventually begin rousing the suspicion of the school. Mason in particular devotes themselves to putting an end to the player's thievery, and, as their Suspicion rises, will begin patrolling the changing rooms in order to catch the player red-handed.

Mason's attempts to catching the player eventually culminate in a scene in which the player ambushes Mason in a locker, trapping them and eventually driving them to orgasm. Aside from raising Mason's Suspicion enough that they'll catch the player in the first place, the player must also possess a Promiscuity stat of at least 4 and raise Mason's Lust to at least 40%.

For a more detailed account of the scene and how to initiate it, see the Locker Raid page.

Forest Lake

Meeting Mason (Forest Lake 1/2)

Mason can be spotted swimming in a wide circle. They notice the player approach them, but it seems the player is not close enough for Mason to recognise them.

They state that it is nice to see the player out here, and they would like to continue their laps if it is okay with the player. They then swim away before the player can get closer.

The player then has this option: "Try to catch them". Doing so has the player attempt this. If the player does not have a good enough skill in Swimming, swimming after Mason will prove to the player that Mason is too fast, and the player must be skilled to match them, let alone catch up with Mason. Mason will then swim off in unexpected directions, as if avoiding the player. This has the player return to the center of the lake once again.

Alternatively, should the player have a high enough Swimming skill (300+) they have another idea on how to catch Mason. The player will then dive beneath the water, holding their breath - right in Mason's path. They wait for Mason's shimmer to appear in the murk, before emerging from the water. They almost collide with the player.

Mason stutters, saying they did not expect to see a student out here. They hold their arms beneath the water, close to their body. Mason is glad to see the player practising their swimming outside of school hours.

The true reason for Mason's appearance in the Forest Lake is that, through the rain-broken water, they are nude. This gives Mason a reason for their stuttering behaviour. The player cannot help but take notice of this, but something in the player's expression gives them away. Mason's face turns a deep shade of red, with their voice quivering. They explain that they prefer swimming like this, as it makes it more fun.

There are three potential options the player can pick:

  • Pretend you haven't noticed | + Love
  • Tease | - Love | + Lust | Promiscuity 1
  • Act nonchalant

If the player pretends they have not noticed, they smile at Mason, trying to look confused. They change the subject, saying that swimming in the rain is not that odd, and that the player likes it themselves. Mason looks confused for a moment, before thanking the player for understanding, while still trying to cover themselves beneath the water. They tell the player they need to get back to their laps, but not before they also potentially tell the player to keep practicising - they have shown promising skill.

Teasing Mason has the player state they have nothing to be shy out, and the player may even share a similar dilemma by going on to say they are not wearing anything either. (should they also be nude) This has Mason's blushing deepen even more, with them looking away. The player gets a good look at their toned behind near the surface of the water as they turn and swim away.

Acting nonchalant has the player ignore Mason's bashfulness, stating that they get it. Like the previous option, the player can also state they are naked as well, with them responding exactly the same way.

Visiting Mason (Forest Lake 2/2)

However, unlike those two, interaction options cannot be repeated. The player will have to wait until tomorrow to get another chance at interacting with Mason again, as they will be locked out of interacting with Mason for the remainder of the day.

  • Just say Hello | - Stress
  • Ask to chat | + Love
  • Ask to see | Promiscuity 2 | - Love | + Lust

Saying hello to Mason has the player and Mason exchange awkward pleasantries. They remain covered, blushing the whole time before returning to their laps.

Asking to see Mason's body will have the player say one of three things, determinant on their Submissiveness stat:

  • Defiant: "Don't be coy," you say. "You want people to see. You've got a good body, it's only natural you'd want to show it off. So show me."
  • Neutral: "Let me see," you say. "No one will know."
  • Submissive: "I-I don't mean to be rude," you say. "But can I see? No one will know."

Mason blushes as they stammer. "Th-that's no request to make of your teacher!" They return to their laps shortly afterwards.

In order to progress with Mason, the player must choose the second option - "Ask to chat" - then refer back to the "Mason's Pond" section, detailed above.

Diving in winter

If the player tries to dive in winter to get to the Forest Lake Ruins from 9AM while it's snowing and it's a weekend/holiday, there is a chance the player will encounter Mason. Mason, clad in a wetsuit, will carry the player back on while being concerned. He/she warns them that it is dangerous to dive in this time of year.

The player has three options:

  • Reassure | Swimming (B or higher to guarantee success)
    • Defiant: "I can look after myself," you say. "It's warmer down there than up here, anyway."
    • Neutral: "Don't worry about me," you say. "I'll be careful."
    • Submissive: "D-don't be worried," you say. "I'll be careful."
      • If successful, Mason will sigh in resignation and leave the player to it.
        • If the player is wearing a diving suit: "At least you're dressed for it," he/she says. "Just be careful, alright?" Otherwise: "At least dress properly for it," he/she says. "They sell diving gear in town."
      • If unsuccessful, Mason will shake their head.
        • If the player is wearing a diving suit: "You might be dressed for it," he/she says. "But the ice is treacherous." Otherwise: "You don't even have proper diving gear," he/she says. "You'll freeze."
  • Thank | + Love
    • The player thanks Mason (if they are submissive, they also avoid eye contact). Mason smiles at them, then tells them to go get warmed up.
  • Get angry | - Love
    • Defiant: "Don't interfere with my business," you say.
    • Neutral: "I was down there on purpose," you say.
    • Submissive: "I-I was down there on purpose," you say.
      • Mason shakes their head and says they can't be negligent. They tell the player to keep working hard in class, and some day they'll be an accomplished enough diver.

Whatever the player chooses, Mason will then disappear into the water below, leaving the player alone.


  • Mason is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • Mason is the only named NPC to make an appearance at the Forest Lake.
  • Mason prefers swimming deep in the Forest Lake, as it is far less likely they are going to be bothered there.
    • This is potentially due to Mason's appearance, causing them to be prone to inappropriate sexual behaviour from the school's students, and/or teenagers around the town. Many of the school's students seem to lust over them.
    • This is exemplified when the player enters the wrong classroom, and proceeds to flirt with Mason. Additionally, it is also exemplified when the class cheers the player on when kissing Mason as well.
  • The lewd swimming classes and the unique event at Mason's Pond are the only two ways to see Mason fully nude.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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