Mason's Pond

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Mason's Pond is a secret location the player can discover under certain circumstances. While it is not directly owned by Mason, they use this as a secret spot during evening hours. It is located near the Forest Lake Waterfall.


First visit: "You follow one of the streams feeding the lake, to the pond Mason likes to relax in. Water bubbles up from a spring beneath it. Mason sits in it, wearing a swimsuit. Their arms rest on the rocky bank, and their eyes are shut."

When Mason is not here: "The pond is empty. Mason likes to come here on rainy evenings on weekends and school holidays, after swimming in the lake."

How to Enter

In order to gain access, the player must encounter Mason at the Forest Lake, and choose the option that says: "Ask to chat".

"They give you directions to their secret spot near the waterfall. They will be there on rainy non-school evenings."

Once unlocked, the same requirements for meeting Mason within the Lake will also apply here, except it will occur at evenings (6PM to 9PM) instead of 9AM to 6PM. Additionally, it will open up more unique interactions with Mason. This allows the player to proceed with their relationship with Mason.

First Steps

When choosing the option detailed above, the player asks Mason if they are free to talk. Mason tells the player there is a place nearby they go during evenings, and that the player can find them there if they wish to talk.

If it is a rainy non-school evening, Mason will be there, resting on the rocky bank. There is the option to choose to sit in the pond, or besides the pond. Doing either/or has no notable difference. Mason will state that they are glad that the player found them, before stating that the water here is lovely, and it's secluded.

Mason will ask for the player to put on some clothes if they are nude or feeling "exposed", and take the Exhibitionism 5 options. Alternatively, if the player enters with clothing, they state that the player got their clothes all wet, and that there's a little hidey hole at the shore of the lake if they need somewhere to keep them in the future to avoid getting it wet.


  • The player can choose to use this location as a way of seeing Mason after school. Each time the player visits this pond, the player can choose to sit in the pond, or besides the pond. If the player is nude or feeling "exposed", Mason will ask for the player to put on some clothes.
  • There are two options when interacting with Mason. Both stats are recommended to advance in the relationship, especially the "Lust" stat. Each action will take up thirty minutes of in-game time.
    • Chat | + Love | - Stress
    • Flirt | Promiscuity 1 | - Love | + Lust
  • Visiting Mason each day will raise their affection towards the player outside of school, but they will act the same way while school is in session regardless.
  • After 9PM, Mason will leave the pond, as indicated by the following prompt: "The last of the sun's light fades between the leaves."
    • If Mason is not at the pond, this prompt will state the following: "The pond is empty. Mason likes to come here on rainy evenings on weekends and school holidays, after swimming in the lake."
  • The area is inaccessable during winter.


When chatting with Mason, flavour text will appear, such as:

  • They talk about the other teachers. They're careful not to insult any of them.
  • They talk about the lake and the forest surrounding it. It seems they're a big reason they moved here.
  • They talk about their successes in competitive swimming.
  • They ask about school, and probes you for what the other students think of them.
  • They talk about the computer games they've played recently.

When flirting with Mason, flavour text will appear, such as:

  • (If the player is exposed) You chat with Mason, and draw attention to your exposed body. They try not to look, but glances over occasionally regardless. They seem uncomfortable.
  • You chat with Mason, and keep commenting about how nice their body looks. They look uncomfortable, and covers their swimsuit with their hands as if naked.

If the player is nude, Mason will react differently, depending on their Lust stat.

  • 0-9 Lust: "You should put some clothes on," they say.
  • 10-29 Lust: "You should put some clothes on," they say. "People might get the wrong idea if they catch us."
  • 30+ Lust: "P-please put some clothes on," they say, shifting as if to conceal something.

Alternatively, they may react with different options, should they not feel lustful at all.

  • "That's no way to present yourself to your teacher." they ask.
  • They sigh in resignation.

Mason will also greet the player differently upon subsequent visits to the pond, depending on their Love stat. They then start to become much more comfortable with the player, even if they enter the scene completely nude.

  • 0-9 Love: "Hey," they say.
  • 10-29 Love: "I was hoping to see you," they say.
  • 30+ Love: "It's good to see you," they say, smiling. "I like the company."

Walking Home

After nightfall, Mason will stand up, and say that they and the player will catch a "chill" if they are out here too long. They go on to state that the forest can be dangerous after dark, before asking if they can walk the player home. This gives the player two options.

  • Walk home with Mason
  • Say you'll be okay

For the latter, the player will say various things depending on their Submissiveness stat.

  • Defiant: "Do I look like I'm afraid of the dark?" you ask. "I'll be fine."
  • Neutral: "It's okay," you say. "I know my way around the forest."
  • Submissive: "I don't want to be a bother," you say. "I'll be okay."

Mason will seem unsure, but nod nonetheless. They do not nudge the player any further, simply telling them to be careful before drying themselves with a towel as they walk into the forest.

Walking home will have Mason give the player towels if they are nude. Together, Mason safely accompanies the player through the forest, eventually arriving on Danube Street without incident, with Mason insisting on walking the player up to the orphanage before waving them goodbye.

Orphanage Spring

If the player has reached high enough Love with Mason (60+ or more in the stat menu) they will go on to state that there is a lot of water underground around the pond, but more specifically there is a stream beneath Domus Street. They say that they have always wanted to own a home there, and they could make their own spring.

They sit up with a splash, looking at the player. They ask if the player lives on Domus Street as they sit back down in the water, claiming it to be expensive and that the player would need permission from their caretaker first - but it is fun to think about.

Heading to Bailey's office when they are present there will grant the player with a new option: "Ask about a spring".

Doing so has the player ask Bailey if it were possible to install a spring in the orphanage garden, like Mason suggested. Bailey states that it is possible, as an underground stream runs right beneath the orphanage. They "looked into it once" , and it would have cost £2000.

However, Bailey says that they could have one installed, for a very hefty final sum of £6000.

If the player returns with the required amount, Bailey will tell them that they will get "them" on it as they turn back to their computer - referring to construction workers. If the player investigates the Orphanage garden, new prompts will appear while the site is under construction. They will begin with this prompt: "A portion of the garden has been cordoned off."

Following prompts change accordingly. During rainfall, construction may be halted for the time being to let it pass. If the player inspects construction after nightfall, it states that the hole the workers have dug beyond might be dangerous in the dark.

For the following, Sunday will be the starting day of construction. Construction takes a week of in-game time to complete.

  • Only one day has passed, or no days have passed (25%): "Several workers dig."
  • Two full days have passed (50%): "The pond looks pretty deep, but still the workers dig." (Tuesday)
  • Four full days have passed (75%): "The pond is taking shape. The workers must be getting close to breaching the spring." (Friday)
  • A full week has passed (100%): "You hear laughter amidst a splashing of water. The workers have finished the spring, and some orphans are taking advantage. They sit along its edge, bathing their feet and splashing each other."

Once completed, the player is rewarded with a heavy boost to the Orphanage's "Hope" stat. A new indication prompt will appear: "Some of the water laps over neighbouring soil, near the flower beds. You could grow crops there. Some plants like lots of water."

The player has now unlocked the "watery" plot type, required for Lotus plants to grow. For more information on plant-growing, visit the appropriate page: Tending