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Masturbation is a gameplay mechanic which allows the player to pleasure themselves sexually.


Masturbation offers a way to relieve pent up Stress, as well as a way for less Promiscuous players to restore Control.

Bringing oneself to orgasm by masturbation slightly decreases Purity, making it a useful tool for demons or other players seeking to impurify themselves.

Additionally, a masturbation session allows the player to milk themselves (requires Lactation enabled). If using a breast pump, they can produce baby milk bottles. Regularly milking themselves has the benefit of avoiding events involving breast pain from a lack of milking.


There are several locations where the player can masturbate. The more public of these locations (such as the School) require higher Exhibitionism than the private ones, such as the Orphanage. Additionally, masturbating in an exposed area often carries a risk of being discovered.

For more information on masturbating in each area, see their respective pages.

  • At the Orphanage, in the bath
  • At the Orphanage Garden while basking nude in the sun
  • In the Park toilets, requires Exhibitionism 4 if the player already has an audience
  • The School toilets
  • During any of the player's classes, requires Exhibitionism 4, or Exhibitionism 5 if the player is seated next to Whitney, Kylar, or Robin
  • While peeping in the school changing rooms, requires Exhibitionism 3
  • In the library, while reading a lewd novel
    • Requires Exhibitionism 5 during lunch
    • Requires Exhibitionism 4 during normal school hours
    • Requires Exhibitionism 3 before or after school
    • Requires Exhibitionism 2 when school is not in session (i.e. during the weekend, or past 5 PM)
  • In the main hall of the Temple, requires Exhibitionism 4
  • When peeping on Jordan in the bath, requires Exhibitionism 3
  • At the player's stall on Connudatus Street, requires Exhibitionism 3
  • The spring outside Eden's Cabin
  • The shower at Alex's Farm
  • In the Moor, when encountering a phallic plant or a pink flower
  • While working as a lewd chef at the Cafe

Masturbatory Acts

The player can perform a maximum of three acts at the same time (right and left hand, and mouth). Note that actions involving the player's genitals cannot be performed while wearing a chastity belt, instead increasing Stress as the player futilely attempts to touch themselves.

  • Hands:
    • [Fondle your penis]
      • [Fondle the glans]
      • [Rub the shaft]
    • [Fondle your pussy]
      • [Push a finger in] - requires the player's vagina to be exposed (i.e. not obstructed by clothing)
      • [Play with your clit]
      • [Tease your vagina]
    • [Fondle your chest] - requires Awareness 2/7 (You have a limited understanding of sexuality.), allows the player to milk themselves if Lactation is enabled
    • [Stroke your anus] - requires Awareness 3/7 (You have a normal understanding of sexuality.)
      • [Push a finger in] - requires the player's anus to be exposed (i.e. not obstructed by clothing)
      • [Tease your anus]
        • [Tease your prostate] - if the player is male/a hermaphrodite
    • [Use Toy] - requires a Sex Toy to be carried and Awareness 3/7 (You have a normal understanding of sexuality.)
    • [Displace your clothes] - removes one article of clothing at a time
  • Mouth:
    • [Lick your penis] / [Lick your pussy] - see note
      • [Lick around the head] - if the player has a penis
      • [Take it into your mouth] - if the player has a penis
      • [Focus on your clit] - if the player has a vagina
  • Note: Performing autofellatio/autocunnilingus requires Awareness 3/7 (You have a normal understanding of sexuality.) as well as either a Dance skill of at least A or the full Cat Transformation. Also requires the player's genitals to be exposed (i.e. not obstructed by clothing). Furthermore, this option is disabled in situations where doing so would be too conspicuous, such as during class.

Self impregnation

Hermaphrodite characters can impregnate themselves if their hands are covered in cum (Notified by the message You are overcome by a sensation. A surge of cum erupts from your penis, some of it gets on your hands.) And if you have the Pregnancy Toggle enabled, then if you push a finger in your vagina you might get pregnant.

For more information about pregnancy, check the Pregnancy page.

After the Act

After finishing, the player will receive one of several messages based on how many times they came, as well as their current level of Purity.

  • You didn't cum, but you feel guilty regardless. - if the player has extremely high Purity and a chastity device equipped
  • You didn't cum, but that's okay. - if the player has high Purity
  • You didn't cum. You feel aggravated. | + Stress - if the player's Purity is at 5/7 ("You feel slightly soiled.") or below
  • You feel satisfied. - if the player only cums once
  • You came twice. You feel satisfied.
  • You came (3/4) times. You feel a warm glow.
  • You came (5/6) times. You pant.
  • You came (7-10) times. Your body is tired.
  • You came (11-15) times. You're quite the trooper.
  • You came (16-20) times. This is getting silly.
  • You came (21-30) times. Are you sure your body can handle it?
  • You came (31-50) times. There are other ways to cope with stress you know.
  • You came (51-100) times. Tentacle monsters could learn a thing or two about endurance from you.
  • You came (100+) times. Are you insane or are you actually aiming to be a Tentacle monster god?

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