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When the player enters the Mayor's Office, they'll enter a long waiting room where there's a queue for the front desk and are told it would be pointless to wait in line without a goal in mind. They can either wait in the line or leave.

Waiting in Line

To achieve anything from waiting in line the player must have visited the Hookah Parlour and unlocked one of the Town Projects while exploring the Tentacle Forest, and then return to a specific location in the overworld, otherwise they'll only have the options to ask about the mayor's office or leave. Until then, all the undiscovered project spots are filled with "Project undiscovered.

A project is unlocked when it states "[The player] can enquire about x at the town hall."

  1. Ask about the mayor's office.
    • The player asks about the office and the front desk worker explains that the mayor is busy and cannot talk to just anyone and if the player ever has business they can direct them to the appropriate department. The player then leaves the queue.
  2. Ask about building a bridge over the old canal. | £15000 | + + + Hope
  3. Ask about building a road between the town and lake. | £25000 | + + + Status
  4. Ask about building an archaeological field office at the lake. | £50000 | + + + Winter's Love
  5. Ask about maintaining the thicket in the residential district. | £10000 | + + + Hope
  6. Ask about clearing the green behind the school. | £30000 | + + + Hope
  7. Say you need to see the mayor.
    • Unlocked after completing all previous projects and unlocking the door in the tentacle forest of the Hookah Parlour.

Unlocking the Projects

Each of the projects are unlockable in a specific order. The player may unlock 2 and 5 first, then 3 and 6 before finally unlocking project 4.

  • To unlock the bridge over the old canal, the player must visit the Rushing Stream part of the Tentacle Forest and then visit Barb Street.
    • On Barb Street, the player observes a fellow orphan scurry into the canal nervously and emerge relieved when they cross safely. An idea strikes them. If the bridge were restored, those thugs would have a harder time harassing people.
    • When the player asks about the bridge in Town Hall, they are directed to the transport department and ask to build the bridge (specific text based off submissiveness level). They are told the canal was drained permanently and that a bridge is useless. The player argues it would make the canal safer. The worker states how it isn't part of the budget but if the player helps with the bill they'll build the bridge.
    • When the project is finished and the player visits: and the player visits they notice that the mayor's office acted fast, and a newly constructed bridge spans the canal. Crossing will be safer. Any orphans finding work here will be safer as well.
  • To unlock the thicket, the player must visit the Glimmering Pool part of the Tentacle Forest and then visit the Residential Alleyways.
    • When there, the player walks by a small but dense cluster of trees. It used to be a recreational area, but has long been neglected, left to wild brambles. People pass it every day without sparing it a thought. The player keeps their distance. The brambles sway in the wind, and the large thorns look sharp. Juicy-looking raspberries crown their tops, far out of reach. They remind the player of the eyes beneath the pool in the hookah parlour. An idea strikes the player. This could be a pleasant place if it were properly maintained.
    • When the player asks about the thicket in Town Hall, they are directed to the environment department and ask to fix the thicket. The worker doesn't argue with the player and instead just says it's out of the town budget and gives them the price.
    • When the project is finished and the player visits: The player approaches the thicket. It's no longer so overgrown. Branches have been trimmed, and the wild brambles have been cut well back. There's a bench near the middle, bearing a plaque that thanks the player by name. A person sits on it, eating a sandwich.
  • To unlock the road between the town and lake, the player must visit the Fleshlike Flowers part of the Tentacle Forest and then visit the first zone of the Forest (outskirts).
    • When there, the player almost trips over a worn brick. It draws their attention to others like it. There used to be a road here, connecting the town to the lake. An idea strikes them. If the road were restored, the journey would be safer, for both them and other students.
    • When the player asks about the road in the Town Hall, the player is directed to the transport department. The player is informed that the town knows there used to be a road and bus stop there but they were considered an extravagant waste as "there is nothing there. Except the water." The player argues that people often go there including students. As usual, the town can't afford the expense except with monetary help from the player.
    • When the project is finished and the player visits: The mayor's office acted fast. A road stretches into the forest, swerving out of sight. Getting to and from the lake will be much easier.
  • To unlock the green behind the school, the player must visit the Tentacle Grasses part of the Tentacle Forest and then visit the School Rear Courtyard.
    • When there, the player almost treads on an adder. It slips into a patch of tall, wild grass surrounding a large oak. Students avoid the area, as it's home to all sorts of pests. An idea strikes them. If the grass were cleared, there'd be a lot more room for students.
    • When the player asks about the green in the Town Hall, they are directed to the environment department. They spook the worker there who claims they were expecting someone else. The player asks about clearing the school green and the worker notes how the town can't spare the labor, that it's hard enough finding money to keep the roads clear.
    • When the project is finished: Something is different. The wild grass around the oak has been cleared, creating a green area and changing the atmosphere of the whole courtyard. Students now have a nice area to spend lunch.
  • To unlock the archaeological field office, the player must visit the Fissure part of the Tentacle forest and then visit the lake shore.
    • When there, Winter is stood on the shore. They glance the player's way. "I didn't expect company," they say. They look out over the lake. "There are old structures beneath the water. Ancient. A wealth of heritage. I once wrote up plans for a field office here, so I could investigate. My petition fell on deaf ears." They turns towards the trees, in the direction of town. "Forgive my ramblings. You stay safe out here."
    • When the player asks about the field office, the receptionist is not sure what to make of it. They are cut off by a middle-aged person who opens a door behind the receptionist. Their eyes are fixed on the player. "Did I hear talk about archeology at the lake?" they ask. "That sounds like a worthy initiative. Why don't we discuss it in my office? Ah, but allow me to introduce myself first. I'm Quinn." The player recognises the name. They're the mayor. The mayor wraps an arm around the player's shoulder. The player has two options:
      1. Enter Quinn's office
      2. Refuse
        • If the player returns after refusing, Quinn will remark "Good to see you again." before saying "Did I hear talk about archaeology" again. To continue the encounter, the player must eventually enter Quinn's office. When they do, they'll be given the option to drink or refuse. Whether the player drinks or not, Quinn downs theirs in one, and slams the glass on the desk. Quinn tells the player that the ruins are extensive and that dredging the lake isn't an option. They suggest getting the word out. Quinn pours themself another glass before continuing. They wish to encourage more diving and invite the right experts. The only problem, naturally, is the prohibitive cost to purchase the land. When the player pays, Quinn exclaims "Fantastic!" and says they'll make the calls and get it up and running in no time. When the player leaves, Quinn shouts "Give Bailey my regards." after the player.
    • When the project is finished: The player hears voices up ahead. Several people are hammering pegs around a dark green tent. Winter stands some distance away. They notice the player, and spring over. "Thank you," Winter says, clasping their hands over the player's and shaking them. "The mayor called personally. Said a certain someone had provided the funds for my field office." "It might not look like much," Winter says. "But it will keep the warmth in these old bones well enough. Let me show you." Winter leads the player into the tent. It's spacious. A long table runs down the length. Diving suits hang on a rack near an area separated by a flap. They're visibly wet, and were likely used recently. "They're running cables for power," Winter says. "You'll be able to find me here on weekdays, after school." "I can't wait to get started, but I can't neglect my students. Again, thank you. I can scarcely wait to start!"
  • To say you need to see the Mayor, the player needs to complete every single item prior except "Ask about the Mayor's Office".
    • When the player selects this option, they look around the room bemused and say "Hello," with a foreign-sounding accent, "I'm here to see the mayor. I'm expected" and the receptionist waves them through. The rest of this event can be found under Office and Computer on Quinn's page.


Though expensive, the town projects provide numerous benefits.

  • Building the canal bridge allows the player to visit the flats without having to deal with the toll keeper.
  • Building the road between the town and the lake allows the player to take a road to and from the lake that is like moving quickly (0:05) but with no chance of harassment.The player can also take a bus to and from a stop on this road
  • Maintaining the thicket in the residential alleyways allows the player to retrieve berries from them daily with a tending skill check.
    • With high enough History, there is also a secret tunnel to the forest (0:05).
  • Clearing the green behind the school allows the player to socialise with students during lunch (0:10) | + Status | - Trauma | - Stress which also engages additional events
    • Students climbing a tree that the player can ignore or try to impress them with an athletics check | + Status | - Trauma
      • Failing the check has the player fall down. | + Pain | + Stress
    • Two students fight and the player can either cheer one of them on | + Status or to try and them to stop by saying it's against the rules | - Status | - Delinquency or saying they might get hurt.