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"Mickey" - otherwise referred to as "McKay" - is one of several orphans living at the Orphanage, located on Domus Street. They have an instrumental role in guiding the player through the Police Infiltration questline. Later on, they can assist the player in raising or lowering their fame.


Mickey's description will remain consistent, regardless of what sex they are determined as. They are described as being an orphan "computer-whiz kid", as well as being paranoid to a point where they maintain multiple alias. Mickey themselves will mention that it is no longer safe to stick around if certain people know them, as their goal is to keep a low profile whenever possible to prevent things being traced back to them.

Additionally, Mickey's true gender is unknown, making them one of if not the only NPC to have a canon androgynous (gender-neutral) appearance. The player notes that it is hard to tell if they are a boy or girl - no one can tell, and Mickey will never state who they are. Their androgyny serves as an asset to them, as it makes them much harder to track down.

First Meeting

The player first meets Mickey during the Police Infiltration questline. Upon getting the prompt of the player not being able to access the police computer, they will need help from a hacker or a professional thief. Upon seeing Landry, they will instead tell you they've heard of a proclaimed orphan computer-whiz kid in town who goes by the name Mickey.

Upon visiting the Orphanage, the player will have an option to find the so-called hacker. Knocking on the door will greet you to Mickey, but that isn't their name - however, they don't mind calling them by that name. Your character notes it's hard to tell if "Mickey" is a boy or a girl.

The player cuts to the chase, telling Mickey why they're here. You tell them of how you've heard they're able to do things with computers, but they're a bit curious on who you've heard it from. Mickey denies the rumours and says how the kids in the orphanage make stories up all the time. After which the player mentions Landry, which causes them to immediately glance around in panic, shutting the door behind you.

After Mickey shuts the door, they'll ask the player to strip without warning - with them only agreeing to the player's demands once they're naked. Once naked, Mickey will tell you more. They hand you a faraday cage, which stops all transmissions. You don't understand all that much and in response, Mickey becomes paranoid and begins to checks your hair and ears for any earrings and headsets. They also mention it's no longer safe to stick around if the player and/or Landry knows about them, and it's a matter of time before Bailey does. Mickey tells you they need to disappear, but they have some requests for the player first in order to achieve that.

For more information on this questline, visit this page: Police Infiltration


Mickey has no set schedule, as after the Police Infiltration sidequest, they exclusively stay with Landry at the Pub, which is open 24/7.


Mickey's relationship with the player will stay the same, regardless of what the player does. Like other special NPCs, they make a one-time occurrence, meaning their relationship cannot be expanded upon. It is noted that the player has met Mickey at some point, or at least recognises them. Their face comes to mind when they think of the other orphans besides themselves.

Mickey will ask the player to strip for them before Mickey allows their request. After the requests are fulfilled, Mickey will disappear from the game temporarily.


Mickey is first found within the Orphanage. They will serve as the player's personal hacker while present there, and will task the player on completing several requests for them. Once the player achieves these, Mickey will agree to the player's terms, allowing them to proceed with the Police Infiltration questline.

Interactions with Mickey are minimal in nature, and tend to involve their role as a hacker. After completing the requests for Mickey, they promise to see the player again at some point along the line.

Later on, Mickey can be found at the Pub through asking Landry to see them, and can be asked to raise or lower the player's fame in exchange for the player completing favors of varying difficulty for them. For more information on these quests, visit this page: Mickey's Assignments

The player may get a chance to ask Mickey a question after reporting a completed favour. You get 4 options; 2 randomized questions, "Seduce," and "Nothing to ask."

Mickey starts to close the door, but opens it again. "You look like you have a question. What is it?"

  • ''Why do you say 'good-good' so much?''
    • "Extra good," they say, as if that answers anything. Without expanding on that, they close the door. You hear the sound of a complex lock setting into place. That's all you'll get out of them.
  • ''What did Leighton do to you?''
    • They smile bitterly. "He's ruthless. I hope you never find out." (or, if Leighton has blackmailed the player) "Same thing he/she's doing to you." They shake their head. "I'm done talking about this." They shut the door with more force than necessary, and you hear the sound of a complex lock setting into place. That's all you'll get out of them.
  • ''Is Mickey your real name?'' or "Are you a boy or a girl?'' or ''Can you teach me to be a hacker?''
    • "No," they flatly answer. They close the door, and you hear the sound of a complex lock setting into place. That's all you'll get out of them.
  • Seduce (this is presented as a skill check, but always has the same result)
    • You lean against the wall and gently brush Mickey's arm with your hand. "Your room seems pretty private," you say, licking your lips. "I bet we could get up to all kinds of trouble together." You already feel in control and the act is too tame to soothe, but it does- "No," they flatly answer. They close the door, and you hear the sound of a complex lock setting into place. Well, at least you tried. You walk back to Landry's table. "Swing and a miss," he/she chuckles.

All questions have a chance of simply being answered with "Good question. [...] I said you could ask a question. Never said I would answer."

  • Nothing to ask
    • You shake your head, and Mickey blinks in surprise. "Oh. I thought you wanted to..." They remain silent for a moment, before giving you a grateful smile and closing the door.


  • Mickey was added to the game in Version 0.2.4, along with the Police Infiltration questline.
  • "Mickey" is more or a less a nickname. It is not their actual name, that is currently unknown. Landry has heard "Mickey" also goes by other names such as McKay.
    • It's noted that they do not seem to mind the player calling them Mickey.
  • Mickey seems to have a past history with Landry. It is uncertain about what terms they are on. Similarly to the player, Landry is uncertain of whether or not Mickey is a boy or a girl.
  • Mickey is very secretive of their activities, usually covering them up the best they can, or otherwise dismissing them by saying others make up "stories" all the time.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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