Monster's Lair

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The Monster's Lair is one of many discoverable locations located within the Town. It is home to the Night Monster, a dangerous, sentient creature of an unknown origin.

Unlike other locations, this area is not visit-able by the player, and can only be discovered upon getting themselves kidnapped. It is referred to as being high above Elk Street.


The lair is described as being inside a mess of pipes and girders, with many of them bent and twisted out of shape by great strength. The floor of the lair is littered with trash and piles of detritus. A gaping, massive hole dominates one wall of the lair. The same hole the player entered through.

How to Enter

Entering the Monster's Lair requires the player to be kidnapped by the Night Monster, upon the beast taking an interest in the player's Beauty. Fail to fight them off, or alternatively make the beast orgasm during the initial sequence at night. Doing so will have the monster take the player to their lair.

First Steps

The player will hear something land behind them, followed by a low growl. They turn around to see a pair of glowing yellow eyes stepping into a light of a streetlamp - revealing the beast. It leaps towards the player, initiating a non-consensual encounter.

Typically, the encounter will end with the monster returning back into the darkness, leaving the player to gather their composure once more. However, should the player have a high Beauty stat, the monster takes interest in the player. At this point, should the the player fail to fight off the monster or make it orgasm during the initial sequence, the monster will hook their front leg around their leg and clutch them tightly against it's body. It leaps up a wall, scrambling onto a rooftop. It runs towards the edge before leaping and landing on another building.

Eventually the monster takes the player over to Elk Street, scrambling up the side of a taller building of the street until it reaches a small alcove near the top. It then dumps the player on a mattress, snarling. This initiates another non-consensual encounter.

To start with, the player has two options when they enter the lair.

  • Look out the hole
  • Calm the beast (1:00)

Players with a Deviancy of at least 2 will also have an additional option to "Calm the beast with lewd", resulting in a consensual sexual encounter. This avoids wasting an entire hour, and serves as means of reducing Stress.

Looking Out the Hole

To the player, it looks like the hole the monster entered through with the player is the only way in or out of the lair.

Looking out of it will have the player walk over, with a blast of wind almost taking them away. They luckily cling to a pipe just in time for support. Beneath the player is a sheer drop into a bed of mist - it's noted the player cannot see the ground, suggesting that the lair is very high up. They try to call out for help, but to no avail; their only response is a low emitted growl from the beast. There's rubbish littering the floor, and piled against the walls. Luckily, the player manages to find a strip of ruined sturdy cloth, which gives them an idea.

At this point, the player is introduced to a new method to escape the lair - a make-shift sheet rope.


  • It is important to note that the night beast's slumber is not to be disturbed. To have it return to it's slumber, the player needs to calm the beast.
    • This is done typically through choosing the option to calm the beast. This has the player make soothing noises while kneeling down besides them. It will set itself back into a deep sleep, allowing the player to continue with their escape.
    • Disturbed slumber can also be solved through sexual means or successfully fighting it off. It will return to it's slumber shortly afterwards - resetting it's turn counter each time.

People of Interest

  • Night Monster


Night Monster's Slumber

It is important to note that the night beast's slumber is not to be disturbed. If it is at any point, it needs to be dealt with.

The night monster has various prompts that appear to track it's slumber.

Each prompt is colour-coded by severity - turquoise, blue, purple and pink. Turquoise is the most ideal, with pink being the worst.

  • It snores deeply. (Prompt 1 - Turquoise)
  • It snores. (Prompt 2 - Blue)
  • It snores, occasionally swatting at the air. (Prompt 2 Alt. - Blue)
  • It stretches in its sleep. (Prompt 3 - Purple)
  • It growls in its sleep. (Prompt 4 - Pink)
  • The beast stirs from its slumber. It steps toward you, growling. (Caught)

The beast may stir from it's slumber at random intervals, as the player has drawn too much attention to themselves. They will growl at the player before attacking them, initiating a non-consensual encounter. This usually happens after the prompt - "It snores." - it is ideal to calm the beast right away once given the prompt. It is possible for them to attack at - "it snores deeply."

After the fourth prompt appears, the next turn will automatically have the beast stir from it's slumber and attack the player.

This means the player will have approximately two to three turns to make their move before the beast decides to have their way with them at some point.

Escape Methods

The player has a few opportunities to escape the beast's lair.

  1. Escaping with the make-shift rope
  2. Passing out
  3. Flying down

Method 1: Sheet Rope

Note: This method is very difficult to achieve through normal means. Be careful.

Each turn the player can choose to make the sheet rope by searching the detritus for anything that can be used. They will find strips of torn cloth from clothes and furniture, gradually adding them to the sheet rope each time the option is picked.

This works similarly to escaping the Underground Brothel or the Wolf Cave, where it takes multiple turns to successfully escape capture. Be careful.

After the second turn - "It snores." - that is usually when the beast attacks the player. It's ideal to calm it right away whenever possible.

The gradual progress on making the sheet rope is listed below:

  • You have a long way to go.
  • It drops a few stories, but it needs to be much longer.
  • It drops a long way, but it's not enough to reach the mist.
  • It kisses the mist, but you suspect there's still a drop beneath.
  • It falls straight into the mist, and keeps going.

While doing this method, it is very easy to pass out here. Watch out!

Once the rope is finished, the option to make the sheet rope will be replaced with a new "Escape" option. Choosing the option will have the player escape from the lair, emerging safely onto Elk Street.

Method 2: Passing Out

A much more simpler method, albeit dangerous one is to pass out while in the lair. If the player passes out here, they will awaken to find themselves within the Elk Street Landfill.

Depending on what the player does, it may be impossible to not pass out while in the lair, especially when proceeding with the first method of escape.

Method 3: Flying Down

If the player has the Strong Wings trait granted by the Harpy Transformation and flight-training with Great Hawk, they will be able to jump from the perch and fly down on their own, remarking that they have a prettier tower and spouse to return to. This will have them land in Elk Street undisturbed.


  • This is one of two areas that can only be accessed within a specific event, with the other being the Photography Studio.


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