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The Moor is one of several places of interest the player can visit within Degrees of Lewdity. However, it also serves as one of few areas of danger (a large area divided into several sections) alongside other complex areas such as the Forest and Old Sewers, home to many dangers not seen elsewhere in the game - but also valuable artifacts and locations.

It is located within the Farmlands network, and is home to only non-human NPCs, such as the mighty Great Hawk.


Default: "You are in the moor. A great plain of heather stretches before you. Farms lie in the other direction, and the sea beyond."

Much like the Forest, the moor is divided into three separate sections. Each section is longer and more hazardous than the last.

  1. The moor outskirts, indicated by the prompt "Great plains of heather stretch in all directions." Remy's Estate is situated midway through this section. As the shallowest part of the moor, the danger is slightly less pronounced, and the player may run into other people, some more benevolent than others.
    • The end of this section is denoted by a faded sign, reading: "D—ger. W—d ani-a-s." The player is barely able to make out what it reads, but the proper words read: "Danger. Wild animals."
  2. The centre of the moor, indicated by the prompt "The bushes and rock formations make travelling difficult." Wildcats prowl the area, and starting here, the Great Hawk can begin hunting the player.
    • The end of this section is denoted by a second faded sign, reading: "D——- Q—c-s—d". The player is barely able to make out what it reads, but the proper words read: "Danger. Quicksand."
  3. The deepest section of the moor, indicated by the prompt "Water bubbles up from unseen wells, running between the bushes and rocks. The ground is uneven and treacherous." The most dangerous part of the moor, with its constant tremors and the constant risk of stepping in quicksand.
    • At the end of this section, the player will come across a great castle known as the Hawk's Tower, described as ruined and half-sunken into the peat. The player can go no further than the castle.

See the Notes section for a full map image.

How to Enter

First, head to Harvest Street and head east, leaving town via the Harvest Trail. From here, the player must hitchhike or simply walk to get to the Farmlands.

Once there, in the same spot where the player would naturally head on to accessible locations in the Farmlands such as Alex's Farm and the Riding School, choose the option to head onwards to the moor instead.

First Steps

As with many locations, no unique event will occur if the player steps foot here for the first time. However, each time they enter the moor they will encounter a sign besides a trail leading into the heather. It reads the following: "Danger. Keep out."

As stated above, getting through the moor without harm is easier said than done due to it's many dangers. It is generally recommended to be wary of what the signs (checkpoints) read.


  • The Moor is designed to be a complex area in the same vein as the Forest. It is easy to get lost if the player is not careful.
  • Quicksand will prove to be a consistent obstacle if the player does not follow the warnings littered across the moor of the dangerous sand.
    • There seems to be a creature hiding in the quicksand, only present if the player has the uncontrolled Severe Hallucinations trait.
  • Passing out in the Moor is highly dangerous, and will generally result in the player's kidnapping, either at the hands of Remy's goons or the Great Hawk. See the Passing Out section below for more details.


The Moor can be difficult to navigate. Tread carefully to avoid danger.

Map of the Moor

People of Interest


As one of the most dangerous areas in the game, caution should be exercised before attempting to traverse the moor. Lurkers are an omnipresent threat, and the terrain itself can be a danger to the player. Random events cause the player's Stress to accumulate quickly, which is especially dangerous here, as passing out in the moor can result in the player getting abducted and taken to the Underground Farm.

Having a high Athletics skill will prove useful when dealing with certain events, so footwear with the Rugged trait is recommended. Footwear with High-Heeled trait is not recommended, as it takes longer to traverse and increases chance of harassment. A good Physique can help the player deal with quicksand, in addition to being generally useful for fending off attackers. Willpower can also help the player handle quicksand, in addition to being necessary to withstand the Great Hawk's attempts at capturing the player.

If the player has the complete Harpy Transformation and the Strong wings trait, they'll gain a new movement option in the moor - the ability to fly. This generally offers a faster way to traverse the moor, depending on the weather, the player's Athletics skill, and how much clothing they're wearing (if it's raining).

  • The weather shouldn't affect your flight. - Clear skies or snow, default flight time
  • The strong winds will make flight easy and fast. - Overcast skies, fastest flight time
  • Flying in the rain will soak your clothes, slowing you down and exposing you. - Rain, slowest flight time


Note: These encounters require certain toggles to be enabled - Bestiality and Lurkers.

Lurkers are the most prominent threat in the moor, and among the only creatures that can show up regardless of the player's depth in the area.

Depending on how far the player is in the moor, the circumstances of each encounter, and how many lurkers they may end up having to fend off, will vary.

  • Near the moor outskirts, the player will hear rustling in the bushes before a lurker latches itself onto their bottom. If the player takes too long dealing with the first lurker, up to two more will join in.
  • In the central moor, the player spots something glistening atop a rock as a lurker lunges down at them. If the player has a decent Dancing skill (an S will guarantee success), they'll dodge the lurker; otherwise, it clings to the player's face, an appendage prodding at their lips. Regardless of whether or not the player dodges, an encounter will begin. If the player takes too long to dispatch the lurker, up to three more may join in.
  • In the deep moor, three lurkers emerge from a murky pond. One latches onto the player's mouth, another onto their bottom. If the player takes too long dealing with the creatures, they may end up dealing with up to three more, for a total of six lurkers.

Aside from these encounters, lurkers may also attack the player when crawling through an underground passage, or while searching for Landry's black box. For more information, see their respective entries under the Deep Moor section below.

If the player does not have the appropriate toggles enabled, they player may still run into lurkers in the moor, however these scenes will not lead to any encounters. The player will always manage to fend the creature off, at the cost of + Trauma, + Pain, + Stress, and substantial damage to their clothing.


The player may encounter a fox as they traverse the moor.

  • In the moor outskirts, the player is more likely to encounter Friendly and Cowardly foxes and less likely to encounter Territorial and Clever foxes.
  • In the central moor, the player has an equal chance of encountering all fox personality traits.
  • In the deep moor, the player will only encounter Territorial and Clever foxes.

The foxes' personalities are more noticeable as monsterpeople than as beasts.

The player will hear rustling from somewhere behind them (Territorial and Clumsy foxes have unique dialogue in dodge/stand their ground options).

  • Dodging starts a dancing check against the fox’s dance skill. If successful, the fox will leave the player alone. Failing starts a non-consensual encounter.
  • Standing their ground generally needs very high physique. If successful, the fox will leave the player alone. Failing starts a non-consensual encounter.
  • The player can also call out to the fox, which can lead to more options.
    • Territorial foxes always respond by knocking the player down, which starts a non-consensual encounter.
    • For other foxes, the player can beckon the fox closer. Friendly foxes only need a D+ in Tending to guarantee success, and other foxes need a B in Tending (Clever and Cowardly foxes has unique dialogue here).
      • If successful, the fox approaches the player. The player can choose to pet them (- Stress) or pet them lewdly (requires Deviancy 3), which will add 1 Fox transformation point.
        • If the player pet the fox lewdly, they have the option to take it further and start a consensual encounter (requires Deviancy 4).
      • If failed, the fox simply runs away (+ Trauma).
    • If the player scares the fox, the fox will simply run away.

The Great Hawk

While lurkers are the most common encounter throughout the moor, the Great Hawk is equally dangerous. When in the deeper parts of the moor, the player may receive the prompt: "A shadow passes over you. Terror circles overhead. You are being hunted." | + + Stress

The Great Hawk will only begin hunting the player when they're in the central or deep moor, though once they start hunting the player, they will follow them to the moor outskirts. The only way to shake off the Great Hawk is to fend it off in combat or retreat to the farmlands (retreating to Remy's estate will not work; the Great Hawk will continue hunting the player once they leave).

Should the player take too long to escape the moor, they'll soon hear a screech directly behind them, and turn to find the Great Hawk descending upon them with talons outstretched. The player has two options.

  • Stay still - the Great Hawk captures the player without issue
  • Resist - Willpower; failure has the same outcome as staying still

A Willpower stat of 2/6 (You are mindful.) will guarantee the player's success. Succeeding has a 50/50 chance of the Great Hawk circling back overhead, temporarily ensuring the player's safety, or triggering a nonconsensual encounter. The ensuing fight will be difficult to win, as the Great Hawk starts with max Anger and a high amount of Health. If the player becomes overwhelmed with pain, the Great Hawk will snatch them and kidnap them, as per usual. Making them cum causes them to soar back into the sky, though they'll continue to hunt the player. Subduing the Great Hawk through violence has them retreat, ending the hunt completely - for now.

Aside from dealing with the Great Hawk head-on, the player may have to option to hide in certain spots within the moor. The player can find these spots at random while traversing the moor, and they're dependent on which section the player is in.

  • In the central moor, the player can find a bunch of boulders by the base of a cliff. It'd be tight, but you could squeeze into one if you wanted to hide. The player can choose to hide (takes 30 minutes), squeezing into a crack as the Great Hawk lands nearby. This has one of two outcomes.
    • Failing to locate the player, the Great Hawk shrieks in frustration before returning to the skies. Note: Does not end the hunt; the Great Hawk will continue to pursue the player.
    • As the player hides, something prods their bottom, initiating an encounter with a nondescript creature. Making it cum or beating it into submission allows the player to continue hiding safely, until the Great Hawk eventually leaves, ending the hunt. Additionally, the encounter will automatically end after 10 turns of combat have passed. If the player cums, or their pain reaches a threshold, or they choose to Scream, the Great Hawk will be alerted to their presence, kidnapping them and whisking them away to their tower.
  • In the deep moor, the player can find a deep, dark pond, in which they can choose to hide, initiating a series of Swimming checks, each one more difficult than the last. In any case where the Great Hawk leaves during this event, the hunt will end, leaving the player safe from the Hawk for the time being. If the player fails any of the Swimming checks, or if they choose to emerge of their own volition, the Great Hawk grabs them and takes them back to their tower.
    • First phase: A Swimming grade of D+ or higher guarantees success. There's a 1/5 chance for the Great Hawk to fly away; otherwise, it dives through the air, landing on the edge of the pool as it scans the area.
    • Second phase: A Swimming grade of C+ or higher guarantees success. There's a 2/5 chance for the Great Hawk to fly away; otherwise, they hop to the pool's edge and stare at the far bank.
    • Third phase: A Swimming grade of B+ or higher guarantees success. There's a 3/5 chance for the Great Hawk to fly away; otherwise, they jerk their head in the player's direction before flicking away, unable to see beneath the water's surface.
    • Fourth phase: A Swimming grade of A+ or higher guarantees success. If the player succeeds, the Great Hawk will always shriek in frustration before flying away, leaving the player to emerge from the water.

Moor Outskirts

Relatively speaking, the "safest" part of the moor. The Great Hawk will not appear in this area, and other hazards - such as wildcats and quicksand - won't be present until much deeper in the moor. This section is not without danger, however. Lone lurkers creep through the heather, and shady individuals may cross the player's path. The player may also run into some unusual plants with strange, mind-altering effects.

The player may randomly find an old bullet on a trail here, which they'll collect as an antique. Additionally, the player can harvest broccoli and carrots in this section.

Strange Plants

If the player is not drugged, they have a chance to catch a whiff of a sweet fragrance, and their attention is drawn to a plant - either a pink flower or an odd, phallic plant (both function almost identically, with the difference being that the phallus plant can penetrate the player, taking their anal/vaginal virginity). The player is given the option to either investigate or ignore the unusual flora.

High Willpower (roughly 4/6 - "You are determined." - will guarantee success) is needed to resist the plant's pull; otherwise, the player will have no choice, but to investigate, increasing Arousal and drugging the player. They'll feel a sudden heat down their spine as a desperate yearning fills them, urging them to masturbate. An even more difficult Willpower check is required to resist the temptation - only a full 6/6 ("Your will is iron.") will ensure success. If the player fails, they'll begin masturbating right in the moor.

If the phallic plant penetrates the player during masturbation, the player won’t be allowed to stop until they climax three times, and the player will get more drugged. If the phallic plant is penetrating the player’s vagina or anus, it can impregnate the player with a vine.

The player can still end the session immediately if they do not wish to masturbate, provided they don't have an Ear Slime forcing them to continue. This is not without consequence, however. If the player finishes without cumming (in the case of the pink flower) or allowing the plant to penetrate them (in the case of the phallus plant), there will be a brief struggle as they wrench themselves free from the plant's influence (+ Fatigue | + + Stress). If the player is suffering from (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations, roots will suddenly snag the player's ankle, restraining them, leading to a tentacle encounter, or if plantpeople is enabled, a plantperson will grab the player saying they had gotten them worked up, leading to a non-consensual encounter.

If the player fulfills either of the aforementioned conditions, the plant will allow them to leave without a hassle and adding 100 to the drugged effect.

Unwanted Escort

The player hears a vehicle rumbling behind them (+ Stress if they have a (Controlled) Anxiety Disorder). The player can keep walking or hide (+ Trauma, takes 5 minutes). Hiding has the vehicle pass by without incident.

If the player keeps walking, there's a 50/50 chance the driver will either pass them by or pull over to address the player. Should they do so, they'll tell the player to hop in, offering them a ride. The player can either refuse or accept. In both cases, there's a roughly 1/3 chance the vehicle's occupants will be revealed to be less helpful than they initially appeared.

If the drivers turn out to be well-meaning, once the player accepts their offer, they'll ask where the player is headed. They can ask for a ride deeper into the moor (takes 20 minutes, puts the player on the edge of the moor outskirts, meaning right in front of the "Danger. Wild animals." sign), to the farmlands (takes 20 minutes), or to the Remy estate (takes 10 minutes). If the player chooses the estate, the driver will caution the player against it, saying they shouldn't associate with "them sort" before offering to drive the player elsewhere. The player can insist on going to the estate, and the driver will eventually relent, dropping the player off at their destination.

Should the drivers prove to be ill-intentioned, the resulting scene varies based on whether the player refuses or accepts their offer for a ride.

  • If the player refuses, the vehicle stops as the driver and passenger climb out, a length of rope in hand. The player can fight (triggers a nonconsensual encounter) or run (Athletics - an S rank will guarantee success). Beating up the pair, making them cum will, or successfully running away will allow the player to escape smoothly, but becoming overwhelmed with pain or failing to run leads to the second part of this event.
  • If the player accepts, once they're inside the car, the doors lock as the two begin chatting. "Think Remy will want this one?" the man/woman asks. "Aye, but we got bugger for the last one." He/She chucks a coil of rope to the man/woman's lap. "Let's have some fun." The player can submit (+ Submissiveness) or resist (+ Defiance). Submitting has the event proceed to the second phase, whereas resisting results in the same nonconsensual encounter mentioned above, with the same outcomes.

Failing to escape, the player's arms are bound and tied to the rear of the vehicle. The two climb back inside and start the engine, forcing the player to follow along or get dragged behind. This initiates a series of increasingly difficult Athletics checks, each one taking 20 minutes and increasing Fatigue and Physique with each phase.

  1. First phase: The driver sticks their head out the window to watch the player as the vehicle jerks into movement. A D or higher in Athletics will guarantee success.
  2. Second phase: The player breaks into a brisk walk to keep up. The passenger tosses a can out the window as the vehicle speeds up. A B or higher will guarantee success.
  3. Third phase: The player is forced to jog to keep up. "He/She's still at it," the man/woman shouts. The vehicle speeds up yet again. An S will guarantee success.
  4. Final phase: The player breaks into a run to keep up. The driver cheers their endurance while the passenger watches in shock. The vehicle jerks over a few bumps, steadily wearing the rope until it finally breaks. The player seizes the chance to escape into the heather, with the driver ending up in a ditch before they can pursue. Note that the player's arms will remain bound afterwards.

If the player fails to keep up with the vehicle at any point, or if they opt to simply give up (+ Pain | + Trauma | + Stress), they'll be dragged along the dirt until the vehicle comes to a halt. The driver and passenger step out to address the player, with different comments depending on how long the player lasted.

  1. "You townies are so weak," the man/woman says. "Wouldn't last a week out here."
  2. "Disappointing," the man/woman says. "Won't last long out here."
  3. "Not bad," the man/woman says. "Maybe you'd make it in the country."
  4. "Thought you were gonna outlast the engine for a moment," the man/woman says. "Maybe Remy needs a pack mule."

The player then untied from the vehicle, though their arms remain bound as one of the individuals forces them to the ground, triggering a nonconsensual encounter. After the encounter, the pair either shoves the player in a ditch or retreat to their car (depending on how the player deals with them), leaving them alone with their arms tied.

Drinking Youths

The player comes across a group of drinking youths. If the player is in a state of undress, the player can try to hide (B in skulduggery guarantees success). If successful, the player can skip the rest of this event. The player can also walk past them. Requires Exhibitionism 3 if in their underwear, and Exhibitionism 5 if naked.

If the group of youths find the player, they will invite the player for a drink. Declining to drink has no consequences. If the player doesn’t refuse the youths, the youths will make their advances faster. Keep in mind that as the player gets more drunk, higher Willpower is needed to refuse the youths’ advances.

  1. The youths remain friendly. They seem curious about the Town.
  2. A youth asks if the player is a virgin. The player can refuse to answer (Willpower check), tell the truth, or lie.
  3. A youth sits close and wraps their arm around the player’s waist. The player can pull away (Willpower check) or allow.
  4. A youth moves in to kiss the player. The player can push away (Willpower check) or kiss.
  5. A youth ask if the player has a problem with being gangbanged. The player can refuse (hard Willpower check) or shake their head. Successfully refusing the gangbang will give the “Free Booze” feat. Failing starts a three person non-consensual encounter.

With willpower checks, if their willpower is higher than their intoxication, they are guaranteed to pass the check. In the hard willpower check, max Willpower is needed to guarantee the player to pass the check.

Other Events

  • The player spots a person with a walking stick, smiling and nodding at the player, who smiles back. | - Trauma
    • If the player has the uncontrolled Anxiety Disorder trait, they'll instead feel anxious as the person passes them by. | + Stress
    • If the player is in a state of undress, they'll duck into the heather to conceal themselves. The player can then hide until they pass (takes 10 minutes) or keep walking (Exhibitionism 2 if the player is in their underwear, Exhibitionism 4 if the player is fully nude). If the player chooses to keep walking, the passerby will gawk, but otherwise nothing will come of it. If the player chooses to hide, they'll usually wait it out without any trouble, but there's a small chance (1/10) that the person will stumble across the player, leading to a nonconsensual encounter.
  • The player comes to a stream. They can wash up there if they want to.
    • They can take 10 minutes to strip and wash. There is a chance that a person might demand the player masturbate for them or they’ll take the player’s clothes.
      • The person will return the player’s cloths if the player comply. If the player didn’t orgasm before stopping, or orgasms three times before stopping, the person will start a non-consensual encounter.
      • Refusing will give the player a chance to fight. If the player makes the person make them cum or beat them up, the player will keep their clothes.
    • The player can take 30 minutes to hide their clothes before washing. There is a chance that a person will watch the player and start a non-consensual encounter.
  • A cool breeze caresses the player's skin. | - Stress
  • A player spots a dark shape out the corner of their eye, but it quickly vanishes. | + Stress
  • Something leaps out of the heather and off the player's chest, knocking them to the dirt. | + Pain | + Trauma | + Stress
  • The player finds a tire-marked trail, easing their journey. | - Stress

The Central Moor

The second part of the moor, indicated by a sign reading: "D—ger. W—d ani-a-s."

With a decent History grade, the player can find an artillery shell in this area, one of the moor's several antiques. A good Tending skill will also allow them to harvest onions here.

Events that can occur in the central moor include:

  • A wildcat may suddenly pounce upon the player, triggering a nonconsensual encounter.
  • As the player passes by a string of cracks and caves, they feel a sense of unease, as if watched. Choosing to continue without taking a detour may result in the player being ambushed by a trio of wildcats. They'll attempt to rip the player's bottoms to shreds before molesting them.
    • The player can attempt to soothe the beasts, requiring a moderate Tending skill - a C+ is needed just for a chance to succeed. If successful, the player calms the cats with a soothing melody, and they allow the player to leave unmolested. Failing results in the cats assaulting the player anyway.
    • The player can also submit or fight, both leading to a nonconsensual encounter, though choosing to fight will reduce the beast's health at the start of the encounter, at the cost of making it slightly angrier.
  • The player finds two lurkers preparing to attack the player. A Lurker jumps at the player, but a plantperson restrains the lucker with their vines. They ask the player for a lewd reward for saving them.
    • With Deviancy 3 or Plant Lover/Dendrophile trait, the player can reward them with a consensual encounter. After the encounter, there is a chance that the lurker leaps on the plantperson’s shoulder, and the plantperson praises the lucker for being a good wingman.
    • If the player refuses, the plantperson might be confused but leave the player be. However, the plantperson might choose to release the lurker, starting a struggle encounter, or lunge at the player, starting a non-consensual encounter.
    • If plantepeople is disabled or if the player doesn't have the required traits to see plantpeople, the luckers will be knocked out by a falling boulder.
  • A tremor knocks the player off the side of a cliff. They manage to grasp the edge, but they're left dangling precariously by a shrub. The player can either pull themselves up (Athletics - and S rank will guarantee success) or let go and fall the short the distance to the ground (+ + Pain | + Stress). If the player fails the Athletics check, the shrub will snap loose, and they'll plunge painfully to the ground (+ + + Pain | + + Stress).
    • If the player possesses a winged transformation (Harpy, Angel, Fallen Angel or Demon) they'll automatically glide down to a safe landing.
  • The player's clothing snags on a thorny bush. They can just tear free, causing slight damage to their clothes, or carefully free themselves (+ Pain, takes 5 minutes).
    • If the player is naked, a gust of wind will instead blow the bush against the player's bare skin. | + Pain | + Stress
  • The player traverses over a bed of sharp rocks (+ Pain and + Stress if the player is barefoot, otherwise they pass without incident).
  • The player comes across a violent stream. The player can wash themselves there, but there is a chance they will be seized by a violent current. The player will try to resist, which require S in Swimming to guarantee success. If the player fails, they will be randomly moved deeper in the moor or closer to the farmland.
  • A figure watches the player in the distance. By the time the player blinks, it's gone. | + Stress
  • A pair of yellow eyes stare at the player from a cave. | + Stress
  • A gust of wind blows, causing the player to shiver. If they're suffering from (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations, they'll hear whispers on the wind, increasing Trauma.
    • "Buried deep in me."
    • "It comes."
    • "Through the mirror."
    • "Turn back."
    • But you don't understand.

The Deep Moor

The final stretch of the moor, and the most dangerous, indicated by a sign reading: "D——- Q—c-s—d". The player will be accosted by several lurkers at once, the terrain is especially perilous, and should the Great Hawk take interest in the player, they'll have nowhere to retreat to. At the end of this section lies the Hawk's Tower.

A gold ring can be found in an underground passage, if the player is lucky. The player can also harvest garlic bulbs here. Additionally, if the player was sent here by Landry, they'll be able to search for their black box here.

Landry's Black Box

If the player was sent to the moor on a mission from Landry, they'll be able to find the box they're looking for in this area. Once in the deep moor, the player has the option to search for Landry's black box, leading to one of two scenes.

  1. The player spots the box on an island surrounded by dark water. As they approach they notice "things" swimming beneath the surface. The player is given one last chance to leave, otherwise they may wade across, leading to an encounter with two lurkers. If the player takes too long handling them, up to two more creatures will join the fray. Once the lurkers are dealt with, the player grabs the box from atop a torn satchel and returns to shore.
  2. The player climbs onto a hillock to survey the area, only to be startled by a person from behind. The player tells them they're looking for a black box, which the person happens to have in their possession. They agree to hand over the box, at the cost of the player's underwear (Exhibitionism 1). Depending on the player's state of dress, other variations of the scene can occur.
    • If the player isn't wearing any underwear, or if they're already naked when they encounter the individual, they'll instead ask to see the player's genitals. Exhibitionism 4 is needed to comply.
    • If the player is wearing an under-outfit (such as a leotard) and giving it up would leave them topless, Exhibitionism 4 is required to comply. Only applies to female players, or male players appearing female.
    • If the only clothes on the player are their underwear, Exhibitionism 5 is required to comply, leaving the player fully nude.


When wandering the deep moor, the player may receive the following prompt: Your foot parts the earth, and you sink as if through water, until the ground swallows you up to your waist. You try to pull free, but you're stuck. You're slowly sinking. | + + Stress

The player is given three options, each taking five minutes:

  • Calm yourself - Willpower; roughly around 3/6 (You are resolved.) will guarantee success.
  • Call for help - 30% chance of success during the day, 10% at night.
  • Struggle - Physique; difficult to pass, even a full 6/6 with a large body won't guarantee success. Increases Stress whenever the player fails.

By choosing to calm themselves, the player breathes deeply and realises that they won't sink if they stay still (- Stress). Though this won't help the player escape, passing this check in five separate quicksand encounters will grant the player the Knowledge: Quicksand trait, replacing the option to calm yourself with one to spread your weight, allowing the player to escape without a struggle. Should the player fail the Willpower check to calm themselves, they'll receive additional Stress.

As mentioned, the player's chances of successfully calling for help vary based on the time of day. If unsuccessful, no one will show up, increasing Stress. Even if the player does succeed, results will vary - there's no guarantee whoever comes to the player's aid will have good intentions. There are two potential outcomes to the player crying for help, each one sporting a 50/50 chance of occurring.

  • "We're coming!" shouts a voice in response. Two people appear, and they manage to seize the player from the quicksand. They'll offer the player some towels if they're undressed and free their arms if they're bound, before offering to help the player back to civilisation. The player can stay in the moor or return to the farmlands with them (takes 45 minutes). In either case, they'll bid the player farewell before hiking back to the moor.
  • "What do we have here?" says a voice behind you. A pair of hands pull the player from the quicksand. Before the player can get far, however, their rescuer forces them back to the ground, initiating a five-person nonconsensual encounter. The only way the player can escape is by beating their attackers; making them cum results in them tying up the player and kidnapping them, leading into the Moor Abduction event.

Despite what the player may think, they won't sink any deeper in the quicksand than their waist. This will not be the case, however, if the player is suffering from uncontrolled Severe Hallucinations; instead, something will grab the player's ankle, tugging them deeper. | + + Stress

If the player takes too long to free themselves from the quicksand, the creature - or whatever's lying beneath the earth - will slowly pull the player deeper and deeper, until they're eventually fully submerged.

(There is a chance for the Wraith to slightly affect this event. If it is in its “haunting” stage, the word “Drown” may appear repeatedly as the player is stuck in quicksand. Otherwise, the word “Calm” may appear instead.)

  • Something grasps your ankle. It tugs. | + + Stress
  • Your ankle is tugged again, pulling you deeper until the sand reaches your knees. | + + Stress
  • Your ankle is tugged again, pulling you deeper until the sand reaches your thighs. | + + Stress
  • Your ankle is tugged again, pulling you deeper until the sand reaches your waist. | + + Stress - Where the player initially starts
  • Your ankle is tugged again, pulling you deeper until the sand reaches your chest. | + + Stress
  • Your ankle is tugged again, pulling you deeper until the sand reaches your neck. You'll soon be submerged. | + + Stress
  • With a final tug, the earth swallows you. | + + Trauma | + + Stress

Drowning in quicksand has the same effect as passing out in the moor. If the player becomes overwhelmed with Stress while in the quicksand, they'll also pass out as usual.

Note: If the player is intentionally trying to end up in quicksand, having low Allure and choosing to move carefully between areas will increase the odds of receiving this event.

Underground Passage

Underneath the deep moor is a series of underground tunnels and passages. If the player is searching for a particular antique - the gold ring - they may find it within one.

There are two ways to access one of the moor's underground passages.

  1. When searching the moor, the player may randomly find a passage leading into the earth. The player can simply enter or ignore.
  2. A tremor shakes the earth, causing a crack to widen beneath the player's feet. If the player's Dancing skill is high (a C is needed just for a chance at success) they'll manage to keep their footing; otherwise, they fall within the crack, landing on soft earth, with a passage nearby. The player can choose to enter it.
    • Aside from entering the passage, the player can also attempt to climb out (Athletics) or call for help. Climbing out will prove difficult; a D+ Athletics skills is required for a chance to succeed, and every failed attempt increases the player's Pain and Stress. If the player's Pain is too high, they'll be too injured to climb. Calling for help functions identically to calling for help while stuck in quicksand, only the player will have a much greater chance at success during the day (70% as opposed to 30%). The same outcomes apply, with the player at risk of getting kidnapped by goons.
    • If the Soft Monster Vore toggle is enabled, the player may try to grasp the walls, only to find that they're soft and slippery. They look down to see a pink, pulsating mass, leading to an encounter with a giant lurker.

Entering the passage has the player crawl through the narrow tunnel. If the player is being hunted by the Great Hawk, traversing through the tunnel will make it harder for the Great Hawk to catch up to them. The ground is noted to be jagged and uneven, causing Pain if the player is barefooted. One of five different scenes will then occur.

  • In three of the five scenes, the player navigates the passage until they finally emerge back on the moor. They'll either be deeper in the moor, closer to the farmlands, or in the same area they were in before entering the tunnel.
  • The tunnel leads even deeper into the earth, eventually leading to a pool illuminated by glowing plants. The player spots a faint glimmer in the water. They can either walk around the pool (takes 30 minutes, leads them back to the moor), or try swim. Passing the ensuing Swimming check (requires a B, with an S guaranteeing success) has the player braving the current, grabbing the object they saw earlier, which turns out to be a gold ring. They swim back to the glowing shore before finding an exit to the moor. If the player fails, they'll be swept away by the current, being carried all the way to the Ocean.
    • With (Controlled) Hallucinations, there is a chance for the Wraith can appear to the player as they examine the ring. It will call the player “Graverobber” (Likely regarding the ring the player just took) and start a wraith encounter.
  • The player hears scurrying behind them. Before they can escape the passage, they're attacked by a pair of lurkers, initiating an encounter, after which the player surfaces on the moor. If the appropriate toggles are not enabled, the player retreats as quickly they can, ignoring the tunnel's jagged rocks even as they scratch at their skin and clothes (+ Trauma | + Stress | + Pain).

Ancient Shrines

The player happens upon an engraved stone pillar atop a hillock. With a History grade of A*, they'll identify it as an ancient shrine, one which travellers would pray to for good luck. The player has the option to do so (- Stress, takes 5 minutes).

Praying for luck grants a 5% increase to all of the player's non-sexual skills - meaning their Main Skills and School Skills - as well as their Willpower and Physique. It will also decrease the player's Allure by 5%. In the player's Mirror, this will be represented as: ????

The bonus from the shrines stacks twice, meaning the player can receive a total boost of 10% to their stats. The bonus gradually decays by 1% every day.

If the player lacks the required History grade, they'll simply pass the stone pillar by, wondering who carved it.

Note: As with triggering the quicksand event, having low Allure and choosing to move carefully between areas will increase the player's odds of stumbling upon a shrine.

Other Events

  • The player comes across a boggy patch of ground. How easily they'll be able to traverse it depends on their footwear.
    • If the player's legs are bound, they'll make it across the mire, with some difficulty. | + Fatigue
    • If the player is wearing shoes with the Rugged clothes trait, they'll cross the terrain without issue.
    • If the player is barefooted or wearing regular footwear, their feet will sink into the mud and they'll hear a click as metal restraints clasp around their ankles, destroying their shoes if they were wearing any. The player can attempt to break them (Physique, a full 6/6 with a large body will guarantee success) or pick the lock (Skulduggery, a B or higher will guarantee success). Succeeding either check allows the player to free their legs, otherwise they'll be stuck with a pair of ankle cuffs.
  • The player stumbles upon a spring of clean water, presenting them with the option to wash (- Stress, takes 20 minutes). If the player is being hunted by the Great Hawk, choosing to wash up will result in them getting closer to the player.
  • The player finds a coin lying in a bush. With at least B+ in Skulduggery, the player can see the plantperson’s hand holding the money, and has the option to take the money or leave. If the player takes the money, the plantperson will grab the player’s hand, starting a non-consensual encounter.
    • If plantpeople isn't enabled, or they don't have (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations or Plant Lover/Dendrophile trait, the player takes the money, but the ground opens up in a fissure. + + Stress
  • A dark shape pops out of the mire, resembling a head attached to a long neck. It turns to the player before submerging again. + Stress
  • A flock of birds rests on the surface of a pond. One is suddenly pulled under the water, causing the rest to panic. | + Stress
  • The player slips and falls on their butt. | + Pain | + Stress
  • The player finds a stable patch of ground. | - Stress

Passing Out

Passing out in the moor will yield one of two outcomes, aside from the standard Hospital scene. These can also occur if they player becomes fully submerged in quicksand.

The player will either wake up to find themselves bound and kidnapped by a bunch of thugs, or as a captive in the Hawk's Tower. If the player possesses the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait, the latter will be seen as a rescue.

For more information on these two events, see the Moor Abduction and Great Hawk pages, respectively.

Ambient Events

These events may occur anywhere in the moor, depending on the Season.

In Autumn:

  • The player is assailed by the acrid scent of dying plants. | + Stress
  • The player watches a flock of birds in migration. | - Stress
  • The player finds an unsettling effigy in a clearing. | + + Stress

In Winter:

  • The player finds a hideous snowman surrounded by pillars of ice. | + Stress
    • If the player is suffering from (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations, they'll hear a snap behind them as they turn away from the snowman. When they look back, the snowman is gone. | + + + Stress
  • The player peers at their reflection in a frozen pond, using the same text as if the player gazed at themselves in a mirror. If the player is in good health ("A cheerful boy/girl stares back."), their Stress will decrease slightly.
    • If the player is under the effect of a hallucinogen, the surface will ripple, and a vaguely familiar face will stare back at them. | + + Stress
    • If the player is suffering from (Controlled) Hallucinations, the surface of the pond will churn as the player gets the feeling that the reflection is not their own. | + + Stress
    • If the player is suffering from (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations, something inhuman will scrape from below the ice. The player frantically scurries away. | + + + Stress
  • The player spots a flock of birds migrating (- Stress). Only occurs during daylight hours.

In Spring:

  • The player remarks that "even the moor looks vibrant this time of year." | - Stress
  • The player comes across a pond, in which dark shapes swim underneath the water. | + Stress
  • In a strangely clear patch of land, the player finds a circle of stone with a scorch mark in the center. | + + Stress

In Summer:

  • The heat causes the player to see odd shapes on the horizon. | + Stress
  • An unknown creature scurries across the player's foot. | + Stress
  • Similarly to the autumn event, the player finds an effigy. In this case, however, the effigy turns to watch the player as they run away. | + + + Stress | + Awareness

In the rain:

  • The player's vision is obscured by raindrops. They hear strange sounds in the storm. | + Stress
  • A flash of lightning causes the player to glimpse some odd shapes in the distance. | + Stress
  • The player watches a rabbit hop from the brush, in search of shelter. | - Stress

In the snow:

  • The player's vision is obscured by snowflakes. They hear strange sounds in the haze. | + Stress
  • The player catches a brief ray of sunshine through the snow. | - Stress
  • The snowfall makes the moor's already uneven terrain especially dangerous. At night, the player will barely be able to see in front of them. | + Stress


Two unique locations can be found here, akin to the Forest's many sub-areas. These are the Hawk's Tower, described as a ruined castle, and Remy's Estate. The latter can only be accessed after making a certain amount of progress on Alex's Farm.

There are four antiques to be found here:

  • A Sonorous Bell can be found within the castle at the far end of the moor, hidden within a wooden chest beneath a log. Requires the Treasure Map from the Smuggler's Cave to have been donated to the Museum already, otherwise the option to look for the bell will not appear. Choose to dig for treasure at the castle to uncover the item. It will be described as a black iron bell.
    • Once obtained, it is worth £10,000, easily the most valuable antique in the game. However, the player cannot stumble upon it again as it is a one-time only event, and is not repeatable.
    • If the player returns to the Museum some time after delivering it to Winter, they will discover that the museum was infiltrated by shady figures, with Winter injured in the crossfire. The player has the option to chase down the thieves or stay with Winter.
  • A Bullet can be found at random when venturing here, lying at the edge of a trail.
  • An Artillery Shell can also be found at random when venturing here, spotted as a black shape that is half-buried in mud. At least a B in History is needed to collect it, otherwise the player will keep their distance, assuming it to be active.
  • A Gold Ring can be found via a tunnel filled with water. Deep in the moor, the player can find a path leading into the earth. Glowing plants along the shore are noted to help the player's bearings. A sudden current will surge around the player, threatening to pull them under - at this point, the player can pass a Swimming check in which doing so successfully will cause the player to keep their head above the surface as the water stills, before crawling onto a bank. Note that this encounter has a chance of spawning Lurkers to attack the player.

There are also four crops the player can only find in the moor. After harvesting them, the player can grow these crops themselves.

  • Broccoli can be found near the moor outskirts. A Tending skill of C or higher is needed to identify it.
  • Also in the early parts of the moor, the player may find wild carrots. A D+ in Tending is needed to identify them.
  • In the central moor, the player can find clusters of onions. A Tending skill of C or higher is needed to identify them.
  • In the deep moor, the player can find bulbs of garlic. A C+ in Tending is needed to identify them.

Several feats are tied to this area, including "Wet and Ruined," "Buried Treasure," "Not Like in the Movies", "Slippery", and "Free Booze". There are four additional feats related to the Great Hawk, and another four related to Wren at Remy's estate - see their respective pages for more details.

Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes VrelCoins Added Rank
Wet and Ruined "Lost in the mire." "Discovered the ruined castle." Find a half-sunken, ruined castle deep in the moor. After entering the moor, continue to venture in as deep as possible, until the player stumbles upon this prompt:

"A great castle looms above, despite being ruined and half-sunken into the peat."

Buried Treasure "Follow the map." "Followed the treasure map, and made a discovery." Found a buried treasure in a courtyard of a ruined castle. Requires the player to have found the treasure map from the Smuggler's Cave and to have discovered the ruined castle in the moor.

After obtaining the leather map from the Smuggler's Cave, entering the ruined castle will show this prompt:

"The treasure map you found directed you here",

This then allows the player to dig for treasure. Choosing to do so will reward the player a chest containing a black iron bell antique.

Not Like the Movies "Sunken moor wisdom." "Gained knowledge of quicksand." Pass the willpower check five separate times when the player is trapped in the quicksand at the moor. Continue to head deeper into the moor until eventually the player stumbles upon quicksand. There will be many warning signs as an indicator of the quicksands' whereabouts.

If the player is not careful, they may find themselves trapped in quicksand, in which case they can use the aforementioned Willpower check (calming themselves) to escape.

The player can only pass the Willpower check once per quicksand encounter.

Choosing to scream for help when trapped in the quicksand may have Remy's farmhands find the player, leading to a non-consensual gangbang, in which the player will be led to the Underground Farm shortly afterwards. Passing out here may also lead to the farm.

Slippery "Escape Remy's goons." "Escaped Remy's goons." Escape from Remy's goons after being captured by them in the moor before they can bring the player back to the Underground Farm The player has a chance to be captured by Remy's goons when they call for help while sinking in quicksand, or by passing out in the Moor or farmlands.

Once the player is captured, they will be led to the Underground Farm. The player will have to escape before they reach their destination.

There are several ways to escape. With high athletics, the player can make a break for it when night falls, though this will be increasingly difficult the further into the moor they are. With high seduction, the player can seduce their guards and even convince them to untie their bindings.

If the player manages to loosen their bindings enough to break them, they will also be able to attack their guards or sneak away when they set up camp for the night.

Free Booze "Drink a lot on the moor." "Drank all the youths' booze, but resisted rape." Drink all of the youths' booze and refuse the final request made. The random event needed for this feat occurs in the moor outskirts

Having high willpower is very helpful to getting this feat as there is a hard Willpower check at the end

Failing the final Willpower check results in a non-consensual gang-bang.



  • This location was added in Version 0.2.22, but the Great Hawk and their events were added in Version 0.2.23.
  • The Moor is supposed to be a late-game area. According to the developer, it will become a mid game area by the time of Release Version 1.0.
  • The moor was hinted at within several updates until it was eventually implemented into the game:
    • Prior to the area's introduction, some have speculated that there is a monster inhabiting the moor. A random event may trigger while the player traverses the trail where a loud screeching is heard, increasing the player's Stress. That screeching may also occur in Alex's Farm which will drive the animals into a frenzy. At the time, the origin of that screeching has not been explained nor any creature has been sighted. This has been expanded upon with the location being added to the game.
    • In Version 0.2.19, A Treasure Map found in the Smuggler's Cave indicates that there is treasure hidden in some part of the moor, but seemed to be a cliffhanger as it was not implemented into the game yet. In the current deepest part of the moor, this same treasure map is used to dig up the Sonorous Bell antique.
  • Upon entering the moor, the player will get a notice that a great plain of heather stretches before them. A Heather is a purple Eurasian flower that grows abundantly in moorlands and heathlands. They usually grow as many small flowers attached to a stalk.
  • One random event near the moor outskirts involves the player finding the ruins of a farm. Considering that Remy operates in the area and their penchant for burning rival farms to the ground, it's possible the remains belonged to one of Remy's competitors.


The following images showcase below what the moor looks like at different times of the day.

In the Winter

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