Moor Abduction

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The moor abduction quest is an event that can occur if the player passes out within the farmlands.

It is one of several ways for the player to end up in the Underground Farm.


Ever the entrepreneur, Remy always has their sights set on expanding their cattle empire. Should the player pass out in the farmlands, they'll be subjected to a long, grueling lesson on the lengths Remy will go to acquire livestock.


To initiate this sequence, the player simply needs to pass out from Stress anywhere in the farmlands, whether it be on Alex's Farm, on the moor, or even on the road to and from the town. Regardless of the circumstances, there's a chance that the player will be abducted rather than taken to the hospital as per usual.

Alternatively, the player may get kidnapped whilst exploring the moor. If the player falls down a pit or gets caught in quicksand, they can call for help and risk attracting the attention of Remy's thugs. Should the player fail to fight them off in the encounter that follows, they'll be abducted.

Despite Remy's involvement in the quest, meeting them is not a requirement. The player may still be abducted from Alex's Farm even if Remy hasn't yet paid them a visit.


There are three different ways for the quest to begin: one in which the player passes out near Alex's farm, and one in which the player passes out in the moor, and lastly one in which the player is caught in a precarious situation by Remy's goons.

Trouble on the Farm

The player awakens from their stress-induced slumber to find themselves being dragged across a field, towards a parked van. They hear voices as they stir.

"Shit, he/she's waking up," the man/woman says. "What're you waiting for? Put him/her out again before someone notices!" the other man/woman mutters under their breath.

With little time to react, the player can either scream or give in to their captors. Choosing to give in has the quest proceed as normal - see On the Moor below - but screaming offers the player a chance at rescue.


The player screams at the top of their lungs, but their cries are stifled as one of their captors stuffs a rag against their face. The player's mind becomes hazy.

If Alex's Love stat is at least at 40%, the player will hear something before going under. "Hey!" a voice belonging to Alex calls out. "Drop him/her, now!" Panicked, the kidnappers drop the player in the dirt and make a hasty retreat in their van. Alex rushes to the player's side, but the chloroform proves too much for the player to handle. Alex picks up the player as they fade back into unconsciousness.

Four hours pass, and the player wakes up in a farmhouse, covered in a blanket with a cup of tea on a nearby table. They look up to see Alex pacing worriedly, demanding an ambulance. When they notice the player, they sigh and call off the ambulance. They'll tell the player about how some thugs drugged them and attempted to snatch them. "Don't worry." Alex strokes your hair. "I'm not letting them take what's mine."

If the player's Trauma is high, the wake-up scene has a slight variation. The player opens their eyes to a figure standing over them. Terrified, the player begins lashing out as the figure straddles their belly and pins them down. "It's me!" says Alex. "What's gotten into you?" The sound of Alex's voice calms the player. They stop struggling as Alex comforts them.

Both variations conclude with Alex leaving, telling the player to rest as long as they need. If it's night, the player may stay in the cottage until sunrise. Otherwise, they'll be prompted to return to the field.

If the requirement for Alex's Love has not been met, the player's pleas for help will only be answered with mockery from their captors. The player's inert body is heaved into the van, and their vision fades to black.

On the Moor

Should the player fail to escape their kidnappers on the farm, or if they're already on the moor when they're taken, they'll awaken to a cold bucket of water being dumped on their face. An hour has passed. Thugs with pronged metal poles surround them, and their hands are tied behind their back. "He/She's awake," he/she says. "Get him/her up. Remy will like this one."

This will begin a long trek through the moor, with the player under close supervision by their kidnappers. They'll have a limited time to escape; it takes about 8 hours of walking for the goons to reach their destination.

The player's arms will be bound for the entirety of the trip. It takes roughly 10 tries at loosening the ropes before the player will be able to break free. The state of the player's binds progresses as follows:

  • Your binds are tight and uncomfortable.
  • Your binds are looser than they were, but still tight.
  • Your binds are loosening.
  • Your binds are loosening. You can wiggle your wrists a bit.
  • Your binds are loose. You can break them when you wish.

Note that simply loosening the player's binds won't be enough to ensure a successful escape. The player will still need to pick the right time to escape.

It's also worth noting that there's no guarantee the player will even get enough opportunities to fully loosen their binds. If they're unlucky, they might not even get a chance to escape before reaching the farm. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to simply comply with their kidnappers and preserve their strength, so that they can attempt to fight their way out of the Underground Farm once they arrive. The player should make their decision based on how confident they are in their skills; Skulduggery, Athletics, and Seduction will prove especially useful in slipping away from Remy's thugs.

Several events can occur during the player's journey through the more, some of which the player can spin in their favour.

Hunting Break

The thugs stop in a flat clearing surrounded by metal chains. "We'll search here," shouts an authoritative voice. They break off into groups and depart with metal cages, leaving two of their company behind to keep an eye on the player.

Alone with their captors, the player can either attempt to seduce and deceive them, or try to loosen their bindings. If the player's already broken their binds, however, they may instead take advantage of the group's isolation and attack the two guards.

  • An overall rating of A is required to successfully seduce the guards. "If only I could use my hands," the player says. "Then I'd satisfy you both." Both success and failure will lead to a nonconsensual encounter. If the player passes the seduction check, however, the guards will undo their bindings, guaranteeing their escape regardless of how the encounter ends. If the player fails to convince the guards to untie them and brings them to orgasm, they manage to grab the player before they can escape. Successfully fighting off the guards allows the player to escape regardless of whether or not their arms are bound.
  • If the player's arms are unbound and they choose to attack, they manage to catch one of the goons off guard, tackling them into a stack of cages, leaving their cohort to subdue the player alone. Beating the thug or making them cum will give the player a chance to escape. If the player becomes too pained to continue, they'll be tied back up and the event will proceed as normal.

If the player decides to loosen their binds or simply stay put, the other thugs will eventually return with full cages. They'll usher the player along and continue on their way.

Lurker Ambush

The group surrounding the player erupts into panic as a horde of lurkers descends upon them. With their long weapons, they'll drive a few of the creatures into hiding and herd the stragglers into cages.

After the attack, if the player's Awareness is high enough, they may notice that some of the thugs have vanished.

Following the ambush, the player has a series of options:

  • The player can take advantage of the confusion to loosen their bonds. Passing the subsequent Skulduggery check (a C+ is needed to guarantee success) gives the player a little progress towards freedom. If the player fails, one of the thugs notices their fidgeting, and will either threaten them with a beating (++Stress) or simply smack them upside the head. (+Stress | +Pain)
  • If the player's bonds are already loose, they may choose to break their bonds and run. How difficult their ensuing escape attempt will be depends on how deep they are in the moor. See the Breaking Free section below for more details.
  • If the player possesses the Defiant trait, they can fantasise about revenge. (-Stress) While this generally only lowers stress, there's a chance that one of the thugs will be unnerved by the vindictive look in the player's eyes. (-Trauma)

Hawk's Rescue

A terrible screech pierces the air. (++Stress) The thugs tense up, and the player is given the same options as in the lurker event (see above).

If the player has romanced the Great Hawk, however, they'll instead note: A familiar screech pierces the air. If they possess the full Harpy Transformation, they can proceed to screech for the Great Hawk to save them.

Should the player do so, they will then hear another screech, this time right above them. The thugs look up to see the Great Hawk circling overhead. They attempt to fend the creature off with their weapons, but the Hawk effortlessly dispatches them before landing in front of the player.

  • If the Great Hawk is a monster-person, they'll dismiss the thugs and offer the player their hand. "Not worth trouble," he/she says. "Come, husband/wife." This will take the player's handholding virginity.

The Great Hawk flies away with the player and returns to their home. Note: Escaping from Remy's thugs in this manner will not award the "Slippery" feat.

Grabby Kidnappers

One of the player's captors begins groping their rear, to the rest of the group's complete disinterest. (+Stress | +Arousal) In response, the player may either endure (+Trauma) or get angry (-Trauma).

Enduring yields no reaction from the player or the kidnappers, but getting angry has them snap at their assailant.

  • Defiant: "Keep your disgusting hands to yourself," you say.
  • Neutral: "Don't touch me," you say.
  • Submissive: "L-leave me alone," you say, working up your courage.

The thug will comply, joking that getting the player agitated will "sour their milk." Alternatively, they may perform a "health check" on the player, in which they give their breasts a squeeze. (+Stress)

Regardless, the group will continue on their journey unperturbed.

Thrown a Bone

Occasionally, one of the goons will offer the player a sip from a canteen. "Here girl," he/she says. "Keep you on your feet." The player can either drink or refuse.

The canteen's contents will be randomized. Usually, it will contain strong booze or refreshing water (-Stress in both cases). Rarely, however, it will contain a sweet, thick liquid that alters the player's perception. (+Arousal).

If the player's Skulduggery skill is at least F+, they can choose to give the canteen a sniff before drinking, revealing its contents.

Setting up Camp

If it becomes night during the group's trek through the moor, or if it's already nighttime when the player is kidnapped, the party will stop to camp for the night. The player is left unoccupied as the thugs set up their tents, giving them a chance to escape. As with attempting to break loose during the day, they'll have more difficulty the deeper they are in the moor. If the player decides to stay put, they'll be hustled into a cramped tent full of cages, their ropes tied to a chain embedded in the earth.

Within the tent, the player can either attempt to loosen their binds, or sleep and preserve their energy. If their bindings are already loose, or if they player manages to break them overnight, they'll also have the option to escape - see Breaking Free below.

If the player decides to sleep, or if they keep trying to undo their binds until the morning, a thug will eventually come in to retrieve you. The rest of the group disassembles the camp before setting back out on the moor.

Breaking Free

Failing to receive help from Alex or the Great Hawk, the player will be forced to take matters into their own hands. As mentioned, there are two primary ways for the player to escape: by sneaking away during the night, or by simply running away while the kidnappers are distracted.

Running Away

If the player manages to loosen their binds enough, they can attempt to sprint away from the group whenever they're distracted. If they're busy setting up camp, the player can also attempt to run even with their arms bound.

The deeper the player is in the moor, the more rugged the terrain will be, thus complicating their escape attempt. In the deepest parts of the moor, an A+ in Athletics is needed just for a chance at successfully escaping. This eases to an A while in the middle of the moor, and further down to a C+ if the player is in the shallowest parts of the moor. Note that even with an S in Athletics, there's always a chance for the player to get caught.

If the player is successful, their pursuers will succumb to the unforgiven environment, allowing the player to escape into the moor. If caught, however, one of the thugs will manage to outpace them, restraining the player and dragging them back to the rest of the crew.

If caught, the player will be subjected to brutal punishment. Their captors will replace their binds if the player had managed to break them, then tie them to a wooden post. The thugs then give the player's gut a swift punch, their breasts a harsh squeeze, and their bottom a couple of firm smacks, all in quick succession. (+++Stress | +++Pain) A fourth thug approaches, pounding their palm menacingly, only to trip and fall before they can reach the player. (-Stress) The thug's colleagues burst into laughter, their bloodlust sated. They untie the player from the post and either continue on their path or drag them back to camp.

Sneaking Away

The somewhat safer method of escape is to wait until the kidnappers are asleep in their tents. Note that this option requires a bit of luck just to initiate, as there's no guarantee the player will be able to loosen their binds in time. They could very well end up spending the entire night trying to free themselves for naught.

If the player does manage to break their bondage, however, they'll be given the option to escape. Near the entrance of the encampment, they'll notice a guard dozing off with a bottle in their hand. The player can attempt to sneak by, initiating a difficult Skulduggery check (an A+ is required to guarantee success). Alternatively, if the player's Skulduggery skill is at least a B+, they can pick the locks to the thugs' cages.

Doing the latter will lead the player to unleash a swarm of lurkers onto the camp, the ensuing chaos providing the player with an easy exit. Otherwise, they'll be forced to go past the guard. If they successfully sneak by, they'll retreat into the moor without incident. Failing results in the guard catching them, leading to a nonconsensual encounter.

The player will only have one enemy to defeat; however, defeating them is their only option if they want to escape. Making them cum simply ends up with the player being dragged back to their tent, their bindings replaced.

During their encounter with the guard, the player may also, for whatever reason, Scream, waking up the rest of the camp. Upset by the disturbance, the thugs close in, initiating a gang-rape encounter. As with the guard, making them cum just puts the player back in captivity. If the player somehow manages to defeat them, they begin jeering at each other for being unable to handle "one boy/girl." This escalates to a full-scale brawl, giving the player an opportunity to escape onto the moor unnoticed.

Failing to Escape

If the player does not manage to break free at any point, their captors will eventually lead them in front of a large gate, upon which "Remy estate" is emblazoned. For the events that follow, see Underground Farm.

Should the player pass out from Stress at any point during their kidnappers' walk through the moor, they'll instead wake up already in captivity at Remy's farm.


  • If the player manages to escape Remy's goons, they'll be awarded the "Slippery" feat.

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