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Morgan the sewer dweller is an unhinged individual that lives in the Old Sewers. They are one of many NPCs with ill intent, and remain blissfully unaware of their abuse.


Morgan's description will vary slightly depending on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will always be described as wearing a ruined outfit, with a badge on it stating their name. They have unkempt ginger hair.

  • If male: Unkempt ginger hair tumbles around his face. There's a badge on his ruined suit, "Morgan."
  • If female: Unkempt ginger hair tumbles around her face. There's a badge on her ruined gown, "Morgan."

First Meeting

The player's first meeting with Morgan occurs when the ladder to the Old Sewers snaps free - causing the player to fall to the ground.

The player then looks up at the sight of Morgan, who will then mistake them for "Charles" or "Charlene" (depending on the player's gender) in which case the player react to this by saying that is not in fact their name. Morgan will simply ignore the player on this, however - and will continue to call the player by their incorrect name.


Morgan seems to have no set schedule, and can always be found in the Old Sewers during any time of day.

If the player is living with Morgan, they will go through one of several events. This will alternate during the player's time there - such as a tea party, then schooling and baking, to name various examples.

Otherwise, Morgan will intentionally hunt the player akin to Eden. A prompt will appear stating this:

"You are being hunted."

Morgan lurks the sewer's tunnels indefinitely until they have found the player, and will not relent even if the player successfully manages to escape Morgan. They abduct the player if they are successful in tracking them down.

Once kidnapped, Morgan will first discipline the player by spanking and molesting the player. If they have previously allowed them to touch them during their first meeting (and let them cum), Morgan will call them a good boy/girl and life with Morgan will begin. Several events can happen during that time, almost all of them raising stress and trauma.


Morgan is established as a parental figure - or was, at the very least. They have turned insane, and think of the PC as their presumed-to-be deceased son/daughter. They will "care" for the player using their own methods of parenting.

If Lactation is enabled, Morgan attempts to forcibly breastfeed the PC to make them "feel better."


As Morgan is primarily found within the Old Sewers, they will make many appearances there. They will serve as the player's "parent" while trapped in there, remaining forefront and center in the role. Interactions with them will tend to involve sporadic behaviour from Morgan, due to their unhinged state. As such, several of their interactions will vary - at one point, Morgan may be teaching the player, whereas in others they may arrange a tea party. Their behaviour cannot be explained.

It should be noted that the player's time with Morgan is not permanent, and merely temporary. At some point the player will have to find an opening to escape their clutches, should they wish to return to the town once again.

Escaping Morgan

Throughout the sewers, Morgan will hunt the player should they resist and escape from Morgan's arms. There are several hiding places depending on the area/tunnel they are in. They can hide behind waterfalls, in the mud, inside logs, in algae, in the ruins, behind rubble, and so on.

While hiding, there is a good chance that Morgan will leave if the player found a good spot. However, there is also a chance that they will still find the player regardless.

At this point, the player has three options:

  • Go quietly. Leads to the player giving in to Morgan's demands to be with them once again.
  • Fight them off. Triggers a non-consensual encounter.
  • Struggle free. Lets the player escape, but at the cost of Morgan keeping their clothing as a souvenir - in which case they sniff afterwards.

While the player is not being hunted, the player can climb out the sewers using the ladders or continue to explore to find antiques.

Living with Morgan

Disclaimer: Unlike Eden or the Black Wolf, Morgan does not have a "Stockholm Syndrome" trait - despite functioning similarly to those two NPCs. As such, each sexual encounter will be considered non-consensual.

They seem to have some knowledge about traps and other devices, and can even remove the player's collar, free of charge. They will also attempt to teach various school subjects, but Morgan's teachings are unorthodox, to say the least. It is possible for the player to actually lose progress in their school subjects, instead of progressing. There is also a chance that the player will receive an even larger boost to the subject than normal in whatever they are teaching at that moment in time.

Morgan's Tea Party

Morgan states the player must be hungry, and quickly leaves. They return with what they call "tea" and "scones." This turns out to be a basket of boiled rats and a chipped teacup with a "tarry substance" and a "mysterious white fluid" on its surface. This gives the player two options.

  • Choose to eat. Adds Trauma and Stress. The player forces the food down while gagging, before Morgan mentions they should not be as grouchy anymore and should help them with some chores.
  • Refuse. This leads to Morgan's disapproval, triggering a non-consensual encounter that starts with spanking.
  • Pretend to eat. Requires a decent amount of Skulduggery to succeed. Should the player succeed in their Skulduggery, this will lead to the player waiting for Morgan to become distracted for a moment so they can toss everything down the drain while pretending to eat/drink.

Bed Time

At some point, Morgan will go to sleep. This leaves the player with an opening, or they find it may be too risky to escape - they may even want to stay put.

  • Escape quietly.
  • Sleep.

Choosing to sleep leads to the player waking up with arms grabbing them from behind. Morgan whispers that they know how they have been looking at them, before going on to say that they remember how much they used to struggle and that they still have that scar, before proceeding to sexually assault the player. Should the player fight off Morgan, this leads to the player escaping from Morgan's grasp to them being hunted.

Remaining complacent has the player remain with Morgan, while they tell them they're a bad boy/girl for provoking their father/mother like that.

Treasure Hunting

Morgan will ask the player to help them search through some "antiques", which in reality is a pile of rubbish. The player can refuse to this request, leading to a non-consensual encounter. Alternatively, they can choose to help. This increases Trauma and Stress.

While searching, a rat may jump out and startles the player, but Morgan will simply catch it - calling the rat "another scone", commenting that it is still fresh.

Sewer Schooling

Morgan believes that education is important for people of "[their] status" and will try to teach the player Science, English, Maths or History.

Despite this, the "lessons" Morgan provides will be quite hard to follow for the player, due to Morgan's mumbling and prattering. This gives the player several options.

  • Resisting. Leads to Morgan's usual discipline.
  • Daydreaming.
  • Paying attention. Adds Trauma and Stress.

Should the player choose the latter option, a "?" will be placed besides the subject name. This means that it is a risky option. The player can either receive a boost to their subject, or a large boost - specifically when Morgan shows signs of greater lucidity. Alternatively, they can receive a decrease to their subject progress due to Morgan's ramblings.


At some point, Morgan will need the player to help them bake what they call "scones" - which turn out to be rats. The player is tasked to put the kettle on. Refusal will lead to Morgan's usual discipline, whereas helping (at the cost of Trauma and Stress) will have the player do as asked - they are relieved to learn that surprisingly actual tea is left inside.


Morgan will hand the player some "pristine" clothes and ask them to wear it - calling it the player's favourite outfit. Refusing leads to Morgan sighing, but accepting the choice nonetheless. Accepting to wear it has it turn out to be a set of the standard starting outfit - usually a sundress, or a t-shirt and shorts depending on the player's gender.

"Special Learning"

Morgan will tell the player to undress, before instructing them to lie down for "special learning." Refusing this request has Morgan force themselves onto the player regardless, whereas complying (adds Trauma and Stress) has Morgan stripping as well, before telling the player to stretch their legs and that they must work hard to get an "A+."

This triggers non-consensual sex with the player, but oddly enough Morgan will not be violent unless the player struggles. The player will either have to escape, fight Morgan off, or faint from accumulated Stress levels.

Should the player pass out at any point, the player will feel their body being carried along the sewer drains and then dropped into the sea, which will wake them up - at the cost of them having to swim back to shore. However, this guarantees the player's freedom from Morgan, even if they fail to fight back or escape.


  • Morgan was added to the game in Version 0.1.26.
  • They were the only character able to breastfeed the player until Version - the version the Lactation toggle was updated for female NPCs.
    • This causes Morgan to be an obsolete character in some regard, as the breastfeeding toggle was originally made for their breastfeeding scene.
  • It is uncertain as to what became of Charles/Charlene.
  • Some members of the community have speculated that Charlie the dance coach is connected to Morgan, due to both having ginger hair, as well as sharing a similar name with Morgan's child.
    • However, it has been confirmed that there is no connection between Charlie and Morgan.
  • Morgan seems to have an obsession with thinking of rats as "scones."
    • Several scenes refer to this obsession, such as the baking and treasure-hunting scene.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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