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The Night Monster - otherwise referred to as several other names such as the "strange beast", or night beast/creature - is a special beast encounter within Degrees of Lewdity.

It rules over its own lair, referred to as Monster's Lair, only accessed on a uncommon chance where the beast abducts the player for itself, similarly to how the player encounters the Black Wolf.

Additionally, the encounter is repeatable, with the longer encounter involving the lair not being guaranteed.


The Night Monster description will remain consistent. They are described to possess three specific traits - a set of glowing yellow eyes, a pair of horns atop a hairless, scaled head, and a colossal maw. They also possess ability to leap long distances - further showcased by its initial encounter with the player. It has a tendency to slink around in the darkness, revealing itself when necessary.

Currently, its name or origin is currently unknown, but the creature acts dangerous and seems outworldly.

First Meeting

The monster reveals itself to the player once they find themselves roaming around town late at night. It has a tendency to lurk around the alleyways, though it can also be encountered while navigating the streets.

The player will hear something land behind them, followed by a low growl. They turn around to see a pair of glowing yellow eyes stepping into a light of a streetlamp - revealing the beast. It leaps towards the player, initiating a non-consensual encounter.

If the player fights off the monster, it will screech in pain and return back into the darkness, leaving the player to gather themselves. However, should the player have a high Beauty stat, the monster will take further interest in the player, and instead abduct the player, taking them back to its lair.


The night monster seems to have no set schedule when not at it's lair, but it has a tendency to lurk in darkness. A prime location for it appearing to the player would be through the alleyways after midnight. It may appear after 3AM typically, but it can also appear before then. The beast will disappear after dawn.

While in its own's lair, the beast will remain in a deep slumber that is not to be disturbed in any way. Doing so will trigger consequences for the player. It has various prompts that appear that will track it's slumber. Follow it closely.

Each prompt is colour-coded by severity - turquoise, blue, purple and pink. Turquoise is the most ideal, with pink being the worst.

  • It snores deeply. (Prompt 1 - Turquoise)
  • It snores. (Prompt 2 - Blue)
  • It snores, occasionally swatting at the air. (Prompt 2 Alt. - Blue)
  • It stretches in its sleep. (Prompt 3 - Purple)
  • It growls in its sleep. (Prompt 4 - Pink)
  • The beast stirs from its slumber. It steps toward you, growling. (Caught)

The beast may stir from it's slumber at random intervals, as the player has drawn too much attention to themselves. They will growl at the player before attacking them, initiating a non-consensual encounter. This usually happens after the prompt - "It snores." - the player has the option to calm the beast if it gets too restless, in which the beast will return to it's slumber once more. If the player has a Deviancy of at least 2, the player can "calm the beast with lewd", resulting in a consensual encounter.

It is also possible for them to attack during the "it snores deeply" prompt. After the fourth prompt appears, the next turn will automatically have the beast stir from it's slumber and attack the player. This means the player will have approximately two to three turns to make their move before the beast decides to attack the player again.


The Night Monster's relationship with the player will stay the same, regardless of what the player does. Like other special NPCs, they make a one-time occurrence, meaning their relationship cannot be expanded upon. They serve as the player's abductor, meaning the player must find a means to escape them. If the beast is awake, it will always try to have it's way with the player through sexual means - merely thinking of the player as a mate, akin to the Black Wolf.

Once the player has escaped from the beast's lair, the night monster will seemingly disappear from the game, making no further appearances - although they have a chance of being encountered again if the player is not careful.


As the Night Monster is primarily found within its lair, they will make their one and only appearance there - but not before they encounter the player under a streetlamp within the town, and potentially kidnap them. It is uncertain what they have in mind for the player while they are trapped there, but nonetheless it appears to have a fondness for the player.

Interactions with the Night Monster are minimal in nature, and tend to involve their role as the player's abductor. When the player escapes from the lair, they may have a chance of never encountering the beast ever again. As such, the Night Monster will make no further appearances beyond this event, presumably returning to lurking in the shadows - while keeping a close eye on the player. It will not appear anywhere else in the game.

Monster's Lair

It's main appearance is when it kidnaps the player, taking them to their lair on Elk Street.

The player will hear something land behind them, followed by a low growl. They turn around to see a pair of glowing yellow eyes stepping into a light of a streetlamp - revealing the beast. It leaps towards the player, initiating a non-consensual encounter.

If the player fails to fight off the monster or makes them orgasm during the initial sequence, the monster will hook their front leg around their leg and clutch them tightly against it's body. It leaps up a wall, scrambling onto a rooftop. It runs towards the edge before leaping and landing on another building. Eventually the monster takes the player over to Elk Street, scrambling up the side of a taller building of the street until it reaches a small alcove near the top. It then dumps the player on a mattress, snarling. This initiates another non-consensual encounter.

While at this lair, the player must find a way to escape - however, this will not be easy.

For more information, visit this page: Monster's Lair


  • The player being taken to the lair depending on their Beauty stat can be considered to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fairy-tale "Beauty and the Beast".
  • The night monster's described characteristics shares some resemblance with a deathclaw from Fallout. Both possess a set of horns atop a hairless head, glowing yellow eyes, and typically hide in the darkness, waiting to strike.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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