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Niki the photographer is the owner of the Photography Studio, located on Nightingale Street. Currently the photography studio is only accessible either through working as a lewd chef at the cafe or by gaining sufficient amounts of fame and being accosted by Niki in the town streets. It is accessed during the first meeting event, detailed below.

They make further appearances at the dark underbelly of the Farmlands, the Underground Farm.


Niki's description will remain consistent, regardless of what sex they are determined as. They are described as a young, somewhat odd person. It should be noted that Niki will almost never be seen in-game without an object in their mouth, such as a white stick or a lollipop - they seem to have a tendency for this, as if it's part of their public image.

First Meeting

Cafe Campaign

The player first meets Niki once an event is triggered upon creating 200 buns or more for the cafe owner, Sam. Sam will approach the player, wanting to have the young chef responsible for the buns used all over the cafe's advertising. Choose to accept this offer, in which Sam will tell the player the photographer just called. They have provided an address for them and the player to meet up. Sam says they have a photography studio on Nightingale Street, just opposite of the Hospital. They tell the player to head on over when they're ready, and let them know who they are.

Heading over to Nightingale Street will have a new option available - the Photography Studio. Once the player arrives, Niki will take a minute to look the player over before holding out their hand, telling them they have prepared the studio beforehand for the player. This leads into their main event.


If the player's total Fame is 3000 or higher, Niki may pull up beside them on the street. The player can either stop (+ Love) or hasten their steps. Either way, Niki offers them work at the Photography Studio. If the player had first met Niki at the Underground Farm, they'll recognize them and automatically hasten. Niki speeds up to keep up with the player, saying, "You didn't... see me at my best." before offering work at the Photography Studio.

Underground Farm

The player may be lead to a barn for one of their special jobs, where Niki does a photoshoot with them and a pig. If they had met elsewhere before, Niki will seem hesitant, but go through with it regardless.

Adult Shop Opening

Niki may be encountered at the Adult Shop's opening, but only if Sydney is corrupt. Sirris approaches the player and Sydney at the display, and introduces Niki, who takes photos of them. If the player had first met them at the Underground Farm, Niki will look alarmed to see them. The player starts to have flashbacks, but Sydney snaps them out of it. "Are you alright? You zoned out for a moment. Come on, we have to smile for the camera."


Niki has a tight schedule due to who they are, thus the options to interact with them will be very slim. Their Photography Studio will only be available to visit as a one-time event.

The player can only interact with Niki in certain events.


Similarly to other named NPCs such as Briar, Niki's relationship with the player seems to solely based on a business-related one, instead of a personal relationship. It will generally stay the same, regardless of what the player does, and cannot be expanded upon. They will do their job as a photographer and send the player on their way once they are done.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Niki's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As one of two locations Niki can be found at, Niki will make an appearance within the Photography Studio. They will serve as the player's photographer while present there, remaining forefront and center in the role. Interactions with them will tend to involve work-related interactions, usually tieing into their role as a photographer. They may instruct the player to do various things depending on the event.

However, they also make more prominent appearances outside their studio, which involves their role as a hired photographer at the Underground Farm. Just as before, Niki will instruct the player to do various things depending on the type of picture they wish to take. It is uncertain whether or not their intentions are malicious while they are here, or they are merely going along with what is asked of them.

Cafe Poses

Niki will lead into a large room with a white screen. A single camera is on standby, while several other lights illuminate the room. Niki asks if the player has done this before as they fiddle with the camera, to which the player responds by shaking their head. They are then instructed to get dressed into a chef's apron and hat.

The player will then stand in front of the camera, waiting for Niki's instructions. It's noted that Sam has given them a specific list of requirements for the player to follow - according to Niki, "poses and the like." At this point, Niki will only talk to give instructions or advice to the player. They now have two options:

  • Do your best to follow them
  • Add your own flair

Doing the former will have the expected result. Alternatively, adding their own flair will cause the player to take Niki's instructions as a guideline, and do their own thing when the urge strikes. Unfortunately for the player, Niki seems neither impressed nor bothered - regardless of any stat that may prove beneficial such as Dancing.

They inform the player of the "props" - or otherwise cream - stored separately, stating it to be chalked up to regulations. It's revealed that the props are tied to kitchen wares - a small oven, and armfuls of kitchen utensils, for instance. Niki then has the player pose themselves holding various kitchen utensils. When they're almost done, they say they just need the "money shot". This entails the player getting a bit messy, so Niki has intentionally left it for last. They place a pot of cream onto the oven, to which Niki instructs the player to scoop up a ladle full of cream, then pour it down their chest while they pull a happy yet sheepish expression. They explain the pose as the player imagining themselves in the middle of a silly accident - to which the player does just that while Niki snaps more pictures.

Niki thens asks if the player could play with the cream a little, which the player does - all the while getting cream on their hands and face. Once they are done, Niki will inform the player the photography session is over, while letting them it was a pleasure working with them and to give Sam their regards. With a towel in hand to remove the worst of the cream, the player will then exit the Photography Studio to return to Sam. Niki will then send the photos taken over to Sam.

Mayor Photoshoot

Niki makes further appearances later down the line of the cafe chef sequence, especially when the cafe is holding their grand re-opening.

  • The picture mounted on the cafe's entrance is revealed to be the one Niki took - the player is smiling underneath a chef's hat, all the while pouring cream down their chest with a ladle.
  • They will emerge with several other photographers to take pictures of the player on the red carpet.
  • Niki appears from the crowd, camera in hand. They wish to have the player photographed with the mayor, Quinn. The player has various options on how they can deal with this situation:
    • Smile for the camera: The player smiles with Quinn as Niki snaps the picture.
    • Pull a funny face: The player will pull a funny face as Niki snaps the picture. Someone in the audience laughs. Quinn will then glance at the player, and laugh themselves.
    • Refuse to be photographed: The player wrestles themselves free from Quinn's grip. Niki looks at the mayor, unsure what to do. Quinn waves Niki away.

Their appearance heavily ties in with meeting the mayor, Quinn. For more information, visit this page: Quinn

Underground Farm

Niki will make an unexpected appearance at the Underground Farm. There, they will offer the player with deviant photoshoots. They wait inside a barn for Remy and the player, before offering a photoshoot with a pig. The player can refuse or accept this photo shoot.

After that, all photoshoots will involve Niki filming the player's sex with a pig or three, sometimes in front of an audience. The player can:

  1. Obey, increasing Obedience, but the encounter is still non-consensual.
  2. Struggle, wherein success lies in Physique. If the player succeeds, the pig doesn't do anything for filming, letting the player go unmolested.
  3. Plead with Niki, which is useless, as the filming continues anyway.

Niki's photoshoots increase Bestiality Fame.


After the player obtains 2000 points of fame (across all categories), they can randomly run into Niki on the street. Niki mentions the player has the looks of a model and offers them a job as such. The player can then work as a model once a week, further described in Photography Studio.


  • Niki was added to the game in Version 0.2.7, along with the Cafe Campaign questline.
  • Niki is one of few named NPCs to make appearances outside of their respective events, with others being Bailey and Avery.
  • If the player manages to escape the Underground Farm and then do the photo-shoot later onwards during the Cafe Campaign, Niki will have a unique line of dialogue when meeting them at the Photography Studio: "I'm glad you're alright."
    • It seems that similarly to Harper, Niki does not seem to acknowledge their behaviour at the farm, as if it never took place.
    • Despite this, they will still ask the player if they have done a photoshoot before. This is likely to be an oversight.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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