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The Ocean is a vast location outside the town, residing as its outskirts. It is located just off the Beach.

This place works similarly to other large areas on the town's outskirts such as the Forest, where the player can find several items of interest. However, it is home to many dangerous creatures lurking its depths. Be careful.


  • Default: "You are swimming in the sea."
  • Rocks: "You are swimming in the sea near some rocks, west of the beach."
  • Docks: You are swimming in the sea near the docks, east of the beach.
  • Cliffs: "You are swimming in the sea at the base of some cliffs, east of the docks. A large storm drain exits above you, creating a waterfall."
  • Near Shores (first section): "You are swimming in the sea along the beach."
  • Near Beach (second section): "You are swimming in the sea. You are near the beach outside town."
  • Near Town (third section): "You are swimming in the sea. You can see the town nearby."
  • Far Out (fourth section): "You are swimming in the sea. You can see the town on the horizon."

How to Enter

This location is easily accessible, and can be done when they choose the option to "go for a swim" from the Beach.

Alternatively, the player can end up through here after pulling off successful escape attempts at Soft Bad-Ending locations, such as the Underground Brothel and the Prison. Surges of water coming through the underground sections of the Town (the Sewers) may also have the player come here if they fail to swim against its tide.

First Steps

As stated above, the player may first enter the ocean when they choose the option to "go for a swim" from the Beach. Once in the water, the player can practise swimming. This will increase their Swimming skill.

They can also swim out further to sea, or swim to waters that look safe. Choosing to swim out will prove to be a dangerous endeavor if the player is not careful.


  • The player can practise their swimming here, swim out further to sea, or swim back to the rocks or docks if they are close to land. The latter two options will be removed if the player is far out at sea, being replaced with a single option of the player having to swim back to shore. All options will increase Fatigue.
    • Choosing to swim out to the rocks can have the player climb onto the rocks, or swim out to the beach. Climbing onto the rocks has the option for the player to make make-shift clothing out of seaweed, such as a top and skirt. They can then return to water.
    • Choosing to swim out to the docks can have the player climb up onto there, in which the player will end up on Mer Street. However, they get an additional option to swim to the cliffs, but this has no notable features - only the options to practise swimming as usual, swim out to sea or swim over to the docks.
  • As the player swims further out to sea, waters will become unsafe. To successfully do this, the player will need to advance their Swimming skill.
    • The difficulty of the swimming attempt will be listed next to the option. If maxed out, the option will become "Simple" to pull off.
    • Waters near the beach will look safe, whereas waters further out will act as more dangerous.
  • The player can obtain a feat related to this location. See the "Items" section.


Map of the Ocean

People of Interest

Several inhabitants call the Ocean their home. This includes, but not limited to:


Squid Fondling

If the player goes for a swim, there is a chance for a squid to start rubbing their groin. They can remove it or leave it | Deviancy 1, which will cause add Arousal every turn. When the player leaves the water, the squid will fall off on its own. Repeatedly choosing to leave the squids on and leaving the water is a good way to start leveling deviancy.

If it stays on the player for long enough without being attacked, then another squid will approach and latch onto the player's nipples. If it is left alone, it will also add to the player's Arousal every turn.

So far there doesn't appear to be anything else that happens with the squids.


The player can find dolphins in the water. There are two different events for dolphins, in which they swim up to the player to either play, or molest them.

  • If the dolphins simply play with the player, then it is possible to initiate a consensual sex event with them Deviancy 1
  • If the dolphins molest the player, they will enter a non-consensual sexual encounter.


If swarms are on, then the player can encounter eels when in the water. They will always attack and the player will need to fend them off while swimming to safety. It takes quite a few turns to swim to safety so it will need to fend the eels off, simply swimming won't cut it. It's generally best to use one hand to fend them off (as well as pull them out of your holes) while using the other hand to swim.

Losing to them usually results in the player passing out and waking up on the beach (find "Passing out" below for more details).


  • A copper compass can be found far out at sea, as one of several antiques for the Museum.
    • A random event will involve wood and detritus, covered in seaweed. Something is glinting within, in which the player must choose to reach in with their hand. They may be pinched by a crab pincer, adding Pain. Otherwise, reaching into the seaweed has the player uncover a compass - the glass is covered in grime, but beneath the point still turns in the north direction.
  • The player can obtain the "Endless Deep" feat related to this location. To do this, they must successfully swim as far out as they can. After entering the water, continue to choose "swim further out" a total of eleven more times to reach the edge of the ocean. The player will know when they have done it when this is the only option that will show up: Swim Towards Shore (0:10) | + Fatigue
    • Hint: "To the edge of the world."
    • Description: "Kept swimming out to sea."
  • Climbing onto the rocks has the option for the player to make make-shift clothing out of seaweed, such as a top and skirt.


  • This is one of few vast areas within the town's outskirts to serve as a treasure-hunting area, with the others being the Forest and the Old Sewers.


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