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The office building is a place on High Street. As the name suggests, it is an office building where the player can get a job as a temp. The pay starts off very low, but the player can earn tips based on their performance. The higher the floor the player is sent to work, the better the likely tip the player earns. On the same page, however, the higher the floor the player is on, the more likely the job will have something lewd in nature added to it. The player can accept and decline jobs based on the floor, but are advised not to decline too often.


Getting Started

The player can enter the office building anytime between 6am and 10pm Monday through Friday and approach the kiosk to accept the job. They are informed of their responsibilities as an Office Temp and a pay of £6.25 per hour. The player is then informed that they are expected to make this up via tips. Temps that perform well can expect better tips and clients on higher floors tend to be more demanding, but tip better. The player should judge how much risk they want to take on versus how much money they wish to make. Despite what the opening spiel says, there is no risk to turning down assignments that the player feels either won't make them much money or introduce them to more risk than they want. After accepting the job, the player has three options: They can take an assignment, relax in the break room (0:10 (- Stress, - Fatigue), or Visit the Office Manager (Available once per hour)


Once the player chooses to take an assignment, a random floor between floor 4 and 15 will be chosen and they get a blurb that tells them which assignment they will be receiving. The higher the floor the player gets, the higher their tip will be. Their math grade also ties into how high their tip will be. Each assignment takes an hour and a successful assignment will raise the Office Manager's love. The player will know that the assignment was successful when they any payment at all. Once the Manager's love reaches 50, the player now has a chance of getting a bonus from the Manager. The bonus depends directly on the manager's love, being a minimum of £10 at 50 love and £20 at 100. It should be noted that it is very unlikely for the player to receive one of the lower bonuses since it's basically a 2% chance baseline with another 2% added for every point of love.

After accepting the assignment, the player will face a danger check that is almost entirely random. The danger check becomes increasingly difficult to pass the higher the floor the player is assigned to. Because the random number goes up to 10,000 and the safety check only goes up to 6,800 (on floor 4. It has a max of 3,500 on floor 15), there is always a significant chance of failure. The player should be aware of their stress levels as passing out leads to nothing good. The only exceptions are the Secretary and Shredder jobs, but they only give the player an extra 1,000 safety.

Office Complaints

After certain scenes, usually caused by passing out, the player may get complaints leveled against them. The amount they have determines how gently security treats them after passing out and some of the flavor text of the lobby.

  • Complaints 4-6: A few people wave at you as you walk into the lobby, though some push angrily past you. You may have made some enemies in the building.
  • Complaints 7-9: You feel like people may be staring at you as you walk into the lobby. You don't feel very welcomed.
  • Complaints 10+: Everyone in the lobby is eyeing you. Someone gasps when they see you and hustles over to the security desk. You feel like you should leave.
    • Passing out with this many complaints leads to the player waking up bound, blindfolded, gagged, and in a 4 person nonconsensual gangbang. No matter how this encounter ends, the player will find themselves in the Commercial Alleyways.

Having complaints against the player also affects their relationship with their Manager. The Manager's love will decay by 2 per day for each complaint against the player still has. The player only loses 1 complaint every 3 days they go without a new complaint. The exception is if the player manages to go 14 days without a complaint, their complaints are completely wiped out.

Security Escort

After certain events, the player may be escorted to the security office. How many complaints the player has determines how harshly security treats the player.

  • 3 or less Complaints: Security will direct the player to a seat. They'll sympathize with their situation, but warn the player to be more careful dealing with the office employees. If the player has destroyed clothes, they'll give the player a towel and then send the player on their way with a new Complaint
  • 4-6 Complaints: Security will shove the player towards a seat. They'll warn the player that they're angering a lot of people in the building and that they should keep a low profile. If the player has destroyed clothes, they'll give the player a towel and warn the player that if Security has to get involved again, they'll be sorry. They'll also receive a new Complaint
  • 7-9 Complaints: Security shoves the player into the room and slams the door behind them. They'll insult the player and throw them into a nonconsensual encounter where the Security personnel is spanking the player. Making Security cum gives the player a new Complaint, fighting them off gives the player 2 new Complaints, and letting the spanking go to its conclusion lets the player go without a new Complaint.
  • 10+ Complaints: The player is shoved into a room where 3 other Security personnel stand. They were told to remove the player from the building, but decide to have fun first, forcing the player into a 4 person nonconsensual gangbang with their arms bound to the desk. If the player isn't blindfolded and fights their way free, then they return to the Office Lobby. Otherwise, they find themselves in the Commercial Alleyways.

Coffee Delivery

You pick up an assignment to deliver coffee to workers

The player is tasked with fulfilling a drink order for the assigned floor. Passing the danger check allows the player to deliver the drinks without issue and get a tip. Failing causes the player to be delayed by the lift and accidentally bump into an office worker in their hurry. Said office worker pushes the player into a koi pond for the offense. If the player has swarms turned off, the player pulls themselves out of the pond, their clothes soaked. Otherwise, the player is forced into a swarm encounter with fish. The player is a distance of 8 from safety and has an audience for the encounter, boosting any fame they might gain.

Passing out because of the swarm encounter causes all the player's clothes to be destroyed. As long as they have less than 10 Complaints, they wake up wrapped in a towel in the Security office. They are told they somehow managed to kill some fish and the higher ups aren't happy, giving them 2 Complaints.

Meeting Notes

You pick up an assignment to take notes for a meeting

The player is tasked with taking notes for a meeting. How well the player does depends on their English grade. An A rank will have the player take excellent notes and make the biggest possible tip, so long as they make it to the end of the meeting. A B rank has the player take servicable notes, giving a decent tip. Anything less causes the player's notes to be unintelligable, resulting in no tip. The player is also informed they must remain quiet as the meeting is being broadcast to other offices. At this point the danger check is rolled. Passing allows the player to go through the rest of the meeting. Failing causes a 50/50 chance of the player being molested during the meeting by either a human or a beast. The chance goes to 100% human if beast AND monsterpeople are both disabled.

If the player wasn't molested, then a few random events become available

  • The speaker tries to recall something about the town to make a point. The player has the choice of answering or keeping quiet. If the player answers, whether they're right or not depends on their History grade. A S is required to guarantee success, but as long as the player has more than 0 points in History, it's possible to succeed no matter what (even if unlikely). Success causes the player's tip to increase while failure does the opposite.
  • The player learns some things about the town they didn't learn in school (+ History)
  • A office worker mentions the orphanage, saying if someone's lucky they get a virgin and that no one cares if they go missing. The worker glances at the player as they mention this, causing the player to worry that the worker knows where they live (+ Stress)
  • A fellow temp enters the room to set up refreshments. The temp is molested by an office worker. The player can watch (Promiscuity 1) or choose not to. There isn't a meaningful difference between the choices.
  • The player notices an office worker rocking back and forth with a devious look on their face. The player looks under the table and finds that the worker has removed their shoes and is massaging another worker's crotch under the table with their feet. The pleasured worker suddenly leaves the room, covering their crotch with their hands.
  • Nothing happens.



A human molesting the player has one of three personalities (Sadist, Opportunist, and Casual) that each need differing ways of dealing with them. The player has three options available to them to try to get the molestor to stop without disrupting the meeting. The molestor has Assault Energy which shows how energetic they are about molesting the player. This starts off at a random value between 25 and 50 and can increase or decrease depending on the player's actions. Decreasing this Energy to 0 makes them give up on molesting the player while Increasing it makes it harder to make them stop later. As the meeting drags on, the molester tries harder and harder to make the player cum. If the player does, then they are discovered.

  • Resist | Defiant | + Suspicion- The player aggressively attempts to get their molester to back off
    • The Sadist enjoys people who fight back and gets energized by it (+3 Energy)
    • The Opportunist becomes intimidated by the player (-5 Energy)
    • The Casual does nothing.
      • This option is dangerous as it increases the attention on the player by 1. If this reaches 10, then the player will be Discovered.
  • Ignore | Submissive | + Stress | - Suspicion- The player attempts to pretend nothing is happening
    • The Sadist grows bored with the player's lack of fight (-5 Energy)
    • The Opportunist takes silence as approval and becomes energized (+3 Energy)
    • The Casual does nothing.
  • Yell for help | +++ Suspicion- The player instantly draws attention to what's going on, causing them to become Discovered.
    • Unless the player is being molested by the Casual or on the verge of orgasm and not confident in their ability to outlast their molestor, this option should not be chosen.

A beast molesting the player also has Assault Energy, but it can only go down. How quickly it goes down depends on the player's methods and stats.

  • Shoo | Defiant | + Suspicion- The player attempts to scold the beast.
    • How effective the player is depends on their Tending skill. The higher it is, the quicker the beast's Energy depletes
    • This option is dangerous as it increases the attention on the player by 1. If this reaches 10, then the player will be Discovered.
  • Ignore | Submissive | + Stress | - Suspicion- The player hopes the beast gets bored and goes away
    • The beast's Energy decreases a random amount between 1 and 10. If the player isn't confident in their Tending, this is the safer option.
  • Yell for help | +++ Suspicion- The player instantly draws attention to what's going on, causing them to become Discovered.
    • Unless the player is on the verge of orgasm AND they still have their lower outfit, it isn't advised to use this option.

When the player draws too much attention to themselves, they are Discovered by the room at large. What happens next depends on who was molesting the player and whether they orgasmed. Being discovered with a human gives the player a small amount of Sex Fame.

  • If the player orgasmed, they won't be able to speak for themselves, leaving it to another person
    • The Sadist claims the player was touching themselves and calls for Security. They must go through the Security Escort event above and are not paid for the assignment.
    • The Opportunist says the player had an episode and needs to be escorted back to the Temp Lobby to recover. The player is relieved of duty and pulled out of the room to recover. Once they have, they make their way back to the Lobby for partial pay.
    • The Casual says the player had an episode and volunteers to guide the player back to the Temp Lobby. They never make it as they instead pull the player into a nearby supply closet in order to step up the molestation, leading to a nonconsensual encounter.
    • The beast makes no claims, but given the player is sitting in their own fluids and beast saliva the room draws incorrect conclusions. The player must go through the Security Escort event as people assume the player is a deviant.
  • If the player is discovered in any other way, things play out another way
    • The Sadist calls the player a liar and deflects blame back on the player, claiming they are a pervert. The player is asked to leave and is given incomplete pay.
    • The Opportunist claims it was a misunderstanding and they were merely trying to get something off the player's clothes. The player is asked to leave and is given incomplete pay.
    • The Casual has a history of molesting Temps and is instantly escorted out of the room by security. The player earns a large tip in apology.
    • The dog is startled back to their master's side as an angry office worker demands an explanation. The player explains, but the beast's master lies and claims the beast never left their side. The player is asked to leave. If they are fully clothed, then they will get incomplete pay. If their lower body has been left bare because of the dog, they will have to go through the Streak event to get back to safety.

Shredding Documents

You pick up an assignment to destroy some documents

The player is handed a large stack of papers and told to shred them all. The player notices that the shredder is unplugged and fixes that. As soon as they do that, one of two things will happen: Either nothing or the shredder will grab their top or their bottoms and begin to destroy them. Which one happens is entirely RNG as the player has a 40% chance of feeding the shredded their clothes. The player must then get out of the shredded before it eats all their clothes. How long that takes depends on the clothing the player is wearing and how long they've been trying to escape the shredded. It starts off removing 10 durability from the player's clothes and this number increases by 10 for every turn the player struggles. If the player fails to escape before one article of clothing is destroyed, then it will move on to the other. It will then keep going until the player is left in their underwear. The player has 3 options to prevent this:

  • Struggle | Physique | + Fatigue
    • The player attempts to pull their clothing out in a very challenging physique check. This check becomes easier the less durability the clothing the player is trying to save has, but even a max Physique, Large body character only gets around an 80% chance before the shredder begins destroying clothes almost instantly. The chance resets if the player fails to free themselves before the shredder move on to the next set of clothing.
  • Tamper | Skulduggery (B needed to guarantee success)
    • The player looks for an emergency controls to release their clothes. Failure causes them to be too distracted by pain (+ Pain as their genitals are pulled againt the shredder. Success has them find the emergency release and free themselves. If the player has less than B+ Skulduggery, then they'll get (+ Skulduggery) for their success.
    • Something to keep in mind is the shredder gets one last turn even if the player frees themselves. So if the player's clothes are close to shredded, the player can end up both free and with their clothes destroyed on the same turn.
  • Mash buttons
    • The player mashes the stop and reverse buttons in hope of the machine letting go. The player is given a flat 10% chance for this option to work. Failing causes the machine to keep going, pulling the player's genitals against the shredder (+ Pain). Success causes the shredder to stop

If the player manages to free themselves with all their clothes intact, they'll receive a decent tip and full pay for the job. If the player loses any clothes, then a Danger check kicks in. The Danger check is more forgiving than most others with a max safety rating of 7,800, but not by much. Success sees a coworker check up on the player and give them a towel when they see their clothes have been destroyed. They also receive a pretty generous tip for the trouble. Failing causes the coworker to see the player vulnerable and decide the player wanted to have some fun, causing a nonconsensual encounter. No matter how the encounter ends, the player receives no pay, no tip, and now they must go through the Streak event.

Assist an Executive

You pick up an assignment to assist an executive

The player is assigned to move some furniture for an executive of the company. This executive just so happens to be a pervert who, without fail, will ask the player to strip. What they ask the player to remove is entirely chance: There is an equal chance of the player being asked to work without their shoes, work topless (Exhibitionism 3 required), work bottomless (Exhibitionism 4 required), or work naked ((Exhibitionism 4 required). If the player has Feet toggled off, then the executive will never ask for the player to work without shoes. If the player doesn't have the Exhibitionism AND the attitude needed to work in certain conditions, they'll automatically decline. Meaning, functionally, the player needs to have Exhibitionism 6 in order to work naked. Even if they do have all the requirements, the player still has the option to refuse working in certain conditions.

No matter why it happens, saying no to stripping causes a Danger check. Success has the Executive let it go and let the player get to work, allowing the player to potentially get a tip later. Failure has the executive decide that they'll see the player stripped no matter what and force them into a nonconsensual encounter. The Executive's only objective is to strip the player and the encounter will end if the player ends up completely naked, makes the Executive orgasm, fights the Executive off, or successfully screams for help (which is a 50/50 chance decided at the beginning of the encounter. Failing once means that the player failed that 50% and shouldn't try it again).

  • Being stripped completely or making the Executive orgasm has the executive give the player another chance at working. The player can comply, refuse, or run away (Exhibitionism 3 needed).
    • If the player complies, then they do the work as normal except there is no chance of the player getting a tip at the end. Worse, there is now a chance that the Executive chooses not to return the player's clothes. This chance increases the higher the floor the player is on. On floor 15, there is a 35% chance of the Executive throwing the player out without clothes, forcing them into the Streak event. Otherwise, the player will have their clothes returned and can successfully turn in the assignment.
    • Refusing has the Executive call Security, causing the player to not be paid and to get the Security Escort event
    • Running away causes the player to leave without their clothes, starting the Streak event
  • Fighting the Executive off causes the player to gather their clothes and escape. They aren't paid for their time, but there isn't any real consequence unless the Executive managed to destroy a piece of clothing. If they did, then the player is forced into the Streak event.
  • Successfully screaming for help causes the Security to come in and see everything happening. With a witness to the events, the Executive backs off. The security apologizes for what happened and says the lower ranks must stick together before letting them go. The player isn't paid for their time, but if they had any clothing destroyed they'll be given a towel by the secretary.

If the player doesn't get into a fight with the Executive, then they'll complete the job without issue. If they didn't strip at all, they'll receive a fairly decent tip. If they did strip, their tip increases for each article of clothing they removed. The Executive then offers the player a bonus to keep their clothes, giving them a towel as a replacement. This bonus increases the higher the floor the player is on and the more clothes the Executive gets to keep. The player can decline without fear of consequences and still make decent money off the tip.

Sub in for a Secretary

You pick up an assignment to relieve a secretary

A secretary has to step away for a bit and the player is assigned to take their place. Upon arrival, the player is told it's simple work they will be doing and that they'll return in an hour. The player then sits at the desk and has two choices on how to approach it.

  • Work diligently | + Fatigue
    • Most times, nothing will happen and the player will finish their work and receive a pretty good tip as a result of their work ethic. 25% of the time, however, the player can accidentally stumble on an oddly named folder. Investigating the folder results finding porn. A player with Exhibitionism 4 or higher can masturbate to said porn. Deciding not to is basically the same as not finding it to begin with. Deciding to masturbate causes a Danger check that's a bit more generous than most. The results of this Danger check only kick in when the player is done.
      • If the player passes the Danger check, they are not caught and the player gets an orgasm (or two) and a decent tip
      • If the player fails the Danger check and does not orgasm, they are caught as they are fixing their clothes. The player can then Apologize or, if they are Defiant, Threaten the Secretary
        • Apologizing causes the Secretary to press their advantage, demanding the player's lower underwear or they'll call Security. If the player gives up their underwear, the Secretary will send them on their way with no tip. Refusing causes the Secretary to blame the player for the porn on the computer then make good on their threat to call Security, causing the Security Escort event.
        • Threatening the Secretary causes the player to point out there's far more porn on the computer than they could possibly put on in an hour. The Secretary then buys the player's silence, resulting in a massive tip.
      • If the player fails the Danger check and orgasms, the player is too involved in the afterglow to dress in time and is caught. They're still recovering when others come to see what the disturbance is and the player is blamed for the porn on the computer. Security is called and the player goes through the Security Escort event.
  • Slack off | + Stress | - Trauma
    • The player decides to browse the web. They are then informed by an office worker that there's a party going on and is invited to come. Declining leads to nothing happening and a decent tip later. Accepting leads to a few new events
      • The player is offered a drink when they arrive. Accepting causes a Danger check. Succeeding in the Danger check causes the drink to just be a drink and the player can finish the event without issue, ending up with a decent tip as they get back to the desk before the Secretary returns. Failing causes the player to notice that the drink is sweet and doesn't taste alcoholic. No matter what happens afterward, it turns out the player was drugged and they pass out. They wake up in a 3 person nonconsensual gangbang with aphrodisiac in their system. If the player has any clothing destroyed during this encounter, then they'll need to do the Streak event in order to get back to the Lobby. Otherwise, they can go back to the Lobby without issue.
    • The player decides to play some games on the computer and misses some calls because they get so involved. The Secretary asks the player if they misses any calls when they get back. The player can tell the truth or lie (Skulduggery check)
      • If the player tells the truth, the result is basically up to chance. If the Secretary is more easygoing, then they'll joke and say they miss calls all the time as well due to the boredom of it all. The player gets a small tip and is sent on their way. If the Secretary is more diligent, then they'll be annoyed the player couldn't do a simple job. They will receive no tip for their work.
      • The player can lie and say they didn't miss any calls, resulting in a skulduggery check. Rank D is required to guarantee success. Successfully lying to the Secretary causes them to reveal their boss called their personal phone after the player missed the call, but the boss is known for getting the wrong number so they shrug it off. The player gets a pretty good tip and is sent on their way. Failing causes the Secretary to make the same reveal, but they don't believe the player's lie this time. The player is sent away with no tip.
    • The player decides to play some games on the computer and misses some calls because they get so involved. Nothing comes of it, however and the player gets a decent tip later.
    • The player looks up funny animal pictures on the web. Nothing else happens and the player gets a decent tip later.


If the player ends up indecently dressed as a result of one of their assignments, they'll have to streak to the safety of the Lobby as being less than fully clothed would be looked upon poorly in such a professional setting. The player starts off randomly between 3 and 6 moves away from the stairs and is always in range of the lift. The player has 3 options to proceed with

  • Risk taking the lift (0:01, +Stress)
    • The player instantly goes into the lift, causing a new set of events.
  • Carefully head to the stairs (0:05)/ Quickly head to the stairs (0:01)
    • Heading for the stairs causes a generous Danger check that changes based on how fast the player is moving. Moving faster making the Danger check more difficult, but the pay off is the player moves 2 spaces towards the stairs instead of 1 if they are successful. Failing causes 1 of 3 events to happen:
      • The player is caught by a perverted office worker. They are forced into a supply closet and a nonconsensual encounter.
      • The player is caught by Security. They are then locked into the Security Escort event
      • The player finds a cart and hides in it. The cart then either moves randomly between 2 spaces away from the stairs to 2 spaces towards the stairs.
    • Once the player makes it to the stairwell, a new set of events unfold.
  • Try to find something to wear (0:05)
    • Finding something to wear has a 20% chance of someone coming along with a cart of towels. The player steals off of said cart and can safely make their way to the lobby. Otherwise, they'll fail to find anything and must look into other options.

Players should be aware it is possible to passout during this event line. They should monitor their stress and try to keep in mind how many Complaints they have.


Once the player makes their way into the lift, they are entirely at the mercy of RNG. There is nowhere to hide and nowhere to go if someone spots the player in their indecent state. If the player gets lucky, however, that won't be an issue. The lift will always go at least 2 floors down and the player is considered safe if they reach the third floor or lower. If the player doesn't make it to safety, a few random events can occur

  • Two office workers enter to lift, see the player, and decide to press the emergency stop and have some fun. The player is forced into a 2 person nonconsensual encounter
    • Fighting off this encounter causes the player to escape the lift, causing them to cycle back to the Streak event.
  • A person enters the lift, but is too distracted talking on their phone to notice the player. They get off on the next floor
  • Another temp enters the lift and is also indecently dressed (+ Arousal). Both the temp and the player ride the lift to the lobby
  • An office worker walks into the lift, notices the player, then offers them a towel to cover up with. The worker then makes sure the player safely makes it back to the lobby
  • A crowd of people enter the lift and force the player into a corner. None of them notice the player. Unfortunately, the person in front of the player has an umbrella that somehow ends up teasing the player's genitals (++ Arousal). If the player cums because of this and are wearing underwear, then they will lose said underwear as the umbrella tears it off of them as they recover from the orgasm. Otherwise, the player will safely make it to the lobby with all their clothes intact
  • An office worker sees the player in their indecent state and will:
    • Decide they'll catch the next lift.
    • Take a picture of the player (+5 Exhibitionism Fame)
    • Reveal themselves to be a Security guard and cause the Security Escort event.


Once the player makes it to the stairs, they are significantly safer as the only exit is the lobby. As long as the player keeps moving, they is no fear of negative events going on here. The only danger comes if the player stops to rest. If they do so, then there's a chance (between 14% and 25% chance based on how high the player is) of a Security guard approaching the stairwell. They got reports of a streaker in the stairwell and are investigating.

  • If the player is on Floor 4, then they can run straight to the lobby without further issue
  • If the player is on Floor 5-9, they can choose to run upstairs to avoid the guard (++ Fatigue. They'll have to go 1 to 3 floors before the guard gives up and declares no one is in the stairwell.
  • The player will always have the option of running downstairs. This causes the Security guard to spot the player and demand they stop.
    • If the player is on Floor 6 or lower, then they can ignore the demand and run for the lobby, though they gain 2 new Complaints for doing so
    • Otherwise, the player quietly surrenders and is locked into the Security Escort event.
  • The player can also always choose to Hide behind the door the Security guard comes in from. They'll always successfully hide from the guard, but there's a 50% chance of an article of clothing getting stuck on the handle and being torn off.

Break Room

The player can spend 10 minutes a go in the Break Room to lower their stress and fatigue levels before they continue working. In the process of that, a few random events can occur.

  • The player finds a comfy chair and relaxes there. A set of 3 temps come into the room and one of them rudely tell the player to clear out of their favorite chair. The player can comply ({{Negative|+ Stress) or refuse. Complying sees the player meekly gather their things and move somewhere else. Refusal causes an allure check. Success causes the gang to move along, stating the player better not be there when they get back. Failure causes a 3 person nonconsensual encounter where one of the hostiles has their hand over the player's mouth already.
    • There is a 25% chance that if the player screams, the Office Manager will come to help. The other temps will scatter, but the Manager will catch the main instigator and threaten to bury them if they're caught again. The Manager will then apologize to the player and offer them a towel if any of their clothes have been destroyed.
  • The player will chat with a coworker, who will complain about the verbal abuse they get from some clients
  • A coworker offers everyone cookies they got from a secretary.
  • A coworker will run into the break room with a destroyed top and shredded bottoms, blaming the shredder and declaring that it needs to be removed. They grab a towel to cover themselves and move on
  • Two temps will walk in and start making out, oblivious to the player (+ Arousal). They then notice the player and bashfully move on
  • The player overhears two temps arguing over whether the pay is worth the perversion of the upper floors. One says it is while the other believes that tips aren't worth their safety.
  • The player relaxes alone in the break room.

The player can then move on to an assignment, continue their break, go visit the Office Manager, or go back to the lobby.

Office Manager's Office

The Office Manager is a persistent NPC who will have a randomly generated name based on their gender. They are in charge of the player and making sure that they are not only working, but generally content with how they're being treated. The player can visit the manager's office once an hour and get various events based on RNG.

  • The Manager abruptly stands up from their desk, visibly flustered. They claim they were dealing with a frustrating email. They then claim to be busy and ask the player to come back later. If the player has to give them Mickey's letter, they can do so now.
  • The Manager is on the phone. They're angry because one of the temps were molested and they don't want to keep letting that behavior slide. The player realizes things are serious and leaves.
  • The Manager invites the player in. They ask about school and work and have a pleasant chat before the phone rings and they ask the player to leave. If the player has to give them Mickey's letter, they can do so now.
  • The Manager's door is locked and there's a note saying they'll be back soon. If the player has to give them Mickey's letter, they can slide it under the door.

If RNG is on the player's side, when they go to the Manager's office at 9pm, they will find the Manager masturbating. The player can choose to leave or stay and watch. If the player watches, the Manager will masturbate for 7 turns (+ Arousal. Each turn the player stays to watch, the chances of them being caught increases a little bit more (goes from 25% chance of being caught to a max of 31% on turn 6). If the player fails the RNG check or has an orgasm before the 7 turns are over, the Manager will stop what they're doing and ask if someone is nearby. The player can reveal themselves (75% chance of + Love, otherwise -- Love) or run to avoid being caught (--- Love). If the player watches the entire way through without being caught, they quietly leave (++ Love)(Awaiting confirmation on whether this is bugged as of In code, this should happen, but it does not appear in game).

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