Old Sewers

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The Old Sewers is one of various hidden locations within Degrees of Lewdity.

It is a dangerous area, home to many creatures alike.


"You are in the old sewers. A canal runs past, disappearing through a metal grate. Water rushes through gaps in the ceiling, carrying litter to join the river. The current looks gentle."

How to Enter

The Old Sewers is located under the Sewers, and can be stumbled upon or found directly if the player has a C in History.

First Steps

Encountering Morgan

The player can enter the storm drain system any time as an alternative way to navigate through town. Initially, they can't find the old sewers unless they are accidentally washed down into them from a surge of water, but with a C in history, they can find the old sewers themselves. Within the storm drain system, the player can examine the ladder down, which lead into the old sewers, rumoured to be dangerous. The player can leave or descend, however, upon descending for the first time, the ladder snaps free and the player falls to the ground.

This is when the player meets Morgan, a crazy, sewer-dwelling person with unkempt ginger hair. They will call the player Charles/Charlene (depending on player's gender) and that they have missed them so much. The player can say nothing or tell them that their name is not Charles/Charlene, but in both cases, Morgan will grab them and either say they (Morgan) have been lied to and that they (the player) is still alive or they will examine the player's scalp and say they are looking good, before asking if they have lost their memories. In any case, Morgan will touch the player, which they can allow or push away. Each outcome leads to a rape scene, but Morgan will be more or less violent depending on the option chosen.

Pushing them away prompts them to try and rape the character, angrily telling them to never refuse them again. Letting Morgan cum either way leads to them taking the player with them. Fighting them off means the player can try to escape or lose Morgan in the sewers while they are hunting them. It should be of note that Morgan cannot be outrun, with each "turn" they will get closer to the player. And even if the player manages to escape, Morgan can randomly start hunting them again after a screech has been heard, all the while calling out to them, or the player can get trapped/hit by one of their traps. One of them is a log that gets hurled into them after they walk through a rope (+Trauma, +Stress, +Pain), the other one has the player get their foot stuck in a metal trap and they can either struggle or use Skulduggery to unlock it. Both traps immediately alert Morgan, though escaping from the trap means the player won't be hunted anymore at that moment.


  • It is highly advised to follow the map below to the best of your ability to avoid dangerous encounters, due to the labyrinth nature of the Old Sewers. It may also come in handy when being hunted periodically.
  • You can encounter lizards, parasites and slimes. You can also find treasure and artifacts/museum content here.


The Old Sewers can be difficult to navigate. Tread carefully to avoid danger.

Map of the Old Sewers

People of Interest

There are very few NPCs to be found in this location.


  • Antique dildo
  • Antique candlestick
  • Antique horn
  • Antique watch
  • Antique crystal
  • Pepper spray
  • Lichen



Morgan acts like a paternal/maternal figure towards the PC while "caring" for them.

They will hunt the PC much like Eden and they will abduct you if successful. They seem to have some knowledge about traps and other devices, and can even remove the player's collar, free of charge. They will also attempt to teach school subjects, but there is a chance that they will fail and you will actually lose progress instead of gaining it. There is also a chance that you will get an even larger boost than normal in whatever they are teaching.

To see more information on Morgan, visit this page: Morgan


There are various shackle traps set around the sewers which become a hazard when attempting to flee Morgan. Setting off the trap will instantly alert Morgan to your presence leaving the player with the option of struggling to get free or picking the lock which requires a decent amount of skulduggery.

Successfully opening the shackles lets the player get a head start and flee from Morgan, leaving them to screech in the distance.

Failing to escape the shackle or getting caught while Morgan is extremely close causes them to open the trap and try to take you back. The player can either give in or fight.

Sewer Slime

While wandering the sewers it is possible for the player to get stuck in a slime which binds them and dissolves their clothes, if any are worn. The slime proceeds to teasing the players genitals until the player cums. Afterwards, the slime will leave the player disorientated and confused on the ground.

Stealing From A Smuggler

There is a smuggler that can be found by a makeshift fire here, most likely in the algae-coated tunnel. Finding them will give the player to option to steal from their container, although the item within varies.

List of potential items:

  • Glowing metal tube
  • Lust powder
  • Strange snake
  • Potatoes
  • Various other stolen goods

Using Skulduggery, steal the object. Successfully retrieving the item triggers a prompt to appear:

"Someone with underworld connections might give you something for it."

Sewer Ticking

There is a safe on a table in the tunnel with metal scrap that doesn't light up and start ticking until touched by the player, which causes a countdown. There is a note with the combination but fourth number has been torn off, leaving the player to guess what the final number of the combination is.

Should the password be put in correctly the safe will open and reward the player with an antique watch.

The player has 4 tries to correctly put the password in or else the safe will not open and the chance at the watch is lost.

If slimes are enabled there will be one latching onto the player as they attempt to open it, growing ever larger with each passing attempt unless the player opens the safe and removes the slime from their body.

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