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The Domus Street Orphanage, otherwise referred to as simply the "orphanage" for short, is the starting location of the game, as well as somewhere the player can call home. It is one of several safehouses that can be found within the game.

It is run by Bailey, a tyrannical caretaker.


"You are in the main hall of the orphanage. A couple of orphans on cleaning duty sweep the floor."

How to Enter

No steps required. This is the starting location.

First Steps

Your starting location when first playing Degrees of Lewdity will be this location. As such, your first steps will be Bailey's (and the game's) introduction.

This can be found here: Bailey's Payments

Upon emerging out into the main hall from your bedroom, you have several options:

  • Garden
  • Bailey's Office
  • Ward (must have a child to unlock)
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Robin's room
  • Loft (needs to be discovered first)
  • Leave orphanage (can be accessed from all locations within the orphanage apart from ones relating to specific Named NPCs)


  • The Orphanage is one of many safehouses you will find within the game. Within the bedroom the player has access to a bed for sleeping, a wardrobe for changing clothing, and various settings to adjust gameplay. There is also a mirror to check their Attractiveness and Allure stats.
  • Within the main hall, there are several places of interest. One example is the entrance to a garden, further described below
  • There is a door to head back to the player's own bedroom as well as Robin's room nearby.
  • Additionally, the option to leave the orphanage and emerge onto Domus Street can be accessed in all places except Robin's bedroom and Bailey's office.
  • Robin will leave notes on their door if they are currently not in there, giving pointers to their whereabouts.
  • Bailey's Office can also be found nearby, and is accessible in the morning between 7:00AM to 9:00AM. There is another option to access the bathroom should the player need to wash off any lewd fluids.

Orphanage Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the orphanage and its residents is determined by two stats - Hope and Rebelliousness.

Both stats are increased and decreased through several unique orphanage events with the main hall. Every now and then you may get an event which may increase or decrease one or both stats.

To increase Hope, you have to lighten the mood. This can be done by:

  • Choosing to pay for an orphan when given the chance
  • Encouraging a shy orphan to muster up the courage to approach someone they have a crush on
  • Expressing hope to orphans asking you about Bailey letting them keep a dog

To increase Rebelliousness, you have to fight back against Bailey's tyranny. This can be done by:

  • Successfully fighting off Bailey
  • Encouraging orphans to steal in order to pay for their rent
  • Expressing doubt to orphans asking you about Bailey letting them keep a dog

Depending on Hope and Rebelliousness levels, the orphanage atmosphere will be listed in the social tab as being:

Orphanage Atmosphere
Low Hope Medium low Hope Mid Hope Medium high Hope High Hope
Low Rebelliousness Hopeless Morose Obedient Enduring Kind
Medium low Rebelliousness Crestfallen Dispirited Complient Unresistant Friendly
Mid Rebelliousness Unhappy Resigned Calm Optimistic Hopeful
Medium high Rebelliousness Spiteful Disobedient Subversive Rebellious Idealistic
High Rebelliousness Vengeful Unruly Defiant Mutinous Revolutionary

On occasion you may find an envelope stuck to your bedroom door:

  • With high Hope, inside you can find a payment of £100 typically, with an extra, inspiring note.
  • With high Rebelliousness you may find inside the envelope the same amount, although this time it is stolen. They also provide an extra harsh note, usually insulting Bailey. Alternatively, the player has the chance of finding stolen items on the floor, including one of the several antiques required for the "It Belongs in a Museum!" feat.

Ideally it is best to have the two stats balanced out, though it is not required. You want one stat at a high amount to get the daily rewards. It is easier to raise Hope than to raise Rebelliousness, as there are more options affecting Hope, and Rebelliousness tends to drop quickly (unless you have the pepper spray lab).

People of Interest

  • Robin. They are usually found within their room.
  • Bailey. They are usually found within their office.
  • Mickey. Only accessible when the player is partaking in the Police Infiltration questline.
  • Unnamed orphans


The following will detail the various events that go on at this particular location.

Orphanage Events

Starting on day 2, the player may trigger one of several events by entering the Main Hall of the Orphanage. These events are only triggered once per day, and usually affect the atmosphere of the orphanage by raising or lowering the Hope or Rebelliousness of the orphans who live with the player. Meeting a certain threshold for Hope/Rebelliousness will unlock more events.

Bailey's Punishments

If the player stays in the Orphanage overnight or comes into the Orphanage on or after the day it is due (shown in the player's Journal), Bailey will demand rent money. Should the player not have the right amount to pay Bailey, or simply refuse to pay Bailey the subsequent week it is due, Bailey will have several punishments they have prepared for the player. This increases in severity each time the player does not pay Bailey. By default, rent is due on Sundays, but should the player either push the payment day back or not be on at the Orphanage when rent comes due, the day the player returns becomes the new due date.

If the player wins the fight against Bailey, the other orphans will cheer at your defeat of the tyrant - with Bailey swearing revenge later on (+ Hope, + Rebelliousness, - Stress, - Trauma). This takes the shape of an allure check every hour the player sleeps in the Orphanage. Failing one causes the player to be woken up by a molester waking the player up by pulling off their covers. With Bailey standing outside of their door, it becomes obvious they have been sold to the molester. The player can fight them off, make them cum, or, if Robin or Kylar are sharing the PC's bed, scream and one of them will end the fight. Players will have to worry about this potentially once a night every night until they pay Bailey.

A desperate player with Rank S Seduction skill and Rank S in attractiveness can enter Bailey's office between 7 and 9am the day before rent is due and seduce Bailey for an extension (Promiscuity 3, + Trauma). This pushes the player into a nonconsensual encounter with all the penalties that come with it. Fighting Bailey off results in the extension not being granted and having Bailey cum gives the player 1 extra day.

For more information on Bailey's payments, visit this page: Bailey's Payments

Main Hall Orphans

A list of possible events is as follows:

  • Bailey shoves past the player while carrying supplies to restock the kitchen (+ Pain).
  • The player sees Bailey chasing a man/woman out of the orphanage, threatening them (- Rebelliousness).
  • An orphan comes up to the player, begging for cash. The player can either:
    • Give £5 (+ Hope)
    • Give £25 (++ Hope)
    • Give £100 (- Rebelliousness, +++ Hope)
    • Encourage Skulduggery (+ Rebelliousness, requires F+ Skulduggery or higher)
    • Encourage Prostitution (+ Rebelliousness, requires Promiscuity 3 or higher)
  • The player will see Bailey talking to an orphan, demanding their rent. The orphan stands defiant, daring Bailey to do their worst. Bailey pulls out some rope to oblige. The player has the option to intervene, watch, or Ignore the event.
    • By intervening, it is discovered that this orphan can't pay Bailey's rent money. Bailey will then ask the player if they want to pay it. They will have the option of paying the fee of £200, fighting Bailey, or backing down. Choosing to back down has the same result as watching the event.
      • If the player either pays (+ Hope, - Trauma) or fights Bailey and wins (+ Hope, + Rebelliousness, - Trauma, - Stress), the orphan will come back in a later event. They'll claim they haven't forgotten their promise to pay the player back and will offer £1000. The player can either take the money (£1000) or refuse, telling them to help others (+ Hope).
      • If the player chose to ignore the event, watched while it happened, backed down when Bailey demanded money from them, or lost the fight against Bailey (- Rebelliousness), the orphan will return, Bailey demanding £1000 from them. Their defiant attitude is gone and they pay Bailey without complaint (- Hope, - Rebelliousness).
  • Two orphans will start to laugh when the player walks by. The player can investigate their giggling or ignore them. Investigating will result with either the two running off or one orphan telling the player their friend has a crush on them. From here, the player can choose to Comfort, Flirt (Promiscuity 1), Spurn, or Ignore them. It's all flavor text, so the player can pick whichever option they so choose.
  • The player notices the door to the bathroom is ajar. They can peek at an orphan as they bathe (+ Arousal) or close the door for them (+ Kindness fame)
  • An orphan leaves Bailey's office in tears from having been punished (- Rebelliousness).
  • An orphan approaches the player, asking them to help look for their bag. Helping gives takes 30 minutes and gives + Hope while refusing gives - Hope.
  • An orphan staggers through the doors with bandages around their arm, heading straight for their room. A player with Tending D or higher will notice the bandage needs redressing. The player can do so (+ Hope) or choose to ignore it (or are forced to ignore it if they don't have the Tending necessary)(- Hope).
  • The player hears a scream from the bedrooms, which they can investigate or ignore (- Hope).
    • Investigating leads the player to find someone on top of one the the orphans, trying to undress them while the orphan tries to push them away. The player can interfere (+ Crime, + Kindness fame) or to find Bailey (- Rebelliousness).
      • Intervening has a 30% chance to lead to a further scene where the attacker is not cowed by the player's intervention, claiming to be someone important. The player can press the attack (+ Crime, + Rebelliousness) or protect the orphan behind them (+ Hope).
  • An orphan asks everyone in the vicinity if anyone has seen their friend, but nobody will give them an answer (- Hope).
  • The player will stumble upon orphans huddled together in a circle, sounding excited. It turns out they are petting a French Mastiff with a collar, the name tag declaring his name Max. They want to keep him, but the orphans realize the collar means Max is owned by someone else and that Bailey wouldn't permit it anyway. An orphan walks away to call the dog's master, leaving the player to pet the dog (0:30) or ignore the event.
    • Petting the dog has the player and the orphans around them pet the dog until Max's owner shows up to pick him up. An orphan asks if they thing Bailey will let them have a dog. The player can respond with doubt (- Hope, + Rebelliousness) or hope (+ Hope, - Rebelliousness)
  • Some orphans discover a cord, leading to the unlocking of the Orphanage Loft.
  • Two orphans will be talking to each other in hushed tones, speaking about how difficult things are becoming when a car horn sounds off outside. One of the orphans reaches into their bag, takes a shot of whatever is in it, and then walks out to meet the driver who gropes them. They enter the car and disappear, the other orphan looking on in concern (- Hope)
  • Two orphans will be whispering to each other, giving the player the option to listen in or ignore it. The scene has two variations with it bit a 50/50 chance of which variant is played
    • Variant 1 revolves around Robin:
      • If Robin is missing, the orphans will be thinking of organizing a search group. They are holding a missing persons poster (-- Hope).
      • If Robin is currently injured, they may be talking about bringing Robin to the hospital. They know Bailey won't allow it, however (- Hope)
      • If Robin's trauma is 40% or more, they'll talk about how even Robin isn't safe and wonder what happened (- Hope)
      • They may be talking about Robin's lemonade stand. If Hope is 0 or less (check the Atmosphere table above) and Watersports is enabled, they may be joking about what liquid Robin is actually selling. Otherwise, they will talk about how the lemonade is tasty and find Robin inspiring (+ Hope)
      • If Robin's confidence is less than 50%, they may talk about how Robin never seems to resort to violence (+ Hope, - Rebelliousness). Otherwise, they may comment about Robin's ability to stay amicable in the face of danger (+ Rebelliousness)
      • If the Orphanage's Hope is greater than 10, they may talk about how Robin is good at lifting other orphans' spirits (+ Hope). Otherwise, they'll commend on how Robin seems to be hiding in their room and how the orphans wish they could do the same (- Hope)
    • Variant 2 involves the Orphanage in general:
      • The orphans are talking about their experiences with Bailey (- Hope)
      • They're making fun of another orphan
      • If the Pepper Spray Lab has been installed in the loft, they may be trading for some pepper spray (+ Rebelliousness)
      • They're gushing about some cute animals they saw in the pet store (+ Hope)
      • One of them has a crush on another orphan
  • Some orphans swap stories about spraying molesters with pepper spray (Only if the player has built the pepper spray lab)(+ Rebelliousness).
  • A pair of orphans carry ingredients up to the loft (Only if the player has built the soup kitchen)(++ Hope).
  • A group of orphans crowd around a box of sweets. The player looks into the box, reading a note: "Stay strong. There are people who care about the way you're treated. -A Friend." (Only if the player talks about Bailey's tyranny during the café renovation speech)(++ Hope).
  • A pair of orphans will emerge from the pond, smiling (Only if the player has built the orphanage spring)(+ Hope).
  • A pair of orphans emerge from the garden, carrying homegrown flowers (Only possible if the player has built a Greenhouse)(+ Hope)
  • An orphan runs down the hallway, screaming about the PC's small (small penis size or lower)/large (Enormous) penis. This is followed by laughter (+ Stress, + Trauma, + Insecurity)(Only possible if an orphan group has interrupted the player while bathing).

High Hope:

  • Bailey breaks up a group of orphans chatting in a circle (- Rebelliousness).
  • Bailey tears down an encouraging poster (- Hope).
  • An orphan pretends to read a book while sneaking glances at another orphan. The player can interfere by encouraging them (+ Hope) or flirting with the other orphan (Promiscuity 1 required).
    • Flirting with the orphan causes can lead to Teasing the orphan (Promiscuity 2 required), leading to the orphan who was being peeked at to come and declare they saw the shy one first. The player can then fight for the shy orphan (+ Defiance) or call it Mission Accomplished and stand aside (+ Kindness fame)
  • An orphan comforts a crying younger orphan (- Trauma).
  • The player sees an encouraging poster in the hall (- Stress).

Low Hope:

  • An orphan faces the corner, sniffling. The player can choose to comfort them (1:00, + Hope, + Kindness fame) or ignore them.
  • Orphans shuffle through the hall with downcast eyes (- Hope).
  • An orphan comforts a pair of crying younger orphans. They look haggard and worn (- Rebelliousness)(This event has a 40% chance of occurring).
  • An orphan buries their face in their hands as a group of their friends try to comfort them. (+ Trauma).

High Rebelliousness:

  • Bailey carries confiscated snacks out of bedrooms (- Hope).
  • A group of orphans clean a wall of graffiti while Bailey watches (- Rebelliousness).
  • An envelope will be stuck to the player's room's door, containing $100 and a note. The note has 10 possible messages, some depending on the player's Skulduggery skill, Prostitution fame, or Kindness fame.
  • An orphan bumps into the player in the hall and hand thems an envelope. The envelope will contain a silver brooch, a pair of earrings, a watch, or a charge of Pepper Spray. It will not be Pepper Spray if the player's charges are maxed.
  • A group of orphans play darts, with a photo of Bailey's face as the dartboard. The player can choose to join in (- Stress).

Low Rebelliousness:

  • Bailey walks through the hall as orphans avoid their gaze (- Rebelliousness).
  • An orphan tattles on another orphan to Bailey (- Hope).
  • An orphan trips and drop a bucket of dirty water on the floor. The orphan will begin to freak out because Bailey will be by soon. The player can help them clean it up (0:20, + Kindness fame).
  • The player accidentally startles an orphan by walking next to them. The orphan screams, thinking the player was Bailey (+ Stress).
  • The player overhears someone soliciting another orphan. Their client tries to offer less than the price the orphan set. They can intervene (- Hope) or ignore it.
    • Intervening has the player charge out of the door and tell the client off, causing them to leave. The orphan turns on the player, angry and saying they need the money. Player can give them £50 (++ Hope), give them £20 (+ Hope) or Apologise.

Orphanage Loft

A loft is hidden above the orphanage. It's noted that Bailey seems afraid to go up there, as discovered when first entering the loft.

The player has a few options of installing several facilities into there, should they meet the requirements to do so. This includes a loft pepper spray lab managed by Kylar to increase the orphanage's Rebelliousness and a secret kitchen extension of the Soup Kitchen to increase the orphanage's Hope.

For more information, visit this page: Orphanage Loft

Missing Poster

There's 2 versions of this event:

If the player was sold to the Underground Brothel by Bailey, they will return to one of two scenes:

  • If the player was gone for less than 24 hours, Bailey will greet the player before they enter. They'll call the player slippery and claim to be glad the player is alright
  • If the player was gone for more than 24 hours, Bailey will be leaning on a wall next to a missing poster of the player. They'll claim the player took their time getting back and hopes that they enjoyed their vacation before tearing down the poster.

Either way the scene ends, Bailey will then impress upon the player that they had better pay their dues so this doesn't happen again. If rent is due or has been missed while the player was gone, Bailey will demand payment right then and there.

In the other version, if the player has has been away from the Orphanage for more than a week (for example imprisoned at Soft Bad-Endings like the Asylum, but not the Underground Brothel) as soon as they return, the player notices something on the wall. It is a missing person's poster, with a picture of the player on it. It's noted that it has not been taken down, meaning Bailey must be looking for the player as well as the orphans.

An orphan on cleaning duty notices the player, and has two reactions based on the Orphanage's current Hope status

  • With 10 hope or higher, they look at the poster and realize the player is back. They claim they didn't know if they'd see the player again and breathe a sigh of relief. (+ Hope)
  • Otherwise, they'll spill their mop bucket. Before the player can react, they step forward and squeeze them into a hug. They tell the player that the orphans did not think that the player was coming back before falling silent, spilling a tear onto the player's shoulder. They pull back, wipe their face, and remove the poster, all the while sighing in relief (++ Hope)


The player gains immediate access to a garden in the back of the Orphanage on the first day of play. Upon entering, the player can tend to the Flower Bed, giving an safe, early game way to raise Tending skill. The player can also Climb the fence, depositing them in the Residential Alleyways, sunbathe during the day if the weather is clear, or to go back into the Main Hall. Tending to the Flower Bed allows them access to 3 Beds of poor soil quality. First access gives the player Daisy seeds so they can immediately start growing crops.

The player an upgrade the Garden by:

  • Building a Spring in the Orphanage
    • The player needs 60% Love from Mason and then they will need to pay Bailey £6000 in order to get it done, but they gain access to one Watery Bed of poor soil. The only thing that can be grown on this bed is the Lotus flower.
    • It takes 7 days to finish construction. Each rainy/snowy day will push that back by 1 day. When construction is finished, the player is treated to a scene of orphans playing in the spring. When they see the player, they cheer (-- Stress, -- Trauma, +++ Hope).
  • Building a Greenhouse
    • Once the player can live with Alex by clearing enough fields at the farm and have at least 80% love with them, they can pay £10000 to have a Greenhouse build in the Garden.
    • It takes 7 days for the construction to complete. Each rainy/snowy day will push that by by a day. Once it's done the 3 beds that are already there are now able to to grow any kind of crop (except the Lotus) at any time of the year.
    • Despite being in a Greenhouse, plants will still automatically be watered by rain during rainy days.

Beyond taking care of plants, the player has a few other events possible out in the Garden

Robin's Assistance

Once a day, so long as their Trauma is less than 80%, there is a chance of Robin coming out to help the player with their work. How Robin approaches and the number of options available changes based on Robin's current trauma.

  • (If Trauma is 40% or more) Hug (0:05, + Love, - Robin Trauma, - Trauma)
    • Robin hugs back and sobs in the player's arms. Robin returns inside shortly after
  • Let Robin Help (0:10, - Trauma)
    • Robin and the player water the flowers in the garden (1 bed is watered if the player hasn't watered their plots today). Robin's trauma affects some flavor text, but not much else. Afterward, the player has the option to Sit with Robin (0:05 + Robin's Love)(Scene changes slightly if the player is in a relationship with Robin and Robin has 40% Confidence or more) or to Make a flower crown (0:10, Tending D required to succeed, + Flower Crown head accessory).
      • Success has the player craft a flower crown for Robin that stays intact (+ Robin's Love)
      • Failure has the player's crown fall apart when they try to place it on Robin's head. Robin comforts the player (+ Robin's Love, + Robin's Confidence)
  • Say you're finished
    • The player claims they just finished. Robin will then head back inside, though their demeanor is different based on their Trauma levels.

Curling Stems

If the player has the Severe Hallucinations or the Plant Lover traits, then there's a chance that after some gardening, the player will feel something curl around their leg. They thing it's a bug, but on second look, they see a plant stem curling around their ankle. The player can try to shake it off or simply look closer

  • Shaking it off will end instantly if the player gets lucky or has Tentacles disabled. It is a 20% chance, so it's a lot more likely that the player will fail to shake it off and instead have the stem curl tighter. More shoots spring from the earth and wrap around the player's arms and legs, dragging them to the soil (+ Stress). The player has a few options from at this point
    • Call for help
      • Calling for help at night will have someone free the player from the plant, but only to take the plant's place and begin molesting the player. This starts a nonconsensual encounter with a human.
      • Calling for help during the day will bring a random orphan or Robin (if they aren't missing, haven't helped in the garden today and their Trauma is lower than 80%) help the player out of the tentacles. With another witness, it just looks like the player got themselves tangled in deep.
    • Struggle
      • This encounter scales with the player's max physique. No matter what body type the player has, they need max physique in order to guarantee success.
      • Success sees the player tear the plants off of them and going about their day
      • Failure locks the player into a nonconsensual encounter with between 4 and 15 vine tentacles. The player must either defeat half or last for 15 turns.
    • Soothe
      • This option is a Tending check that requires Rank S in order to guarantee success. The player can succeed even with Rank F tending, but the chances are very unlikely.
      • Succeeding has the player hum to the plant. It soothes the foliage and they become looser, allowing the player to struggle free
      • Failure has no effect and the tentacles tighten, locking the player into a nonconsensual encounter with between 4 and 15 vine tentacles. The player must either defeat half or last for 15 turns.
    • Brace yourself
      • The player braces themselves, instantly locking them into a nonconsensual encounter with between 4 and 15 vine tentacles. The player must either defeat half or last for 15 turns.
  • Looking at the stem has the player notice that a sweet-smelling fluid drips from the plant. The fluid can be pink (Aphrodisiac), purple (Hallucinogen), or red (Alcohol). Licking the fluid gives the player the drug that goes with the color of the fluid. In addition, the pink fluid instantly gives the player enough Arousal to fill 1/5 of the bar.

Trippy Plant

The player notices a scent rising from their plants as they water them. It makes them feel light headed (+ Hallucinogen). If the player has the Plant Lover trait, then they also get + Arousal.


If the player enters the garden between 9AM and 6PM during a sunny day you have the option to bask in the sun (0:10, - Stress, + Tan). While sunbathing, the player has the option to begin undressing (Exhibitionism 1 required, - Stress), leaving them in their underwear or nude (if they aren't wearing underwear when they strip). They then have the option to continue sunbathing (0:20, - Stress, + Tan), masturbating, or stopping and getting dressed. Each time the player makes the choice to continue sunbathing and they have stripped an article of clothing off, they roll an allure check. Success sees nothing happen and the player can continue to make the same choice until they tire of it or the sun goes down. Failing has the player notice that their clothes have gone missing. The player reasons that maybe the one who took them is still around and now has two options:

  • Call out
    • The player calls out to whoever may have their clothes. They reveal themselves and demand the player does the same. The player can move to show themselves (+ Exhibitionism fame, + Stress, + Trauma) or refuse. Showing themselves has the player get their clothes back, exactly how depending on their Submissiveness. Refusing has the pervert claim it was worth a try and throwing the player's clothes. There is a 20% chance of the clothing getting caught in a tree, forcing the player to climb it to get it back or abandon it and sneak inside.
      • Choosing to climb the tree results in an allure check. Failure causes one of two events:
        • If the player does not have tentacles disabled and is either suffering from Severe Hallucinations or has the Plant Lover trait, there's a 50% chance of having the branches jerk to live, entangling the player and forcing them into a nonconsensual encounter with 6-15 vine tentacles. The player must defeat or get off half of the tentacles before the event ends.
        • If any of the above conditions don't apply or they do and the player rolls differently, they player instead has the misfortunate of one of the neighbors spotting the player as they climb to get their clothes (+ Exhibitionism fame). The neighbor comments on their nudity and goes back inside to get a camera. The player can choose to either continue going for their clothes, knowing they won't get them before the neighbor comes back with the camera (+ Trauma, + Stress, + Arousal, + Exhibitionism fame) or give up on their clothes and climb back down and sneak inside.
      • Succeeding just causes the player to get their clothes without issue.
  • Sneak inside
    • Choosing to sneak back into the house puts a group of relaxing orphans between the player and their bedroom window. The player realizes they will not be able to sneak past them and have the option to either shield themselves with a potted plant and sneak past or wait for an hour until the orphans clear off.
      • Taking the plant has a 20% chance of the bottom of the pot falling out, causing the rest of the pot to collapse and reveal the player's lewdness (+ Trauma, + Stress, + Arousal, + Exhibitionism fame). The player runs back to their room with the laughter of their fellow orphans echoing in their ears.
      • The plant not falling apart or choosing to wait has the player make it back inside without further issue. If they don't have clothing rebuy on, they will need a new outfit, however.

Cat Interruption

If the player chooses to masturbate in the Garden, a timer counts down. Once that timer hits 1, the players' masturbation will be interrupted by a Cat(person). The player can now

  • Spread your legs (- Stress, - Trauma, + Arousal, Deviancy 1)
    • The player spreads their legs and allows the cat(person) to lick their genitals. If the player is close to coming (A heat rises within), then the cat will lick until the player cums, eager to get the player's fluids. The cat will then wonder off bored. If the player isn't close enough to orgasm, then the cat will simply lick until they get bored and walk away.
  • Pet (- Stress, - Trauma)
    • The player pets the cat until it gets bored and walks away.

Youth Ward (WIP)

The player must have a child to unlock access to this area. They will not be able to enter if they are covered in lewd fluid or inappropriately dressed.

Upon entering for the first time, the player will remember their childhood being isolated to this area, before doubting that memory (+ Awareness.)

The Nursery

Where newly born children go. The player can store toys and baby bottles of breast milk here, as well as interact with their children. Each interaction has a variety of potential status effects for the player.

Possible interactions include:

  • Nap (0:30) | - Fatigue
  • Soothe (0:20) | +/- Stress | + Pain
  • Comfort (0:20) | +/- Stress | - Trauma | + Pain
  • Tickle (0:10) | - Stress
  • Clean up (0:10) | + Stress
  • Bathe (0:10) | +/- Stress | - Trauma
  • Hold (0:05)
  • Watch them (0:05) | +/- Stress

Some interactions require the player to have stored toys or bottles in the nursery. Toys can be bought from the Toy Store in the Shopping Centre.

  • Give teddy bear (0:05) | - Stress | - Trauma (requires a teddy bear)
  • Play with (0:05) | - Stress | - Trauma (requires a toy car)
  • Shake it (0:05) | - Stress | - Trauma (requires a rattle)

Having a Bath

Bathing in the orphanage bathroom (0:30) has potential to not be as simple as the player would like. The player gets an allure check if they decide to take a bath. Success has them take their bath without issue. Failure can cause one of many interesting events to play out. It should also be noted that if the player tries to have a bath while their arms are bound, they will take a bath in their clothing, resulting in the whole outfit becoming soaked. It's generally not advised to do this since the player can unbind themselves from most bindings in their room.

If the player has the Pubic hair toggle on, then they can also groom their pubes in the bathroom.

Slime Attack

If the player has Uncontrolled Severe Hallucinations and doesn't have Slimes, Tentacles, and/or swarms disabled, then the player will be attacked by a slime as they go to drain the water out of the tub. If the player has tentacles disabled, then they will be attacked by a swarm of Slimes. Otherwise, they will be attacked by 2-15 tentacles. The encounter will last for 20 turns if the player doesn't manage to knock out all the tentacles before that point. At the end of 20 turns, the water finishes draining from the tub, taking the slime/tentacles with it.

Perverted Orphans

The player gets through their bath and is about to drain the tub when they hear voices in the hallway. The group of orphans then burst into the bathroom, with the player covering themselves up (or not provided they have at least Exhibitionism 5 or if their arms are bound). There is a 50% chance the orphans stay outside the bathroom, merely getting an eyeful of the player before closing the door. This outcome counts as the player's bath being interrupted, potentially allowing for the scene where an orphan runs down the hallway shouting about the PC's penis size. If the player doesn't get that outcome, the orphan group come into the bathroom and close the door behind them and apologize even as they continue staring at the player. From here, there are a few options:

  • Scream
    • The player screams, leaving the group scrambling for the door. By the time Bailey makes their way to the bathroom to investigate, the trio are long gone. Bailey suspects the player is screaming at something stupid like a spider, so they strike the player for bothering them before slamming the door (+ Pain, + Trauma, + Stress).
  • Ask them to leave
    • The player asks the trio to leave. There is a 20% chance of the leader of the trio refusing, instead forcing the player into a nonconsensual encounter. The player starts off with a hand over their mouth, but if they can fix that, the player can scream for rescue. It gives the same results as if the player had screamed from the start.
    • If the player doesn't fail the chance, then the trio will leave, with the leader taking a long, lingering glance before they go. This counts as the player's bath being interrupted, potentially allowing for the scene where an orphan runs down the hallway shouting about the PC's penis size.
  • Let them watch (Requires Exhibitionism 5)
    • The player puts on a show of cleaning their already spotless body. The trio are not idle, grabbing sponges and helping the player scrub down, groping and fondling the entire way. When the PC is clean (again) and the water goes cold, the player has them leave.
  • Goad (Requires Promiscuity 5)
    • The player grabs one of the trio and pulls them closer, initiating a consensual 3-person gangbang. Afterward, provided things did not turn nonconsensual, the player asks them to leave so they can clean themselves up again.

Mirror Tentacles

"An eerie light emerges from your mirror."

There are multiple requirements for this event to occur, listed below:

  • Tentacles must be enabled as a toggle.
  • The player must be under the (Uncontrolled) "Hallucinations" trait.
  • It must be between 3:00AM to 4:00AM.

Very late at night, the player can discover a mysterious light coming from their mirror. If they approach the mirror, they will see a tentacle inside the mirror. They will then be given the option to walk away or watch. If they watch the tentacle, it will approach the player and they will be given the option to lick it or walk away. They will then notice more tentacles appearing and will have the option to lick (requires Deviancy 2 or higher) or walk away. The tentacles will caress the player's body as it oozes a sweet smelling liquid that drugs the player while arousing them.

Eventually, the light will fade away, leaving the player feeling aroused.

Bloody Mirror

There are multiple requirements for this event to occur, listed below:

  • Tentacles must be enabled as a toggle.
  • The player must be under the (Uncontrolled) "Hallucinations" trait.
  • It must be between 3:00AM to 4:00AM.

Note: Requires Deviancy 5.

If the player repeats the same requirements needed to trigger the "Mirror Tentacles" small event during a blood moon instead of a regular moon, this will unlock an option for the player to goad the tentacles into greater lewdity. This has the player go further with caressing the tentacle, initiating oral with it. It does not take long before swarms of other tentacles emerge from the mirror - this will initiate a consensual tentacle multi-encounter.

Once complete, an option is granted to the player to step through a portal to enter the Tentacle Plains. Choose to do so, and the player will be sent there accordingly.

This means that the player does not have to go through the Asylum first in order to get there. Hard Mode users will benefit from this alternative method of getting to the plains if they wish to grab any potential items while they are there, such as pepper spray - achieved by going exactly four times in the north direction, and four times in the east direction.

To return to the mirror at any time, proceed with the same route, but choose to head four times in the west direction and four times in the south direction instead. This location is fixed, and can be headed towards anywhere within the plains - however, it is recommended to proceed with the directions immediately upon stepping within the plains for convenience.

Mirror access to the plains will disappear after 4AM.

Returning Home Naked

If the player returns to the Orphanage between 6AM and 10PM while indecently dressed, the player will face an Allure check. Success has them go to their room without issue. Failure sees a door open ahead of the player and an orphan come out of their room. They don't notice the player just yet. The player has two options:

  • Hide (+ Stress)
    • The player has an 80% chance of successfully hiding behind a trolley and making it to their room with no further issue. Failing that causes another orphan to open the cupboard, looking for the trolley as they're on cleaning duty. The player can attempt to deceive the orphan (Skulduggery C required for success) or throw a broom at them (50/50 chance of success).
      • If the player attempts to deceive the orphan, they'll say they are fixing the wheels on the trolley and the orphan should come back later. Success has the orphan believe them and leave, allowing the player time to get back to their room without further issue. Failing has the orphan notice the wheels are just fine and has them take the trolley, revealing the player's indecent state. While the orphan is shocked by the player's state, the player makes their way to their room. This adds to the hidden Exposure counter for the Orphanage. Having it happen too often leads to the Encore event detailed below, so the player should take care to avoid this.
      • If the player throws a broom at the orphan, another broom falls in the player's path. If the player's luck is good, then they'll jump over the falling broom and make it to their room while the orphan is distracted by the one the player threw. Getting unlucky has the player trip and the orphan recover before the player does, revealing their indecent state to the orphan. The player makes their way back to their room while the orphan is drinking in the player's state. This adds to the hidden Exposure counter for the Orphanage. Having it happen too often leads to the Encore event detailed below, so the player should take care to avoid this.
  • Flaunt (Requires Exhibitionism 4)
    • The player struts right by the orphan, who looks on the player's indecency in varying ways based on RNG. This adds Exhibitionism fame (1 point) and adds to a hidden Exposure counter for the Orphanage. This counter does not decay, so the player should be wary about allowing this to happen too often or else they may get the Encore event below.


Once the Exposure counter reaches 10 or more, the player has a 50% chance of hearing a knock on their door after doing the Flaunting scene. The orphan now has friends around them and asks the player to reveal themselves again, this time for an audience. The player can Accept (requires Exhibitionism 5), Comply Nervously (+ Stress, + Trauma), or Refuse

  • Accepting has the player strut down the hallway, rubbing against the crowd and generally being extravagant as they go. This results in a decent boost in Exhibitionism fame (20 points)
  • Complying Nervously has the player merely open their door and allow the crowd to look at them. After a good look, the player closes their door. This adds another boost to Exhibitionism fame (10 points)
  • Refusing ends the event.

Orphanage Pass-Out

If the player passes out in the orphanage due to stress or other methods there's a few events that could play out:

  • Bailey will wake the player up by slapping them, accusing them of sleeping on the floor and not in the bed provided (+ Pain).
  • The player is woken by something probing their nethers. As the player opens their eyes, they find themselves in their room with the assailant using their hand to cover the player's mouth. The player is then forced into a nonconsensual encounter. If the player removes the molester's hand from their mouth, they can scream for help and Bailey will investigate. The assailant will escape through the player's window and Bailey will get annoyed with the player, telling them not to bother them unless something important happens.
  • Players with really bad luck will find themselves shaken awake, a gag in their mouth and their hands bound. They are in the back of a car and eventually lead into a house. The player's abductors then discuss what to do with the player, a nonconsensual encounter being their first suggestion. The player can either act submissively or defiantly. Either option will result in their gag being removed and their opinion asked for. The player now has three options
    • Ask to be let go/ Say they'll cooperate (+ Submissiveness)
      • The abductors either claim to have paid good money for the player or compliment the player for having a good head on their shoulders. They decide to put the player to work with the option of molesting them if the player doesn't cooperate. At most, this will take 3 hours. The player can refuse at any time, but this launches them into a nonconsensual encounter, so it isn't really advised since they've basically wasted what time they already used. The player has 3 tasks:
        • The player fetches food and drink for their abductors. When not needed, they stand off to the side
        • The player is used as a foot stool. Note: This option only appears if the player has Foot toggled on. The player can choose to endure this humiliation (+ Submissiveness, + Stress, + Trauma, ++ Arousal) or refuse. If the player endures, then they will be molested by one of their abductor's feet. Even if the player's arousal maxes because of this, they won't come just yet.
        • After the foot stool (or because it was skipped because Feet is turned off), the player will be sent to fetch a large tub of cream and then have their body used as the plate. Player can once again go with it (+ Submissiveness, + Stress, + Trauma, ++ Arousal) or refuse. Allowing it will have the player's clothes displaced so the abductors can pour the cream on the player and lick it off. This goes on until the abductors are bored or run out of cream. If the player's Arousal is maxed, then they'll cry out, something the abductors are quick to pounce on as they steal the player's lips (and their first kiss if applicable).
      • After the last task is done, the player has their arms freed, a towel provided if they are exposed, and let go.
      • Fighting at any point, win or lose, also causes the player to be let go. If they lost, then the abductors will be satisfied with their purchase and tell the player to tell Bailey so, freeing the player's arms. Winning causes the player to run out the house still bound.
    • Scream
      • The player screams loudly before one of their abductors covers their mouth. There is a 50% chance of nothing happening and the player immediately being thrown into a nonconsensual encounter with their arms bound and mouth covered. The other 50% has someone hear the scream and come to investigate. The player can make noise or not, either way the conversation with the Good Samaritan becomes heated enough that they decide to call the police. With the heat on them, the abductors throw the player out of the house, forcing them to make their way home from Harvest Street with their arms bound.

Getting Possessed

if the player sleeps in a blood moon, the Ivory Wraith may possess the player and force them to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the lake. If Robin or Kylar is in bed, they will look at them before going out.


  • A Silver Brooch can be obtained through a random event where someone bumps into the player, before handing the player an envelope. This event only happens with high orphanage rebelliousness - At least 1 is required, but the higher the better. The orphanage atmosphere when checked in the Social tab should show Idealistic, or better yet, Revolutionary).


  • This is one of few areas to house multiple named NPCs, the other being the School.
  • The Orphanage itself is designed after a traditional British terraced home. A more "traditional" (Victorian-styled) orphanage look was considered at some point, but thought to be too similar to the school.


The following images showcase below what the orphanage looks like at different times of the day.

In the Winter

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