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The Orphanage Loft is one of several unlockable areas within Degrees of Lewdity. The player cannot access it until certain requirements are met.


The loft is found within the Orphanage, located on Domus Street. This specific location becomes available to the player after approximately five to six weeks of in-game time have passed.

Once unlocked, it functions as a new area of the orphanage the player can visit.

Discovering the Loft

Every day a new event within the orphanage takes place. These are referred to as "Orphanage Events".

What determines these events are the "Hope" and "Rebelliousness" stats, which makes up the current mood of the orphanage. For more information, visit the Social tab.

Event Description

The player will hear excited voices up a flight of stairs. At the top they see a pair of orphans taking turns jumping in the air, trying to reach something on the ceiling. As you approach the pair, one of them will inform you of a cord dangling from the ceiling, and asks for the player to pull it to "see what happens".

Regardless of your choice, someone (either you or the other person) will grab a stool and tug the cord taped to the ceiling. A crack forms, running in two directions. A large hatch will creak open and a ladder drops to the floor. Dust and broken cobwebs follow, polluting the air. One of the orphans screams as the cobwebs get stuck in their hair.

Bailey's Fear

Upon climbing the ladder, you peek through the hatch. You spot a large space, filled with old boxes. Corridors line each side, and there's a small light piercing the grimy windows. You notice there seems to be a lot of space up there for something.

Before you're able to investigate further, you'll hear a voice telling you to get down, revealed to be Bailey. The pair seems to have disappeared.

After stepping off the ladder, Bailey reaches for the cover, but they are interrupted by the sound of a creak from higher up in the loft. They immediately become startled by the sound and leap from the ladder, almost stumbling to the floor. They don't try to replace the cover again, opting instead to simply close the hatch.

Bailey tells you to stay out of the loft.

You don't recall the orphanage even having a loft in the first place, but it seems that Bailey is afraid of going up there. You note that it would be a good place for "surreptitious" activities. More specifically, activities that could come in handy.

Examining the Loft

After learning of Bailey's fear and triggering the initial introduction event for the loft, you have now discovered it - this allows you to access the loft at any point, giving you a new option to select within the orphanage.

Choose to enter the loft again, and you'll be able to learn a little bit more about it. A wide hall runs down the centre. There are corridors that lead to other rooms, which line the sides of the loft. Meanwhile, dusty old boxes pile high.

Continuing to examine the loft will only give the same result, until you learn of what more you can do with it. To progress, you will need to find someone with a good idea on what to do with the empty space.

You now have options of installing several facilities into the orphanage loft, should the player meet the requirements to do so. This includes a loft pepper spray lab managed by Kylar to increase the orphanage's Rebelliousness, and a secret kitchen extension of the Soup Kitchen to increase the orphanage's Hope. It is possible to have both the kitchen and the lab installed at the same time.

Loft Lab

The loft has purposes much more than simply being the one thing Bailey seems to be afraid of.

One such purpose is Kylar. Visit and approach them wherever possible. You have the usual options, but also a new option to tell Kylar about the orphanage loft. Choose to do so.

To unlock the option, Kylar's Love must be at 90% or higher, and the player must have already discovered the loft. Note that Jealousy has no effect on the player's ability to propose the idea to Kylar.

Visiting Kylar

Upon approaching Kylar, you have the usual options, but you also have a new option to inform Kylar of the orphanage loft. Choose to do so.

You ask them if they have any thoughts on what to do with the empty space, and says you could "hide anything up there", giving them an idea. They could set up a lab like they have at home (they humorously state otherwise and tell you they saw it on TV)

The idea is to use the lab as a base-of-operations to manufacture pepper spray, informing the player that while the ingredients aren't hard to obtain, it takes time to develop. Kylar continues by saying they know where to get the ingredients and equipment they need, but it will be expensive.

In order to add the lab to the orphanage, it will cost a very large amount of £20,000 first. Despite the heavy price, it will provide the player with one free pepper spray refill each week. It also gives the orphans more ways of fighting back against villains.

Installing the Lab

Upon gathering the required hefty amount, the player will return to Kylar with the money and choose to set up the lab. Kylar tells you they'll get the equipment they need and to wait by the orphanage, before telling you they won't let you down.

Kylar will arrive with two laden bags before following you inside, though it seems they have an idea of where they're heading. You and Kylar ascend the loft, investigating each room until there's a suitable one. They place their bags on a table before setting up the equipment, explaining how things work.

At one point someone arrives to investigate. You send them downstairs to gather the other orphans. You note that they look nervous, but excited. Kylar explains the process, and walks you through a demonstration of what goes on here. Some older orphans sneer at Kylar, whom ignores their remarks.

Once you're alone with Kylar, they tell you they wrote a list of instructions before handing you a note, telling you to stick it up somewhere. They look at their feet, waiting for something else to happen.

At this point the player has three options:

  1. Reward with kiss | Promiscuity 1 | Increases Kylar's Love (+1)
  2. Reward with lewd | Requires Promiscuity 3 | Increases Kylar's Love (+2) | Increases Kylar's Lust (+2)
  3. Thank

Kiss Reward

Choosing the former option will cause the player to take Kylar's hands and pull Kylar closer towards them. They lean in, letting you support their body - which trembles. You kiss Kylar, whom seems to be nervous at first, but as the kiss continues they become more confident. Meanwhile, you feel Kylar's hand grope your ass.

Kylar's eyes remains closed as you pull away. Their face turned red, filled with bliss. They thank you before departing it with a warm smile on their face.

Lewd Reward

Choosing the much more daring and lewd option results in the player shoving Kylar's back against the table, holding them down with one hand while the other creeps up their stomach. You pull down their shorts/skirt, revealing their genitals. You notice they have no underwear, and tease them about it.

Depending on Kylar's sex, the player will:

  • Begin to stroke their penis
  • Ask why Kylar is already wet as they push a finger against their clitoris and begin to rub

After the lewd act ends, the player kisses Kylar's cheek and thanks them for helping as they hold them until their breathing returns to normal.

Both options result in Kylar departing from the room with a warm, blissful smile on their face.

Thanking Kylar

Choosing the latter option will cause the player to thank Kylar, telling them one of three things based on their Submissive stat.

  • "Thanks," you say. "The orphans are grateful, even if they won't admit it." (Defiant)
  • "Thank you," you say. "You did a good thing today." (Normal)
  • "Thank you so much," you say. "You've helped a lot." (Submissive)

Regardless of what you say, Kylar will nod, still staring at their feet. They give the impression that they're going to speak, but instead turn and leave.

Investigating the Lab

The information that appears when examining the loft still appears, but something new will be added.

If the pepper spray isn't ready yet, a prompt will appear:

"A strange smell wafts from one of the rooms."

Return to the lab once more when a week of in-game time has passed, and collect your free pepper spray refill.

Orphans may also use the newly-developed pepper spray to protect themselves from dangerous people. Occasionally you may get events such as overhearing other orphans sharing stories of would-be assaulters who have been warded away with pepper spray. Having the lab adds a new random event in the orphanage that will increase the orphans' Rebelliousness.

The pepper spray lab will remain operational even if Kylar has been dismissed.

Secret Kitchen

The loft has the ability to set up an extension of the Soup Kitchen found at Wolf Street.


The player must have met a few requisites in order to install the secret kitchen into the loft:

  • Unlocked the Soup Kitchen.
  • Must have a very good standing relationship with River. 80% Love or higher.

Meeting these will give the player the option to tell River about the loft. Like the lab, it will cost £20,000. A prompt will then appear, stating that the kitchen will prepare meals away from Bailey's gaze. This will come in handy when increasing the Orphanage's hope stat.

Visiting River

The player tells River about the loft, with them going quiet. The player is unsure if they even listened, before River tells the player it's not their place to discuss the matter. An orphan the player recognises from the orphanage asks River if they are allowed seconds, placing an empty bowl on the counter. River hesitates before filling it. They explain to the player that they could set up another kitchen, seeing as they crowded here as it is. It will cost £20,000 - food will be funnelled over with no further charge.

Installing the Kitchen

If the player has the amount required, a new option will appear: "Have kitchen installed"

River will beckon a helper over, whispering in their ear. They nod, removing their apron and heading towards the entrance. As the helper leaves, River says that they will need the player's help to carry everything, before spooning out another ladleful. They tell the player not to tell their caretaker, as they already have enough trouble staying afloat.

The helper returns with several others. The player follows them into a backroom, with an unassembled kitchen inside. There are various kitchen appliances such as pot, pans, counter and cupboard components, and a fridge and oven ready. The helper states that they already had permission, but someone in the mayor's office "interfered". Other helpers shuffle in to work out how to carry everything before giving the player a box of cutlery to carry. They decide to take things slow, taking breaks if needed. The helpers with the help of the player carry the kitchen towards the orphanage, with a few heads turning towards the helpers but none take things any further. A helper stops upon seeing the Orphanage up ahead. Bailey is spotted standing besides an open car, talking to someone the player doesn't recognise. The helper tells the others they don't want to get spotted, with another suggesting that they should wait around the corner, seeing as they will not hang around forever.

The player has two choices:

  • Wait
  • Go through the alleyways

Hiding around the corner will take up an hour of in-game time. The person from before drives by, with the lead monk/nun poking their head around the side of the building. With them in the clear, they continue towards the orphanage. They follow the player up the main hall and into the loft.

It's noted that the ladder to the loft proves troublesome, but the helpers are determined. They carry the smaller goods up first, then work to haul the bigger appliances. They're all much stronger than their habits and meek demeanors would suggest.

Go through the Alleyways

The player convinces the group to follow them through the alleyways. Like the ladder to the loft, the garden fence proves troublesome, but the helpers stay determined by carrying smaller goods over first before handling bigger appliances. Upon reaching the loft, the ladder to the loft proves even more troublesome than the fence, but once again the nuns aren't thwarted.

Self-Sufficient Orphans

Regardless of the player's decision, they will follow them through the main hall and up the stairs as they are led to the loft. A few orphans stop and gawk to see what is going on, with the lead monk/nun smiling at them and placing a finger against their own lips.

The helpers will then scour the loft for the best room to convert. They state that the plumbing is working after discussion, making things easier for them. While the helpers make things look easy, the noise attracts more orphans investigating the strange noise. A sink is installed last, with the tap working upon inspection. Orphans are then instructed on how to work the kitchen by the helpers by cooking a fresh batch of the soup. The orphans then crowd around at the end of the demonstration to try out the food. It's noted that the rate the food vanishes it suggests they are either just impressed, or hungry - nonetheless, they are eager to try cooking themselves.

One helper smiles at the player, telling them that they will hang around a bit to make sure the orphans have things under control, before telling the player they have done a good thing today. This heavily reduces Trauma.

Investigating the Kitchen

The information that appears when examining the loft still appears, but something new will be added.

A prompt will appear to show that the kitchen is being used:

"The smell of warm soup and fresh bread wafts from one of the rooms."

The kitchen will add a new random event to the orphanage that will increase the orphans' Hope.

Whitney's Upgrade

Whitney can be told about the loft after visiting the orphanage at least once.

Whitney will give the player cigarettes to smoke in the loft. Bailey will confiscate the cigarettes at the orphanage. Returning to Whitney will unlock the option to pay them £2000. The player will go on a date with Whitney and met their uncle/aunt.

Having this upgrade adds a new random event in the orphanage that will increase the orphans' Rebelliousness.

Other loft upgrades can still be obtained.

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