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Parasites are one of many toggles that can be enabled within Degrees of Lewdity.


The only requirement is for the player to enable Parasites in Settings. Note that the player can only have one parasite on each body part at a time.

There are multiple parasites spread across the world, each taking an interest in a specific part of the player's - most parasites can only latch onto the player's genitals, ass, and chest, with maggots being an exception to this.


Parasites latching onto a body part will add Arousal constantly. Regardless of gender or size, breasts and ass can be latched onto.

The stimulation from parasites may result the player maxing out their Arousal, making them orgasm in scenes that would otherwise not allow them to do so, for instance roaming in public. This can be somewhat dangerous, depending on the time of day. This is increased further yet by high body part sensitivity (up to 7x).

Parasites worn on the penis disable the ability to wear a condom as they prevent the player from ejaculating into NPCs during encounters.

The sidebar sprite for parasites adjusts to the player's penis and breast size.

Types of Parasites

There are four distinct types of parasites to be found across the world - urchin, slime, maggot, and ear slime parasites. The fourth parasite is an alternative version of the slime parasite that embeds itself in the player's right or left ear and is much more dangerous. Urchin parasites are the most common, followed by standard slime parasites.

Urchin Parasites

Urchin parasites are conventional parasites in the sense that they increase Arousal. They offer a good way of changing penis/breast/bottom size without having to spend money on pills purchased at the Hospital Pharmacy and/or surgery. They also offer an easy way to passively increase the amount of milk the player's breasts can hold.


  • Adds arousal constantly.
  • Increases penis/breast/bottom size by 300 points every midnight (regardless of multiplies, see Body Part Growth for more).
    • The player's clit size is not variable and cannot change.
  • If on nipples, increases milk volume by 2 ml every hour.

Slime Parasites

Slime parasites have a similar effect to urchin parasites - except they reduce body part size, instead of increasing it. As such, they can be considered a relatively easy way of decreasing penis/breast/bottom size, at the cost of not being able to control how fast the body part size increases or decreases (until the removal of the parasite, that is).


  • Adds arousal constantly.
  • Decreases penis/breast/bottom size by 300 points every midnight (regardless of multiplies, see Body Part Growth for more).
    • The player's clit size is not variable and cannot change.
  • If on nipples, increases milk volume by 2 ml every hour.

Maggot Parasites

Maggot parasites, similarly to urchin and slime parasites, have the effect of increasing the player's Arousal. However, they will not change body part sizes. They are purposefully designed to be a hassle to the player, drawing unwanted attention to them through public orgasms.

Maggot parasites only latch onto the players right and left thigh, right and left arm, tummy, and bottom.


  • Adds arousal constantly

Ear Slime Parasites

See: Ear Slime


Parasites can only latch on to the player at specific locations. Slime parasite locations may overlap with where urchin parasites are located.


There are three major spots the player can find urchin parasites:

  • Plant clothing, such as leaf and seaweed makeshift clothing:
    • Seaweed garments are made when climbing up onto the rocks near the Beach or when swimming in the Forest Lake. Note that plant skirts made in other locations will not give you urchin parasites, since they are not made from underwater plants.
      • Make a plant/seaweed skirt near water (can only be done if crotch is exposed) for crotch parasites. Has a 1/10 chance.
      • Make a plant/seaweed top near water (can only be done if chest is exposed) for chest parasites. Has a 1/10 chance. Made in the same locations as above.
  • Rivers in the forest:
    • When coming across a river in the Forest, choose to swim across it. This can grant bottom parasites if the player is not wearing a bottom piece of clothing, or if they're wearing a skirt. The player's underwear doesn't affect it.
    • The probability of getting a parasite is 3/10.
  • From Whitney:
    • Random event that can occur at the School. Covers genitals, chest and bottom parasites.
      • For more on this event, see here).

A hidden option out of the way is that a chest parasite can be applied to the player within the Storm drain system, provided their chest is exposed. This has a 25% chance of happening at maximum allure (and 0% at no allure).

It is highly recommended to use plant clothing to obtain these parasites.


  • Genital, bottom, and chest parasites can be acquired if the player's bottom/top is exposed while anywhere within the Old Sewers. There is a 15% chance of it happening (5% for each). The butt parasite will be applied even if the player is wearing a skirt (for a full list, see here).
  • It may also be applied to the player by Whitney on the genitals/chest/bottom (for more about this event, see here).


Ear Slime

There are various conditions required for the ear slime to appear:

  • Slimes must be enabled within Settings.
  • The player must have hallucinations. This can either be in the form of a trait (see: Trauma Traits) or by taking hallucinogens.

Once under the influence of Hallucinations, the player must then enter the Landfill at any time and orgasm outside of combat. Maggot parasites or any other Arousal-increasing parasite can come in handy here. When they do, there is a 50% chance for an ear slime parasite to infect them, indicated by the prompt "It squirms into your ear". The player can do this again to get two ear slime parasites.

The player can also gain an ear slime parasite by, willingly or otherwise, allowing the Ivory Wraith to puppet their body into their underwater prison during a Blood Moon. If the player does not resist or fails to fight the Wraith off, they will force an ear slime onto the player. Gaining an ear slime this way does not require the player to have Hallucinations prior to the encounter as the encounter itself applies Hallucinations automatically.

The feat boost "A new Best Friend" allows the player to start the game with a left ear slime parasite.

Parasite Removal

Parasites will typically call for a need of a medical professional at the Hospital. However, certain parasites may be too "attached" to the player, and will need alternative methods of removal.

Urchin and Slime Parasites

They are removed by Harper at the Hospital on Nightingale Street (a new option appears to the player: "Inquire about parasite removal").

Harper reassures the player that it is nothing to worry about and can be cured instantly. The way to remove the parasite is to apply a form of electrolysis onto the player's naked body at a wavelength that disables the parasite. It is harmless to people, but there might be a tingly feeling.

Harper offers a paid procedure for £250. However, as it is a rare illness, they also offer a free procedure, with the conditions that their colleagues will be there and observe.

Free Procedure

This procedure increases the player's Exhibitionism fame by 100 points and unlike the paid procedure, it has a 10% chance to go wrong.

Harper has the player put on a gown and follow them to the hospital auditorium. The audience is far larger than expected. The player is strapped down, the electrodes applied and the player can now choose which parasites to remove - the player may either choose to remove only one parasite of their choice, or remove all the parasites on their body (only slime/urchin).

The procedure is very arousing - the tingly feeling is not mild at all, and the player will climax at least once. Regardless, it will end in 10 minutes, with Harper trying to turn the machine off. There is a 10% chance for the machine to malfunction - it will start surging power through the player, causing them to orgasm until they pass out (note that this does not count to ruin the feats which require the player not to pass out).

The player will wake up to a non-consensual encounter with a nurse. Regardless of how it ends, the player will not be back in the hospital (only with their clothes ruined). However, if bestiality is enabled, there is a 20% chance for them to be abducted, waking up in a dark room on a metal surface. Here, the player may climb down to the water which they notice, head down the corridor or squeeze through the hole.

  • In the water, some wolves will enter a non-consensual encounter with the player. After the encounter, the player may be assaulted by dolphins as well, but regardless, they will end up in the commercial drain system.
  • In the corridor, the player will come across a door. Wolves will be released behind them. There is a 20% chance for the door to open, otherwise, it will be blocked by a lock of random difficulty. Only maximum skulduggery will guarantee to open it, but it can be possible at any level. If the player opens the door, they will exit the building and enter Nightingale Street. Otherwise, they will enter a non-consensual encounter with the wolves.
    • Regardless of how the player handles this encounter, they will pass out (this time "for real"). This has a chance for them to simply wake up in a hospital bed, or for this entire loop to repeat itself.
  • Squeezing through the hole will only be successful if the player has a tiny body, with the player exiting in the commercial alleyways. Otherwise, they will get stuck and enter a non-consensual encounter with the wolves.
    • Regardless of how the player handles this encounter, they will pass out (this time "for real"). This has a chance for them to simply wake up in a hospital bed, or for this entire loop to repeat itself.

Harper has the player get naked, straps them down and applies the electrodes. Like in the free procedure, the player can now choose which parasites to remove - only one parasite of their choice, or all the parasites on their body (only slime/urchin).

The procedure is very arousing - the tingly feeling is not mild at all, and the player may climax multiple times. Regardless, it will end in 10 minutes, completely successful.

Chastity Parasites

Parasites can get stuck if the player is wearing a chastity belt. This usually comes about if the player encounters a swarm and the creatures involved (eels, fish, spiders, etc) manage to get past the belt. The player will feel the creatures squirming in their vagina (if female PC) or lower intestines (if anal shield is present).

These parasites cannot be removed by Harper. Instead, the player must return to the Temple, located on Wolf Street, and visit Jordan, where a new option will appear: "Have parasites removed". This costs £20.

The player explains their parasite problem to Jordan. The player enters a small room, away from others. Jordan tells them to undress to gain access to the belt. Jordan watches the player undress before kneeling and pressing a small device against the belt. It activates, sending an electric jolt through the player's body, and knocking them to the ground. The parasites will fall to the floor afterwards. Jordan tells the player to return if they have any further problems.

Maggot Parasites

Maggots can be removed by simply washing them off in water, similarly to lewd fluids like semen or slime. Unlike those, simply going for a swim will not affect these parasites though.

The easiest option is to have the player bathe in the Orphanage bathroom, or have a shower in one of various safehouses, such as the Brothel.

Ear Slime

An Ear Slime is a very difficult parasite to remove, so it is best to avoid getting it in the first place. It should also be noted that it should be removed as soon as possible; waiting may make its removal very challenging.

First, the player must visit Harper at the Hospital on Nightingale Street and choose the option: "Inquire about body parasite removal"

The player describes their symptoms to Harper, and in response they assume that the player is hallucinating and direct them over to the temple. The player will return to the foyer with an idea of where to go to next.

At the Temple, the player must approach Jordan and inquire about the ear slime parasite problem. They end the wild goose chase by telling the player about the final step required to remove this nasty parasite - the player must head to the Forest Lake Ruins, hidden deep within the Forest Lake. During a blood moon (this will not occur otherwise, and the player will be unable to remove the parasite), the player must lay down on the altar within. It should be noted that Jordan specifically warns against doing this, by saying that heading to the forest alone is a bad idea. The player should do exactly that, making sure the "plinth room" area is unlocked beforehand for the parasite removal to work.

After the player does the above, a crack will reveal itself on the floor, letting in red light. The slime parasite will react accordingly, diving into a hole that opens up and vanishing after it covers itself back up again. Be advised that once the parasite removal is over, dozens of tentacles will surround the player, forming a prison - this initiates a non-consensual tentacle encounter.

Regardless of how the encounter goes, the player will now be free from the dangerous ear slime - its influence no longer lingering within the player's mind.


  • Although it is somewhat commonly believed that urchin parasites change body part sensitivity, this was confirmed by Vrelnir, the game's founder, to not be the case.
    • This leaves pill overdose as the only way to increase body part sensitivity with no way to turn them back to normal.

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