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With specific requirements, the player has the ability to get themselves pregnant through parasitic spawn. There are a few ways to achieve this. These require the player to enable specific toggles in Settings.

While the player's method of getting pregnant with a parasite will vary, it will ultimately lead to similar results.


For male players, Anal must be enabled in Settings. For female and hermaphrodite players, they can also be vaginally impregnated with a parasite if they are not currently undergoing regular pregnancy. Note that vaginal parasitic pregnancy will prevent future regular pregnancy until the parasite is removed.

The player can trigger parasitic pregnancy in one of three possible ways:

  1. Tentacle encounters. Tentacles must be enabled in Settings. Enter a tentacle encounter, either through consensual or non-consensual means.
    To find tentacles, visit this page: Tentacles
  2. Swarm encounters. Swarms must be enabled in Settings. Enter a swarm encounter.
    To find swarms, visit this page: Swarms
  3. Struggle encounters. Wasps, Bees, Slugs, or Bestiality must be enabled in Settings. Enter a struggle encounter.
    To find these, visit any of these pages: Wasps, Bees, Slugs, Lurkers

Toggles can be enabled all at once, or one at a time if trying for a specific spawn.

Should the player want to avoid parasitic pregnancy, they can buy anti-parasite cream from the hospital pharmacy, which will prevent parasitic pregnancy for 14 days upon application.


To get yourself pregnant, the player must achieve one of several things, dependent on what creatures they are interacting with. More information below, divided into four sub-sections.

After the player is impregnated, they will receive several prompts indicating the stage of their parasitic pregnancy over the course of several days, sometimes stretching into weeks.

Note that parasitic pregnancy will take place over the course over several days. It is not instantaneous.


First, direct a certain type of tentacle (depends on the variant - see below) towards your ass or vagina, and try to get it to penetrate. Once penetrated, the player will get the prompt that "something about it scares you" if it was the correct tentacle. If the tentacle is allowed to continue after that, another prompt will appear on the next turn saying that it pumps a viscous fluid "alongside something else", indicating that the player has been impregnated.

As stated, a tentacle's ability to impregnate the player is dependent on its description. "Thick" and "large" tentacles are both capable of parasitic impregnation. Those two descriptions can be present on all four tentacle variants (see the following page for more information on tentacle variants), though the more unique types of tentacles have their own descriptors.

Tentacles that can impregnate the player are as follows:

  • All types: Thick, Large
  • Plant: Flowering, Blooming, Pistil
  • Metallic: Labelled
  • Pale: Ghostly, Cloudy, Iridescent

Note that tentacles will automatically fertilize their own eggs, along with any other unfertilized eggs the player may already have.


Swarms may be tricky to leave their spawn behind. For easier results, cover everything except the vagina/ass to force the swarm to go to the player's vagina/ass. It may also be easier if the player is naked before-hand. There's an odd chance when they crawl into the player, they will receive a prompt stating that they go "even deeper" before proceeding to leave behind something - an egg, although unfertilized in its current state. However, it is important to note that the player will need something else to fertilize them.


For best results, ignore the creature attached to your vagina/ass and focus on the others to avoid passing out from stress. It will destroy any clothing on its way in. Starting this encounter without wearing lower clothes is recommended for this, although it can be particularly dangerous in the case of the slugs.

Once the creature penetrates the player, it will continue thrusting for several turns before the player eventually gets the prompt that it's appendage "expands again" and that it "left something behind." This means that the player has been impregnated, though the egg will still need to be fertilized.


These creatures are a unique type of encounter. When clearing the yard or tending crops at Alex's farm, the player may spot something dark - that will suddenly leap towards the player! For best results on triggering lurkers to appear, arrive from 6AM onwards and choose to clean the yard, since this action has a much higher chance of having a lurker attack the player.

To start the encounter, the player will need to fail the dodging dance check, and/or stand still and allow it to attach to the face, the latter of which has a Deviancy 4 requirement. As expected, the lurker will attach to the player's face and, if allowed, will shove its appendage down the player's throat - growing larger as it enters and pumping lewd fluids inside.

The appendage may expand again soon after, noting that the "extra pressure disappears quickly" and that it "left something behind." This egg will already be fertilized, so there is no need to get something else to fertilize it for you.

You may also encounter a lurker by exploring the Moor. The lurkers here arrive in larger swarms and can impregnate the player in the same way as before.

Lurkers are the only creature that can "impregnate" the player orally, making it unique in its own right.


Aside from the fact that plantpeople can impregnate the player via tentacles, they can also impregnate the player via regular sex. Note that this only works if their penis is in the largest possible size. Since it works the same way as being impregnated by their tentacles, they will automatically fertilize their own eggs, as well as other eggs in the player.

Fertilizing Unfertilized Eggs

To fertilize spawn eggs, the player will need to obtain semen. Any creature that provides it will do, both human NPCs and non-human beasts such as wolves. Simply have someone penetrate and then ejaculate inside the player.

If unable to trigger the first stage of pregnancy where the player feels light-headed, this is usually because the player must wait a few days for the semen to properly inseminate and fertilize. Remain patient until then.

Stages of Pregnancy

There are three different stages of parasitic pregnancy. These are listed in order below.

  1. Stage 1: "You feel a little lightheaded for a moment." 
    This prompt ​​​​​​may take up to a week of in-game time to appear after you have been impregnated.
  2. Stage 2: "Your stomach rumbles a little. You hope the noise hasn't attracted any attention."
    This prompt may take up to two or more days after the first initial stage.
  3. Stage 3: "You feel something move around in your stomach. Might be best to go to the hospital."
    This prompt may take up to approximately three or more days after the second stage.
    May also happen instantaneously the next day after reaching Stage 2.

Upon reaching the third and final stage of pregnancy, the player is informed that it may be best to see the doctor at the Hospital. The prompt will repeat daily until the player heads over there, adding a large amount of Arousal and Stress to daily stats.

Seeing Doctor Harper

Enter the Hospital and choose the "Inquire about movement in your stomach" option.

The player will be referred to Harper, who will ask the player about their problem. They place their stethoscope close to the player's stomach, and listens in. After which they will move away from the player, and inform them that they have a "parasite problem". Harper explains further, stating that the parasites are using the player as part of their reproductive cycle, but nonetheless reassures the player that the parasites are in fact harmless and will remove themselves automatically when ready.

Harper will then instruct the player on how to birth the spawn, giving the player the option required to birth them later onwards when they are ready.

Before the player leaves the room, Harper explains how species like this are of "scientific interest" and asks the player if they are interested in making a bit of money in exchange for them. This opens up another ability to now sell the birthed spawn to Harper. Harper asks the player if there is anything else, to which the player shakes their head. They bid the player farewell as they take their leave.

Delivering Spawn

If you head to your bedroom within the Orphanage, a new option appears allowing you to examine a "Tiny Fish Tank". It states how the player currently has no children inside the fish tank. Within the first eight hours after visiting the hospital, selecting the tank will only give the message:

"You don't think your parasite children in your anus are ready for delivery."

Wait approximately eight hours or more of in-game time for this prompt to appear:

"You feel one of your children move around in your stomach."

This adds a large amount to Arousal and Stress, but will grant a new option for the player to attempt to deliver the spawn. Choose to do so. Following the directions given to the player by Harper, the player will get themselves into position and do as instructed, attempting to deliver the spawn.

Depending on the creature that impregnated the player, the offspring will follow suit.

Congratulations! It's a boy, or a girl. At least, it should be.. However, there is an alternative gender that can be obtained, more information provided in the next section.

At this point, the player can either choose to keep the spawn, or sell it to Harper. If the player has delivered multiple spawn, the player can choose to keep one parasite spawn and sell the rest, or, should the player wish to rid themselves of their spawn, they can transfer it for selling later on.

Should the player not have the right amount of storage for the selected amount, they will receive a prompt that will instruct the player to replace parasites that are otherwise already present. Please note that if going with this latter route, be sure to check up on the Fish Tank every now and then to make sure the children has what it needs to survive.

Hermaphrodite Parasite

If the player is lucky (or unlucky) something large will be felt moving around in their stomach. This will require them to visit the Hospital once more. Upon seeing Harper, they state that the situation is strange, but there isn't anything to be alarmed about - all the while stumbling on their words.

Harper explains to the player they have an unusual parasite that contains both sex organs. It also has the ability to mate with itself. They tell the player that a special procedure would need to be done in the Hospital to remove it, but until then the player is to continue to birth it's potential offspring.

There are various effects it has on the player:

  • Cannot be delivered without the help of Harper, unlike usual spawn pregnancies.
  • Has the unique ability to multiply, giving birth to even more spawn that the player will also have to deliver.

The hermaphrodite will eventually birth it's offspring once it is ready. The time it takes for it to birth the offspring is determined on how long it took for the hermaphrodite to grow inside the player. If it took a while to grow, it will take longer to birth offspring - and vice versa for a shorter growth period. It may take up to a few weeks for the hermaphrodite to birth it's offspring, even with the optimal growth period.

Hermaphrodite Removal

Upon inquiring about the offspring again, the player has a new option: "Inquire about parasite hermaphrodite removal"

Harper instructs the player to undress and lay down on top of the table in front of them. They say that things will be easier if the player remains still as they tie down your shoulders and wrists with straps. They pull out a smooth white rod with a round ball on one end from a drawer, pushing the thin end against the player's bottom. Instructing the player to relax their body, they are able to slide in the rod without pain as if it was lubricated beforehand. Harper then twists the other side, with the player feeling it pulsing inside.

The pulsing increases in intensity until Harper eventually eases out the parasite, wrapped around the end of the rod. They take the parasite and place it into an opaque container, before sealing it tightly.

Selling Spawn

Should the player find their spawn offspring is at any point not suitable for keeping, they can choose to sell them for cash. This is easily done over at the player's fish tank, in which they have the option to transfer all critters for selling as previously mentioned.

Alternatively, upon giving birth to multiple offspring, the player has the option to sell all offspring on hand here and there, or alternatively keep offspring that is selected and sell the rest as previously mentioned once again.

Otherwise, the player has one final option to visit Harper at the Hospital and inquire on selling offspring that the player is currently carrying. Doing so has the player earn a good amount of money each time they sell, with Harper making a comment that the community thanks the player for doing this.


A spawn's value is determined by a "growth" stat, which is unrelated to activity. This stat determines how long it takes for them to be ready to be birthed. The longer it takes them to be ready, the more expensive they will turn out when selling them.

For example, a very rare activity parasite which comes out in a week would be worth more than a perfect activity parasite which came out in only two or three days.



Successfully delivering parasite spawn will grant the player with the "Parasite Mother" trait.

  • Parasite Mother - You have given birth to little critters.

Requirement: Give birth to three critters. Will be acquired the next time the player is impregnated after requirements are met.

  • Parasite Broodmother - You've become host to an endless number of little critters.

Requirement: Can only be obtained while the player possesses the Hermaphrodite parasite.

Clarification: Replaces the initial "Parasite Mother" trait. It will revert back to that trait when the hermaphrodite parasite is removed.

Having either of these traits will increase the maximum number of parasitic pregnancies the player can have at once. Without any traits, the player can only have one parasite. With the Parasite Mother trait, the maximum is increased to 2 parasites, and with the Parasite Broodmother trait, the maximum is increased to 4 for the orifice pregnant with the hermaphrodite parasite (Including the hermaphrodite parasite required to get the trait, leaving three available). Removing the hermaphrodite parasite removes the slots. Each orifice is tacked separately, up to a theoretical maximum of eight slots. Only the most advanced trait will display in the status screen.

Raising Spawn

Offspring Variants

Parasite spawn come in various forms, a list is provided below. 17 total, most required for the feat Broodmother Zoologist (from pale slime/ pale tentacle only 1 is required).

  • Eel 2
  • Slime 1
  • Pale Slime 4
  • Worm 1 2
  • Tentacle 1
  • Metal Tentacle 1
  • Pale Tentacle 4
  • Vine 5
  • Snake 2
  • Fish 2
  • Spider 1
  • Wasp 2 3
  • Bee 1
  • Slug 1
  • Lurker 1 3
  • Squid 3
  • Maggot 2

1. Requires their respective toggles to be enabled
2. Requires Swarms to be enabled
3. Requires Bestiality to be enabled
4. Variant of slime/tentacle offspring; given by the Ivory Wraith's pale slimes/tentacles
5. Variant of tentacle offspring; given by plant tentacles and Plantpeople

Most variants will require the Swarms toggle to be enabled, with Spiders also requiring the obligatory Spiders toggle to be enabled, as expected. Giant Wasps and Slugs also have their own toggle that must be enabled, although those creatures as well as Lurkers do not require Swarms to be enabled.

As aforementioned, spawn will turn out as male or female upon birth. Once the player gains the Parasite Mother trait, spawn will also have a chance to be a hermaphrodite instead.


Types of spawn come with various effects when you check on them each day. All types of spawn will lower the player's stress and trauma (the amount is determined by the spawn's activity rating), but certain types have additional effects.

For instance, slime spawn raise Purity. Worm spawn will lower Purity. The amount of Purity gained or lost is not determined by the spawn's activity level, and is instead a fixed value of 0.5 Purity per spawn, rounded down. (For example, a tank full of five slimes will give 2 purity)

While tentacle spawn cannot affect purity on their own, they can if combined with other spawn - depending on which the player has more of. To sum things up, if the player has tentacles combined with slimes, they will give Purity. If a tentacle spawn is combined with a worm spawn, they will lower Purity.

In addition, tentacle spawn will also lower the player's fatigue by a small amount, determined by their activity.

Where to Get Them

With the advent of the Broodmother Zoologist feat, it has become important to know where the best places to enable a parasitic pregnancy are (Big thanks to stale sandwich for the list).

  • Tentacles:
    • Tentacle Plains (It should be noted that unless the player has the Demon Transformation, these encounters will very likely be nonconsensual)
    • Random events at night on the Town streets (Higher Allure causes higher chances)
    • Random events in the Sewers
    • Random events in the Ocean
  • Vines:
  • Metal Tentacles:
  • Pale Tentacles/Pale Slimes (Player only needs one of these to check off the "Pale" variant requirement):
  • Fish:
  • Bees:
  • Wasps
  • Maggots:
  • Snakes:
    • Post-Vore Event in the Forest (Player must be eaten by a Giant Snake)
    • Brothel weekly show (Creatures)(Requires Deviancy 5)
  • Spiders:
  • Eels:
    • Random event in the Ocean
    • Brothel weekly show (Creatures)(Requires Deviancy 5)
  • Squids:
    • Random event in the Ocean
  • Slugs:
  • Worms:
    • Brothel weekly show (Creatures)(Requires Deviancy 5)
    • Random event when hiding in a crate in the park
    • Rare event at science class
  • Slimes:
    • Random event in the Orphanage Bath (requires the player to have the Uncontrolled Hallucinations trait)
    • Random events in the Sewers
    • Random event while operating the Hookah Parlour
    • The Rut in the Prison
  • Lurkers:


Offspring activity determines, and describes, how often parasite spawn move around. It will vary depending on RNG, more specifically the activity level upon its birth.

Consider the activity level to be an overall representation of its statistics. The better the activity, the higher the value critters are worth when selling them off. In addition, they will give more of a daily boost every day. Offspring spawn will follow a set activity level.

Activity is colour-coded by severity from top to bottom. A rare activity (pink) gives spawn little worth, for instance. Meanwhile, a good activity will give spawn value.

  • Less than 60: Perfect activity
  • 60-70: Amazing activity
  • 71-100: Good activity
  • 101-150: Decent activity
  • 151-200: Okay activity
  • 201-250: Poor activity
  • 250-300: Rare activity
  • 300+: Very rare activity

Obtaining "Perfect Activity"

Given enough luck, the player can obtain a "perfect activity" offspring from all types of parasitic spawn, provided it is a spawn from a hermaphrodite parasite. The breakdown is shown above, but it means that without modifiers it is impossible to obtain perfect activity. However, as hinted, there are ways to bring the offspring's speed down to make perfect activity more likely.

  • Herm parasites give their own offspring a 0.8 modifier, and all offsprings from one herm parasite have the same activity level
  • Tentacle offspring have a 0.9 modifier
  • Pale offspring have a 0.6 modifier
    • Note: The Tentacle modifier and the Pale modifier do not stack with each other. The Pale modifier takes priority. They do, however, stack with the herm modifier.
  • Lurker offspring will either lower their speed by 50 three times or will stop once their speed dips below 100

With these modifiers in mind, it is easiest to obtain a Perfect offspring if it's pale and from a herm, but simply rolling the dice and getting a herm parasite by itself is enough to tilt the odds more in the player's favor.

Pregnancy Pond

Alternatively, the player can choose to give birth to parasite spawn within a pond at the Forest Lake waterfall area. If the player examines the pond at any point, a prompt may appear that the player currently has no parasites/spawn inside the pond if they have not delivered birth here, otherwise spawn will become manageable in this location.

While the pond functions similarly to the bedroom fish tank, there are some key differences:

  • It is not upgradeable. Pet Shop upgrades cannot be used on the pond.
  • Critters can survive up to 31 days maximum.
  • The player can birth up a total of three creatures here over the course of their playthrough.

Consider this an alternative method of delivering and raising spawn should the player wish to avoid the Orphanage for whatever reason, and/or if the player finds themselves struggling with money and be unable to purchase and manage upgrades from the Pet Shop.

Both the pregnancy pond and bedroom fish tank are useable at the same time, no restrictions are in place for having to choose one or the other. If the player finds that they are running out of space in their fish tank in the bedroom, it may be a good idea to trek over to the lake pond for further spawn storage.

Fish Tank

This is where birthed spawn are stored and raised. The player will start out with a "Tiny Fish Tank", automatically given to the player by Doctor Harper. This can be upgraded - for a price.

Pet Shop

The pet shop houses all necessary needs. This includes fish tank capacity, food upgrades and decoration upgrades respectively. It can be found on the first floor of the Shopping Centre.

Bought items will be delivered to the player's bedroom. Head back there to inspect purchases. It should be noted that the player does not need to buy each upgrade in order. Should the player have sufficient money for purchasing, they are able to instantaneously skip to the maximum tank upgrade.

Increasing Fish Tank Capacity

Fish tank upgrades allows the player to increase amount of spawn the player can hold at any given time within the tank.

  1. Small: Costs £200. Holds a max capacity of 2. The player will be stuck with this tank until they obtain the special "Parasite Mother" trait.
  2. Normal: Costs £500. Holds a max capacity of 3.
  3. Large: Costs £1,000. Holds a max capacity of 4.
  4. Huge: Costs £5,000. Holds a max capacity of 5.

Should the player have the highest capacity tank, a prompt will state that they have the best tank available.

Food Upgrade

After getting at least the first (small) fish tank upgrade, the player has the option of purchasing food upgrades as well. These have the ability to extend the amount of time they can survive without the player's attention - otherwise, they are prone to starvation, and subsequent death!

  1. None: The default, they can survive for 3 days without attention.
  2. Small: Costs £500. They can survive for 7 days without attention.
  3. Normal: Costs £1,500. They can survive for 14 days without attention.
  4. Large: Costs £7,500. They can survive for 30 days without attention.

Should the player have the most expensive food upgrade, a prompt will state that they have the best feeder available.

Decoration Upgrade

These upgrades boost the stat boost by a percentage from looking after parasite spawn. They require the large tank upgrades.

  1. None: The default. 100% base stat boost.
  2. Standard: Costs £5,000. 125% base stat boost.
  3. Exotic: Costs £15,000. 150% base stat boost.

Should the player have the most expensive decoration upgrade, a prompt will state that they have the best decorations available.

Parasite Barn

Once the player has given birth to parasites at least once, and has gained joint ownership of Alex's farm, the player can build a parasite barn there. This costs £5000, takes two weeks to build, and the parasites birthed there can survive about 15 days. Once the player accumulates £20000, they can expand the barn for more space, which takes a week to build and will extend the survivability of barn parasites up to 31 days.


While parasite spawn may be considered supernatural, they are still subject to mortality. As such, the player must treat them with care and tend to their needs. To make sure they are doing well, examine the fish tank in your bedroom. This has the player check up on the spawn, making sure they have everything they need inside the tank - this will mitigate some of the player's negative stats, such as Stress.

Parasite spawn can survive for up to several days without the player's attention and without any food upgrades. Once those days are up, they will automatically die from neglect. As a consequence of the player's actions, they will be forced to bury their own spawn, adding a large amount to your Stress.

It is essential to check up on the tank every now and then to make sure the spawn do not die off. Every day is ideal, but every two in-game days will work as well. Otherwise, an Automatic Feeder may be a worthy investment to be installed into the tank, for feeding children automatically without the need for checking up on them.

Kylar's Involvement

Kylar may offer to care for the player's birthed parasites at some point, should the player have progressed enough (in the Love stat) with Kylar. However, it should be noted that letting them take care of the spawn will lower Love.

A small note will be attached to the tank, with the letter "K" written on it. It appears to the player that someone (which in this case, Kylar) has been making sure that they are properly being looked after. Furthermore, it is stated that the player should be careful, as they might not receive help next time.

Parasite Notebook

The player can acquire a notebook to record the various offspring they produce. This is essential for acquiring the feat "Broodmother Zoologist". In order to acquire it, the player must first have birthed at least 4 different types of parasites. To reiterate, the player has to birth 4 types of parasites, not 4 parasites total. Once they have, the player will become curious about the many types of parasites they have and coming to the conclusion Dr. Harper may be able to help.

Harper will approve of the player's curiosity and show them a popular reference guide among scientists about the parasite. They will be unable to lend it to the player, however, since it's hospital property. They will advise the player to possibly pick up something from the Pet Shop or just get a notebook and fill out the information themself. After this the player can go to the Pet Shop on High Street and buy a notebook for £20. After that, the player can record their findings on their parasites.

  • Slimes of any kind raise purity by a small amount when checking on them.
  • Worms lower purity by a small amount when checking on them.
  • Tentacles of any kind lower fatigue when checking on them. They can also raise or lower purity, depending on what other parasites are present. Currently, they're lowering purity. They are more likely to have better activity than other parasites.
  • Vines have the same effect as tentacles.
  • Lurkers are more likely to have better activity, but take longer to birth and sell for less. They do not have any other notable traits.
  • Wasps, Bees, Eels, Fish, Squids, Slugs, Maggots, Spiders and Snakes do not have any notable traits.
  • Pale parasites have larger bonuses than other parasites, and also afflict you with hallucinogens.
  • Metal parasites do not have any notable differences compared to ordinary parasites.


  • Parasitic Pregnancy is among the few toggles that require multiple toggles to function, others being Spiders and Double Anal.
  • When impregnated with a Vine, there is a 1% chance the player will be impregnated with a Vine Vine instead. This is an easter egg refencing an early bug in a plantpeople update. Vine Vine is not required to obtain the "Broodmother Zoologist" feat.

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