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The park is a location in town.

How to Enter

The park can be entered from the alternate routes in High Street, Starfish Street and Nightingale Street.


  • The player can go for runs in the park during the day to increase their athletics and possibly trigger some events, such as coming across certain Named NPCs while on a run. At night, the player has the option to go for a run nude.
  • There are bathroom stalls that the player can enter to either masturbate, or hide in (if they are exposed, for example) but if they are caught entering one that doesn't match their outward perception, a bystander will watch as this happens, stating to the player they saw them go in there and call them a pervert, resulting in the player being attacked.
  • Whipped cream can be obtained and "worn" when the player is under the threat of public exposure. Choosing to run with whipped cream on to cover themselves in the park during the day also opens up some interesting possibilities. As the player moves, the cream will come off, revealing more of the player's exposed body. Running out of cream may prove to be dangerous. This scenario is related to the "A Thunderous Response" discovery feat.

People of Interest

  • Kylar, found here sitting on a bench sketching something between 9AM to 6PM when school is not in session. This can be either during the school break or after school, or additionally on weekends if not raining.
  • Avery, one of their initial meeting events is tied to examining the park lichen.
  • Whitney can be found here after school if it is a rainy day

Places of Interest

  • Examine lichen for science project (can only be picked in the build-up to the Science Fair)
  • Men's toilets
  • Women's toilets
  • Go for a run (0:30) | + Fatigue | - Stress
  • Hide in a Crate (if naked)


  • Lichen

Park Lichen

The park is one of the locations where the player can find lichen for their science fair project. It will be on a statue too far for the player to reach leaving them with the options of climbing up, asking for help or leaving.

Climbing up will attract the attention of people nearby and the police or cause the player to fall down to be caught by Avery. The police claiming the player is defacing the statue and come down. Avery will come and confront the police getting them to leave the player alone afterwards they will offer you help getting up and down to get the lichen.

Asking for help will have the player look around for someone to help until they find Avery who will lift the player up to the lichen.


Wild Dog

If the player passes out in the park it is possible they find themselves being dragged behind a bush by a dog that will attempt to molest them.

Down the Drain

While going for a run it is possible for the player to get dragged down into either the lake or sewer drain by a giant lizard.

Park Running

There are various events that can happen while the player goes for a run:

  • While running the player will notice a light flashing from bushes and the player has the option to pose if their exhibitionism is high or run away. This is increases exhibitionism fame.
    • The player also has the possibility of stealing from them if their skulduggery is high enough.
  • Player stumbling across someone running a gloryhole from one of the toilets with a line wrapped around.
  • Strange people standing around an altar, in a clearing, staring at the player.
  • A sex show being preformed by a brothel worker under a gazebo.
  • While running naked it's possible to come across either Whitney, Leighton, Doren, Harper, Bailey.

Park restrooms

When night falls, players with at least Exhibitionism 4 are able to strip and wait inside one of the stall. This action will take (0:20). Someone will open the stall, sometimes with a friend not far. Depending on the player promiscuity, other options will be availabe ;

  • Tease
  • Masturbate | Exhibitionism 4
  • Offer oral | Promiscuity 3
  • Offer yourself | Promiscuity 5

Teasing will make your character rubbing against the person before leaving the stall. Be careful because the person can become angry and decide to assaut the player.

Masturbating will make the player please themselves in front of them. Beware as if the audience is not satisfied, they will take it up to the player and initiate a non-consenusal encounter.

Offering oral or yourself will lead to a consensual encounter, but like the other options, there is a risk that it turns non-consensual, depending on the mood of the person.


  • For a long time this was the only place to consistently interact with Kylar outside of school hours.


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