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There are four groups that make up named NPCs within Degrees of Lewdity - Love Interests, People of Interest, Special NPCs and Persistent NPCs.

This article will focus on People of Interest.


There are a total of eighteen different People of Interest for the player to visit. These can be met at their designated locations.

Their behaviour is determined by their character - every person of interest will treat the player differently. Some may be more cold towards them than others. Others will be much more kind to the player to begin with.

Unlike love interests, the player cannot be romantically involved with them, but certain people of interest may have statistics such as Love and Lust, carried over from love interests. However, they may offer some invaluable information, or otherwise help the player gain an advantage in places they are struggling with.

Potential Interests

A list of potential people of interest is listed below:


The player will have to meet the NPC first at their designated location before they are able to interact with them. A list is provided below.

People of Interest may share identical meeting places between each other.


These NPCs possess their own establishment, or play a major role in managing them.

  • Bailey - No meeting location required. The player will meet them upon starting a new game.
  • Charlie - Met at the Dance Studio when taking a class there.
  • Darryl - Met when asking for work at the Strip Club.
  • Harper - Met at either the Hospital, or Asylum if the player has enough Trauma.
  • Jordan - Met upon approaching the altar at the Temple.
  • Briar - Met upon discovering the Brothel.
  • Sam - Met when asking for work at the Café.
  • Landry - Met when entering the Pub.
  • Leighton - Met in their own office at the school, or alternatively at the Brothel on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Morgan - Met when discovering the Old Sewers.
  • Gwylan - Met when first entering the Forest Shop.
  • Niki - Met when first entering the Photography Studio; the player may be stopped on the street by them if their total Fame is 3000 or higher; during the player's time at the Underground Farm; at the Adult Shop Opening; or at the Lake Office.
  • Quinn - Met at the Cafe's reopening, or in the Mayor's Office if the player asks about an archeological field office.
  • Remy - Met at riding school, or upon being taken to the Underground Farm.
  • Wren - Found at Remy's Estate, when infiltrating the docks, in Prison, or at the Lake Office.
  • Zephyr - Met upon boarding their Pirate Ship.


These NPCs can be found at the local School on Oxford Street, and can usually be met on the first day of the school term.

  • Sirris - Met during the player's first Science class.
  • River - Met during the player's first Maths class, or alternatively at the Soup Kitchen.
  • Doren - Met during the player's first English class.
  • Winter - Met during the player's first History class, or alternatively at the Museum.
  • Mason - Met during the player's first Swimming class, or alternatively at the Forest Lake on weekends.


Unlike Love Interests, People of Interest will retain a somewhat stagnant personality. They tend to treat the player the same during any potential interactions.

There are some key exceptions to this rule, such as the teachers. These People of Interest will typically progress in the same vein that a love interest would. Others would treat the player differently depending on what the player thinks of them, or what they said.

A few examples of personality/behavioural changes for People of Interests are detailed below.

  • Doren: Allows the player to confide in them, giving them access to their flat after school any day.
  • Mason: Allows the player to spend some alone time with them at the lake, to the point where they show off something they would prefer not to.
  • Winter: Starts to see the player as an assistant, allowing them to partake in historical showcases.

Other examples may include these NPCs, determinant on the player's behaviour:

  • Charlie: Acts much more gentle towards shy/submissive PCs, wanting to break them out of their shell. Has a hint of jealousy and self-consciousness towards others.
  • Darryl: Sees the player as their own personal saviour, after a certain event.
  • Leighton: Sees the player as someone to manipulate for their own perverted desires, or alternatively someone to detest.


People of Interest each have set insecurities that are revealed when the player successfully uses the [Mock] or [Tease] option on them. These are in the code despite some of these NPCs not having any encounters. The Love Interests' insecurities can be found here. Below is a list of each People of Interest's insecurities.

  • Bailey - Strength
  • Briar - Looks
  • Charlie - Ethics
  • Darryl - Ethics
  • Doren - Ethics
  • Gwylan - Strength
  • Harper - Skill
  • Jordan - Ethics
  • Landry - Skill
  • Leighton - Skill
  • Mason - Ethics
  • Morgan - Strength
  • River - Ethics
  • Sam - Ethics
  • Sirris - Ethics
  • Winter - Skill
  • Niki - Skill
  • Quinn - Looks
  • Remy - Looks
  • Wren - Ethics
  • Ivory Wraith - Looks
  • Zephyr - Skill

NPC Opinions

People of Interest will have one line showing their relationship with the player on the Social screen.

  • NPC thinks you're adorable. High Love, High Dominance
  • NPC thinks you're inspiring. High Love, Low Dominance
  • NPC thinks you're delightful. High Love
  • NPC thinks you're pathetic. Low Love, High Dominance
  • NPC thinks you're irritating. Low Love, Low Dominance
  • NPC thinks you're terrible. Low Love
  • NPC thinks you're cute. High Dominance
  • NPC looks up to you. Low Dominance
  • NPC has no strong opinion of you.

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