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Editor's Note: Update to include the rest of the inmates, and the panty thief.

There are four groups that make up named NPCs within Degrees of Lewdity - Love Interests, People of Interest, Special NPCs and Persistent NPCs.

This article will focus on Persistent NPCs.


Persistent NPCs (short for Persistent Non-Named NPCs) are unique in that they are described as "sort of halfway between a generic NPC and named NPC."

There are seven persistent NPCs for the player to encounter. These NPCs can be met during specific events or areas - just like Special NPCs - and cannot be encountered elsewhere.

These NPCs can be modified in the Named NPC Settings tab, once met. All options in the section below ("Potential Interests") will be available in that menu.

Potential Interests

A list of persistent NPCs can be seen below:


The player will have to meet the NPC first during the certain event they appear. They are found in separate locations from each other.

  • Ivory Wraith - Awakens in the midnight of Halloween or met in a special interaction in the lake. Roams the world to toy with the player, or torment them should they take the Ivory necklace.
  • Night Monster - Reveals itself to the player once they find themselves roaming around town late at night. It has a tendency to lurk around the alleyways, though it can also be encountered while navigating the streets.
  • Watchtower Guard - Met at the Pub after being tasked to recruit a member of security to operate the watchtower, one of many defenses possible at Alex's Farm. Accessible after the player clears the fifth field.
  • Relaxed Guard - Met when the player is escorted by the boat to prison; one of the four guards in prison. Steers the boat to prison, supervises the laundry and decides the punishment for the player.
  • Anxious Guard - Met when the player is escorted by the boat to prison; one of the four guards in prison. Attends the spire, monitors the cameras, and hunts down the player should have they run off outside the cell during role call.
  • Veteran Guard - Met when the player is escorted by the boat to prison; one of the four guards in prison. Prostitutes the player when their attention is too high, due to Bailey's deal.
  • Methodical Guard - Met at the desk by the entrance of prison; one of the four guards in prison. Handles role call in the player's cell block, monitors the inmates in the canteen during meals, process any inbound or outgoing prisoners, and oversees the medical room.
  • Scarred Inmate - Met when the player is put in their cell gawking at the player then licking the bars before leaving. They serve as a way to avoid the veteran guard's attention events.
  • Office Manager- Met when the player accepts the Office Building Temp job on High Street. They are in charge of the Temps and keeping them content with their job. They will also rescue the player from nonconsensual situations in unique circumstances during work.


A trait unique to these NPCs is that they possess a randomly generated name and one of several possible personality types - whereas regular named NPCs will only have one set personality. As a result, not every experience with them will be the same - their dialogue towards the player will change, among other things. Like Special NPCs, they also cannot be romantically involved with the player.

How they generally treat the player is based on their personality type.

In the Watchtower Guard's case, they have four unique personality types: Relaxed, Sociable, Brooding, Perverted. Their type determines the difficulty of them being able to be seduced by the player, with Perverted being the easiest.

In the Prison Guards' case, their personality are described from their general name. For instance, the "Relaxed Guard" will of course have a relaxed nature to them, and the "Methodical Guard" is a rational thinker.

In the Prison Inmates' case, this is very much the same, and their personality is also described from their general name. The scarred inmate for instanceacts similar to Whitney, except they toy with the player in exchange for the player's protection against the Veteran Guard.


  • Taken from Vrelnir's Blogspot, found here:
    • "I've included an experiment, a persistent generic NPC you can hire for your farm to help with security. They have a name, and different lines depending on personality. They're sort of halfway between a generic NPC and named NPC. I'm unsure if it's a route I want to continue down. Keeping names restricted to full NPCs keeps things tidy. On the other hand, there's something to be said for NPCs who don't melt into the ether once the game's done with them."
  • Randomly-generated names are taken from a long list of male or female names in a .twee file.

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