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The Nightingale Photography Studio, otherwise referred to as simply the "photo studio" for short, is one of several unlockable locations the player can visit. It is located on the aforementioned Nightingale Street, just opposite to the nearby Hospital.

It is owned by Niki An unlockable location, it offers exhibitionistic players a means to sell their body for vast amounts of cash.

How to Enter

There are two ways to enter a career as a model.

  1. Progress far enough in the Cafe Campaign for Sam to propose a photoshoot, triggered upon creating 200+ buns.
  2. Accrue a large amount of Fame - specifically, 3000 total points of it. The player's exact levels of fame can be checked in the "Extra Stats" tab of the Statistics Menu. Both positive fames (Kindness, Business, Socialite and Combat) and negative fames (Exhibitionism, Sex, Rape, Prostitution and Bestiality/Monster People) will contribute to this total. Once the requirement has been met, the player may run into Niki on the town streets, whereupon they'll be invited to the studio.

After completing either of the aforementioned requirements, the player can then go to Nightingale Street during the day (i.e. between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM) to visit Niki's studio.

First Steps

The player arrives at the studio, banging the heavy knocker against the door until Niki arrives.

  • Defiant: "You're looking for models," you say. "Got any work?"
  • Neutral: "I'm looking for work," you say.
  • Submissive: "A-are you looking for models?" you ask.

Niki opens the door in response, inviting the player inside, until they arrive in a small office. The wall behind the desk is covered in photos, "most of them suggestive, but all tasteful."

"Studio's upstairs," he/she says, removing the white stick from his/her mouth and flicking it into a bin. "A photoshoot takes three hours. You get paid upfront. £450 per shoot." He/She gestures at the wall behind him/her. "This is the sort of thing we do."

To this, the player can either accept or refuse. Neither choice has any lasting consequences - even refusing allows the player to come back later should they reconsider their offer - but accepting off the bat will raise Niki's Love by a small amount.

In any case, the player can now return to the studio via Nightingale Street at any point during its operating hours, taking on weekly work as a model.

Persons of interest

  • Niki - The owner and photographer.
  • Briar - Them can be found in one of the times the player go work there. When the player arrive, Briar is exiting and say them are not surprised for see them there. Them then laugh and say to the player for don't worry, and leave.


Cafe Photoshoot

Sam will approach the player, wanting to have the young chef responsible for the buns used all over the cafe's advertising. Choose to accept this offer, in which Sam will tell the player the photographer just called. They have provided an address for them and the player to meet up. Sam says they have a photography studio on Nightingale Street, just opposite of the Hospital.

Upon arriving at the photography studio, Niki will already be there waiting for the player, judging by the door swinging open as they are about to knock. The player is then introduced to Niki, who gives the player a good look over before holding out their hand, telling them the studio is ready. Niki will lead the player into a large room with a white screen, with a single camera on standby. Niki asks the player if they have done this before as they fiddle around with the camera, in which the player shakes their head. Niki instructs the player to dress into a chef's apron and hat.

The player stands in front of the camera while they await Niki's instructions. It's noted that Niki will only talk to either give instructions or advice to the player. If the player chooses to add their own flair to the mix, Niki will seem neither impressed nor bothered by this, strangely enough.

Niki will return a short while after with various kitchen utensils, with them wanting the player to pose themselves holding them up. When they're almost done, Niki says they just need the "money shot". This entails the player getting a bit messy, so Niki left it for last. They then place a pot of cream onto the oven, instructing the player to getting a ladle full of cream, then pouring it over their chest while they pull a happy yet sheepish expression. The pose is explained through having the player imagining themselves in the middle of - as Niki calls it - a "silly accident." The player does just that, meanwhile Niki snaps more pictures of the player. They go on to ask if the player could play with the cream a little, which the player does, getting cream on their hands and face.

Eventually, Niki will finish their photography session, telling the player it was a pleasure working with them and to give Sam their regards.

Fallen Screen

After wrapping up a modeling session, there's a chance the dressing screen will fall when undressing, exposing the player to the room (+ Trauma | + Stress). The player notices the light on the tripod camera is still green, before Niki rushes over and fixes the screen.

Guest Audience

Sometimes when the player model for Niki, there will be another person sitting to one side of the studio. "Photoshoots are sometimes observed by others in the industry," they say. "It's normal. You get an extra £50 per person. There'll be more interest as you become better known."

  • Continue with audience
  • Refuse an audience | - Love
    • Niki nods, and points at the door. The guest complains, but doesn't argue as they traipse out.

If they player refuses, they continue to model like normal and the event ends. If the player agrees, Niki will step out of the room for a moment. If the player agrees the audience member will be present for the rest of the modeling session.

If the player has already encountered the curtain falling event, this scene will progress further. Niki will step out of the room for a moment to their office, taking their smaller camera but leaving the tripod. The guest will notice the tripod camera and plug a cable from their phone into the camera

  • Protest
  • Remain Silent

Regardless your reply, the guest looks through the camera. A grin lights up their face "There's an interesting clip here. The screen falls while you're getting changed!" The guest looks up at the player. "I know your type. Such a tease. Well, here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna do whatever Niki asks of you. If you don't, I'm uploading this footage. You go to the nearby school right? I'll post it where your friends will be sure to see it. Got it?"

  • Nod
  • Plead
  • Remain silent
  • Fight
    • Results in the player fighting the guest. Winning either through beating the guest or making them orgasm has the player delete the footage, just as Niki returns. Having observed the scene, the guest is removed from the studio. Being overwhelmed by pain has the guest upload the footage to the internet before being removed from the studio.

Choosing any option besides fight results in the guest being interrupted by a bang outside. They hasten back to their chair, phone in hand as Niki returns, carrying a stool ahead of them.

"Almost done," Niki says at last. They adjusts the lighting. "Some topless shots would be good. I'd double your fee. So it'd be £1000."

The seated guest leans forward in their chair, holding their phone and looking the player right in the eyes.

  • Refuse
  • Accept | + + Trauma | + + Stress

Niki pauses. "We could wrap it up here," they say. "But if you're down for shots in your underwear, I'll throw in another £400."

The seated guest still stares at the player, holding their phone, thumb ready to upload the evidence.

  • Refuse
  • Accept | + + Trauma | + + Stress

Niki examines the footage. "Could I tempt you to remove those lace panties?" they ask without looking. "There'll be an extra £500 in it."

The guest sits on the edge of her seat.

That doesn't sound any better than the evidence the taut woman is using to blackmail you.

  • Refuse
  • Accept | + + Trauma | + + Stress

Accepting all of Niki's requests results in £1900 and the footage being kept a secret as the guest leaves without incident.

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