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The pillory is one of few hidden quests within Degrees of Lewdity. It should be noted that while this does not count as a "quest" in the same vein as others are, it's behaviour is akin to one.

This quest is one of three potential punishments for getting caught partaking in Skulduggery, with the others being Community Service and the Prison.


There are two ways for the player to get sent to the pillory, both involving the player amassing a certain amount of Crime.

  • Have enough Crime to get arrested (at least 1000) while already serving an active sentence of Community Service.
  • Get arrested with 5000+ Crime, or choose to turn the player in at the Police Station with 6250+ Crime.

Note: If the player's Crime is above 5000 (or 6250, should they turn themselves in) and they've already been sent to the pillory at least once before, they'll instead be incarcerated in the local Prison. This applies to both of the aforementioned methods.


As punishment for their petty crimes, the police has locked the player into place at a pillory on Cliff Street. There, the player will face public humiliation for a determined amount of time. After this, they will be set free.


Getting Arrested

Following the prerequisites required, there is a chance the player will be arrested by the police, either on an open street or in the Hospital after fainting and waking up there. They will ask the player to go along with them. The player can attempt to run (Crime) or go quietly. Running away successfully will temporarily evade them, otherwise the player gets caught and arrested anyway. Deciding to go quietly has the player sit in the car with two officers and be then given two more options. They can seduce the officers into letting them go (Promiscuity 2, overall attractiveness and seduction level of S). One partner will always be willing (in order to save paperwork), but the other one will be hesitant. Having sex with them will avoid any further punishment at that time. Failing this or deciding to sit quietly, the player will be brought to the station.

For those who want to end up in the pillory, for whatever reason, they may instead turn themselves in at the Police Station. This functions the identically to an arrest, and will result in the player serving time in the pillory if they meet the requirements.

In the station, they will sit in a cell for an hour, while the police officers decide on their punishment; if the player's Crime is high enough, they'll eventually decide on "public humiliation". The player is bound and given a collar and while being led to the pillory, the player has one final chance to try to break free (Crime) or let themselves be fixed in place, thus beginning the punishment. Trying to break free initiates combat with one officer, however it might be difficult to escape for weaker/smaller built characters, since the player's arms are bound. Losing has no further penalty.

Bear in mind that the pillory is not the only punishment the police have in store for criminals, though there are ways to guarantee that the player receives this particular punishment. Refer to the "Prerequisites" section above for more details.

Doing Time

The player will be locked into place at the pillory, and instructed to stay there between 9 and 27 hours (depending on their crime level, with less than 1500 corresponding to 9 hours and 4500 or more corresponding to 27). During that time, anyone who wants to abuse the player can do so, although people are hesitant at first. The longer the player is forced to stay, the more people will gather and begin bothering the player, the stages of which being as followed:

  • A few people stop to look at you but most just glance then continue with their business.
  • You've attracted a small crowd of onlookers.
  • You've attracted a growing crowd of onlookers.
  • A large group has gathered around you, big enough that the crowd itself is attracting more people to see what the fuss is about.
  • A large crowd has gathered around you. People throw jeers and insults your way.
  • A huge crowd has gathered around you. People jeer and insult you. Some throw litter.

When the player has a sexual experience on the pillory or is loud, the crowd can become larger (The crowd becomes larger and bolder). The crowd can also become smaller when someone trying to molest the player is defeated (The crowd becomes smaller and more cautious). If the player is exposed, then the larger the crowd, the faster their exhibitionism fame will go up (up to 30 every hour when genitalia is showing (+Trauma) and 10 if only underwear).

Eventually, the player is released by an officer (including the collar and bindings) and allowed to walk away (- Stress, 1000 points), leaving the onlookers behind in disappointment.

If the player has extremely high crime, this might not be enough to clear their slate and they might be arrested again a while after, as the pillory removes a fixed 5000 crime (though it does not go into negative numbers).

Public Danger

The danger of the pillory is calculated every hour by adding the audience size (1-6), how much the player is exposed (0-2) and a randomly generated number (0-9). These events all take one hour, therefore between 9 and 27 of them happen, depending on the length of the punishment.

  • If the player is exposed and the danger level is 7 or more, onlookers may take photos of them (+Trauma) or comment on their penis (only if completely naked). Note that as this is outside, this can even be from wet clothes, if it is raining and that this event does not pass 1 hour and therefore happens along with others.
  • If the danger level is 10 or more, there is a 50/50 chance for the player to be raped by a dog from behind (requires bestiality to be enabled) or by a person (both with an audience). Pleasing the assailant will increase deviancy or rape fame (up to 60 depending on audience size), whichever is appropriate. Beating them up will decrease crowd size.
  • If the danger level is 6 or more, the following events can occur.
    • 30% of the time, a person will attempt to displace or peek under the player's bottom clothing (simply spanking them if not applicable). Kicking them (- Trauma | - Stress) prevents this, increasing audience size, while staying still (+ Trauma | + Stress) lets this happen.
    • 25% of the time, someone might push their crotch in the player's face, initiating forced oral sex, ending very soon due to them reaching climax almost immediately. If the assailant is pleased, the player's rape fame will go up (up to 60 depending on audience size) and the crowd size will increase. If the player beats them, the crowd size will decrease.
    • 15% of the time, a person will attempt to displace the player's top (or under top, if applicable). The player can spit on them (- Trauma | - - Stress), deterring the molester while increasing audience size, or stay still (+ Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal), allowing the person to remove the article in question.
      • If the player is already exposed, the person will instead fondle their chest. If the player is lactating during this version of the scene, the crowd will always become larger; in this case, spitting is the wiser choice.
    • The remaining 30% of the time, one of the lower tier events listed below will occur instead.
  • If the danger is even lower, 33% of the time, teenagers will try to throw a piece of fruit at the player. The player can brace themselves, either getting hit (+Trauma | + Stress | + Pain) or missed; or warn them off, which will increase crowd size. 33% of the time, a person will snap a picture (this has no consequences) and the remaining 33% of the time, the crowd size will increase.
    • If Bodywriting is enabled, any of the last few events will be replaced by one in which the player is approached by a person carrying a pen/permanent marker. The player can brace themselves or warn them. The latter increases crowd size but always deters the player's assailant, whereas bracing themselves has the person write a random piece of bodywriting on the player. If the player is already covered in bodywriting, the person will instead smack their ass. (+ Trauma | + Stress | + Pain)

Player Interference

The pillory is not just a place where the player can be punished. Several others will appear in this location, as punishment for their own crimes. Some may be here for a few hours, while others will remain here for lengthy amounts of time, allowing the player to visit them at any time during the day.

Those who are punished at the pillory are at the mercy of the lecherous, and brutal crowd - just like the player. Members of this crowd may want to have their way with the victim, throw rotten fruit towards them, or go as far as to let beasts attack the victim. As punishments continue, the victim will be left, bruised and beaten from numerous counts of abuse dealt towards them.

For instance, the crowd may maul their upper clothing, exposing their breasts/chest to the crowd. Other examples include making their genitalia and/or behind visible to all. Some may even go on stage and attack the victim.

A prompt will appear, stating when the pillory victim is scheduled for release. Akin to the player, they may be there for a short time, or a lengthier amount of time.

Releasing Stress and Trauma

If the player has high Stress levels, they can take out their stress on the pillory's victim. This allows the player to potentially (if they have already been punished at the Pillory) retroactively carry out the very same punishments dealt from the crowd, although this is not required to punish the pillory victim.

It's noted that as others throw fruit towards the victim, it looks like "fun" to the player - giving them an urge to join in, as the victim probably deserve it. There is an additional option for the player to get on stage and spank the prisoner from behind. Doing this will decrease Trauma, in addition to the initial Stress reduction.

On high trauma and low control, the player could give the prisoner a "wedgie", which would reduce their trauma, increase their control but inflict trauma on the prisoner instead. Doing this several times will change the prisoner's expression in these stages:

  • He is defiant, showing a brave face.
  • He is visibly upset, but trying hard to hide it.
  • He is sobbing from the abuse.
  • He is weeping from the abuse he's already suffered.
  • He looks traumatised, perhaps permanently broken by the abuse he's already suffered.

Framing Crimes

At the end of the Police Infiltration side-quest, once the player successfully hacks into the police computer, they have option of framing an individual. A framed individual will then spend up to a total of sixteen hours at the pillory on Cliff Street, facing the same punishments that a player that engages in Crime may otherwise suffer.

Note that the individual must have a past criminal history before-hand. A list is provided below.

  • Whitney. Requires the player to have met these requirements:
    • Must have encountered Whitney at some point.
    • Have a Crime level of 6000 or more.

Whitney has to be interactable, meaning that framing Whitney will not work if the player has already dismissed them beforehand, and got them sent to the Underground Brothel.

  • Leighton. Requires the player to have met these requirements:
    • Must have met Leighton at some point.
    • Breaking into their office and retrieving evidence.

The player must then turn in the evidence of Leighton's deeds to the Police Station. Doing so will put Leighton in the far end of the police's backlog, meaning the police will be ultimately unhelpful with the situation. However, this opens them up as a potential framing target.

A framed individual will then spend up to a total of sixteen hours at the pillory on Cliff Street, facing the same punishments that a player that engages in Crime may otherwise suffer.

Once their time is up, the framed person will return to their normal lifes, interestingly enough - they do not acknowledge what just happened, who caused this, and being completely unaware that they were subject to being framed at all. They will still act the same way towards the player as they did before, unaware that the player was the one who framed them. The player, on the other hand, will have all traces of their logged criminal history removed from them, reducing the crime stat to zero (not criminal history).


  • None. The pillory is not designed to be a reward-giver, acting similar to the "Bailey's Payments" quest.


  • It should be noted that the maximum possible time that can be spent at the pillory will cap at 27 hours.

The pillory position in-game. This takes place during a combat encounter.

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