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The Pirate Ship is home to a rowdy crew of pirates sailing under the command of Captain Zephyr. The captain and crew make a brief appearance at the end of the Island bad end, as the player escapes with the Gilded Spear, while also being part of multiple ways to access the island in the first place.

This location is one of several "soft bad endings" for the game.

Boarding the Ship

Passing Out

Passing out at sea is one way of finding the pirate ship. Higher allure increases this chance. The player will wake up to hands pulling them out of the sea then they are dumped onto the deck where the pirates are introduced and Captain Zephyr triggers the pirate gauntlet.

Smuggler's Pub

The player can also access the ship through the Smuggler's Pub. This however, requires the player to be chasing the Gilded Spear. Specifically, the player must have begun the search for the Spear through Jordan at the Temple, or having found the Island and Spear on their own, resolving the questline by talking to Jordan about the spear, and handing it over if it was not lost. The player will meet Captain Zephyr upon first entering the Smuggler's Pub, where the Captain will talk to the player and offer the following opportunities to come aboard his ship:

  • If the player has been aboard before:
    • And is already a mate, the player may request to come aboard at any time for free.
    • And is still scum, the player can pay £15000 to "upgrade their station", allowing them to sail and as a mate, or not pay and resume sailing as scum.
  • If the player has not been aboard before:
    • The player can pay £15000 to sail "first class", allowing the player aboard as a mate.
    • Or sail for free as "second class", joining the crew as scum.

Retrieving the Spear

A much more niche and single-use way of getting on board is by escaping the island with the Gilded Spear. Zephyr and the pirates will intercept the player, offering £20000 to hand over the spear. If the player gives the spear to Zephyr, whether willingly or more forcibly after failing to escape, the player will receive this payment. Additionally, if the player has been onboard beforehand, the player will transition into life on the pirate ship; if the player was scum, this also offers a promotion to mate. Otherwise, the player will be sailed back to land and left on Mer Street.

First Steps

The initial gauntlet will only be triggered if entering the ship by the first method, passing out at sea, as scum.

The player will be initiated to the pirate crew through a gauntlet of checks, having high Skulduggery can help remove some of the chances the player takes as they notice hints in avoiding being overpowered. Failure to avoid a pirate will lead to a nonconsensual encounter, success in avoiding everyone but Zephyr will provide additional boost to starting Respect. Managing to turn the tables on Zephyr at the end provides an even more significant boost.

Upon first being taken aboard, the player starts out as scum, subjecting them to frequent unwanted advances and harassments. Unless they outsmarted Zephyr in the introduction or paid the high fee to board willingly, allowing the player to instantly start as a mate.

Beating the Pirates

This sequence is not randomized, if it is encountered again by washing up on the ship again, previously guessed options can be repeated to progress further. Still, to minimize hassle, high Skulduggery is recommended but not necessary. Failing any choice will lead to a nonconsensual encounter with a pirate, unless the player makes it to the final stage.

"This is how it goes," Zephyr says. "Each member of me crew will lunge at ye. The one who pushes ye to the deck will get the first go." Another cheer erupts.

Pirate Actions and Answers. Spoilers Within!
Prompt Hint Options
"Now who should get to go first," Zephyr ponders a moment, before pointing at a [pirate]. "One more thing," the Captain adds. "If ye manage to dodge the entire crew, we won't rape ye at all. An honourary mate, we shall even make of ye. But no one's ever managed it."The [pirate] watches you.
  • With 50 Skulduggery:
    [He] keeps glancing at your left foot. You should dodge right.
  • Without:
    You can't tell what [he's] planning.
  • Dodge Left
  • Dodge Right
The [pirate] lunges at you. You dodge to the right, avoiding the pirate and leaving [him] to stumble to the deck.

"Next!" shouts Captain Zephyr. A [pirate] steps forward, and bends [his] knees to spring at you.

  • Duck
  • Jump
You duck as the [pirate] leaps, sailing over your head and colliding with [his] crewmates. One of them punches [him], knocking [him] to the ground. The others laugh."Next!" shouts captain Zephyr, pointing at a [pirate]. [He] flexes [his] arms,
  • With 200 Skulduggery:
    your instincts tell you [he's] going to throw a punch.
  • Without:
    but you're not sure what [he] intends.
  • Brace Yourself
  • Crouch and hold your arms over your face
You crouch and hold your arms in front of your face as the [pirate] jumps at you, fist swinging. It thuds painfully into your arm, but you remain stable. The momentum leaves the [pirate] sprawling on the deck. + Pain

"Next!" Captain Zephyr shouts, pointing at a [pirate]. [He] walks from side to side, watching you, as if waiting for an opening.

[He] glances over your shoulder, and a subtle smile appears on [his] lips.

  • With 400 Skulduggery:
    You can tell [he's] planning to distract you somehow.
  • Without:
    You don't know what [he's] planning.
  • Look behind you
  • Pretend to look behind you
You jerk your neck, as if about to turn around. At once, the [pirate] lunges, hoping to catch you off-guard. Instead, you easily step aside, and leave the clumsy pirate sprawled on the deck.

"Is this what me crew's made of?" Captain Zephyr shouts. "This landlubber [girl] is making fools of ye." [He] points at a [pirate]. "If ye don't manage it, I'll demonstrate how it's done."

The [pirate] salute. "I won't fail you cap'n!" Rather than lunge right for you, [He] disappears behind [His] crewmates, and climbs up the rigging.

[He] reaches an overhanging rope, dangling from it with one arm. With a shrill cry, [He] pulls a knife from [His] pocket and slices through the fabric. The rope gives way,

  • With 600 Skulduggery:
    and [He] swings across the deck. You have little time to judge, but you can tell [he's] going to miss you completely.
  • Without:
    and [He] swings in your direction!
  • Stay still
  • Jump out of the way
You remain motionless. The [pirate] misses you by a wide margin. [He] sails by, the momentum carrying [him] right over the edge of the ship. You hear [him] splash into the water below.

The crew almost fall over themselves with laughter. "Right then," says Captain Zephyr, stepping forward. The crew hush at once, eager to watch this showdown.

Zephyr stands still, staring right in your eyes, motionless. You won't have much time to react once [He] starts moving.

  • With 1000 Skulduggery:
    [He] gives nothing away, but you notice a pistol-shaped bulge beneath [his] jacket.
  • Without:
    [He] gives nothing away.
  • Remove [his] hat
  • Duck
  • Check under [his] jacket
  • Leap aside
  • Check [his] trouser pocket
  • Go on the offensive

Life Aboard

The player may approach Zephyr about sailing to either the island or back to shore. Going back to the mainland requires the player to at least not be scum, having gained enough respect to become a mate.

The player can also escape the pirate ship at any time, if they are scum, by diving off the railing, though this may be dangerous if they are spotted and leaves the player in the middle of the sea.

The pirate ship can be highly detrimental to the player's Fame, or positive if exhibition, rape, and sex fame is desired, which can all greatly increase during the cruise ship encounters.

A Day in the Pirate's Life

During the day, it is possible to speak to Captain Zephyr on the deck by approaching them. This allows the player to Ask to go to the island if unlocked, or Ask to return the mainland if they are a mate. The former requires the pirates to sail for a week before reaching the island, the latter allows the player to escape the bad end, back to the town at the cost of 3 hours. Otherwise, the player can ask about what they should do for a reminder of how to gain respect, but no further effect.

At dawn, there isn't much to do except Watch the sun rise (1:00) on the deck.

During the day, the player can make their way to the Cabin, allowing them to Socialise (1:00) with the other pirates.

At noon, the pirates will begin a raid on a cruise ship, getting the player mixed up in the action at the next moment they are free. See Raiding the Cruise Ship below for further details.

At dusk, the option to socialize is removed and the player can only Watch the sun set (1:00) on the deck.

During the day, the player cannot generally sleep in their bed in the bilge as "the noisy pirates make falling asleep here difficult." Going to sleep is still possible though if the player is tired enough, a little more than, You are wearied.

In addition, at night, the player can also Search (1:00) in the bilge, which is the source of several exclusive antiques.

There are five antiques to be found by searching the bilge of the ship at night:

  • Sword Cane
  • Chocolate
  • Tea Caddy
  • Wooden Figurine
  • Copper Ring

Maxing out stress and passing out with result in an event of the pirates making bets after throwing the player overboard. Regardless of the player's choice, the player will be pulled away. This moves the player to the Island. As such, players must manage their stress if they wish to remain on the ship, players with stressful transformations like Demon/Incubus must be careful to sleep through midnight to avoid passing out if they are not at minimum purity.

Gaining Respect

In general, being rowdy and winning combats will allow the player to earn respect from the pirates and increase their standing with the crew.

The player's rank can be seen in the 'Socials' tab under 'Pirate Rank' as:

  • The pirates view you as wretched scum.
  • The pirates view you as worthless scum.
  • The pirates view you as pathetic scum.
  • The pirates view you as sloppy scum.
  • The pirates view you as endearing scum.
  • The pirates view you as scum no longer.
  • The pirates view you as a scummy mate.
  • The pirates view you as a useless mate.
  • The pirates view you as an untested mate.
  • The pirates view you as a second-class mate.
  • The pirates view you as a mate in good standing.
  • The pirates view you as a first-class mate.

As scum, refusing to do work will increase Respect, if it doesn't trigger combat. Frustrating the pirates and resisting advances through combat will also increase Respect.

If player increases their Respect on the pirate ship, they will be able to move from being scum to being a mate.

Becoming a Mate

Once the player gains enough respect to move from scum, an event will occur with a mast snapping and a pirate falling overboard. The player may jump after the pirate to save them, or get Captain Zephyr's attention. Both options will lead to the player being credited for their help and Zephyr officially promoting the player, with the game confirming:

"You are now mate aboard the pirate ship."

As a mate, you are expected to take some responsibility for the ship, refusing work will no longer increase Respect, replaced by actually doing the work. Refusing advances will also generally not increase Respect anymore but winning combats against pirates still will.

Raiding the Cruise Ship

Every day at noon, the pirates attack a cruise ship that the player takes a part in.

As scum, the player is forced to serve as a distraction upon the cruise ship. The player can accept this role or fight back, resulting in a difficult fight with five angry pirates. If the player successfully resists the pirates, Zephyr laughs at his crew and the raid ends.

As a mate, the player has greater choice and is able to Refuse this job, at the cost of - - Respect, or Go along with it with Exhibitionism 5.

As Bait

If the player becomes bait, willingly or not, they are stripped naked and placed onto a boat which is cut from the pirate ship and left stranded in the path of the cruise ship.

"The ship slows as it pulls up alongside you." Crew on the ship notice you and haul you up from the boat where an assembled crowd leers at the player. The player has several options of reacting to the crowd:

  • Warn them about the pirates
    • This gives the player some Kindness fame, but the crowd does not believe it, laughing off the warning and pulling the player inside.
  • Provide the distraction Zephyr wants | + Attention
    • The player then entices the crowd, leading to them pulling the player inside.
  • Remain silent | - - Pain
    • The crowd jeers then pulls the player inside.

The player is led around the ship and pushed onto a raised stage. A crowd is summoned by an announcement to come and "welcome" the player. This starts ten rounds of performance counting down to rescue. Possible events are:

  • Nonconsensual combat with one, or even two and three at high Attention, attackers.
    • Making the attackers cum or fighting them off both raise Attention.
  • Asked to pose for the crowd. The player can then:
    • Strike a pose, but maintain your dignity | Exhibitionism 1 | + Attention
    • Strike an erotic pose | Exhibitionism 5 | + + Attention
    • Refuse
  • Forced to dance, the player is forced to dance for the passengers. They are not allowed to keep any tips.
    • This can end with no Attention increase to + + + Attention, depending on the player's performance.
  • Putting on sunscreen, a person is picked to apply sunscreen to the player.
    • Allow | + Stress | + + Arousal | + Attention
      • Cumming from this arousal will cause + + + Attention
    • Refuse

After enough time has passed, "A gunshot startles the audience. Some duck, others just look around, unaware of the danger."

Captain Zephyr enters the stage, sending the crowd fleeing to the exits, which are already blocked by the other pirates. The pirates will shake everyone down for valuables as Zephyr gives the player their reward, then the player and pirates depart the cruise ship.

Successfully being a great distraction (more than 10 Attention) the first time will have Zephyr give the player the golden compass, earning the feat 'Lost Heirloom'. Subsequent distractions will net the player up to £1000, gaining £100 per level of Attention, from Zephyr as their cut of the loot. The player gets their clothes that were stripped back once upon the ship.

As a mate

The player is spared from being used as bait if they have risen to the rank of mate and refused to participate. Zephyr states, "We'll do this the old fashioned way." The player then joins the pirates as they quietly sneak onto and ransack the ship. As the pirates shake down the passengers, "Another ship sails closer, far smaller than either the pirate or cruise ship, but the sight of it shakes Zephyr." This causes the pirates to make a hasty escape, returning to their smaller boats and fleeing back to their ship. The event has no effect on the player, but also no reward.

Accessing the Island

Passing Out

… again. One way of getting from the ship to the Island is to pass out on the pirate ship. This triggers a scene with the player getting thrown off board when, Something tugs your leg. The player can hardly react, before a great force snatches you. The player then wakes up on the Island having washed up on its shores. Note that this event transports the player to the island instantly, while sailing there takes 7 days.

Requesting to Sail There

The player can request the Captain to sail to the island if the Gilded Spear questline has been initiated or completed. Zephyr agrees, even if the player is scum, and says it will take seven days to sail there.

Once there, the ship docks and begins the arrival by boat sequence.


  • 6 antiques for the museum
  • The respect of some sea-faring pirates
  • Discovery feat 'Lost Heirloom'
  • A more controllable way of accessing the Island
  • A method for a reliable up to £1000 per day


  • A pirate may join the player on the deck while watching the sun rise. They will point, You think you make out a small boat, gliding along the waves. "A smuggler. Too small for us to bother with, or so I'm told." This may refer to Wren's operations.
  • Another event on deck while watching the sun rise includes a pirate talking about the Prison, They say there's a prison island out here somewhere," [he] says. "Never seen it, and the captain won't talk about it."
  • In the code, the player's reputation with the pirates is sometimes referred to as increasing "saltiness".

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