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Plantpeople are strange beings that dwell in the wilderness surrounding the town. Despite their seemingly friendly demeanors, they can pose a potential threat to players exploring the Forest or the Moor, especially should they fall prey to the alluring taste of their nectar.


In order to encounter plantpeople, the following criteria must be met:

  • Both plantpeople and Tentacles must be enabled.
  • The player must either be suffering from (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations, or possess the Plant Lover/Dendrophile trait.


Like monster-people, plantpeople are always depicted as fully nude. They're described as having various types of flora strewn in their hair. Specific details vary depending on the season and location. For example, a plantperson encounterd in the forest in spring will be described as having "pink blossoms" in their hair, whereas a plantperson encountered in the moor at the same time will instead have "yellow willow leaves." See the Trivia section below for all the different plantperson descriptions.

Personality-wise, plantpeople are generally cheerful; at worst, they'll show a hint of annoyance if they don't get their way. They tend to speak in a casual tone, and they have an equally casual opinion of sex. They'll often attempt to urge the player into sex at the slightest provocation, molesting them without a second thought should they refuse.

Plantpeople are shown to favour trickery over brute force (not that this stops them from forcing themselves on the player). One plantperson in the moor stages a phony rescue to goad the player into having sex with them as a reward; another the player may encounter during their imprisonment in the Underground Brothel can help the player escape their captors.


Unique Attributes

Plantpeople differ from the standard NPCs in that they rarely show much of a temper, even towards Defiant players. They'll still hit the player should they struggle during encounters, but in terms of their attitude, they'll exhibit the same cheerful behaviour regardless of their anger.

This carefree nature does not equate to compliance, however. Their casual outlook on sex carries over to their understanding of consent, in that they don't seem to have one at all; more often than not, telling a plantperson "no" simply has them proceed as if the player went along with their demands. Additionally, attempting to ask them to do anything during combat always fails, not matter how much they trust the player.

They have a tendency to draw on the player in mud. Unlike other NPCs, who mark the player with (generally derogatory) phrases, plantpeople instead draw pictures, the same ones the player themselves can get tattooed on them at the Shopping Centre.

Being part plant, plantpeople take great joy in the player's seed. If the player is male (or a hermaphrodite) and they didn't cum during the encounter, the plantperson will see to do it that the player pollinates them. Note that this only occurs if the player's penis is in the plantperson's mouth, ass, pussy, or one of their tentacles at the end of the encounter.

Other things of note regarding plantpeople include:

  • Actions regarding plantpeople are considered Deviant, except in situations where the player doesn't know the plantperson isn't human (for example, the scene where one asks the player for a kiss in the forest). In these cases, actions will be considered Promiscuous.
  • Male/dickgirl plantpeople ejaculate slime instead of semen.
  • Female plantpeople may fill the player's mouth with slime should they cum with the player's mouth near their chest or vagina. Plantpeople of both genders can do so should they cum while kissing the player.
  • Female plantpeople will never be generated with strapons, regardless of the player's settings.


The defining characteristic of plantpeople is their nectar, which they secrete from their body - specifically their genitals (when the player is performing oral), mouths (when kissing the player), breasts (only if female, requires Lactation to be enabled) and vines (see below). It's described as sweet - and fizzy upon orgasm - and seems to be their preferred method of luring unsuspecting individuals into their embrace.

Once consumed, nectar functions the same as an aphrodisiac, filling them with a lewd warmth and increasing Arousal. The more nectar currently in the player's system, the harder it will be to pull away or free their face when close to the source. Should the player fail to resist the temptation, they'll be told "you can't tear yourself from the sweet nectar," and they'll desperately begin to lick or suck whatever is pressed against their mouth. Having high Willpower can help overcome nectar addiction.

How difficult it is to resist the pull of a plantperson's nectar is proportional to how much is in the player's system versus their Willpower. Having a full 6/6 Willpower will guarantee the player's ability to overcome the influence of nectar, though bear in mind the plantperson may still attempt to physically restrain the player.

Similar to breast milk, drinking nectar lowers Purity slightly when consumed in large quantities. It's also mildly alcoholic, though this only applies to the fizzy, post-orgasmic nectar.

How much nectar the player has consumed over time is tracked in the Statistics menu.


Plantpeople use long, tentacle-like vines to assault/pleasure the player. This acts as a unique type of encounter (referred to as "abomination" encounters in the game's code), functioning as a sort of human-tentacle hybrid.

A plantperson's vines acts as a physical extension of the plantperson itself. Any sexual acts performed on a vine will increase the plantperson's arousal, and any defiant acts will lower their health.

Plantpeople appear to possess full control over their own vines and may move them out of the way should they wish the engage the player personally. For example, if the player has a plantperson's vine in their mouth, the plantperson may pull the vine out to kiss the player instead.

Anal Pregnancy

Note: This feature requires a toggle to be enabled - Parasitic Pregnancy.

Just like standard tentacles, the vines of plantpeople are able to impregnate the player. Only certain types of vines are capable of impregnating the player - specifically, "large," "thick," "flowering," "blooming" and "pistil" vines. Should one such vine come close to the player's bottom, they'll receive the prompt that "Something about it scares you," indicating that the vine may impregnate the player.

Upon giving birth, a plantperson's spawn will be referred to as a "vine." Vines behave the same as any other parasitic offspring. When the player first gives birth to a vine, they'll worry over whether or not they'll survive in the tank used to house the usual spawn. However, they'll thrive just the same as any of the player's other children, leading them to suspect that the vines are "not strictly plant life."

Plantpeople are unique in that aside from being able to anally impregnate the player with their vines, they're also capable of impregnating the player via regular anal sex as well. This works the same way as if they impregnated the player with their vines. Note that this only occurs if their penis is at the largest possible size (in-game, it will described as either "huge," "massive," "humungous," "immense," "gigantic" or "enormous").

How to Encounter

Plantpeople are most commonly encountered in the wooded areas surrounding the town - those being the Forest and the Moor - but they'll also appear sporadically throughout the world in certain encounters.

In the Forest

For more detailed information on these events, see the Forest page.

  • In the deep forest, a plantperson may approach the player, asking for a kiss. Both accepting (Promiscuity 1, takes the player's first kiss if present) and refusing can lead to a nonconsensual encounter, though the odds are increased should the player refuse. Alternatively, after accepting, the player may be prompted to seduce the plantperson (Deviancy 3), leading to a consensual encounter.
  • After passing out in the deep or central forest, the player may wake up to a plantperson giving them oral, triggering a nonconsensual encounter.

In the Moor

For more detailed information on these events, see the Moor page.

  • In the outskirts of the moor, when the player stops masturbating under the influence of a pink flower/phallic plant without cumming at least once, they'll be tackled by a plantperson, annoyed that the player ended the "show" early. This leads to a nonconsensual encounter.
    • Note that if tentacles are enabled and the player is suffering from (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations, this only has a 1/4 chance of occuring. Otherwise, this will scene will always occur should the player finish their session without cumming while plantpeople are enabled.
  • In the central moor, past the "D—ger. W—d ani-a-s" sign, the player may be rescued from a lurker attack by a plantperson, who will demand sex as a reward. Accepting requires Deviancy 3, leading to a consensual encounter. Refusing may lead to them molesting the player regardless, or it may cause the plantperson to simply sic the lurker on the player.
    • Note that triggering this scene does not require Lurkers to be enabled.

Around the World

For more detailed information on these events, see each location's respective pages.

  • During their stay in the Underground Brothel, the player may be offered up to a plantperson by their captors, leading to a nonconsensual encounter. This has a 50% chance of occuring in place of the "Hunting" event if plantpeople are enabled.


  • As mentioned, the types of plants plantpeople wear in their hair changes with the season and the location. Below is a list of every description.
    • Forest, Autumn: "Orange and red leaves"
    • Forest, Winter: "Small red berries"
    • Forest, Spring: "Pink blossoms"
    • Forest, Summer: "Leaves and flowers"
    • Moor, Autumn: "Large amber flowers"
    • Moor, Winter: "Straw-coloured reeds"
    • Moor, Spring: "Yellow willow leaves"
    • Moor, Summer: "Small purple flowers"
  • Plantpeople did not originally have their own toggle. When they were initially added in Version, they were instead tied to the tentacles toggle and would only appear if the player's settings allowed for Monsters. This was changed in Version
    • In Version, plantpeople were separated from the tentacle toggle. Scenes involving plantpeople could still play out if tentacles were disabled, with most mentions of their vines being omitted. This update also made it so that the player could encounter plantpeople without hallucinations, meaning encountering them was solely dependent on the plantperson toggle. This change was reverted in Version, in which tentacles and hallucinations were once again made a requirement for encountering plantpeople. The monster-person requirement has not been reimplemented, however.
  • As with other hallucination-based features (such as monster-people), there some indicators that plantpeople are figments of the player's imagination scattered throughout the game. For example, Eden will refer to them as "hikers" when rescuing the player from plantpeople in the forest, suggesting the player may have mistaken a human assailant for a plantperson.
  • Plantpeople are repeatedly shown to have a limited understanding of human anatomy.
    • They won't react to crossdressing/hermaphrodite players at all, implying that they're unaware of the player's abnormality.

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