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The player character in various stages of transformations. The top row displays male PCs, and the bottom row displays female PCs.

The Player Character - or PC for short - is an unnamed, 18-year old orphan under Bailey's care. They want to live an independent life as an adult, but Bailey refuses to release them from their care and return their documents, stating that the player should return the money that had been wasted on them. At the start of a new game, the player can customize gender, body size, hair colour, eye colour and background, with further options during gameplay.

As this is a sandbox, there is no clear set objective - meaning how the player lives their life within the town is up to them. The only set objective the player has from the start of the game is to gather enough money for Bailey's Payments.


Various factors make up the Player Character. More information can be found on these pages:

Character Creation

The following list contains a list of options the player can choose when starting a new playthrough. What they choose here will affect the rest of the playthrough, although most options can be changed later on.

Certain options are set in stone at the start of a new game, whereas other options can be changed later on.

These options cannot be altered whatsoever:

  • Body Size
  • Sex/Gender
  • Awareness
  • Backgrounds

These options can be changed later on, via methods presented in the game.

  • Natural Features
  • Eye Colour
  • Hair Colour

Body Size

A size determines how effective fighting back using defiant options would be. A smaller body makes the player inflict less damage during encounters, making defiance harder.

Consider it a difficulty setting, a tiny body will have little to no chances of fighting back, while a larger body size will be able to do so. Other playstyles will need to be relied on instead if the player is unable to fight back. Cannot be changed later on.


Male, female, or intersex. Self-explanatory. Cannot be changed later on.

Natural Features

Affects how the player character's body appears to others. There are three potential options - masculine, feminine, or alternatively androgynous should the player not wish to choose the former two options. Choosing the option opposite to the player's sex will allow the player to crossdress easier. Can be changed later on.

Eye Colour

A purely cosmetic choice, has no effect on actual gameplay. Can be changed later on.

See the Player Customization article for more information, found here: Player Customization

Hair Colour

This is another purely cosmetic choice and has no effect on actual gameplay. Can be changed later on, via the Shopping Centre's Hairdresser.

See the Player Customization article for more information, found here: Player Customization


Whether the player character knows a thing or two about sexual acts despite their lack of experience. This determines the player character's understanding of sex - for instance, how innocent or knowledgeable they are on the topic.

There are two options to pick: Innocent, and Knowledgeable.

"Innocent" characters will have the default comprehension of lewd activity, while more "Knowledgeable" characters will have a boost to starting Awareness.


The player character's background. This will give starting bonuses (with the addition of some detriments) to the player's stats. Certain backgrounds encourage a specific playstyle, focusing on certain areas. Every stat can be levelled as the game progresses.

  • Waif - "No special advantages or disadvantages."
    • The default and balanced experience.
    • Recommended for beginners.
  • Nerd - "Good at school. Picked on."
    • Start out with good grades, but poor status.
    • Starts with Rank C in all school subjects, the Passable trait in all subjects, but 0 status ( r fellow students avoid you) rather than 120 (Your fellow students think you're OK)
    • This background will prevent the "Unsocial Moth" feat from being obtained.
  • Athlete"Physically capable. Grades have suffered."
    • A large boost in Physique and Swimming skills, at the cost of poor grades.
    • Starts with all school grades at F
    • Starts with Athletics and Swimming at Rank D
    • Physique starts with 3000 extra points, which will start the player at (Physique 4, almost 5).
  • Delinquent - "Your antics have made you popular with other students. Less so with the teachers."
    • Starts with the player's school status at 320 (Your fellow students think you're very cool, but their deliquency at 411 (You are considered a delinquent by the teachers) rather than 10 (You are considered a normal student by the teachers).
  • Promiscuous - "You've experimented sexually."
    • This grants a large boost to Promiscuity, starting the player off at Promiscuity 3 and unlocking options relating to this stat early.
  • Exhibitionist - "You have an affinity for exposing yourself in public places."
    • This grants a large boost to Exhibitionism, starting the player off at Exhibitionism 3 and unlocking options relating to this stat early.
  • Deviant - "You really like animals."
    • This grants a large boost to Deviancy, starting the player off at Deviancy 3 and unlocking options relating to this stat early.
  • Beautiful - "You turn heads."
    • A huge boost to Beauty. The player starts at Beauty 4, halfway to Beauty 5 rather than the beginning of Beauty 1
    • This increases Allure. The player has 2997 points in it (You stand out) rather than 1331 (You attract glances)
    • The additional attention makes for a very difficult start, and it is not recommended for beginners.
  • Crossdresser - "You've taken to wearing opposite sex clothing."
    • The player will start out with the opposite clothing to their chosen gender.
    • Girls start with a tangerine t-shirt, blue shorts, and boy's gym socks.
    • Boys start out with a sundress and girl's gym socks.
    • Stress will decay faster while dressed as the opposite sex, but slower when dressed as the appropriate sex.
    • Adds the "Crossdresser" trait of the same description.
    • This background does nothing for hermaphrodite characters since they are unable to acquire the "Crossdresser" trait
  • Lustful - "Arousal increases over time, and needs to be managed."
    • Adds the "Lustful" trait of the same description.
  • Dendrophile - "Plants are everything to you."
    • Adds the "Plant Lover" trait, which allows the player to encounter plantpeople and plant-based tentacles without the need to hallucinate, and grants a bonus to Tending as trauma increases.
    • Adds the "Nectar Addict" trait, which makes the player more vulnerable to aphrodisiacs and alcohol, and causes the ingestion of nectar to lower stress and improve physique.


  • Vrelnir had actually intended for the player character's birthday to be the day before the game starts.
    • If this is true, this would make the player's birthday roughly the 3rd of September, as the game begins properly on the 4th, the day before school officially starts.
    • The game typically starts in September 2019. Judging by the player's age (18), this would make their birth date the 3rd September, 2001. The player would be born after 2000 at the earliest, but please note that this is only an estimation and should not be taken as fact.
  • The player character's backstory is intentionally ambiguous and left up to the player.
  • The player's educational stages are also intentionally ambiguous, but involves them being in at around the tail end of high school at the very earliest.
    • Other lewd games involve similar uses of high school/college settings in the same vein as DoL, such as Summertime Saga and Katawa Shoujo. These settings tend to be simplified to make it more accessible to players.
    • The school in DoL includes weekly exams on Friday to take.
  • The game is written as if the town is located within an isolated part of present day UK according to Vrelnir, and the player resides here as an orphan. As such, the player would be classified as a British citizen. However, whether or not they were born here is up to interpretation. If they were, this would result in them being of British descent.

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