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DISCLAIMER: Sections marked as Cosmetic have no impact on gameplay, and are used only for cosmetic purposes.

Degrees of Lewdity offers a wide range of customization options for the Player Character. These options affect the PC's sprite within menus and during combat encounters - otherwise referred to as a "paperdoll". Options are typically selected at the start of a new game, but it can be changed later on should the player wish to do so.

Player customization is altered further by what clothing the player wears, how they carry themselves, and how small or large certain body part sizes are.

One can see the Player Character (PC) at the top-left corner, above the Current Condition.

This page will cover:

  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Skin Colour
  • Tans

The page will also be using the default Player Characters as a base:

Left: Male PC. Starts with a tangerine t-shirt, blue shorts, black briefs, and boy's gym socks.
Right: Female PC. Starts with a white variant of the sundress, black plain panties, and girl's gym socks.



Eye Colour

Eye colours are split into twelve variations:

  • Purple
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Amber
  • Hazel
  • Green
  • Light Green 1
  • Lime Green
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Blue (Possessed) 2
  • Red (Possessed) 2

1. Only available as a colour contact
2. Only used during a certain event, unobtainable through normal play

The player can alter their eye colour by purchasing contacts at the Hospital pharmacy, worth £200 each. There's no limit on how many contacts the player can buy; should they wish, they can purchase all ten available colours. The player can also buy custom colour contacts for £500 if it's one colour, £950 if it's two different colours for each eye. A day after placing their order, the player can pick them up at the pharmacy.

The player can change their contacts at any Mirror, under the "apply makeup" section. They can choose what colour they want to wear, and can choose to wear it on one eye or both.

A comparison of the various eye colours can be seen below:


Hair Colour


To begin with, hair colour is split off into multiple variations when the player first creates their character:

  • Red
  • Jet Black
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Soft Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Burnt Orange
  • Blond
  • Soft Blond
  • Platinum Blond
  • Ashy Blond
  • Strawberry Blond
  • Ginger

Hair colour can be changed at the Hairdressers, on the main floor of the Shopping Centre.

Additionally the hairdressers offers a wider variety of hair colours unavailable from the character creation menu. These can be seen below. The hairdresser is also able to dye the player's fringe separately from their sides, allowing for two-coloured hair


There are multiple hairstyles the Player Character can choose to have. They can be changed on the fly via a Mirror.

It is sectioned off into two different parts: Sides, and Fringe.

Note that hair length grows slowly over time, make sure to check the Characteristics tab for the current hair stage:

  • 0-100 (short at 0, passes chin at 100)
  • 200-300 (comes down to shoulders at 200, comes down to top of chest at 300)
  • 400-500 (hangs down to nipples at 400, reaches down to tummy at 500)
  • 600-700 (reaches navel at 600, reaches thighs at 700)
  • 800-900 (reaches knees at 800, reaches ankles at 900)
  • 1000 (hair is so long "you need be careful lest you trip on it")

How hair length progresses is shown below:


DISCLAIMER: This hairstyle changes both sides and fringe.

This hairstyle is the default style for a new PC. The player can select this option in the wardrobe at any time as well, if they have chosen another hairstyle.

The example used above for hair length progression is this very same hairstyle.


Side styles are split into several variations:

  • Braid left

  • Braid right

  • Flat ponytail

  • Loose

  • Messy

  • Pigtails

  • Ponytail

  • Short

  • Side tail left

  • Side tail right

  • Straight

  • Swept left

  • Twin braids

  • Twintails

  • Curl

  • Defined curl

  • Neat

  • Curly pigtails

  • Sailor buns

  • Dreads

  • Short spiky

  • Bubble tails

  • Curly side up

  • Heart braid

  • Loop braid

  • Ruffled

The player can also pick whether or not the sides is positioned in front of the body, or behind the body.


Fringe styles are split into several variations:

  • Thin flaps

  • Wide flaps

  • Hime

  • Loose

  • Messy

  • Overgrown

  • Ringlets

  • Split

  • Straight

  • Swept left

  • Back

  • Parted

  • Flat

  • Quiff

  • Straight curl

  • Ringlet curl

  • Curtain

  • Trident

Fringe length will grow alongside side/hair length.

The current fringe stage can be checked at the Characteristics tab:

  • 0 (no fringe)
  • 100 (very short fringe)
  • 200-300 (short fringe)
  • 400-500 (quite normal fringe)
  • 600-700 (somewhat long fringe)
  • 800-900-1000 (long fringe)

Skin Colour


Within character customization, the player has two variants of skin colour options, along with four other choices as well.

A comparison of the two variants can be seen below:

Reddish: Light, Medium, Dark, Gyaru
Yellowish: Light, Medium, Dark, Gyaru

Note that one is unable to change a skin colour during a playthrough. It must be either with an old save carried over to the latest version or a new game. For the former, the decision can only be made once per character. For the latter, an option will be available upon character creation.

A visual representation of the player character's skin colour can be toggled on in Settings.



The ability to get a tan is available to the player. Tanning visual changes can be toggled off and on within Settings if it it proves too taxing on performance. Additionally, there is an option to disable the tanning skin system entirely as well.

It's important to keep in mind that the character's tan will fade over time, so to maintain it one must keep them exposed to sunlight.

A visual comparison example of the various tan settings can be seen below. The light reddish skin colour was used.

Tan: 0-20-40-60-80-100

Getting a Tan

Each turn the player tans, +Tan will be added. The progress can be checked within the Characteristics tab. It should be done every now and then to maintain a tan.

Characters will naturally develop a tan during hot and sunny days, particularly when outside during midday. A tan is developed faster while sunbathing. Clothes that the PC is wearing can leave tan lines on the skin. Tanning cannot be done during rainy days or any other cloudy days.

Note that just like in real life, a tan will fade over time. The player will need to consistently sunbathe to maintain their tan.

The player should also keep note of the various seasons. Tanning in the sun will be much less effective in the winter months, due to the cold and harsh weather - although this can be circumvented with a different method - see below. On the other hand, tanning in the sun will become much more effective during summer days.

Places to Tan

The process to earning a tan can be sped up through sunbathing in various places, such as:

  • At the Beach: On a sunny day, around midday (12PM-6PM), the player can enter the changing room and change into the swimsuit. A new option will appear allowing one to tan on the beach.
  • Orphanage Garden: On a sunny day, the player can rest there.
  • Other actions may earn one a tan, such as jogging in areas like the Park.
  • General overexposure to sunlight, choosing to loiter during a sunny day.

Please note that the above options are all at risk of the cold winter - these methods will be much less effective in the winter months, but will be very effective in summer.

However, the tanning salon at the Danube Spa allows the player to get a tan regardless of the time of year, season and weather - meaning the player can still get themselves a tan at any possible time of the year.

It is highly recommended to spend time here, as it will always be as effective as tanning in the summer would otherwise be using the methods listed above. The cold of winter will not prevent the player from getting a tan here.

If the player finds the spa to be too expensive, they must either find means of making money, or wait until the winter is over - alternatively, they can wait until summer arrives for the tanning effectiveness increase.

Tan Process

If the player continuously tans at the spa or during summer time, it will take up to a minimum of sixteen sessions to get a full tan - excluding how tanning degrades each night.


  • In older versions of the game, the player's sides would always be set to "Messy" whenever their fringe was changed from its natural style. This has since been changed so that natural sides and natural fringe are independent of each other.

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