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The "Police Infiltration" quest is one of few unlockable quests within Degrees of Lewdity. It is highly recommended for characters invested in Skulduggery, but the process in order to complete the quest is long.


In order to unlock the quest, the player must have achieved specific requirements before-hand. Otherwise, this quest will not show up. There are two ways to unlock this quest.

Access Police Station Computer

  • Have at least a B rank in Skulduggery.
  • Visit Barb Street at any given time, where the Police Station is located. Here, if the player has the appropriate skulduggery level, there is a chance they will discover a side door to the police station, getting the prompt: "With a thief's eye you see what others miss." Note that it must be rediscovered every time the player leaves, unless they have a police access card, which can be found inside on a desk next to the computer at random (1/3[1] chance).

Note that the door has a 25% chance of appearing during the day and a 20% chance during the night (though it is easily discovered by repeatedly going to and from Barb Street).

Trigger Mickey's Fame Quest

  • Have any of the following negative fame (Sex, Prostitution, Rape, Bestiality/Monster People, Exhibitionism) at Recognised or above, then visit the pub.


The player enters the side door of the police station. It's important to note that entering the side door during the day will prove futile as there are too many police officers. The player's only option is to enter the side door at night (after 9:00PM). They find a computer within.

The computer will require a password, meaning the player will have no way to access it. Here, they get the prompt: "You'll need help from a hacker or a professional thief. Perhaps Landry could be of use."


This is a lengthy quest, and will take the player through multiple areas.

Getting Help

Help from Landry

The player must start by visiting Landry at the Pub on Harvest Street and asking for help breaking into the police computer. Landry will state they like the player's style, but that they have no way to help. Instead, the player should seek an orphan computer-whiz kid in town who goes by the name Mickey. A face comes to mind when the player thinks about the other orphans.

The player's best hope is to go to the Orphanage and find Mickey, making sure to watch out for Bailey. Landry disapproves of Bailey, calling them a "nasty piece of work" and even saying that Briar, when compared to Bailey, looks like a "bleeding-heart humanitarian." They further explain how Bailey is protective and that if the player gets caught, they are on their own; but money will be ready for the player if they get Mickey to work with Landry.

Visiting Mickey

At the Orphanage, the player should choose the option: "Find hacker"

They will eventually find the right door. Knocking on the door will have Mickey greet the player. Here, the player discovers Mickey is a nickname, but keeps calling them as such, since they don't mind. It is noted that it's hard to tell if "Mickey" is a boy or a girl.

The player will cut to the chase and tell Mickey why they are here. Mickey will deny the rumours about their hacking skills and say how the kids in the orphanage make stories up all the time. When the player mentions Landry, however, Mickey will immediately glance around in panic, shutting the door.

Mickey's Request

After Mickey shuts the door, they will ask the player to strip. Refusing this request will cause Mickey to say there's nothing to talk about, telling the player to come back if they change their mind.

Once fully naked, Mickey will tell the player more. They hand the player a tesla cage, which stops all transmissions. As the player doesn't understand this much, Mickey becomes paranoid and begins to checks the player's hair and ears for any earrings and headsets.

They will continue, stating that if the player and Landry know about Mickey, it is no longer safe to stick around; saying it is just a matter of time before Bailey hears of who Mickey is. They will then tell the player that they need to disappear - but not before telling the player what to do.

Mickey will place a small USB device in the player's hand, and give them instructions as to maintain Mickey's low profile:

  1. Examine the computer in Bailey's office, which contains records on all of the orphans. Plug in the USB device, making sure the computer is on and logged in beforehand. Mickey wants the player to delete all records of themselves by doing this.
  2. Break into Leighton's office at the School on Oxford Street and examine the safebox under the desk. Inside, there are a lot of SD cards, pictures, and things Leighton does to "naive people who don't know better". Leighton mustn't keep those.
  3. Put in a good word for Mickey to Landry. Mickey tells the player they can make Landry a lot of money, but they need a place to lay low. In exchange for Landry's protection, Mickey will make them rich, and Bailey will also never be able to find them.

Each step must be done before talking to Landry. Mickey promises to see the player again at some point down the line. It seems that amidst all of that, they forgot the player was naked. The player will take their clothes and quickly dress, before getting shooed out.

The Hacker's Tasks

Step 1: Bailey's Office

The player must visit Bailey's office between 7AM to 9AM in the morning - this is when they will are inside. Once there, the player will notice them working on something on their computer. 

The player will need to trick Bailey, so a high Skulduggery rank is required (an A rank guarantees success). The player will distract Bailey in one way or another and as they leave the room to sort out a made up situation, the player quickly installs the device. Should their skulduggery succeed, they escape unscathed. Otherwise, Bailey will enter just as the player tries to leave and get beaten.

Step 2: Leighton's Office

The player must break into the school (or stay past closing time) and sneak into the head's office (same process as in the quest "Blackmailing Leighton").

At 5PM, the office will be empty. The player must break into the strongbox. It has a sturdy lock that takes 30 minutes to pick and is very difficult. Only an S rank in Skulduggery guarantees success on the first attempt. If failed, each successive attempt becomes easier. The rank which guarantees success drops by a grade each time (A, B...).´Once the strongbox is picked and opened, the player finds a drawer containing a number of cameras, as well as a box full of memory cards. The player will swipe the memory cards and put them into your bag.

A prompt will appear, informing the player they have now completed the hacker's tasks and that they need to talk to Landry to complete the third and final step.

Step 3: Returning to Landry

The player must return to the Pub and Ask for Landry, passing on the hacker's message.

Landry will the player that Mickey has already turned up, noting that they won't even tell them their name, but they're smart. The player will hand over the SD cards and in return, Landry will hand them an envelope containing the police master password along with an extra £500 as a thank you from Landry.

After this, the player is handed a USB stick. Landry explains that there's some kind of virus on it which spreads over a network. It wipes every computer clean and is good for causing trouble, or making "old trouble" disappear. 

Landry sees the player off by remarking how next time they'll clear up their past misdeeds.


Mickey will be available to help the player manipulate their fame in exchange of the player completing one of their assignments.

Moreover, with the master password and USB stick in hand, the player can return to the police station side door and access the computer within.

Accessing the police computer informs the player of their wanted level, and gives them three options:

  • Delete Evidence. Deleting electronic evidence will reduce the amount of crime they can pin on the player and should not be detected.
    • Deleting evidence can be used if the player has 1000-6000 crime will remove somewhere between 25% and 55% of the player's current crime stat. Once the player can purchase passwords from Landry, this is the only option that will not result in the password being changed and the player having to buy a new one
  • Install a "Wiper" worm. This will destroy lots police records of everyone, including the player.
    • Installing the wiper will eliminate roughly 82-98% of the player's current crime and is available if the player has at least 1000 crime. If the player purchased a password from Landry, they must purchase a new password after choosing this option.
  • Frame someone else. This attaches all of the evidence the police have on the player towards someone else, which both clears the player of suspicion and leads to the arrest of said person. However, it can only be done to those who already have a record in the system.

Framing Someone

Here is the list of people the player can frame, due to their criminal record:

  • Whitney. Requires the player to have met these requirements:
    • Must have encountered Whitney at some point.
    • Have a Crime level of 6000 or more.

Whitney must be "available" - not dismissed and sent to the Underground Brothel.

  • Leighton. Requires the player to have met these requirements:
    • Must have met Leighton at some point.
    • Breaking into their office and retrieving evidence.

The player must then turn in the evidence of Leighton's deeds to the Police Station. Doing so will put Leighton in the far end of the police's backlog, meaning the police will be ultimately unhelpful with the situation. However, this opens them up as a potential framing target.

A framed individual will spend up to a total of sixteen hours at the pillory on Cliff Street, facing the same punishments that a player that engages in Crime may otherwise suffer - they are at the mercy of the lecherous, brutal crowd. Members of this crowd may want to have their way with the victim, throw rotten fruit towards them, or go as far as to let beasts attack the victim. As punishments continue, the victim will be left bruised and beaten.

Once their time is up, the framed person will return to their normal life. Interestingly enough, they do not acknowledge what just happened, who caused it, and they are completely unaware that they were subject to being framed at all. They will still act the same way towards the player as they did before, unaware that the player was the one who framed them. The player on the other hand will have all traces of their logged criminal history removed from them, reducing the crime stat to zero (not criminal history).


Upon accessing the computer once more after doing so already, the password to fail, as it has been changed. The player may visit Landry once more and pay £300 to overcome this.


  • This quest is one of few ways the player can punish Whitney.
  • This quest is also the only way the player can punish Leighton for their crimes.

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  1. <<if $police_access_card is 0 and ($rng % 3) is 0>> <br><span class="gold">A police access card lies on the desk.</span> A note on it says "external access only." (rng % 3)means complementation that dividing a random number by 3, then check the remainder(will be 0,1,2). So the chance is 1/3 instead of 3%