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Pregnancy allows the development of a baby. Depending on how the pregnancy was done, it may have varying effects. Usually, the baby is a human, but it can also be a wolf or an egg.

This page details non-parasitic pregnancies. If you are looking for Anal/Parasitic Pregnancies, click here.

Getting Started

When the player has vaginal sex with someone and allows them to cum or has penile sex and cums inside of their partner, there is a chance of the player becoming pregnant or impregnating. As of Version 0.4.0, only random NPCs and wolves can do this, but this will change down the line. How this begins playing out depends on the player's settings and will be detailed below. By default, the player has a 1-in-20 (5%) chance of an encounter ending in pregnancy. The player can boost and cut these chances by their own actions and/or paying attention to their cycle.

Incomplete Pregnancy Content

As of Version 0.4.0, the player can only be impregnated by or impregnate wolves and NPCs. As of Version 0.5.0 three Love Interests are the exceptions that are the Black Wolf. Alex, and the Great Hawk. In the case of other Love Interests, players will need to enable the "Incomplete Pregnancy Content" toggle. The Black Wolf was a test for the pregnancy system. It should be noted that as of Version 0.4.0, named NPCs have no interactions with pregnancy so none will comment on the player being knocked up by them. It is also noted by the game that enabling this may skip future content. The player should be careful about enabling this setting.

Here is a list of named NPCs regarding their pregnancy content:

  • Fertile and has pregnancy content: Black Wolf, Alex, Great Hawk
  • Can be fertile if Incomplete Pregnancy Content is turned on: Most named human NPCs, Ivory Wraith (can't be pregnant, but can impregnate the player)
  • Not fertile yet, but will have future pregnancy content:
  • Infertile: Bailey, Leighton

Pregnancy Settings

During character creation and by going into the settings, the player has many ways to customize their experiences.

  • Base Player Pregnancy chance
    • Goes in increments of 4 from 1-in-100 to 1-in-4. In other words, it can go as low as a 1% chance to as high as a 25% chance by default
    • Default is 1-in-20 (5%)
  • Base NPC Pregnancy Chance
    • Does in increments of 4 from 1-in-20 to 1-in-4. In other words, it can be as low as 5% or as high as 25%
    • Default is 1-in-12 (8.3%)
  • Human Pregnancy Length in Months- Note: Lowering this below default disables the "Miracle of Life", "Hail Mary", "Life Comes in Threes", and "Diversity of Life" feats
    • Can be as low as 1 month or as long as 9 months to deliver a human baby
    • Default is 3 months
  • Wolf Pregnancy Length in Months- Note: Lowering this below default disables the "Miracle of Life", "Hail Mary", "Life Comes in Threes", and "Diversity of Life" feats
    • Can be as low as 2 weeks or as long as 12 weeks (~3 months) to deliver a wolf baby
    • Default is 4 weeks

Beyond these basic settings, there are also toggles.

  • Enable player human pregnancy- Determines whether the player can get pregnant from humans
  • Enable player beast pregnancy- Determines whether the player can get pregnant from beasts
  • Enable NPC pregnancy- Determines whether the player can impregnate NPCs (Note: Love Interests are not included in this setting as of right now)
  • Enable incomplete pregnancy content- Detailed above
  • Enable parasitic pregnancy- Parasitic Pregnancy
  • Enable fertility cycles- Determines whether the player has a menstrual cycle or not. The menstrual cycle will be detailed below. If this setting is disabled, then the player just has a random chance of getting pregnant determined at midnight. Also, sperm in the player won't last as long when set to Realistic
  • Enable egg laying- Required for Hawk and Harpy pregnancy. This toggle is required to be impreganted by the Great Hawk. The player will lay eggs regardless of pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy type- Detailed below
  • Enable fertility references- Whether or not NPCs around the player will speak about getting the player pregnant or being impregnated by the player.
    • An example would be getting into an encounter with an NPC. With the setting enabled they may say something like "Breed me!" or "I'm going to breed you!". With the setting disabled, they'll instead say "Fuck me!" or "I'm going to fuck you!". Note that this won't catch all fertility references, especially if other pregnancy settings are enabled.
  • Condoms- How likely an NPC is to use a condom during encounters.
    • At it's lowest, "Everyone is allergic to condoms and safe sex", no one will use any birth control at all and actively prevent the player from using theirs when possible
    • Next level, "Only you may use condoms. You may still give condoms to NPCs.", the player will be the only person to proactively use birth control. NPCs will accept condoms from the player, but they may not use them.
    • "NPCs will only have condoms if pregnancy between them and the player is possible". If the NPC has reason to believe they may be able to get the player pregnant, they may use condoms. Otherwise, they won't bother
    • "NPCs may have and use condoms whenever they please". NPCs will likely have condoms, but it entirely up to them whether they use them

Pregnancy Types

The player can have three types of pregnancy: Realistic, Fetishised and Silly

Fetishised Pregnancy

A player with this setting can be impregnated as soon as semen enters them or they cum inside someone else and the player will know immediately when they are impregnated or when they impregnate others. The player will also immediately know the father if they are impregnated. They will still need to go to the Hospital for an ultrasound to know how many kids they are carrying. In this mode, the player only gets one chance per ejaculation to impregnate/be impregnated and it is rolled at the time of insemination.

The player will know they have impregnated someone/been impregnated when they get one of the following messages:

Realistic Pregnancy

The player will not be impregnated immediately under this setting and will not know when they are or when they impregnate others. In addition, based on how many people they had risky sex with before they found out they were pregnant, they may not know who the father is. If the number is 3 or less, then the player will have some idea of who the father is, but after that they lose track.

In addition, cum on the outside of the vagina may get the player pregnant if not washed off within a few hours. The player also continually gets chances of being impregnated twice a day for as long as they have cum inside of them. It should be noted there are minor differences on this depending on whether the player has menstrual cycles turned on or not. A player without a menstrual cycle will have it done at 12AM/PM each day without fail. A player with a menstrual cycle will have it happen on 12AM/PM when they are on a Risky or Dangerous day.

When Realistic Pregnancy is enabled, the only way for player to know that they are pregnant in the first trimester is to take a pregnancy test, or look for Pregnancy under the Extra Stats (Spoilers) tab where they can see the days spent knowing and not knowing about their pregnancy and a ETA for their birth together with how many babies they are currently carrying. If the pregnancy is progressed, the player can also examine themselves at a mirror to notice their pregnant belly, or after waking up from sleep, the player will notice that they're pregnant. If the player does not sleep (eg. by reducing their fatigue in the Wolf Cave in order not to sleep) they will not notice the pregnancy, in addition if the player sleeps in a few spots where the pregnancy realization does not work (such as selecting "Sleep Elsewhere" in the harpy tower) they will not notice that they're pregnant but Pregnancy events will still happen as usual. Pregnancy events such as the Christmas Theater where the player is suggested to take a specific roles because of their belly bump or the events that happen in the bus or the school where people want to touch your belly does not make the player character realize their pregnancy.

The player needs to have this type of pregnancy enabled to earn the "Bicycle Mother" feat.

Silly Pregnancy

This mode is the same as Fetishised Pregnancy but the ways of getting pregnant have been increased. The player character can get pregnant from holding hands and more.

This sub-category is incomplete and may contain incorrect information.

Menstrual Cycle

If the player decides to enable Fertility Cycle, then they will also opt-in to the menstrual cycle. It should be immediately noted the cycle will never be more detailed then it currently is. There will be no mention of bleeding or need to get tampons/menstrual pads to compensate for it. The menstrual cycle in game is a measure of when the player will be at their most fertile.

The cycle is a 28 day window. By default, it is:

  • Day 1-7: Very Safe (6)
  • Day 8: Safe (5)
  • Day 9-11: Some-what safe (3,4)
  • Day 12-13: Risky (1,2)
  • Day 14: Dangerous (0)
  • Day 15-16: Risky
  • Day 17-19: Some-what safe
  • Day 20: Safe
  • Day 21-28: Very Safe

In order for the player to see this information in the Characteristics tab (as shown below, the player will need either Awareness 6 OR A* Rank in Science and at least Awareness 3. Otherwise, the player can see their most risky day in Extra stats.


A player that has reached stage 2 in any Beast transformation (except Harpy/Bird) will also enter heat and/or rut. During this time, the player's minimum Arousal will change based on how many transformation points they have and where they are in the cycle. The number is calculated at (animal points player has) * 10 *(2 - Menstruation value). For example, a player with 30 wolf points on a Dangerous day would math out at (30*10*2) and have a minimal Arousal of 600. If the math is 0, then the player isn't in Heat/Rut. A lesser version of this can be achieved if the player overdosed on Fertility Pills. It has the Minimum Arousal of Heat/Rut, but with none of the transformation.

Being in heat/rut also adds a few new scenes to the game, such as one with Black Wolf if the player is a full Wolf and has Deviancy 5. During the scene where Black Wolf angrily harasses the pack, the player can either present themselves or playfully bite to start the encounter mounted. A similar event can happen in an Alleyway with a cat.

Day to Day Life

While the player's cycle is going, they may wake up to or otherwise experience small issues related to said cycle.

  • You feel some cramping near your vagina (+ Stress, + Pain)
  • You feel a little bloated (+ Stress)
  • You feel lightheaded for a moment
  • You start feeling a little nauseous, but it passes quickly
  • You start feeling nauseous, but it passes quickly

Tipping the Scales

The player can change their pregnancy chances in a few ways:

  • Negatively
    • Taking a Contraceptive Pill will reduce chances of getting pregnant by 90%
      • Overdosing on Contraceptive Pills further reduces this chance to 0%
    • Condoms reduce chances to near zero
      • It should be noted that there is a chance of condoms being defective or, worse, being sabotaged. Should either of those cases happen, things will play out like there was never a condom in play
        • Kylar, for example, will always sabotage any condom they bring
        • There is a 2% chance of a condom being defective
    • The Morning-After pill, taken within 4 days of being impregnated, will prevent any pregnancies from occurring
  • Positively
    • Taking a Fertility Pill will increase your fertility for one day regardless of gender.
      • Taking another Fertility Pill, in other words, overdosing will increase fertility for four days. When overdosed, the possibility of having twins and triplets increase.
    • If using Realistic mode, the more sources of cum inside the player, the more likely they are to be impregnated. The basics of it is every time the player takes a new source of semen inside of them, all semen inside the player is rolled for again to see if any of them impregnates the player. Each semen source has a lifespan of 4-8 days at which point they stop contributing to the chances.
    • Cumming/having someone cum deep inside the player. If the player/an NPC cums on the outside of a vagina, the chances are insanely low for the semen actually impregnating anyone. On the opposite side of the spectrum, having a wolf knot the player has a much, much higher chance of impregnation.
    • A Demon player with 90+ demon points can Force Impregnation, guaranteeing that they either are impregnated (as of Version 0.4+, only humans and wolves can impregnate the player. Some humans, LIs for instance, need a separate toggle) or impregnate their target (provided the target is fertile. If the target cannot be impregnated, the option will not appear)
    • Hermaphrodite characters are able to self-impregnate. Whenever the player's hands are covered in semen, the game will notify you as You are overcome by sensation. A surge of cum erupts from your penis, and some of it gets on your hands. which then the player can push a finger in their vagina. In addition to this, if the player reaches Awareness 5, they are able to cover their fingers in semen. If a player gets pregnant in this way, their hymen does not tear, so this is a way to get pregnant while keeping their virginity.
    • Male characters are able to become pregnant with non-parasites if they have chosen a focus from Ear Slimes.

In-Game Mechanics

Once the player is confirmed pregnant, whether via ultrasound or immediate notification, a notification appears under the Characteristics menu. If the player has had risky sex with 1 person, the father will be known

If the player has had risky sex with up to 3 different people, they can possibly guess who the father is

If the player has had risky sex with more than 3 different people, the player will have no idea who the father is


During pregnancy, the player character will often wake with unique text lines. The effects of these lines vary but may include fatigue, anger, sadness, food cravings, nausea and a variety of others.


Pregnancies, both human and beast, are divided into 3 trimesters regardless of length settings.

First Trimester

In the first trimester, the player is aware of their pregnancy but may not experience many effects. With fetishized pregnancy active, the player will know immediately when they have conceived. With realistic pregnancy, the player should expect to take a pregnancy test (available in the Pharmacy) every few days. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, the player can receive an ultrasound from Harper at the hospital. As of version 0.4.0, this is free for the player. The ultrasound will confirm the pregnancy as well as the number (single or multiples).

Second Trimester

In the second trimester, the player will have the opportunity to get an abdominal ultrasound. This will show the number and species of the pregnancy. You will also learn the sex(es) of the pregnancy or pregnancies.

Third Trimester

In the third trimester, the player may begin experiencing contractions which give + Stress and + Pain. Ultrasounds will let the player see their child, giving - Stress.

A player character living with the wolf pack will be unable to join hunts.

Giving Birth

When the player is ready to give birth they will receive the message "Your water has broken. You need to head to the hospital, fast! | + + Stress". If not already active, they will also start lactating. Depending on the player's location, one of several scenarios will play out. The player cannot give birth, nor impregnate/be impregnated by NPCs in the underground brothel.

In the Wolf Cave

If the player is pregnant with wolf pups, they will have the option of giving birth in the cave rather than in the hospital. After the birth, the player will be able to see the size and gender of each pup as well as name each individual. If the player does not name a child manually, they will automatically be given a random name. After this, the pups will be brought to the pup den and can be checked on by the player. If the player is pregnant with human babies, the wolf pack will not allow the player to the wolf cave until the pregnancy is over, regardless of the player being Black Wolf's favorite or not.

In the Hospital

If the player goes to the hospital, they will be ushered to a room to give birth. After birth, the player will be able to see size and gender of the children and will be able to name them. The player is then urged to rest. After waking, Bailey will pick the player up and, if this is the first time the player has given birth in town, grant them access to the youth ward, where the player will be able to interact with their children. However, there are two exceptions. If the children are wolves, they will be released to the forest, going to the wolf cave. Or if the children's father is Alex, Alex will pick the player up. More information can be viewed in a seperate page.

In Alex's house

If the player has access to Alex's farm and the father is Alex, the player can give birth in there. If the father isn't Alex, this can not be used as an option.

In the Asylum

When the player goes to labor while being in the asylum, most of the events are simillar to being in the hospital. If the player goes to labor while in the cell, the guards will come and help. While outside the cell, the player would be helped by other patients, both result same. However, the player is still stuck in the asylum, while the baby is to be taken care by the midwife. The player cannot interact with the baby until escape. After the dialouge, the player's stress and trauma decreases(--), determined to leave the asylum. When returning to the orphanage, Bailey will greet the player, saying that the baby arrived safely from the asylum. However, if the player is bearing wolf pups, they are released to the forest. The player can interact with them in the wolf den.