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The prison is a high security penitentiary located off the coast of the town. Excessive righteousness, vindictive mandates, callous guards, vicious crooks, and a general air of hopelessness make up the prison's core.

For the player, trying to go about their days unmolested will be the least of their worries as the oppressive atmosphere slowly chips at the mind; expect Stress and Trauma to rise rapidly with few ways to manage it. Freedom is never out of reach, however, especially after making friends with the right people.

It serves as one of eight Soft Bad-Endings in the game. Skulduggerous players should take care to avoid ending up in police custody, or they'll swiftly find themselves locked up here.


The prison as it appears in-game.

How to Enter

As stated, the prison is considered one of the game's soft bad-endings. Thus, it is only accessible as a failstate for unfortunate players - specifically, those who were careless with committing crimes.

In order for the police to deem the player worthy of imprisonment, they must have been sentenced to the pillory at least once. After they've received their punishment, any subsequent arrests with high Crime (at least enough that the police "have more than enough evidence for an arrest," as stated in the Social tab) will result in the player being sent to jail. Note that it's the sentence that counts, not whether or not the player serves it; if the player escapes from police custody instead of letting the officer lock them up in the pillory, they'll still be sent to prison on any future arrests.

Instead of getting arrested, the player may also opt to turn themselves in at the Police Station; however, since turning oneself in results in the player's Crime stat dropping by 20%, the required amount of Crime needed for a prison sentence is higher in this case than if the player had been arrested against their will. In this case, at least 6250 points of Crime are needed to ensure imprisonment. The exact amount of Crime the player has accumulated can be checked in the "Extra Stats" tab of the Stats menu.

For those looking to build up their Crime deliberately, a safe way of doing so is visiting the Forest Shop at night and stealing the most expensive item there, the Esoteric Spectacles. Each stolen glasses is worth 425 points of Crime, and unlike the clothing shop in the Shopping Centre, the player cannot get banned from this store. It takes 15 glasses to bring the player's Crime level from 0 to 6375, passing the 6250 threshold for imprisonment; subsequent glasses can be stolen to increase the sentence. Note that the player may need to make repeat trips to and from the Orphanage bedroom to unload their stolen goods/discard any glasses should their wardrobe become too full.

First Steps

The Sentencing

When the player is arrested, they'll be given a sentence, the duration of which scales with their Crime level. Every 250 points of Crime is worth one day in prison; so, for example, the minimum amount of Crime needed to get sent to the prison (5000) would net the player a sentence of 20 days.

Note that unlike with community service or the pillory, there does not appear to be a limit to how long a player's sentence may last. In the event of the player having extremely high Crime, they may end up being sentenced with over a year of jail-time, at which point escape is perhaps the only viable option.

People of Interest


Map of the Prison

Prison Stats

As with other areas such as the Asylum, the prison has its own unique atmospheric stats that the player must keep track of. These stats generally measure what the prison's inhabitants (both the staff and other inmates) think of the player.


The most important stat for the player to keep track of during their incarceration is Attention.

Things that raise Attention include:

  • Walking around in a state of undress
  • Wearing any sort of bondage equipment as a result of a punishment; see the "Punishments" section below
  • Losing a game to the relaxed guard
  • Accepting an inmate's advances while working in laundry
  • Sitting on the scarred inmate's lap at breakfast
  • Trying and failing to catch the soap while taking a shower
  • Simply walking around the prison, especially with high Beauty

Aside from avoiding the things listed above, the player can limit Attention gains by not meandering around the prison, instead moving between areas as fast as possible and spending their free time in their cell. Any time spent in an open area (those being the prison block, the yard and the canteen) risks triggering an event that raises Attention.

Attention Events

As soon as the player's Attention bar is full, they'll be approached by the the veteran guard, who demands the player to come with them, triggering an Attention event. These events are incredibly dangerous and will often result in the player becoming overwhelmed with Stress, forcing them to spend an hour passed out. If this happens at a bad time, they may end up missing an hour of work, resulting in a punishment the next day. As such, it's important to keep Attention low to avoid any events.

The more Attention events the player is forced to endure, the more brutal subsequent events become, indicated by their Attention level. There are four levels of Attention:

  • Zero - Where the player starts as soon as they arrive at the prison. No Attention events will occur; instead, reaching max Attention at this level triggers an altercation between the scarred inmate and the tattooed inmate. Witnessing this scene sets the player's Attention level to One.
  • One - The first level of Attention. The player must service a group of three people in a nonconsensual encounter.
  • Two - The second level of Attention. The player must service two groups. Successfully doing so without passing out at this level or the next will grant a massive boost to the veteran guard's Love
  • Three - The final level of Attention. The player must service three groups. Doing this without passing out from Stress is incredibly difficult.

Aside from influencing Attention events, having high levels of Attention will increase any changes to Hope and Rebelliousness; see the "Atmosphere" section below for more details. Additionally, each level of Attention corresponds to how many days the veteran guard reduces from the player's sentence should they please their clients (i.e. level one = one day, level two = two days, and level three = three days).

Note that once the player experiences at least one Attention event (regardless of whether they were protected or not), their Attention will stop rising for the rest of that day, thus preventing them from experiencing subsequent Attention events until the next day.

Avoiding Attention Events

Besides keeping Attention low enough that the events won't trigger in the first place, there are a couple of ways for the player to avoid them.

  1. Protection: Once per day, the player can visit the scarred inmate in their cell during free time (7:00 PM). Complying with their demands grants the player protection from a single Attention event. For more information, see Prison Inmates.
  2. Fighting Back: If the player is unprotected when the veteran guard accosts them, they can either do as instructed or fight. If the player has not disabled the prison's shock collars (see the "Rebelliousness" section below), choosing the latter is not recommended; this will only result in the guard shocking the player into compliance (+ Trauma | + Stress | + + + Pain). If they have disabled the collars, however, choosing to fight instead leads to an encounter. Beating the guard up or making them cum allows to get out of the event scot-free, but becoming overwhelmed with pain has them dragged off and whored out regardless.
  3. Kylar: If the player is not currently under the Speak no evil punishments and Kylar is imprisoned but not in solitary, they can shout for Kylar who will shoot the veteran guard with a poison dart. This will result in the player slipping into the growing crowd to escape while Kylar is pinned and sentenced to 3 days of solitary confinement.


Similar to the Asylum, Respect influences how the player's fellow inmates treat them, and how likely they are to listen when the player stands up to them.

Successfully resisting inmates' advances when they try to molest the player generally increases Respect. Siding with the guards over the inmates (such as snitching on an inmate who finds shark teeth in the laundry) usually lowers Respect, with the upside of lowering Suspicion.

Currently, Respect affects very little in the prison. Aside from flavor text, the only event it influences is a scene when eating dinner where an inmate tries to force the player out of their seat.

The various levels of Respect are:

  • Most fellow inmates see you as meat. - Starting level
  • Most fellow inmates thinks you're a fucktoy.
  • Most fellow inmates consider you a bitch.
  • Most fellow inmates see you as one of them.
  • Most fellow inmates have a good opinion of you.
  • Most fellow inmates respect you.
  • Most fellow inmates think you're the boss.

Outside of random events, the most reliable way to raise Respect is working in laundry and choosing to socialise with the inmates (1:00).

Other events that raise Respect include:

  • Refusing to pray during meals. Raises Suspicion.
    • If the player's Suspicion is moderately low (a little under "The guards are keeping an eye on you."), the methodical guard will give the player a second chance, allowing them to bow (no effect on Respect or Suspicion) or refuse again (grants another Respect increase, raises Suspicion, leads to the player being punished). Note that this only occurs if the player has not disabled the prison's shock collars.
  • Wrestling an inmate at dinner and winning. Note that losing will not lower Respect, but Respect refusing will.
  • Refusing to sit on the scarred inmate's lap at breakfast


Similar to the Asylum, Suspicion influences how much the prison's guards as a whole regard the player. At low Suspicion, they'll be seen as a model prisoner, whereas high Suspicion has the guards distrust them entirely.

Aside from flavor text, the only thing of any importance that Suspicion affects is how much the guards trust the player to handle certain jobs - namely, working in medical or the spire. Additionally, with a moderate level of Suspicion (a little under "The guards are keeping an eye on you."), the methodical guard will give the player a second chance should they refuse to pray at meals.

The various levels of Suspicion are:

  • The guards have you under constant surveillance.
  • The guards consider you a problem.
  • The guards watch you.
  • The guards are keeping an eye on you. - Starting level
  • The guards expect no trouble from you. - Required to work in medical
  • The guards overlook you. - Required to work in the spire
  • The guards forget you are here.

The easiest way to lower Suspicion is to work in laundry and choose to work hard (1:00). Two of the three events that can occur allow the player to lower their Suspicion with no strings attached, while the other can lower Suspicion at the cost of Respect.

Note: Suspicion is not to be confused with the guards' Love, which is a different stat that affects an individual guard's opinion of the player. For information on the guards' love, see Prison Guards.


Much like the Orphanage, the prison has two stats measuring the overall attitude of its inmates: Hope and Rebelliousness.

The only thing the prison's atmosphere affects is whether or not the inmates will be willing to back the player in the event of a revolt. This is not as trivial as it seems, however, as this can be crucial to those looking to escape.

Having high Attention will prove beneficial to those seeking to improve the prison's atmosphere. Each level of Attention acts as a multiplier to the amount of Hope/Rebellion received when performing certain acts, proportional to the level of Attention. At Attention levels Zero or One the player receives the normal amount of Hope/Rebelliousness, level Two multiplies Hope/Rebelliousness gains by two, and level Three multiplies them by three.


The easiest/most reliable way to raise Hope is by working in medical, in which a random event can occur involving a patient asking for an extra dose of painkillers. By passing a Skulduggery check (D+ or higher will guarantee success, or B+ for the player to sneak some for themselves) will raise Hope by a small amount.

Other events that raise Hope include:

  • Disabling the shock collars (see the Rebelliousness section) provides a massive one-time boost to Hope.
  • When the scarred inmate asks a fellow inmate what they should do with the player, choose to remain silent, then choose to help him/her to medical (0:05) afterwards for a small, one-time Hope increase.
  • After beating up the scarred inmate following an attempted assault, choosing to help him/her provides a substantial boost to Hope. Repeatable once a day.

While doing things the guards disapprove of will rouse their Suspicion, outright rebellious acts are different story. Any displays of outright disobedience will lead to the guards taking action against the player, usually in the form of a shock from their collar.

Note that before the player can truly raise Rebelliousness, they must first disable the prison's shock collars. To do so, they must buy the passcode from Wren, worth 50 teeth. After which, the player can visit the medical bay while the the methodical guard is out, where they can input the code and sabotage the experimental shock generator (+ + + Suspicion | + + + Rebelliousness | + + + Hope | + + + Respect). Doing this alerts the methodical and veteran guards, who will attempt to drag the player away. The player can go quietly (leads to a punishment) or fight (leads to an encounter; winning it with violence will grant the player another Rebelliousness increase).

Since this is a one-time event that raises both Hope and Rebelliousness by a massive amount, it's recommended to do this while the player's Attention level is at three, thus maximizing Hope/Rebelliousness gains.

Where resisting would previously lead to the guard's simply shocking the player into compliance, they'll instead take a more hands-on approach by way of an encounter, or just give up entirely. Many of these new events increase Rebelliousness.

Events that are affected by disabling the collars include:

  • Resisting the veteran guard when they try to drag the player off during an Attention event event will now lead to an encounter. Beating the guard through violence will increase Rebelliousness.
  • Refusing to leave the cell during roll call will now lead to an encounter. Winning the encounter with violence increases Rebelliousness.
    • As the player does this repeatedly, the methodical guard will gradually call in more and more reinforcements, until the player eventually has to deal with all four guards at once. The more guards present, the more Rebelliousness the player will earn for fighting them off.

There are two events that increases Rebelliousness without the need for disabling the collars.

  • If the player ends up giving oral to the relaxed guard after a bet, beating them up will increase Rebelliousness by a small amount (also lowers their Love). Due to the infrequency of the event and the fact that the encounter always starts out consensual, however, this is not a reliable way to raise Rebelliousness.
  • If the player possesses the Fallen Angel Transformation or Demon Transformation then during meals they will be given the option to Offer to hold the sermon. (- Hope | + + Rebelliousness). This can be a great way to farm Rebelliousness since it can be done up to 3 times a day with no subsequent increase to Attention.

The conditions the player must meet before they can initiate a revolt are as follows:

  • The prison's shock collars must have been disabled.
  • Hope must be at 80 points or higher. Depending on Rebelliousness, this will be listed in the social tab as the prison's atmosphere being Tolerant, Patient, Hopeful, or Idealistic.
  • Rebelliousness must be at 80 points or higher. Depending on Hope, this will be listed in the social tab as the prison's atmosphere being Vengeful, Unruly, Defiant, or Mutinous.

If both Hope and Rebelliousness are at the proper values, the Social tab will read: "The atmosphere in the prison is revolutionary."

Once the pieces are in place, the player must rally their fellow inmates by causing trouble with the guards. Encounters that can lead to a revolt include:

  • Resisting the veteran guard during an Attention event
  • Refusing to leave the cell during roll call
  • Fighting the anxious guard when being hunted after missing role call
  • Resisting any guard's attempt to punish the player
  • Beating the guards after disabling the shock generator (one time only)

At the end of the encounter, provided the player managed to subdue their attacker(s) by beating them up or making them cum, they'll be given the option to incite revolt. If they have not yet met the requirements to start a revolt, or if they'd simply rather hold off, they'll instead bask in their victory against their tyrannical overseers (- Pain | - Trauma | - Stress). Note that Respect has no effect on the player's ability to cause a revolution; even if their fellow inmates see them as a piece of meat, they'll happily take up arms alongside the player when prompted.

Starting a revolt unprepared is highly discouraged. As the game states, "A revolt without a plan will never end well." It's recommended to wait until the player has met the conditions for one of the escape methods before inciting a revolt.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provide options to increase or decrease these stats. Normally, the menu reads as follows:

The methodical guard clears her throat, still holding the book in her hands and seemingly settled on a passage. "Bow your heads," she says. "In prayer." Most of the inmates have already bowed.

(1) Bow your head | + Purity

(2) Bow your head and daydream | - Stress

(3) Refuse | + Suspicion | + Respect

However, the three divine transformations each provide an additional option, each with unique text and stats.

  • (4) Offer to hold the sermon | Angel | + Hope
    • You rise, and walk to the methodical guard. She seems angry at your impertinence, but something in your eyes softens her. She holds out the prayer book, but you don't need it. You put your hands to your chest, and recite a sermon from memory. The prisoners listen in rapt attention. You think some are hiding tears beneath their bowed heads. The methodical guard wears a distant expression, until the schedule catches up to her and she snaps to attention. "Rise," she takes a deep breath. "Everyone outside."
  • (4) Offer to hold the sermon | Fallen Angel | - Hope | + + Rebelliousness
    • You rise, and walk to the methodical guard. She seems angry at your impertinence, but something in your eyes frightens her. She holds out the prayer book, but you don't need it. You put your hands to your chest, and recite a sermon from memory. This is not a sermon they would give at the temple. Not in public. But it's fitting here. You speak of emptiness and loss. Damnation and despair. A cloud descends over the room, even the methodical guard is affected. "Stop," she says at last. "Rise. Everyone outside."
  • (4) Offer to hold the sermon | Demon | + Rebelliousness
    • You rise, and walk to the methodical guard. She seems angry at your impertinence, but something in your eyes entices her. She holds out the prayer book, but you don't need it. You put your hands to your chest, and recite a sermon from memory. You change details here and there, slipping in innuendo and blasphemy. Some of the more learned prisoners stifle laughter. The methodical guard scans the room, looking for the culprits. "That's enough," she says. "Rise. Everyone outside."

Watcher Respect

Among the stats tracked during the player's stay in prison is a hidden one measuring their relationship with the birds/harpies surrounding the fortress. Once the player has befriended the watchers, they'll turn a blind eye to any escape attempts (see "Breaking Free" below).

The watchers' respect progresses as follows:

  • The watchers see you as meat.
  • The watchers recognise you.
  • The watchers think you're useful.
  • The watchers are fond of you.

There are only two events that raise the watchers' respect, both of which have a 20% chance of occurring while working at the spire.

  • The player may be tasked with feeding the watchers, increasing their trust.
  • Another task involves the player retrieving contraband from one of the watchers. Occasionally (and especially at low trust), they'll refuse to give it up, prompting the player to either soothe it (Tending) or give up (Suspicion | + Watchers). Due to the relative rarity of events that raise the watchers' trust compared to events that lower suspicion, it's recommended to always pick the second option, at least until the player has properly befriended the watchers.

It takes 30 events in total for the watchers to become fond of the player. Once they are, the next time they enter the spire they'll be greeted by a watcher whisking them away to a beacon lined with nests, where they'll make a request of the player.

The one that carried you bows his/her/its head, and scrapes the middle of one of the nests. There's an indentation, as if something once sat there.

  • If the watcher is a monster: "Egg stolen," he/she says. "Eggs rare. Please, find below. Far below! Too far below." The others sing a melancholy tune.
  • If the watcher is a beast: Are they missing an egg? It would have to be hidden somewhere they couldn't reach.

To find the egg, the player must venture into the rut, deep below the prison. It can be accessed by descending the spire, or by receiving the "Damnation" punishment. Once found, the player is to return to the nest and offer up the egg to the watchers, who reward them with their friendship, which is needed to escape in lieu of a revolt, and an additional Pepper Spray canister.

For the most part, gaining the watchers' friendship serves as an alternative to inciting a revolt. There are benefits to pursuing both paths in tandem - the removal of the shock collars for the rebellious path, and the extra pepper spray canister for the watchers' - but for those solely focused on escape, it's recommended to prioritize gaining the watchers' trust over causing a revolt, as the former is more permanent and less time sensitive than the latter.

Prison Labor

Part of the player's rehabilitation involves a daily work quota they must fulfill. They must work nine hours each day, or there will be consequences (see "Punishments" below).

There are three jobs the player can work during their incarceration. Two of the three jobs require the player to build a certain amount of trust with the guards by lowering Suspicion (note that the guards' Love has nothing to do with trust). The player can check their standing with the prison staff in the Social menu.

  1. Laundry - Starting job, no trust required. Supervised by the relaxed guard.
  2. Medical - Requires low Suspicion ("The guards expect no trouble from you."). Supervised by the methodical guard.
  3. Spire - Requires very low Suspicion ("The guards overlook you."). Supervised by the anxious guard.

The player can change their job at any time by talking to their current supervisor during working hours, though it will take a day to process the change. Each job comes with its own benefits, and a player seeking the approval of all the guards will need to spend time working each one.

Shark's Teeth

Money holds little value behind bars. Instead, currency in the prison takes the form of small, white gems called "shark's teeth."

The player can find these gems at random during any of their three jobs, though working in laundry offers the most consistent opportunities, especially with a decent Skulduggery skill.

Acquiring Teeth

Outside of a one-time trade with Wren as detailed below, the main way the player can acquire shark's teeth is by working one of the three prison jobs. Each one offers its own events where the player can procure various quantities of teeth.

  • Laundry - 1/3 chance of each event occurring when choosing to work hard
    • The player finds some shark's teeth in a pair of trousers. By passing an easy Skulduggery check (a D or higher will ensure success), they'll gain 2 teeth.
    • Other times, one of the inmates will find some teeth. The player can either steal (a Skulduggery skill of B or higher will ensure success) or demand half (Success Chance: 50% - entirely random); success in either case results in the player gaining 2 teeth.
  • Medical - 1/5 chance of each event occurring
    • When the player is tasked with administering painkillers, they have the option to slip something extra, and something for themselves, initiating a Skulduggery check. A B+ or higher will ensure success, earning the player 2 teeth and an increase to Hope.
  • Spire - 1/5 chance of each event occurring
    • The player is tasked with collecting shark's teeth, and allowed to keep 2 of them if they succeed. Requires passing either a Skulduggery, Athletics, or Physique check. An A or higher in Skulduggery/Athletics will guarantee success, whereas the Physique check is harder to pull off; even a maxed out Physique with a large body won't ensure success.
      • NOTE: The player will only gain teeth during this event after learning the anxious guard's name.
    • Occasionally the player will be given the option to search for teeth (Success Chance: 70%). Yields a 1/10 chance of finding 10 teeth, a 6/10 chance of finding 3 teeth, or a 3/10 chance of finding nothing at all.

If Kylar is imprisoned and their Lust is greater than 20%, the player can speak to Kylar once a day to receive 6-12 shark's teeth.

Trading with Wren

The main use the player has for shark's teeth is to deal with Wren. The smuggler appears in the yard of the prison every Friday at 1:00 PM, where they'll offer a number of goods in exchange for gems. See below for a complete list of Wren's wares.

  • Underwear (Panties, Briefs, Bra or Vest) - 5 teeth each
  • Prison Shirt or Prison Trousers - 10 teeth each
  • Prison Jumpsuit - 15 teeth
  • Small hammer - 20 teeth
    • Used in tunneling out of the player's cell, allowing access to the secret beach
  • Mirror - 30 teeth
    • Adds a Mirror to the player's cell
  • Code to the locked room in medical - 50 teeth
    • Required to disable the prison's shock collars, allowing the player to put up a proper fight against their oppressors
  • Poster of a sexy gentleman/sexy lady/cute puppy - 50 teeth
    • Used in tunneling out of the player's cell, allowing access to the secret beach
  • Rope - 100 teeth
    • Used to descend the spire, gaining access to the rut

Additionally, the player can make a one-time only trade with Wren: a key from the anxious guard (received after raising their Love to a certain point) in exchange for 200 teeth.

All clothing items are delivered directly to the player's cell wardrobe.

The List

Acts of insubordination are not taken lightly in the prison. Such acts include:

  • Passing out from Stress
  • Missing role call
  • Failing to meet the daily work quota
  • Trying to circumvent one of the punishments listed below (ex. wearing clothes after receiving the "Judgement" punishment)
  • Refusing to pray during a meal
  • Screaming during nonconsensual encounters with other inmates

Should the player be caught disobeying these rules, they'll be dragged to the room with the gaping hole, where the methodical guard awaits them.

"You were warned," he/she says. "The warden allows me to dole out punishments-"
The door opens, and the relaxed guard steps through. "We using the list?"

The methodical guard rubs his/her temple. "We're not-"

The anxious guard enters. "Come on," he/she says. "It's much more fun."

"It's unpro-"

"If the warden had a problem with it," says the veteran guard, leaning against the door frame. "We'd have heard something."

The methodical guard sighs. "Fine." He/She reaches beneath the desk.

They point a torch at "the list," a silver plaque found above the abyss leading into the rut.

The punishments on the list are as follows:
2. Penance
3. Judgement
4. See no evil
5. Devotion
6. Discipline
7. Atonement
8. Bondage
9. Chastisement
10. Speak no evil
11. Do no evil
12. Damnation

The relaxed guard proceeds to roll a pair of dice, the sum of which corresponding to one of the 11 punishments.

Should the player end up with a punishment that's already being implemented, the guards will decide to move up or down the list with a coin toss (heads up, tails down), giving them the next available punishment.


  • Penance - "Oh my boy/girl," the veteran guard chuckles. "The prisoners will be pleased." The methodical guard rummages beneath once more. Jagged metal clanks onto the desk, a metal collar with grotesque wording melted to one side. "Free use."
    • The player is given a special collar, granting the other inmates open range to do with them as they please. This triggers a number of dangerous events while walking around the prison, including:
      • An inmate attempts to read the player's collar. The player can either shove them (Physique, unavailable if the player's arms are bound) or stay still (Success Chance: 50%). Success leads to the inmate leaving the player alone, whereas failure leads to a nonconsensual encounter.
      • Two inmates grab the player, telling them "It's our turn, slut." The player can either kick them (Athletics, unavailable if the player is shackled) or endure (Success Chance: 70% | + Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal). As with the above event, success has them leave the player alone, failure leads to an encounter.
      • The player overhears three inmates approaching, discussing their plan to take that "free use slut." The player can either hide (Skulduggery) or confront them (- - Pain). Failing to hide or choosing to confront leads to an encounter, while successfully hiding has them pass the player by.
      • The player notices the other inmates' eyes on their collar. | + + Attention
      • A rowdy group of inmates approaches, prompting the player to cover their collar. If the player's arms are bound, however, they'll be unable to do so, allowing the inmates an eyeful of their collar and their body (+ + + Attention | + Stress).
  • Judgement - The methodical guard adjusts his/her glasses as the other guards close in. "Your clothes are forfeit," he/she says. "You will be judged by your peers."
    • As stated, the player will be stripped completely nude, unable to wear any upper, under, under upper or under lower clothes.
  • See no evil - "You'll need to watch your step," the methodical guard says. You hear footsteps behind, but your vision is blocked by a piece of fabric before you can turn. You've been blindfolded.
    • Prevents the player from reading the plaque in their cell.
    • Triggers several Attention-raising events while walking around the prison. Note that these events take precedent over any other, aside from the "free use" events listed above and a few select others.
      • An inmate sneaks up on the player from behind, groping their chest (+ + Attention | + Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal). If the player is skilled in Skulduggery, they'll hear the inmate approach and smack them before they can make their move. If the player's arms and legs are bound, however, they'll be unable to defend themselves, leading to an encounter.
      • The player walks into something and falls backwards, eliciting laughter all around them. | + Attention | + Trauma | + Stress
      • The player trips, landing with their bottom stuck in the air. | + Pain | + Attention
  • Devotion - The methodical guard adjusts his/her glasses as the other guards close in. "You are allowed no clothes above the waist," he/she says. "To prove your devotion."
    • The player's top is stripped, and they're forbidden from wearing any upper or under upper clothing.
  • Discipline - The veteran guard produces a length of cord as he/she approaches. He/She affixes one end to the collar around your neck, before handing the other to the relaxed guard. "There's a good bitch."
    • Attaches a leash to the player's collar.
    • Randomly, an inmate may grab the player's leash and pull it. | + + Attention
  • Atonement - The methodical guard adjusts his/her glasses as the other guards close in. "You are allowed no clothes other than underwear," he/she says. "That's your atonement." Hands reach from all around, pulling and tugging at the fabric covering your body, until you're left exposed in the middle of the room.
    • The player is prohibited from wearing any upper or lower clothing, though under tops and under bottoms are still allowed.
  • Bondage - The methodical guard rummages beneath the desk again. A set of black shackles linked by a chain clatter onto the desk. The veteran guard takes them in hand, and crouches beside you. "Maybe this bondage will remind you of your place."
    • Gives the player a set of shackles. See Restrictive Clothing for more details.
    • Randomly, the player may trip over broken stonework, ending up with their bottom in the air. | + Pain | + Attention
    • Prevents the player from jogging in the yard.
  • Chastisement - The methodical guard adjusts his/her glasses as the other guards close in. "You are to be chastised," he/she says. "Allowed no clothes below the waist." Their hands grasp and tug the fabric. You're left bottomless in the middle of the room.
    • The player's bottoms are stripped, and they're forbidden from wearing any lower or under lower clothing.
  • Speak no evil - The methodical guard reaches beneath the desk. He/She slaps a plastic gag onto the table. The anxious guard picks it up, and affixes it around your face.
    • Gags the player, preventing them from speaking during encounters.
    • Randomly, an inmate may ask to feel the player up. With their mouth gagged, they're unable to protest against the inmate's assault. | + Attention | + Stress | + Arousal
      • If the player's arms are bound as well, they'll be especially vulernable, forced to let the inmate hold them firm as they molest the player. | + + Attention | + Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal
    • Prevents the player from speaking with the veteran guard at lunch, making it difficult to raise their Love.
    • The relaxed guard will not ask the player for oral when playing dice.
  • Do no evil - The methodical guard nods at the veteran guard, who produces a length of rope. "Hold still boy/girl." He/She binds your arms together, leaving you helpless.
    • Binds the player's arms, preventing them from using them in combat.
    • Prevents the player from lifting weights in the yard.
    • When playing dice with the relaxed guard, they'll always propose the footstool bet - in their words, "Not like you're good for much else at the moment."
  • Damnation - The veteran guard laughs. "Nice knowing you," he/she says, pushing you towards the gaping hole across from the desk. | + Trauma | + Stress
    • The player is dragged to the hole in the room. After a brief exchange between the guards, the player is tossed in (+ Trauma | + + Stress), plunging through the dark until they fall in a pool of cold water. For more information on this punishment, see "The Rut" below.

As mentioned above, ignoring a punishment is not recommended; the guards will notice, and they'll just end up punishing the player again.

Punishments are not mutually exclusive; for example, receiving both "See no evil" and "Speak no evil" result in the player being blinded and gagged.

After receiving a punishment, a timer of two days is set, after which the punishment (or one of the player's punishments, if they've been afflicted with several) will be removed at role call. Note that if the player receives another punishment before their time with the first one is up, the timer will be reset. Alternatively, all other punishments will be removed at the end of the "Damnation" punishment, though due to the random nature of the list, this isn't a reliable way to remove punishments.

Post-Punishment Events

With the exception of the "Damnation" punishment, all of the punishments from the list lead to a short scene in which the player is escorted back to their cell and usually humiliated by the guards and/or other inmates.


Secret Beach

Just outside the prison walls, the player can experience a small taste of freedom in the form of a remote stretch of beach, seemingly unknown to the guards.

Discovering the secret beach is necessary for those looking to break out of prison by swimming away or seeking passage from Wren.

The player can gain access to the beach by one of three methods:

  1. Tunnel through the cell. Requires a small hammer and a poster (worth a combined 70 teeth), and a lot of dedication - 120 hours worth of dedication, to be exact.
    • Once the player has acquired both the small hammer and any of the three posters from Wren, they can begin work on their tunnel from their cell after lockdown. It's not recommended to spend entire nights chipping away at the wall, as this will leave the player fatigued, putting them at risk of passing out and being punished.
    • Once the tunnel is complete, the player can come and go from their cell as they please, even after lockdown. This has little practical use aside from allowing the player to practise swimming or exercise at night in the yard without having to worry about missing role call.
  2. Receive the key from the anxious guard. Requires high Love; see the Prison Guards page for more information.
  3. Simply pick the lock to the large door in the yard. This is not as easy as it sounds, however; the player must have a Skulduggery skill of S in order to bypass the prison's heavy-duty security.

At the beach, the player is has two options.

  1. Practise swimming (1:00) | + Fatigue | + Swimming | - Stress
    • One of the few ways to reliably lower Stress while at the prison. Increasing swimming by roughly 8% per session.
  2. Swim away from the island (0:05)
    • Note: This will not work until certain conditions have been met. See the "Breaking Free" section below. If the player does not meet the requirements to escape, they'll be taken on a "short, but terrifying" journey at the hands of the violent sea or the prison's watchers. | + Trauma | + Stress

Additionally, the player can stumble across Wren in this area at certain times of the day on Friday (12:00 PM and 2:00 PM, specifically), where it's revealed they use the beach to travel to and from prison. Here, they play an instrumental role in securing the player's freedom. For more information, see the "Smuggled Out" section below.

The Rut

Far beneath the prison lies an eerie cavern known as the rut. According to the veteran guard, "really bad boys/girls get dumped in the rut," presumably to be forgotten. In order to gain favour with the watchers, the player must delve into the rut at least once.

There are two ways to get into the rut.

  1. As a punishment: As part of the "Damnation" punishment, the guards will throw the player in the rut, not letting them up until they find "something valuable."
  2. Through the spire: Once the player starts working at the spire, they'll gain the option to descend the spire (0:05, Fatigue), allowing them to gain access to the rut without having to rely on random chance. Requires the player to purchase a rope from Wren, worth 100 teeth.

As mentioned, the main reason for the player to go to the rut is to retrieve the watchers' missing egg. The only other draw for going into the rut is the removal of the player's punishments; should they end up in the rut as part of "Damnation" punishment, all other punishments will be revoked upon the player's return, making this useful for players who have been shackled with too many punishments to function. The player will also gain a large reduction to Suspicion when leaving the rut as part of a punishment.

Once the player has acquired the egg, they'll no longer be able to enter the rut on their own via the spire, though they may still be sent there as a punishment. Despite the the veteran guard's assertion that the rut has been "picked clean a long time ago," the player will always find something to bring back to the guards no matter how many times they end up in the rut.

Traversing the Rut

The player progresses through the rut on a linear path until they reach the end. Their only option will be to walk towards the breeze (0:10). It will take 10 "steps" for the player to reach the end of the rut, provided their journey isn't set back. If they're blindfolded as a result of the "See no evil" punishment, they'll instead stagger towards the breeze (0:10); in this case, it will take longer for the player to reach the end of the rut (roughly 13 steps).

As long as the player is in the rut, they'll be afflicted with a hallucinogen, granted them the (Severe) Hallucinations trait.

While navigating the rut, one of the following ten events will occur each time the player moves:

  1. The player notices water dripping from above. This event has no effect.
  2. The walls of the rut tremble, causing small stones to dislodge from the ceiling. | + Stress
  3. The player encounters a sweet-smelling pink mushroom. They can choose to eat it (+ Arousal | - Stress or ignore it (no effect).
    • If the player is gagged as a result of the "Speak no evil" punishment, they'll be unable to eat the mushroom, so they move on.
  4. The player hears water thundering ahead. They climb onto a rock to avoid the deluge.
    • If the player is shackled, they'll be unable to climb the rock in time, causing them to get swept away with the current (+ Pain | + Trauma | + Stress). This sets the player back one step.
  5. The player spots a jutting rock, which they carefully step over.
    • If the player is blindfolded, they won't see the rock, causing them to trip. | + Pain | + Stress
  6. The player hears a hiss in the darkness, and an unseen creature leaps onto them (+ Pain). This leads to a nonconsensual encounter.
    • If bestiality is disabled, the creature jumps off the player without molesting them, leaving them startled. | - Control | + Trauma | + + Stress
  7. A slime drips from the ceiling and lands on the player's shoulder. Before they can pry it off, it squirms to the player's rear, initiating a struggle encounter. Up to two more slimes may join in.
    • If slimes are disabled, it will instead land beside the player, not assaulting them but scaring them all the same. | - Control | + Trauma | + + Stress
  8. Water congeals around the player's ankles, trapping them in place. The "water" begins climbing up the player's ankles, and it pulls them to the ground, triggering a slime swarm encounter.
    • If either slimes or swarms are disabled, the player manages to shake their legs free, though they'll feel dirty all the same. | - Control | + Trauma | + + Stress
  9. Purple tentacles burst out of the darkness, leading to a tentacle encounter.
    • If tentacles are disabled, the player will instead be groped by unseen limbs, until they eventually struggle free. | - Control | + Trauma | + + Stress
  10. The player crosses a thin ravine with strange plants growing on the walls. The limbs reach out for the player, who smacks them away without incident. If the player's arms are bound, however, they'll be unable to defend themselves as the plants rub against them. | + Stress | + Arousal
    • If tentacles are disabled, the player will instead notice purple lichen on the walls, similar to that found in the Forest Lake Ruins. It makes the player uneasy. | + Stress

Once they finally reach the end of the rut, the player will find a marble staircase surrounded by pink mist, leading to a "stone chest, decorated with floral engravings, and a closed eye in the middle" containing a pink diamond. If they haven't found the watchers' egg yet, it will be in the chest as well, clutched by a mass of purple tendrils. Note that the diamond only appears if the player was sent to the rut as a punishment; if they came to the rut on their own, only the egg will be present in the chest.

With their treasure in hand, the player returns to the cavern. They notice that the darkness has gone, though they're not sure where the light is coming from, leaving them uneasy (+ Stress). They return the way they came. If they were sent to the rut as a punishment, they'll have to shout for the guards to pull them out, which they do. They'll be impressed by the player's finding, even the normally gruff veteran guard (- - - Suspicion).

Should the player become overwhelmed with Stress while exploring the rut, they'll pass out. If they entered via the spire, the normal prison pass-out scene will occur, in which the veteran guard wakes them up and drags them off for a punishment. If the player was sent to the rut as a punishment, however, a different scene will occur. See the "Washed Away" section below for more details.

Breaking Free

Escaping the prison isn't easy. No matter how skilled the player is, they'll have to spend at least a few days in captivity planning their escape.

Unsurprisingly, breaking out of prison is considered a crime. The amount of crime gained is proportional to how many days the player has left to serve; just like when calculating the player's initial sentence, one day is equal to 250 points of crime.

Swimming Away

Though the vicious waves and jagged rocks bordering the prison make escape seem like a daunting task, a dedicated player will not be thwarted by the fortress's seemingly impenetrable walls. This is the most straightforward method of escape, though not necessarily the easiest.

The following criteria must be met before the player can go through with this method of escape:

  1. Access to the secret beach
  2. An S rank in swimming
  3. The player must either befriend the prison's watchers, or distract them by causing a revolt

If all three conditions have been met, the player only needs to go to the beach and attempt to swim away from the island. If successful, they'll eventually reach the ring of mist encircling the island. This is the point of no return. The player is given one last chance to swim back to the prison (0:05); otherwise, they can push forward and escape (0:30, Crime), taking back their freedom.

The player is undeterred by the surrounding rocks; if they still have any bindings from the prison's punishments, they'll even use the rocks to cut them off.

Following their escape, the player will be placed at the edge of the Ocean, as far from town as possible.

Smuggled Out

To start this sequence of events, the player must do the following:

  1. Gain access to the secret beach
    • Note: Gaining access to the secret beach via tunneling out of the player's cell will not work for this method, as the tunnel is inaccessible during the hours in which Wren is present at the beach. The player will either need to pick the lock on their own or receive the key from the anxious guard.
  2. Meet Wren in the prison yard

Provided the player has met the aforementioned conditions, on Fridays at 12:00 PM or 2:00 PM, they can run into Wren loading up a boat just off the shore. "You're a clever boy/girl," he/she says. "I shouldn't be surprised. Let's keep this beach a secret between the two of us."

From this point on, the player can approach Wren on their boat during the timeframe listed above. There, the player is able to ask for passage.

  • Defiant: "I could use a lift", you say. "What'll it take?"
  • Neutral: "Could you take me with you?" you say. "I'm sure I can offer something."
  • Submissive: "C-could you take me with you?" you ask. "On your boat."

Wren considers the player's proposal, offering them passage in exchange for one thing: names. Specifically, the names of the relaxed, methodical, and veteran guards, as well as the scarred inmate. Learning the anxious guard's name is not necessary; according to Wren, they already learned it over a game of cards. "He/She didn't have much else left to offer."

All of the names are learned by raising each NPCs' Love stat. How this is done varies depending on the NPC in question; for more information, see the Prison Guards and Prison Inmates pages.

Once the player has acquired the information, they are to return to Wren on their boat, where they can relay each of the names. After that, the option to ask for passage returns, except this time Wren will take the player up on their offer.

Note that Wren will not allow the player passage if the watchers have yet to be taken care of, either by gaining their trust or distracting them with a revolt. Otherwise, if the skies are clear, they'll set sail without further incident.

If the player is still wearing any Restrictive Clothing due to a punishment, Wren will unbind the player. "Hold still," he/she says. "I'm not making the journey while you're wearing these. I would never forgive myself if you fell in."

A mist begins to envelop the ship, and Wren pulls the player close. "Been a while since I've bumped into anything, but don't want you falling in." The player can react in one of three ways.

  1. Lean into him/her | + Love
    • You lean into Wren. He/She holds you tighter, and laughs. "Don't make it too easy for me," he/she says. "I like a chase."
  2. Pull away
    • You pull away from Wren. He/She laughs. "Just make sure you hold on."
  3. Stay still
    • No unique response.

Wren easily navigates the treacherous waters and eventually arrives on the Docks. "What did I tell you?" he/she says. "That's the third safe passage in a row." They depart, telling the player that they have other places to be, but they "hope to see [them] soon." With this, the player has earned their freedom.

Escaping with Kylar

If the player wishes to free Kylar from prison, they must go along with Wren's request, as this is the only method of escape in which Kylar can join in.

The option to escape with Kylar (0:40, Crime | + + + Suspicion | + + + Love | - - - Jealousy) will only appear if the player has already encountered Kylar in prison and they aren't currently locked up in solitary confinement. Choosing this option allows Kylar to be reintroduced into the game if the player has previously dismissed them.

Flying Away

If the player possesses the complete Harpy Transformation and has been taught how to fly, they'll gain the following prompt at the top of the spire: Your wings, and the wind, are strong. You think you could fly all the way to the mainland from here. This grants them the option to soar to the mainland. This can only be done during work hours, i.e. whenever the anxious guard is present in the cabin.

As with the other methods of escape, the player must first befriend or distract the watchers, or else the player will be attacked and carried back to the spire (+ Pain | + Trauma | + Stress). Otherwise, the only other requirement is having access to the spire in the first place. If the player has befriended the watchers, they'll even fly alongside the player, bidding them a safe journey if they're monster-people.

Once airborne, the player notes that there's nothing stopping them from escaping. They can either land, returning to the spire, or escape (0:30, Crime | + + + Suspicion | + + Tiredness), allowing them to soar through the mist and towards the mainland, where they land on the Beach, "free as a bird."

Since there are no ways to gain progress towards the transformation while in prison, this method can only be attempted if the player already had the full transformation going in. Furthermore, since the player can't bring their own clothes into the prison (outside of a particular loophole), they won't be able to keep their transformation from decaying by wearing the Feathered Hair Clip, meaning the player should strive to get this done sooner rather than later.

Washed Away

Another way to escape is by passing out in the rut after being sent there as part of the "Damnation" punishment. Note that this will not occur if the player passes out after going into the rut on their own, via the spire.

To increase the odds of passing out in the rut, enable certain toggles - specifically, tentacles, slimes, swarms and bestiality. This will allow the player to get into encounters, increasing Stress. Without these toggles enabled, danger in the rut will be limited to short, ambient events.

Should the player become overwhelmed with Stress during their journey, they'll pass out and wake up in a strange location.

You awaken in a dark place, far underground. A violent current carries you. You slip in and out of consciousness. You have strange dreams, of great ivory insects feasting on a fallen god. | + + Awareness

When the player reawakens, they're adrift at sea, far from the town but free nonetheless. Note that despite the player not breaking out of their own accord, leaving prison in this way is still considered a crime.

This is the only method of escape that does not require befriending/distracting the watchers. It's also the only method of escape that doesn't earn the player the "Not Meant to be Caged" feat.


There are six Feats that can be obtained over the course of the player's incarceration, those being "Institutionalised," "Breaker," "Time and Pressure," "More than a Number," "Friends in the Sky" and "Not Meant to be Caged." Additionally, one of the Pepper Spray cannisters needed for the "Max Those Shots" feat is found here.

Note that obtaining all six feats will require at least two trips to prison; "Institutionalised" and "Not Meant to be Caged" specifically are mutually exclusive and cannot be obtained during the same stay.

Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes VrelCoins Added Rank
Institutionalised "Do your time." "Released from prison after serving your sentence." Get properly released from prison. If the player's Crime is very high and has already been condemned to the Pillory at least once, the player will be sent to prison.

To obtain this feat, the player must survive the prison and get released by the guards after serving their sentence. It's recommended to attempt this at low Crime; if the player's Crime is too high, their sentence may end up unreasonably long, making this feat difficult to obtain. The lowest possible Crime the player can have to obtain a prison sentence is 5000 (or 6250, if turning themselves in at the station). Players whose Crime levels are already too high can reset them by completing the Police Infiltration quest.

Breaker "Rebellious sabotage." "Disabled the prison shock collars." Sabotage the experimental shock generator. Using a code obtained from Wren for 50 teeth, unlock the black and yellow door then sabotage the shock generator. This can only be done when the the methodical guard is away.

Note that doing this will greatly increase Suspicion and lead to a nonconsensual encounter with two guards.

Time and Pressure "No walls are thick enough." "Dug through the prison wall." Dug a hole to the beach inside the player's cell Buy a poster and a hammer from Wren. This costs 70 teeth in total. It takes about 120 hours of digging to break through the wall to the other side.

Start digging the hole underneath the poster. This increases fatigue, and can only be done during lockdown; it's important to manage fatigue to avoid ending up passing out during the day. A tip for this is to rest outside of shifts (ex. during lunch or at dinnertime) to decrease fatigue.

More than a Number "Make friends from behind bars." "Learned five names in prison." Learn the names of all the Prison Guards and the inmates. The player needs to learn the names of all four Prison Guards, as well as one of the Prison Inmates (namely the scarred inmate). This is done by raising their Love; see their respective pages for more details.

The player does not need to learn the name of the tattooed inmate to unlock this feat.

Friends in the Sky "Recover that which was lost." "Befriended the watchers." Return the watcher's lost egg. In order to earn this feat, the player must first begin working at the spire once their Suspicion is low enough. Once they begin their new job, keeping working and choose any option that increases the watchers' Respect until they trust the player enough to confide in them that they're missing an egg.

To retrieve the egg, the player must venture into the rut by receiving the "Damnation" punishment, or by purchasing a rope and descending the spire. This can be done before the player has been tasked with recovering the egg. Once they find the egg, they simply need to go to the spire and present it to the watchers, thus befriending them.

Note that even if the player finds the egg early, they won't have the option to hand it over until they've raised the watchers' Respect sufficiently.

Not Meant to be Caged "Cut your sentence short." "Broke out of prison" Escape prison There are three ways to earn this feat. Note that all three require the player to either befriend the watchers or distract them by causing a revolt, and two require the player having access to the secret beach. See the "Breaking Free" section above for information on how to accomplish each method.
  • Swim away
  • Give Wren the names of certain individuals, then have them smuggle the player out in their boat
  • Fly away from the top of the spire

Passing out in the rut during the "Damnation" punishment will not award this feat, despite resulting in the player's escape from prison.



  • The prison was hinted at in several places long before its inclusion.
    • As part of their dismissal event, Kylar was said to have been sent to prison. Going to prison grants the player the ability to see what became of Kylar after the cake-thieving incidient.
    • When breaking in Domus street houses, there is a chance the player would come across someone who will warn them about skullduggery and the dangers of going to prison.
    • At the farthest reaches of the sea, the player could make out "an island nearby, dominated by a fortress and surrounded by jagged rocks." This description is consistent with the prison's.
    • A desire to make the prison available to the player was first mentioned in the blog post for Version 0.2.21, but the "prison update" itself was not mentioned until the blog post for Version 0.2.24, in reference to Wren's (who was initially intended to make their debut in prison) early addition to the game.
  • During the intro scene, if the player has their NPC gender slider set to either extreme (all female or all male) and their own gender set as the opposite, the anxious guard will ask why they're sending a boy/girl to a women's/men's prison. "Don't know," replies the veteran guard. "I'm not complaining."
  • The "More than a Number" feat ("Learned five names in prison.") has gone through a series of changes since its inclusion.
    • Initially, it required the player to learn six names, including the the tattooed inmate's. However, there is no way to interact with them outside their first appearance, making the feat unobtainable.
    • Later, the conditions were changed so that the tattooed inmate's name was no longer a requirement, yet the feat's description erroneously stated that the player had "learned six names in prison."
    • Finally, the description was updated to properly reflect that only five names are required, putting the feat in its current condition as of writing.


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