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The Prison Guards are a group of four individuals who supervise the local Prison, keeping the inmates in line with brute force and harsh punishments. They answer to an unseen warden, and each have their own unique responsibilities beyond harassing the prisoners.

The four guards are the relaxed guard, the anxious guard, the veteran guard, and the methodical guard. Being Persistent NPCs, their initial traits are randomised per save. Each one has a randomly generated name, and any attributes (gender, body part sizes, insecurities, etc.) will be consistent across their appearances.

The guards generally serve to make the player's stay at the prison more harrowing; over time, however, the player can gradually gain favour with each of the guards.

The Relaxed Guard

"You should be working," he/she says. "But I'll overlook it. Fancy a game?"

The relaxed guard is one of the three guards that escorts the player to the prison, in which they're responsible for steering the boat. They're assigned to the laundry room. They have an affinity for games of chance; they'll try and convince the player to take part in their games, and they'll use their treasured dice to decide the player's punishment from "the list."

Personality wise, they are, as their name implies, easy-going and casual, even with the inmates. They're not as corrupt as the veteran and anxious guards; the closest they get to abusing their power is writing the player off as having completed their work despite having spent it relaxing.

There are implications that the relaxed guard is more morally sound than their fellow guards, if only slightly. As Wren notes, "he/she's not as chill as he/she seems," and they apparently can't be bribed to smuggle people out of the prison, according Wren's comment that "he/she's not a mercenary." When the player is brought back to prison after already escaping or serving a sentence, if the relaxed guard's Love is high, it's noted that they sound sad seeing the player back behind bars.

Raising Their Love

The only way to raise this guard's Love is by playing dice with them in the laundry room. This can only be done once per day, and only if the player is assigned to be working there.

After speaking with the guard in the laundry room, they'll propose a game. The player can accept (+ Love), after which the guard will decide to up the ante. Should the player win, they'll be given an hour of free time, counting towards their daily work quota. Should they lose, however, the guard will subject them to one of three humiliating punishments.

"You win, and I'll let you chill for an hour. But if I win," he/she pauses.

  1. "You spend it on your hands and knees, carrying laundry with your mouth." The player spends their work hour inefficiently doing the laundry on their hands and knees, to their fellow inmates' amusement. | - Respect | + Attention | + Stress | + Arousal
  2. "You spend it as my footstool. They won't let me put my feet up otherwise." The player spends the hour with the guard's feet on their back. Both the guard and the inmates enjoy the player's predicament. | - Respect | + Attention | + Stress | + Arousal
    • If the player's arms are bound, this is the only bet the guard will make, claiming the player isn't good for much else tied up.
  3. "You suck me off/eat me out." Triggers a consensual encounter. Effects differ depending on how the encounter ends. Note that the guard will not make this bet if the player is gagged.
    • After making the guard cum, they'll impatiently order the player and any onlookers to get back to work. | + + Attention | + Love
    • After beating the guard up, they'll fall onto a pipe, breaking it open and letting hot steam billow onto their face. The guard angrily tries to find the player, but the other inmates protect them until the guard finally gives up. "Maybe I deserved that." | - Love | + Suspicion | + Rebelliousness | + + Respect
    • After asking them to stop, the guard pushes the player away. "Fine," he/she says. "But don't push your luck in the future." | - - Love | + + Suspicion

In response to the guard's proposal, the player can either accept challenge (+ + Love) or play normally, leading to an uneventful game with no risk, though the player gains less Love.

Learning Their Name

To learn the relaxed guard's name, the player must amass 60 total points of Love with them. For reference, playing a game with them increases Love by 1 point, and accepting their challenge increases it by 3. This means it would take around 15 days of working in laundry and playing with the guard every day, though this can be sped up if the guard asks the player for oral.

Once the guard's Love is at the required level, the player simply needs to approach them for a game, as usual. This time, they'll have something new to say. "You know," he/she says. "I don't think I properly introduced myself. I'm (Name). Don't tell specs I got informal."

The Anxious Guard

"I can't believe they stuck me up here," he/she says. "I'm afraid of heights as well."

The anxious guard is one of the three guards that escorts the player to the prison. They manage the spire, tending to the watchers and monitoring the security cameras. They'll also hunt the player down should they be outside their cell during role call.

They're superstitious, prone to panicking, and generally a coward. When the player is working under them at the spire, they're content to let the player handle the more dangerous jobs while they sit in the safety of the cabin.

They're the only one of the four guards whose name is not required by Wren, though there are benefits to improving their relationship with the player regardless. Once their Love is high enough for the player to learn their name, they'll start letting the player keep some of the shark's teeth they scavenge while working at the spire. They can also help the player can access to the secret beach.

Raising Their Love

Raising the anxious guard's Love requires the player to work at the spire, where two random events can occur, each with a 20% chance of occuring.

  • Ocassionally, the guard will note that there's nothing to be done, giving the player some free time. They're given the option to chat with the guard, raising Love by one point.
  • The other event involves the player being tasked with retrieving contraband from a watcher. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this, as listed below. Note that this requires the player to choose between raising the watchers' respect and the guard's love. It's up to the player which one they should prioritize; raising the watchers' respect will allow the player to escape without inciting a revolt, while raising the anxious guard's love may allow them access to the secret beach if they haven't yet acquired it, plus opportunities to gain shark's teeth.
    • If the watchers' respect for the player is high, there's a chance they may give up their loot without a fight. | + Love | - Suspicion
    • Other times, the watcher will be reluctant tohand over the goods. In this case, the player can try to soothe it, initiating a Tending check - an S rank will ensure success. If successful, the player is able to retrieve the item and return it to the guard (+ Love | - Suspicion); if the player fails, however, the watcher will be unimpressed, prompting the player to either take by force.
    • Attempting to take the contraband by force has a 50% chance of the watcher yielding, allowing the player to take the loot (+ Love | - Suspicion). The other 50% of the time, however, the watcher will instead lunge for the player, initiating a nonconsensual encounter.
      • If the player successfully fights the watcher off, they'll drop the goods in a panic, allowing the player to bring it to the guard. | + Love | - Suspicion
      • If the player makes the watcher cum, they'll forget about the loot as they soar away. The player returns to the anxious guard. "Don't worry," he/she grins. "I'll delete the footage." | + Stress | + Attention | + Love | - Suspicion

Learning Their Name

Learing the anxious guard's name requires the player to gain at least 60 points of Love with them. Each event that raises their Love increases it by one point at a time, so it's simply a matter of persistently working at the spire until the player has enough Love with the guard. On average, it takes about 20 days to reach this point, so long as the player always chooses love-raising options and takes full nine-hour workdays.

Once they do, the next time the player works at the spire with the guard, they'll witness a scuffle between two watchers. "No no no," the anxious guard says. He/She takes a deep breath, and leaves the safety of the cabin. "Br-break it up you two," he/she says. "I said break it up."

They manage to get the watchers to separate, but in the process, one of them snatches the guard and pulls them into the air. They shout incoherently despite not being carried particularly high or far. The watcher soon releases them, sending the guard rolling off the edge. The player is prompted to either help (+ Love) the guard or make demands.

  1. Choosing to help the guard has them rush to the ledge, pulling the guard up.
  2. Choosing to make demands has the guard offer up a large iron key in exchange for the player's help, claiming they won't tell anyone the player has it. True to their word, there are no consequences for receiving and using the iron key giving by the guard, though they will make one request: "If you're caught, don't tell them where you got it."
    • This key can be used to unlock the door in the prison yard leading to the secret beach. Once the player uses the key (or if their Skulduggery is high enough that the key has no use to them), they can sell it to Wren for 200 teeth.

Regardless of what the player does, they'll help the guard back into the cabin. It takes a few minutes for them to calm down, and they speak.

"Thank you," he/she says. "I'm (Name) by the way. Not meant to share our names, but fuck it. I thought that was it for me."

This grants the player knowledge of the guard's name, as well as their friendship. Note that making demands has no effect on their relationship, positive or negative. The anxious guard will still treat the player favourably regardless of how quick they were to save them.

The Veteran Guard

"Don't fancy his/her chances myself," interjects a man/woman, drying his/her hands on a towel. He/She looks older than the others. "Maybe a week."

The veteran guard is the last of the three guards who escort the player to the prison, and presumably the eldest. They're not assigned to any designated room, but they can be seen patrolling the showers in the morning and leering at the prisoners in the yard after lunch. They're arguably the most crooked of the four guards, frequently shown harassing and demeaning the inmates and mercilessly beating them should they step out of line.

Of the four guards, the veteran guard poses the biggest threat to the player. As part of an agreement with Bailey, they'll hound the player and force them to service others sexually. They'll do this regardless of how much they like the player; the only way to avoid these events is by keeping Attention low or finding other ways to subdue the guard. See the Attention events section of the Prison page for more details.

Despite their tough demeanor, they seem to possess a well-hidden soft streak, going as far as to consider their fellow guards family. They'll even extend the sentiment to the player at high Love.

They're one of two guards whose Love influences their behaviour outside of flavour text, the other being the anxious guard. Once their Love is high enough for the player to learn their name, they may (violently) save the player when they're accosted by an inmate in the showers.

Raising Their Love

There are two ways to raise the veteran guard's Love. The simplest and most reliable is to chat with them in the yard between 1:00 and 2:00 PM, after lunch. This takes 30 minutes, meaning the player can do this at most twice a day.

The other way to raise the guard's Love is to "complete" an Attention event, in which the player is expected to withstand a series of up to three groups of people having their way with them. By making one of the groups cum without passing out, the player will gain a small boost to the guard's Love, plus a reduction to their prison sentence.

The fastest way to raise this guard's Love is by completing the second or third tier of the Attention event, requiring an Attention level of Two or Three. By making at least two of the groups cum without passing out, the player will instantly max out the veteran guard's Love. Due to the stipulation that the player must not pass out, however, this is easier said than done.

Advice to get through the event without passing out:

  • Go into the event with as little Stress as possible. Working in laundry and choosing to work hard is relatively stress-free compared to the other jobs. The player can lower their Stress up to three times a day by eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the canteen, or by swimming in the secret beach. Otherwise, keep a low profile, avoid punishments, don't go outside in the cold, and avoid letting fatigue get too high to keep Stress buildup to a minimum.
  • Possess high Sexual Skills - penile/vaginal, anal and oral will prove especially useful. This will allow the player to make their "customers" cum quickly before they have a chance to accumulate too much Stress.
  • In the case of the third tier of the event, beating one of the groups up will still count as completing the event for the sake of gaining the guard's Love, so long as the player makes the other two groups cum. Should the player choose to fight a group, it's recommended to pick the middle group; the player's Defiant acts can help lower Stress before the third encounter. Note that this is still a difficult encounter, and thus this method should only be attempted if the player is confident enough in their combat abilities to handle three assailants with their arms bound.
  • If the player's Stress is at its limit at the end of the event (i.e. after the second or third encounter, depending on the tier), it will still count as them having successfully completed the event as they won't pass out until after the veteran guard releases them. Since the player cannot pass out from Stress during encounters, this means that, as long as the player makes it to the last encounter having made at least one of the preceding groups cum, they'll be guaranteed to complete the event and max out the guard's Love.

Learning Their Name

As with the relaxed and anxious guards, triggering the veteran guard's name event requires 60 points of Love. Speaking with them in the yard increases their Love by one point per chat, meaning it would take 30 days of consistent chatting to initiate the event. This can be made easier through the Attention events, as mentioned above.

Once the player has reached the required amount of Love, they must speak with the guard as per usual. As they approach, they notice that the guard is distracted by something in their hand - so distracted that they fail to notice the player, or another inmate backing into them. Angered, the guard begins beating the inmate with their baton, the object in their hands slipping out in the chaos. The player picks it up.

It's an open locket. There's a picture of a young man/woman inside. A drawing rather than a photograph, but rich in detail. "To my (Name)," it reads. "Yours forever."

The guard snatches the locket back without a word, glaring at the player. They won't press the issue further, and the player will now have knowledge of the guard's name.

The Methodical Guard

"Apply the ointment to the rash. No, on the leg. The other leg. No, not there."

The methodical guard is the last of the four guards the player meets. They're described as wearing glasses and sporting a "humourless" expression. They seem to hold several responsibilities throughout the prison. They handle role call in the player's cell block, monitor the inmates in the canteen during meals, process any inbound or outgoing prisoners, and most importantly, oversee the medical room.

They're vehemently strict. As such, it's no surprise they've been tasked by the warden to punish unruly prisoners. This adherence to the rules applies to how they carry themselves as well. They're never shown abusing their power, and in fact will initially resist the other guards' attempt at using the player's punishment as an excuse to amuse themselves. On the other hand, this means they won't be willing to bend the rules in favour of the player; their behaviour hardly changes at high Love.

Their civility should not be mistaken for kindness, however. They're shown to be uncaring towards their patients, often depriving them of painkillers and maintaing that they deserve their suffering. This zealous mentality, along with the fact that they're shown carrying a prayer book and that they're insistent on the inmates praying before meals, could hint that the methodical guard has a religious background. This may be an extension of the prison itself, however.

Raising Their Love

Raising the methodical guard's Love can be easy or difficult, dependant entirely on the player's luck, and their Tending skill.

While working in medical, one of the random events that can occur (20% chance) involves the guard giving the player a handful of tasks, triggering an automatic Tending check.

  • If successful: "Apply the ointment to the rash. You already have? Then help me with- Oh. That's done as well." The methodical guard is impressed by your ability. | + Love | - Suspicion
  • If unsuccessful: "Apply the ointment to the rash. No, on the leg. The other leg. No, not there." The methodical guard is unimpressed with your assistance.

The player can pass this check with as low as an F in Tending (albeit rarely), though the chances increase at higher levels, with an S will guaranteeing success. This is the only repeatable way to raise the methodical guard's Love.

Learning Their Name

Unlike the other four guards, the player does not need to accumulate a certain amount of Love to learn this guard's name. Rather, they only need a single point of Love.

Once the requirement has been met, the next time the player works in medical, they'll hear a loud crash as a cupboard bursts open. In a rare show of panic, the methodical guard yells for the player to shut the door as a creature leaps across the room, sending papers flying. The player is given two options.

  1. Catch the creature - Initiates an Athletics check, in which an S guarantees success. Failing causes the player to hit their head, increasing Pain and leading to the same outcome as watching. Succeeding has the player manage to trap the creature under a drawer, earning the guard's gratitude (+ Love).
  2. Watch - The methodical guard eventually manages to catch the creature in a box, startling several patients in the process. Has no negative effects.

Regardless of the outcome, the guard will ask for the player's help cleaning up. They sort through files on various prisoners, such as the the scarred inmate, who is revealed to have a peanut allergy. As they work, the player comes across a particular document.

You're sorting through the last of the paper, when you find another interesting sheet. The methodical guard's humourless face stares from the top. "Name: (Name)-" The man/woman him/herself snatches it before you can read further. "Thank you," he/she says. "You can go."

They finish cleaning up as the player is led back to the medical room, now armed with knowledge of the guard's name.


  • The relaxed guard is the only guard the player can properly have sex with. The player can get into encounters with the others, but these encounters are generally limited to the guards trying to beat the player up rather than molest them.
  • The relaxed and veteran guards are the only ones whose Love can actually be lowered, by beating them up/asking to stop when they demand the player to give them oral or intervening when they assault an inmate in the player's defense, respectively.
  • The other guards are implied to be unaware of the veteran guard's deal with Bailey, judging by the scarred inmate's threat to inform the others of their shady undertakings.

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