Prison Inmates

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During the player's stay at Prison, they'll cross path with other criminals. These prison inmates make up the general populace of the prison.

Two inmates in particular stand above the rest: the scarred inmate and the tattooed inmate, two rival thugs vying to make the player their bitch.

Being Persistent NPCs, their initial traits are randomised per save. Each one has a randomly generated name, and any attributes (gender, body part sizes, insecurities, etc.) will be consistent across their appearances.

First Meeting

Unlike the guards, the player won't immediately meet these two inmates upon their arrival to the prison. Rather, they'll come across the player once their Attention bar fills up for the first time, going from level Zero to One.

In the cell block, the player will be approached by the tattooed inmate and two other thugs, also sporting tattoos. They demand that the player come with them. They can either go quietly or refuse. Regardless of the player's choice, they'll be interrupted as a third party enters - the scarred inmate.

"I've had my eye on this one," the scarred inmate says. He/She pulls a length of cord from his/her trousers, and stretches it taut. "He/She's mine."
"Fuck you," the tattooed inmate says. "I'll push your shit out your mouth."
They trade threats while their goons stare each other down, until they're interrupted. "Go back to your cells." It's the methodical guard. "Or should I involve the warden?"

At the methodical guard's threat, the gangs disperse, though the scarred inmate sticks around to talk to the player. "Visit my cell during free time," the scarred inmate snarls. "You're gonna need protection. I can give it." This unlocks the ability to visit them in their cell just before lockdown.

The Scarred Inmate

"Wise of you to come here," he/she says. He/She leans in, and sniffs. "Mmm. Fresh."

The scarred inmate is one of the two top dogs among the prisoners. Upon meeting the player, they'll instantly claim them as their own, expecting them in their cell.

They enjoy asserting their dominance over the player, at the cost of the player's reputation with their fellow inmates. Submitting to the scarred inmate in front of others generally lowers Respect, while standing up to them raises it.

The scarred inmate serves as a valuable asset to the player, offering their protection from dangerous Attention events, and being the only reliable source of consensual encounters in the prison, provided their Love is high enough.

Despite their evident sadism, they have limits when it comes to toying with the player, especially as their Love increases and they begin to soften up. There's a deep-rooted cause to their behaviour that they keep under wraps, but the player won't hear about it from the inmate personally.

According to a file in medical, they're allergic to nuts.

Securing Their Protection

As stated, the scarred inmate offers a valuable service to the player: protection, specifically from the veteran guard and their Attention events. They'll only be able to protect the player from one event at a time, after which the player must regain the inmate's protection.

In order to gain the scarred inmate's protection, the player must visit them in their spartan cell during free time (7:00 PM) and present themselves to them, where they'll be subjected to the prisoner's devious whims. Their cell can be found in the same building as the player's own.

Note that if the player already has the scarred inmate's protection and manages to go the entire day without using it, they won't be able to visit them in their cell to gain extra protection.

As the player continues to present themselves to the scarred inmate, they'll become increasingly bold, forcing the player to do submit themselves in more humiliating ways to gain their protection.

Starting from their first, the scarred inmate's various demands for the player are as follows:

  1. The scarred inmate tells the player to turn around. They do so, and their arms are tied to the bars of the cell as the inmate ponders what to do with the player as they fondle their ass. "Silly me," he/she continues. "The answer's right here." They smack the player's bottom (+ Pain) and continue to taunt them. "Like that, bitch?" he/she asks, delivering another smack. "Say 'Thank you for disciplining me, daddy/mummy.'" He/She hits you again. "Say it." The player is given three options - say it, refuse or just sob. If the player is gagged, sobbing will be their only option. Note that all three options, regardless of the outcome, grant the player the scarred inmate's protection.
    • Choosing to say it initiates an easy Willpower check - even a 1/6 will guarantee success. If the player succeeds, the inmate will be pleased. They ruffle the player's hair and tell them to leave. If unsuccessful, the inmate will be annoyed, beating the player harder and demanding that they say it before finally giving up (+ Willpower | + Pain).
    • Attempting to refuse initiates a more difficult Willpower check. Only a full 6/6 will guarantee success. Regardless of success, the scarred inmate beats the player harder before finally letting them go. | + Pain
    • If the player sobs, the scarred inmate will hesitate. Rather than spank the player, they fall onto their bed and hold their head in their hands. "Fucking fine," he/she says after a moment. He/She stands, and unties the cord with the same deftness he/she used to bind them. "Go." The player is then allowed to leave.
  2. The player is again tied to the cell bars. Another inmate walks by, and the scarred inmate calls them inside. "Help me decide what to do with my bitch." The newcomer reacts with indifference, only for the scarred inmate to force them against the wall, holding up a shard of broken glass. "Don't talk back." (+ + Stress). The player has two options - tell the scarred inmate to calm down or remain silent. As with the above event, both options grant the player the scarred inmate's protection.
    • Attempting to calm the scarred inmate down only has them direct their fury to the player. "My bitch needs punishment more than you," he/she says. "Spank him/her and I won't hurt you." The inmate is reluctantly forced to beat the player, almost on the verge of tears themselves, until they finally let them and the player go. | + + Pain
    • Remaining silent has the scarred inmate continue to punish the other inmate, savagely beating them before shoving both them and the player outside. The player is then given the choice to either help him/her to medical (0:05, + Hope | + Fatigue | - Trauma) or simply ignore them (no effect).
  3. The scarred inmate ties the player to the cell for a third time. This leads to a nonconsensual encounter. The player can scream, but this will prove fruitless, as any inmate that stumbles upon the player will run away upon seeing the scarred inmate. Regardless of whether the player makes them cum or beats them up, they'll be set free with the scarred inmate's protection, though if they beat them up they'll punish the player by spanking them before untying them (+ + Pain | + Trauma | + Stress).
    • If the player is wearing a chastity belt, the scarred inmate will express frustration. "Fuck," he/she says as the metal digs into your skin. "How'd I get this off?" They retrieve several tools hidden in their cell and go to work on the player's belt, paying little heed to the player's comfort. This will heavily damage the player's belt; if they manage to break it, the encounter will proceed as normal. Otherwise, they'll settle for spanking the player raw before untying them and sending them out (+ + Pain | + + Trauma | + + Stress). Note that even if the scarred inmate fails to break the player's belt, they'll still grant the player their protection.
  4. The scarred inmate ties the chord to the player's collar (or simply grabs their leash, if they're wearing one as a result of the "Discipline" punishment) and attempts to tug them from the cell. "Let's go for a walk." The player can either go along with it or refuse.
    • Going along with it has the scarred inmate drag the player out of the cell, gathering the attention of several inmates. "Who wants to see me ride my bitch?" asks the scarred inmate. There's a murmur of assent. "You heard em, slut. Bend over." The scarred inmate proceeds to ride the player around the cell block, to the amusement of the other inmates (- Respect). After some time the player is unleashed, and they're given the following prompt: You've gained the scarred inmate's protection, but next time could be dangerous.
    • Refusing leads to a nonconsensual encounter. If the player becomes overwhelmed with pain, they'll be forcibly dragged along, too hurt to resist. Making them cum (+ Love) or beating them up (- Love) has the player escape from the cell, though in both of these cases they will not gain the scarred inmate's protection.
      • If the scarred inmate's Love is high enough (past the point where the player learns their name), refusing instead has them respect the player's wishes, albeit with some disappointment. "You're such a brat. Fine." He/She wrenches the cord off your collar. "Go." | - - Love
        • Note that the player will still gain the scarred inmate's protection in this case, and the amount of Love lost is offset by the amount gained by visiting them in the first place. This means the player can technically refuse without consequence and gain the scarred inmate's protection every day, though for reason's listed below, it's recommended that the player go through with the inmate's demands at high Love regardless.
  5. Once again, the scarred inmate takes the player for a walk. This time, however, instead of riding them back to the cell, they're taken to the yard, pursued by a crowd of inmates. They look ready to rush the scarred inmate and take the player for themselves, though the scarred inmate is oblivious to the fact. The player is given the following warning: "If you cum, you'll excite the whole crowd." They can either warn the scarred inmate or remain silent, both leading to a nonconsensual encounter with the scarred inmate.
    • True to the aforementioned warning, if the player climaxes during this encounter, it will instantly end, leading straight into a gangbang encounter with six assailants. As such, it's recommended to go into this event with as little Arousal as possible, so as to minimize the changes of exciting the crowd. Players with the Lustful trait, or those with Parasites on their body, may have a harder time controlling their Arousal.
      • If the player somehow manages to fend off their attackers, they'll disperse, shocked by the player's power (+ + + Respect). The player notices the scarred inmate lying in the mud, prompting them to either help him/her (+ + Love | + + Hope) or simply walk away (no effect).
      • If the player fails to beat the other inmates and instead lets them cum, they'll back away as a whistle sounds out. The veteran guard appears on the scene, berating the player for "disturbing the peace and tranquility of this institution" and dragging them off for a punishment. If the player has disabled the prison's shock collars, they can resist, leading to another encounter; otherwise, they'll be forced to take a punishment.
    • If the player manages to keep their Arousal under control and makes the scarred inmate cum, they'll be left alone, gaining their protection and an increase to their Love. If the player instead fights them off, they'll shove the scarred inmate to the ground as the onlookers laugh (- Love | + Respect); this will not grant the player any protection.
    • Note that if the scarred inmate's Love is high enough (past the point where the player learns their name), choosing to warn them actually works; rather than molest the player in the yard, they'll drag them back to their cell, leading to a consensual encounter (one of the few available in the prison). Bear in mind that the option to warn won't be available if the player is gagged.

Raising Their Love

Unlike the prison guards (excluding the anxious guard), raising the scarred inmate's Love is beneficial to the player for reasons outside of learning their name, as detailed above. As such, it's recommended that the player goes out of their way to please this inmate, not only for their protection, but for the once-per-day consensual encounter they'll provide at high Love.

Ways to raise the scarred inmate's Love include:

  • Visiting their cell and presenting to them will increase their Love by 5 points
  • At breakfast, sitting on their lap raises their Love by 1 point. Note that this option only appears if the player is currently under their protection.
  • There are multiple chances to raise the scarred inmate's Love when they try to take the player for a walk.
    • Choosing to resist an making them cum in the ensuing nonconsensual encounter raises their Love by 1 point.
    • Alternatively, when going along with it, make the inmate cum when they try to have sex with the player in the yard to increase their Love by 1 point.
      • If the player cums during the encounter, thus riling up the other inmates and triggering a gangbang encounter, and then manages to fight their attackers off, they can then help the scarred inmate, increasing their Love by 3 points. Note: This requires the player to fend off six people at once, and should only be attempted if they're truly confident in their combat abilities.

Learning Their Name

In order to learn the scarred inmate's name, the player must first raise their Love. 60 points of Love are required for the event to trigger; see the above section for more details.

Note that in order to go through with the event, the player must be able to speak, so being gagged as a result of the "Speak no evil" punishment will prevent the player from learning the scarred inmate's name, at least until their gag is removed.

After meeting the required amount of Love, the next time the player goes to visit the scarred inmate in their cell, they'll find them with their head held in their hands. The player can either leave or ask what's wrong. Choose the latter to advance the event.

  • Defiant: "Not used to seeing you like this," you say. "What's wrong?"
  • Neutral: "What's wrong?" you ask. "You can tell me."
  • Submissive: "Wh-what's wrong?" you ask. "You can tell me."

They immediately (and rudely) dismiss the player, only to immediately call them back. "I need you for something. I have a visitor, but I don't want to see him/her. Could you go so he/she fucks off?" The player can either agree (+ + + Love) or refuse. Refusing simply puts the event on hold until the next time the player visits their cell, whereas agreeing will continue the event.

Should the player agree, they'll walk to visiting room, where the the methodical guard stands on patrol. "Not who I was expecting," he/she says. The player explains the situation, and the guard lets them inside. A person sits on the other side of the glass, looking disappointed at the sight of the player.

"Sorry," he/she says. "I didn't think my brother/sister would come, but I hoped..." In response, the player can either be honest, telling the person the scarred inmate simply didn't want to see them, or tell a white lie, making up an excuse as to why they couldn't come, such as claiming they're sick. Regardless of the player's choice, the scarred inmate's sibling nods in understanding.

"I understand. Tell (Name) we're looking forward to seeing him/her again. We know he/she's ashamed, but he/she doesn't have to be. We're not ashamed of him/her. We'd visit more, but it's hard to get out here." He/She pauses a moment. "Tell him/her it's not his/her fault dad/mum... was the way he/she was."

The player returns to the cell and relays the message to the scarred inmate, who says they're not ashamed, they just "can't be fucked to deal with family." They thank the player and lie back down, their arms over their face.

The Tattooed Inmate

"I need a new bitch," he/she says. There's not an inch of space free of the ink covering his/her visible body. "The old's all used up."

Being the other dominant inmate around the cell block, the tattooed inmate serves as the scarred inmate's rival, fighting with them over ownership of the player.

Currently, the player's interactions with the tattooed inmate are limited to their first encounter in the cell block and a brief appearance when the player is let out of prison. They cannot give the player their protection, nor can the player raise their Love or learn their name.

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