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The Pub is a location on Harvest Street in Degrees of Lewdity. Here, the player can fence stolen items to Landry, buy booze and seduce patrons into consensual sex. On weekends, the player may also enter the pubs along with the other Dockers while on the Pub Crawl event, if they have been accepted by them.

Whitney will also be in the pub Sundays from 9PM to midnight. There is also a sexual encounter here with them that is accessible once they enter a relationship with them.


When the player enters the pub you will be approached by Landry who gives them the rundown of how the pub works and how, knowing they need the money, the player can fence stolen goods to them.

If the player has at least 400 points in a Negative Fame (Exhibitionism, Prostitution, Rape, Sex, and/or Bestiality/Monsterpeople), then Landry will also inform them about how reputation isn't always good and how it can be lowered. If they have already done the Police Infiltration mission or sought them out on Landry's advice, then Mickey will already be there to help. Otherwise, Landry will suggest the player seeks out an orphan on Domus Street and convince them to work with Landry to help out with the player's fame problem.

Once one of these events play out, the player is now free to see what the pub has to offer

  • Look for something to cover with (if exposed in any way)
  • Sneak out the back (if exposed in any way)
  • Ask for Landry
  • Drink booze (£10 0:05) | + + Alcohol (120 Alcohol)
  • Drink herbal booze (£20 0:05) | + Alcohol | + Hallucinogen (60 Alcohol, 20 Hallucinogen)
  • Flirt (0:05) | Promiscuity 1
  • Look for someone else (0:01)


Asking for Landry pulls the player to a table where Landry meets them shortly. The player then gets a number of options.

  • Sell stolen goods | This option only appears if the player actually has goods to sell
    • Landry will buy any stolen goods the player has. It's possible to see how much the player has to sell beforehand by checking the Journal. It will say, "You are carrying £X in stolen goods".
  • Buy pepper spray charge (£2500) | This option only appears if the player has less than their max charges
    • Landry is an expensive, but reliable way of refilling pepper spray charges that the player uses while out in the world. Landry notes that the ingredients are pricy, hence why the player has to pay so much.
  • Ask for help covering your tracks
    • A player with 500 Crime or more can ask for help keeping ahead of the law. In exchange, Landry asks the player to locate a black box. Completing it reduces the player's crime by 10,000
  • Ask for help breaking into the police's computer
    • After sneaking in to the Police Station, the player will be stumped by how to get into the computer. They can then come to Landry for advice on their next step
  • Ask for an updated police password (£300)
    • After completing the Police Infiltration quest, the player can come to Landry for an updated password to continue hacking into to the police's computer. If the player recently used Mickey's services for their fame, this option will be unavailable until Mickey is available.
  • Ask about breaking into Remy's estate
    • If the player has progress Alex's farm to the point that Remy has threatened to attack, they can ask Landry for help breaking into the estate. the player will have to pay £2000 for this service. Landry says it goes to the specialist since messing with aristocracy is a risk.
  • Ask for help with your fame


As soon as the game begins, the player is able to come down to the pub and flirt with the intention of seducing a bar patron. This is, bar none the current fastest way of increasing the player's seduction stat. A dedicated player can max out their seduction on day 1 if they so chose. The player also has the option to look for someone else if they don't like the current person they can seduce (0:01). This allows the player to be selective about who they'd like to flirt with, one of the few times in game the player can "have a type" to go for.

One of six NPC types will be available regardless of the body type the player chooses to flirt with. In order to successfully flirt with each person, the player needs to pass a seduction check of 6000 (Rank B difficulty, keeping in mind seduction checks take into account both the player's Seduction stat and their attractiveness score). The player has the option of buying the person they're flirting with a drink (£5), lowering the seduction check by 2000 a pop. Not only does it lower the seduction score, but it also allows the player to learn a bit more about the person they're flirting with as the drinks loosen their lips. The player can only do this 3 times before the person they're flirting with cuts themselves off. But by then, successfully flirting with the NPC is impossible to fail so this warning isn't too terribly necessary.

If the player successfully seduces the patron, they can then ask for money so long as they have at least Promiscuity 3. They must then pass a second, more difficult seduction check. Any drinks the patron has still do their job by making the seduction check easier.

  • Asking for £20 increases the seduction check to 7000 (Rank B difficulty).
  • Asking for £50 increases the seduction check to 9000 Rank A difficulty).
  • Asking for £100 increases the seduction check to 12000 (Rank S difficulty).

The player should keep in mind that if they fail this second seduction check, there is a 20% chance of the patron getting pissed and forcing the player into a nonconsensual encounter.

The (Happily?) Married

"I'm a married man/woman myself," <<he>> says, but sounds sad about the fact.

This patron is married, but does not seem to be happy about the fact. If successfully seduced, they bring the player to their car parked right outside the pub, ending the encounter on Harvest Street. This makes them the second best NPC to flirt with if the player is trying to increase their seduction quickly as they can get back into the action very quickly. Failing to seduce them has them storm off, unwilling to be unfaithful to their spouse.

When the player buys their first drink, they'll playfully ask them not to tell their spouse. After returning with the drink, the player finds that the married person has pictures of their kids and are eager to show them off. They seem very proud of their kids. The second drink reinforces this with them bragging about how well their kids are doing in school. They seem uncertain on whether they should have the third drink, but accept it anyways. They lament that their sex life with their spouse has been lackluster since their last kid. Buying one more drink has them notice the time and they rush off to get home.

The Dreamer

"Me too," he/she says. "I'm waiting for someone special."

This person is single and a virgin, holding out for a special someone to give their first time to. If successfully seduced, they will haltingly state that they're sure their parents are away and drive the player to their house on Danube Street. They're the second best person to wind the night down with since after the consensual encounter concludes the player will be right next to the Orphanage, making it a much safer trek home. Failing to seduce them has them gently let the player down as they don't think the player is the special someone they're waiting for.

Buying a drink has them call the player kind for the offer. They then reveal they graduated from the player's school the previous year. They ask if the teachers are the same and say they were a troublemaker. On the next drink, they reiterate that they were a troublemaker, but not actually a delinquent since they found the delinquents scary. After the third drink, they reveal that their friends have been making fun of them for being single for so long and that they feel lonely. Buying one more has them state that they are at their limit, but that they hope to see the player again soon.

The Shy

He/She doesn't say anything, or even look up, but you can tell he's/she's blushing.

This patron is painfully shy, unable to speak even a word to the player throughout the entire interaction. If successfully seduced, they freeze in place to the point the player isn't sure they're breathing. The player is about to leave, assuming this is a loss, but then the shy one grabs the player's arm and speaks for the first time. They drag the player to a secluded spot in the park and, unable to wait anymore, lunges for the player. This person makes for a decent target if the player is planning to go to the park or the surrounding area for whatever reason. They are also the fastest encounter, cumming the instant the encounter starts. Failing to seduce them also makes them freeze up, but this time the player can't draw them out and has to give the shy one up as a loss.

Buying the shy one a drink has them not look up, but nod. They still won't speak, but seem happy enough to listen. The next drink goes much the same, which the player only managing to get some nods from simply questions. The third drink is just a bit more successful with the player getting them to laugh. If the player buys one more, they'll leave before the player returns. They leave a note saying thank you.

The Shifty

"Can I buy you a drink?" he/she says.

The Shifty seems to want to turn things around on the player, offering them a drink the instant they start flirting. The player actually can't offer to buy this patron drinks since they want to buy all the rounds (+ + Alcohol). They drink at the same time, so the other rules still apply to them. Successfully seducing them has them has one of two endings based on whether the player accepted a drink from them or not. Failure has them laugh the attempt off and try to offer the player a drink instead. The player can take the drink and try again or take it as a loss.

If the player accepted a drink, they will drop the player off at the orphanage, warning them to be more careful in the future as creep like to prey on cute people like the player. They walk the player to door and only go back to their car once they see the player is safe inside. Ironically, this makes them the best encounter to end the night with as they'll deliver the player directly to the orphanage.

If the player did not accept a drink, they take the player into the forest, where, depending on whether the player has the full cow transformation or not, they will offer a white or a pink pill (+ Aphrodisiac). Do not take the white pill. The patron is actually an employee of Remy and will take the player back to Remy. Upon waking up, the player must either win a 3 person nonconsensual encounter or be locked into the Underground Farm bad end! Fortunately, this person will accept if you refuse either pill and come on to the player regardless. Unfortunately, if the player refuses there's a 20% chance they won't take no for an answer and will initiate a nonconsensual encounter. If they do accept the refusal, they will warn the player not to get lost in the forest as they head back to town. Either way, this route makes them the best encounter to end the night with if the player stays with Eden or in the Wolf Cave as they will already be in the beginning of the Forest, making the trip back much quicker.

(WIP) Accepting the pill can also result in an Ivory Wraith encounter. If the player takes the pill, they note the person's appearance becomes much paler, their grin growing unnaturally large. This then results in a nonconsensual encounter with the Ivory Wraith. If the player refuses, the person smiles, calling the player "Clever," before they're frightened by the person's changing appearance and flee into the forest.

If the player allows this patron to buy them a drink, they'll notice the bartender didn't ask what the shifty one wanted, knowing already they wanted some strong stuff. On this note, the player should be careful as the drink increases their alcohol gauge by 200 instead of 120. If the player has already been drinking, it's entirely possible to end up completely wasted by the 4th drink. It isn't a problem in this encounter since this patron is locked into taking the player back to the Orphanage, but it may cause problems later if the player does much more than go to sleep. While the player is drink their first drink, the patron doesn't say much, encouraging the player to speak their mind. On the second drink, they talk about their work on the farm. A cow player will be uncertain how to feel about this, but any other player will think it sounds difficult. The third question is a bit more invasive, innocently asking where the player goes to school and where they live. A fourth drink has them cut the player off, driving them back to the Orphanage.

The Jerk

He/she rubs his/her temple. "Why can't I get any peace? Piss off."

The Jerk is, well, a jerk, immediately abrasive to the player and wanting little to do with them. Successfully seducing them has them tell the player not to tease them. When they realize the player is serious, they tell the player to meet them in the bathroom. They mention the need to be quiet since they'll be banned if they're caught having sex in the pub again, but then feels up the player. This short distance makes them the absolute best option for grinding seduction as afterwards the player will still be in the pub, ready to go again. Failure to seduce them has them imply that the player is a whore and tell them to torment some other fool.

Buying this person a drink has them agree simply because they won't turn down a free drink. The player feels their eyes the entire time they're buying the drink though. They refuse to speak and keep their gaze in their cup. The second drink has them loosen up slightly, complaining about problems at work. The third drink marks the first time they don't keep their eyes on the player while the drinks are being purchased. They ramble about being lonely and how they're unappreciated after they get their drink. On the fourth drink, the player returns to find them passed out and snoring on the table.

Competition Warning

Each time the player successfully seduces a bar patron for money, a counter goes up. When this counter reaches 10, the next time the player enters the pub, they will find themselves with a bag over their head and whisked away into a waiting van. When the bag is removed, they find themselves looking at Briar, the owner of the Brothel near to the pub. Briar says they own all the whores on this side of town and since the player has been whoring themselves without paying Briar, the player has been delinquent on giving Brair their cut. The player is given one chance to escape what happens next, though it leads immediately into a 3 person nonconsensual encounter. It's a difficult encounter and a PC without at least a B in Science will overwhelmed with pain on turn 1. Having at least that rank allows the player a chance to get off an apology so they can lower the enemy's anger and either get off a few pepper spray shots to widdle down the competition or start pleasing them sexually to cause them to orgasm, but more levels in Science and especially levels in Masochism will make the fight a lot more bearable. Causing Briar and their thugs to cum or fall back in pain allows the player to escape without further consequence.

Being overwhelmed by pain has the player locked into a gloryhole with with all their limbs bound and their mouth shoved against the wall until they get 5 people off orally. Biting someone both raises the number of people the player will be forced to get off and causes Briar to modify the gloryhole so that the player's legs and ass are stuck out, allowing people to take advantage of those parts as well. The encounter will not end until the player has caused 5 people to orgasm. Being defiant in this situation will merely drag it out and do more damage to the player's control so at this point it is advised to simply get it over with. If possible, with non-penetrative options to preserve the player's waning control, but just do whatever must be done to make it end. Briar will release the player afterwards and reiterate that if the player wants to whore themselves, they must do so in the Brothel. They will also leave the player's arms bound, which can cause major issues depending on the time this encounter happens since the player now has to get to a safehouse to get them unbound, potentially at night.

Seducing 10 more bar patrons has 2 of Briar's thugs corner the player and attempt to bring them in to have the punishment repeat at the stuck in the wall portion. The player can pay them off (£500), fight them off (a much easier fight than the initial one with Briar), or come quietly to suffer the punishment again, but time they must please 10 customers before they will be let go. If at all possible, it is advised to either bribe the thugs or fight them off unless the player is going for the rape trait.

Grinding Seduction Quickly

To increase the seduction stat as quickly as possible, it's advised to start as quickly as possible before the player's Beauty stat begins increasing and raising their attractiveness. It is also advised to wear outfits with the lowest reveal possible (either the Cow Onesie or a combination of Khakis/Chinos and the Hoodie). Also remove all makeup, remove all fluids on or in the player, and do not wear any accessory, socks, or shoes with more than 1 dot in reveal (the symbol that looks like panties). If possible, do not have a transformation either and have negative fames as close to zero as possible. The goal is to have attractiveness as low as the player can possibly get it so that they fail seduction attempts.

Seduction attempts award the player seduction points whether they succeed or fail, so the player wants to purposefully fail in order to make the process go faster with less button pressing and prevent Briar from getting angry. The player can flirt with whoever they want up unless their seduction gets good enough that they are succeeding even with them nerfing their attractiveness, at which point they should switch to only seducing the Jerk and the Married One since successful flirting attempts move the player even if they fail the second seduction attempt. What the player does next depends on how risky they would like to be.

  1. They can begin asking for money. Asking for £100 will guarantee all future attempts fail since even if their seduction score increases, their lowered attractiveness score prevents them from passing the skill check. This path is risky since there is a 20% chance of being forced into a nonconsensual encounter. Asking for less than the max also brings the danger of accidentally succeeding again, which in turn brings the danger of Briar becoming upset. Follow this path lightly.
  2. They can begin succeeding at seduction attempts and then using "Ask" in the resulting encounters. Asking for something also raises seduction, so the player can use that multiple times in an encounter to push towards S Rank. This is the method more recommended simply because it is less dangerous given the lack of possibly nonconsensual encounters and an inability to upset Briar since the player isn't asking for money.



Mickey's Assignments


If the player has completed the Police Infiltration quest, the player can ask for Mickey's services. If the player enters the Harvest Street Pub with a negative reputation (Sex, Prostitution, Rape, Bestiality/Monster People, Exhibitionism, Pregnancy) of 400 or higher (Recognised), they'll get a scene when they enter that introduces doing favors for Mickey to raise or lower their fame.

Increases or decreases fame between 80 and 150 plus a number between 5 and 50. Second number is higher if a low fame is being raised or a high fame is being lowered. Fame change is 20% higher if it's temporary.

3 difficulty level tiers - Higher difficulty, more dangerous the assignment. Difficulty sorted based on what favor player asks for and quests are repeatable.

Permanent fame assignments can be done every 3 days.

Temporary fame assignments can be done every day, completing any type of the assignment will cause another type inaccessible until the cooldown is passed.

Difficulty 0 & 1 (Raise prostitution, rape, sex, bestiality, or exhibitionism fame)(Lower Combat, Kindness, Business, Socialite, and Model fame)

  • River - Check on River. Just go to class or the soup kitchen
  • Gwylan - Get a snow globe from the forest shop
  • Temple - Find a book in the Temple with a password in it. Book had to do with architecture. Ask Jordan for help
  • Office - Deliver an envelope to the office manager. Drop off at kiosk if player doesn't work there.

Difficulty 2 (Permanently lower sex, prostitution, rape, bestiality fame) (Permanently raise kindness, business, social, model fame) (Temp raise Combat fame) (Temp lower exhibitionism fame)

  • Wren - Deliver a message to Wren. Requires going to the Remy Estate or finding the catsuit at the docks.
    • Finding the catsuit at the docks is explained in the above link.
    • Giving Wren the manila folder containing the message at Remy's Estate requires the player to first find a way in to the estate itself. From there, simply enter the cottage and give Wren the letter.
      • If done this way, the player gets an additional option to "Kiss | Promiscuity 1 | + + Arousal | + Love" Wren. They'll be caught off guard at first, before smiling and kissing back. "Eventually he/she pulls away and grins at you. "You saw an opportunity and took it, huh? You're fun. I think I like you." | + Love"
  • Hospital - Get a keycard from the hospital for Landry. Recommends snagging one off a receptionist. If the player gets sent to the Asylum, they can turn in Harper's keycard from there instead.
  • Morgan - USB in the Old Sewers needs to be retrieved. Morgan already has it, get it from them. Mickey apologizes 3 separate times for this assignment.
    • You will have to be caught by Morgan, then "Go quietly" before doing anything else. Choosing to fight Morgan off first thing results in them simply being defeated normally without dropping the USB stick.
      • From there, the player can either fight them off, making them drop the USB stick, and flee; steal the USB while they're sleeping, or raise Morgan's love until they'll give it to the player willingly once they ask.
        • To steal the USB, the player will have to go along with Morgan's requests until they fall asleep. Then, there will be an option to "Search Morgan" with a Skulduggery check.
          • If successful, the player steals the USB and the favour is completed. They can then choose to sleep or escape as normal.
          • If failed, the player steals the USB and the favour is completed, but Morgan awakes and initiates a non-consensual encounter. If the player makes them cum, they can then sleep or escape as normal. If they defeat them through fighting, they flee as normal.
        • To ask them for the USB, simply play along with their fantasies for a while, and after a day or two of this, they should agree to give it to you.
          • Once they hand it over, the favour will be completed, but Morgan will insist that since they've done something for you, you should now do something for them, and reach for the PC. They can either "Allow them," or "Push them away."
            • Pushing Morgan away enrages them, initiating a non-consensual encounter with Morgan at max anger.
            • Allowing Morgan will initiate a normal non-consensual encounter, after which, if the player doesn't fight them off, they will have to wait until Morgan is asleep again to get another chance to escape.
  • Niki (if player has modeled for Niki before outside of the Café campaign) - Destroy pictures Niki has of a friend of Mickey's
  • Elk Street Compound - Set up hidden cameras around the compound. One in each building, one in the courtyard. Can be done either all at once or spread across multiple days.
    • This job has the same risks as breaking into the compound and stealing items normally, with each camera placed increasing security by the same amount as if the player stole an item from each building. The player can both steal and place the cameras in one trip, at the risk of doubly heightened security. See the Elk Street Compound page for details, as they're functionally identical.
      • Since Mickey allows you to spread this task out over multiple days, players without the stats to safely endure higher security levels can take the slower but safer route of leaving only one or few at a time and then fleeing, without repercussions.

Difficulty 3 (Permanently raise combat fame) (Permanently lower exhibitionism fame) These are notable for having significant impacts on the PC's allure.

  • Bailey - Hack Bailey's computer. See if Mickey's name is on a list (Potential feat in this assignment)
    • Enter Bailey's Office in the Orphanage while Bailey is present. This prompts a Skulduggery check, and is very similar to the task given during the Police Infiltration questline.
      • If successful, the player distracts Bailey, and instantly completes the task, able to report it completed to Mickey - additionally informing them that their name didn't appear anywhere, but Bailey seemed to be planning to send people into town to search for "the hacker."
      • If failed, or at a chance even on success, the player inserts the USB, and finds a folder full of names, all of them of orphans that ran away from the orphanage. The PC recognizes the name of an orphan that disappeared two weeks ago, before appearing again. they're in the "retrieved" column. Other names are in the "sold", "released", "escaped" and "other" columns. Mickey's name is in the escaped column. The player then has the option to remove only Mickey's name, or delete the entire file.
        • If the player chooses to only remove Mickey, the task is considered completed, but Bailey enters the room shortly after and accosts the player and beats them. This is merely a beating, and even if the player cannot fight back, they will be released eventually, albeit worse for wear.
        • If the player chooses to delete the entire file, then the task is considered completed, "but you worry about what Bailey might do in retaliation." Bailey re-enters the room, catching the player in the act. They begin to accost them, but trail off as they notice the missing files. The PC can't see what they're doing, but imagines they're checking the file history, then the recycling bin, then the cache, then restore points. Finally, Bailey stares the PC down and says they can go.
          • The PC can indeed leave without incident, but upon attempting to return to Harvest Street (not the Pub specifically), they will be accosted by Bailey's thugs, initiating an extremely difficult 5-person encounter.
            • The PC will need very high Willpower, Sado/Masochism, and/or pepper spray (if choosing to fight instead of make them cum) to be able to defeat them. However, doing so will earn you the Slip Through the Backdoor Feat. Additionally, since the player deletes the list of missing orphans instead of simply the note on Mickey in this route, they earn Mickey's gratitude.
              • "Mickey looks at you with something approaching admiration. "You just saved a lot of people like me. Thank you." They creep out of the door and pull you into an awkward, one-armed hug. | - - Trauma | - Pain"
            • Losing by being overcome by pain (very likely to happen on the first turn, if the player does not have very high Willpower) has the player taken to whatever their next punishment would be.
  • Briar - Hack Briar's computer in the brothel. Requires both a distraction and an escape plan to get out without issues. Cat TF has an automatic escape plan.
    • Entering Briar's office prompts the player that they could probably figure out a distraction and escape route by looking around the brothel.
      • Going behind the stage has an idea strike the player for an escape route. There's a window that leads directly to Briar's office, and they could probably reach it with a ladder from the nearby alleys.
      • Alternatively if the player havent unlocked the stage, they can trigger this directly by going to the industrial alleyways.
        • From here, leave the brothel and enter the industrial alleyways, then "Search for something to climb." This has the potential to fail, so try moving to different areas while staying in the alleyways. Eventually, the player finds a stepladder with two people sitting on it. The player can then either "Pay them to move (£100)" or "Seduce," with a required rating of B to succeed which then leads to a consensual encounter. Either way, success nets the player an effective escape route.
      • Going into the dressing room has the player notice a dancer packing clothes into a suitcase. Approaching them has them inform you they're skipping town due to their treatment here and needing to get away from Briar, and would love to pay him back for their suffering, but can't think of anything they could do to someone like them.
        • Asking them to help you prompts an English skill check, and if successful, nets the player an effective distraction.
      • Going into Briar's office again prompts the player to distract them directly, telling them someone said the police were planning to raid the place and causing them to leave the office to take care of it, after which the player immediately plugs in the USB.
        • If the player has neither a distraction nor an escape route planned, the player is technically successful, but Briar immediately re-enters the room, having suspected they were lying. The player loses Love with Briar, and they have their guards take the player to the Underground Brothel.
        • If the player has one but not both, the same scenario plays out, but the player manages to escape - at the cost of Briar's Love and facing the same punishments as Competition Warning the next time they return to the brothel.
        • If the player has both, they are successful in hacking Briar's computer, and escape with no repercussions.
  • Remy - Go to Remy's riding school and meet an associate. ask where the flowers bloom and they'll respond with a randomly generated password. Take the package the associate gives or report if they don't. The person playing must remember the password, not the PC. It will not be recorded anywhere such as the journal, either.
    • The password is always a location, then a time. An example being "in the yard, under sunrise."
    • After accepting this request, going to Remy's Riding School opens a new option: "Look for Landry's contact (0:20)". Choosing to do this will have the player do just that, either not finding anyone, or finding someone and asking "Where do the flowers bloom?" The person can answer correctly, or incorrectly - for example, "In the park, under sunrise," or "In the yard, past sunrise."
      • If they answer correctly, the player can follow them to receive Mickey's box before they leave without a word. This successfully completes Mickey's favour.
      • If they answer incorrectly, the player can choose to follow them or leave. If they follow, this can lead to a few different encounters.
        • The person can turn on the player, saying they don't know what they're on about, but they don't care, initiating a normal non-consensual encounter.
        • The person can turn out to be one of Remy's goons, and will attempt to capture the player. Choosing to "Give in" or to "Fight" and losing initiates the Moor Abduction. Choosing to fight initiates a very difficult encounter, so it's in the player's best interest to avoid this person altogether if they don't want trouble. Otherwise, it's another method of accessing the Underground Farm.
  • Elk Street Compound - Set up hidden cameras around the compound. One in each building, one in the courtyard. Can be done either all at once or spread across multiple days.
    • This job has the same risks as breaking into the compound and stealing items normally, with each camera placed increasing security by the same amount as if the player stole an item from each building. The player can both steal and place the cameras in one trip, at the risk of doubly heightened security. See the Elk Street Compound page for details, as they're functionally identical.
      • Since Mickey allows you to spread this task out over multiple days, players without the stats to safely endure higher security levels can take the slower but safer route of leaving only one or few at a time and then fleeing, without repercussions.

Mickey can't build a fame from 0. It needs to be at least Obscure before they can work. Mickey also won't waste time raising maxed fames or lowering ones at 0.

The player may get a chance to ask Mickey a question after reporting a completed favour. You get 4 options; 2 randomized questions, "Seduce," and "Nothing to ask."

Mickey starts to close the door, but opens it again. "You look like you have a question. What is it?"

  • ''Why do you say 'good-good' so much?''
    • "Extra good," they say, as if that answers anything. Without expanding on that, they close the door. You hear the sound of a complex lock setting into place. That's all you'll get out of them.
  • ''What did Leighton do to you?''
    • They smile bitterly. "He's ruthless. I hope you never find out." (or, if Leighton has blackmailed the player) "Same thing he/she's doing to you." They shake their head. "I'm done talking about this." They shut the door with more force than necessary, and you hear the sound of a complex lock setting into place. That's all you'll get out of them.
  • ''Is Mickey your real name?'' or "Are you a boy or a girl?'' or ''Can you teach me to be a hacker?''
    • "No," they flatly answer. They close the door, and you hear the sound of a complex lock setting into place. That's all you'll get out of them.
  • Seduce (this is presented as a skill check, but always has the same result)
    • You lean against the wall and gently brush Mickey's arm with your hand. "Your room seems pretty private," you say, licking your lips. "I bet we could get up to all kinds of trouble together." You already feel in control and the act is too tame to soothe, but it does- "No," they flatly answer. They close the door, and you hear the sound of a complex lock setting into place. Well, at least you tried. You walk back to Landry's table. "Swing and a miss," he/she chuckles.

All questions have a chance of simply being answered with "Good question. [...] I said you could ask a question. Never said I would answer."

  • Nothing to ask
    • You shake your head, and Mickey blinks in surprise. "Oh. I thought you wanted to..." They remain silent for a moment, before giving you a grateful smile and closing the door.


  • According to code, the specialist Landry contacts to help the player break into Remy's estate is Wren.


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