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Quinn the mayor is the aforementioned mayor of the Town where Degrees of Lewdity takes place. They can be first met when working as a chef at the cafe on Cliff Street.


Quinn's description will remain consistent, regardless of what sex they are determined as. They are described as being a middle-aged man/woman, depending on their gender. It should be noted that the player quickly recognizes them as the mayor of the town.

First Meeting

There are currently two ways to meet Quinn, during the cafe's reopening and when the player petitions building an archeological field office at the lake.

During the cafe's reopening event, when the player is about to give a speech about their new-found fame as a chef, they will push their way through the crowd and introduce themselves to the player as the mayor. Bailey will also be present at this event, whispering something to Quinn regarding the player. The mayor dismisses them, stating that the speech they have planned will go ahead. Nevertheless, Bailey reluctantly lets Quinn and the player continue with their plans.

Quinn pulls the player besides them while a fellow photographer, Niki, prepares to take a photo of the two of the player together.

While standing with Quinn, the player has various options on how they can deal with this situation:

  • Smile for the camera: The player smiles with Quinn as Niki snaps the picture.
  • Pull a funny face: The player will pull a funny face as Niki snaps the picture. Someone in the audience laughs. Quinn will then glance at the player, and laugh themselves.
  • Refuse to be photographed: The player wrestles themselves free from Quinn's grip. Niki looks at the mayor, unsure what to do. Quinn waves Niki away.

If the player chooses the latter two, Quinn will then hold up the player's hand, eliciting a cheer from the gathering audience. Regardless of any choice, Quinn wishes the player good luck on their upcoming speech as they turn back to them, though they are sure they will not need luck. Bailey will then whisper something else, with Quinn frowning in response. They excuse themselves from the scene as they walk away with Bailey, talking. It's noted that the player cannot make out what they're saying. It can be best assumed that it is a continuation of the conversation Bailey had with Quinn earlier regarding the player.

Alternatively, when the player petitions building an archeological field office at the lake, the receptionist will initially reject it but Quinn enters and says it's a "worthy initiative." Quinn then introduces themself, and the player will recognize their name. The player is then given a prompt to enter Quinn's office or not, doing so is required to build the archeological field.

Upon actually entering their office, the player will notice that everything looks like an antique. Specifically, the player will notice "an ivory necklace, studded with blue jewels." Quinn will then sit down and discuss the idea with the player, specifically saying "that old codger at the museum would jump at the opportunity to run it," the "old codger" being Winter. They will offer the player whisky, which the player is free to reject.

Regardless of whether or not the player chooses to accept the drink, Quinn will then say that the only problem with their idea is money, costing at least £50000. If the player can afford it and chooses to pay, Quinn will be excited and look that the ivory necklace, which the game describes being displayed "proudly," and say "Imagine what other pieces of history could be submerged." As the player leaves, Quinn will tell them to give Bailey their regards.


Quinn has a very tight schedule due to who they are, thus the options to interact with them will be very slim.

Quinn currently cannot be interacted with elsewhere besides the cafe renovation event and the two times the player can interact with them at their office.

However, it is most possible to learn more about them during an event of the compounds of Elk Street. As you are in the street, you will notice a mist leaving the compounds. If you decide to sneek to check what is happening you will immediately be facing the Ivory Wraith. It will begin as an usual encounter, however it is not. After the first interactions, Ivory Wraith will beheave strangely, mentioning that you are "the thief among thieves" and naming you "the enemy of my enemy".  Then, it will oblie to descend until a secret bastment by traspassing walls and locked door (increasing trauma because of "the strange feeling") and free different creatures, not without previously making you battle against a couple of workers. It is the first worker who mentions Quinn, saying that the mayor wants everything deliver without damages. It implies that despite their innocent act during the cafe renovation event, the mayor knows and takes advantage of the mysterious creatures living in the city, smuggling with them. Apparently, Ivory Wraith is not very please about it and will try to stop him.


It is uncertain what Quinn thinks of the player, but they will tend to act friendly around the player, showing up to the cafe renovation after-party. Whether this is for their own interests or out of respect for the player is unknown, although Quinn will have a picture taken with the player, before holding up the player's hand - sparking a cheer from the gathering audience. Quinn will dismiss Bailey when they try to stop the speech, reassuring that the planned speech will go ahead regardless. During the speech, Quinn will state the player as being "the reason we're all here", before allowing them to speak a few words. If the player chooses to not say anything, Quinn will back them up by stating the player is not used to public speaking, but tells the audience to give them applause regardless.

Quinn seems to act naive and generally unaware when the truth is revealed about specific events, possibly due to keeping a good-standing with the elites. When the player tells the truth about the cream, Quinn will try their best to cover up the player's secret - dismissing it as a joke. They turn the player away from the microphone, mistakenly telling them "good thinking" before saying the player knows how to build a legend.

However, this may also indicate them simply playing dumb about the situation, pretending that everything is okay when in fact it is not. This implies malicious intentions towards the player, under the influence of Bailey's whispers. Telling the truth about Bailey during the speech has Quinn intervene, pushing the player off the podium and once again dismissing the player as simply telling jokes, falsely depicting the player as being in the wrong and not themselves. They defend Bailey, stating that any abuses of power are taken seriously.


Quinn does not have a set location they can be encountered at like other Named NPCs, and this is likely due to their mayoral duties. However, they will make one prominent appearance during the Cafe Grand-Reopening event. They serve as a master of ceremony, hosting the luxurious event.

It should be noted that Quinn is likely very busy in the town's affairs and as such, this leaves a very minimal window for the player to interact with them. It is unknown what they do during their down-time, but as the mayor they reside at the town hall on Cliff Street, although the player can only interact with the mayor twice there.

Player's Speech

Quinn will act as the host of the night for the event. They are a confident public speaker. Before the speech, the player will look over at Quinn and Bailey, with Bailey seeming agitated while Quinn acts more jovial, chuckling while pulling themselves away from the conversation. They step up to the podium, with the room falling silent awaiting their introduction. They greet the audience a good evening, before saying it's their privilege as their mayor to hold this event. Quinn then gestures towards the player.

"Mere months ago this boy/girl was a normal student, until they discovered a talent for baking." Quinn says. "They're the reason we're all here."

Quinn says they'd like to thank their guardian, while gesturing over to Bailey perching at the edge of their room - their hard work protecting and caring for the town's "most vulnerable" has allowed the young prodigy to flourish, with applause filling the room. They quiet down the audience by a single wave, telling the audience they have heard enough of the mayor, and that the world-class chef has a few words too. It is their absolute pleasure to introduce them. They step away from the podium, waving the player up. The player walks up to the podium as murmuring fills the room. People hold up their phones, taking pictures. Staff move between the cafe's tables, offering eager guests treats.

At this moment, all eyes are on the player. The audience watches them intently, waiting for their speech. The player has five options for dealing with the situation, with three choices affecting how Quinn reacts to the speech:

  • Tell them the truth about your cream: Laughter fills the cafe. Quinn pushes them aside, taking control of the podium. They try their best to cover up the player's secret, telling the audience the chef enjoys a joke - how they prepare the cream still remains a secret, but they can be assured it's made from the finest produce. The mayor will turn the player away from the microphone, telling the player they had good thinking as they pass, before going on to say the player knows how to build a legend.
  • Tell them of Bailey's tyranny: Bailey will glare at Quinn. Quinn will intervene by interrupting the player's speech through pushing them off the podium. They claim that the player is "such a joker" and that their friends put them up to it. It's at this point that the player realizes that the mayor is in on things, and pretends the player is in the wrong. They then go on to state that Bailey's orphanage is one of the town's oldest and "most esteemed" institutions, and that any abuses of power are taken seriously. The player isn't sure if their words got through, with many of the locals nodding along with the mayor's words. However, it's noted that some still don't look so convinced, believing the player's words to be true.
  • Don't say anything: The player steps away from the podium - with the crowd left sounding disappointed although not upset. Someone calls the player "cute" which has Quinn rushing over to take over the microphone. They state that the player is not used to public speaking, but to give them a round of applause regardless. As prompted, the audience applauds the player.

Regardless of the player's decision on how to deliver their speech, the mayor will step away from the podium as the party begins. The mayor cannot be interacted with after this event.

Office and Computer

After the Player completes all the town projects, they can go back to the Hookah Parlor and, at the Fissure, get a key. This key is then used to unlock the lock at the tentacle grasses. After entering the player will see Quinn "suspended by violating tentacles." After waking up from the hallucination, the player can then go to Town Hall and claim they need to see the mayor.

The player then enters the mayor's office alone, during which the player will note the ivory necklace Quinn has, possibly for the first time if the player haven't stole the immaculate one yet. Regardless, it will be noted that the case containing it is too reinforced for the player to steal. The player will then notice a camera in the office. Once the camera looks away, the player will sneak to Quinn's computer, which is password protected. The player almost leaves before deciding to try the word "immaculate," the same word used to describe the Ivory Wraith's necklace. It works.

Once logged in, the player will read Quinn's emails. There are apparently a lot of them to and from people from "every part of town." There are apparently references to a "Dark Elk" project, have a "hint of something illicit" but Quinn's wording is too vague to gauge anything.

Of particular interest to the player are Quinn's conversations with Bailey. The only one show is the most recent one, which was apparently "a few weeks ago."

  • Bailey begins with a simple message: "I need your people out of the docks next Friday."
  • "I know what you're after," Quinn replies. "And I'm willing to assist, but this just isn't feasible at this time. I'd be pissing in more than one bowl of cereal."
  • Bailey replies with a curt, "This isn't a request."
  • To which Quinn has written up a lengthy, and detailed, description of where Bailey can shove it. This remains an unsent draft, however. Instead he/she replies with a timid "Right."

Apparently, the other conversations between the two, going back several years, go down a similar route. Bailey giving commands and Quinn making rants they never send. Some of rants mention a "sin" Quinn committed and are insistent that they already paid for them a long while ago.

After that, the player hears the door to the stairs to Quinn's office open, causing the player to log-off and sit down. Quinn enters as Winter follows. Quinn remarks that they weren't expecting the player, but Winter interrupts saying it's good. Winter unfurls a map as Quinn frowns at the player. Winter talks about an ancient city, claiming that the reason why there hasn't been any hard evidence is because it's underwater, pointing at the sea. Quinn claims they don't have the funds to do an ocean excavation and tells Winter to work at the lake. Winter protests, to which Quinn responds by saying that they'll bring up the idea at the next council meeting. They then sit down forgetting about Winter and the player.

Both Winter and the player leaves, with Winter talking about how they used to go diving themself and defeatedly saying that there's much to do at the lake. Winter then leaves and so does the player.


  • Quinn was added to the game in Version 0.2.7, along with the Cafe Campaign questline.
  • Although names can always change at any point in time, just prior to Quinn's implementation their name was up for debate. Vrelnir called for suggestions on what to name the new mayor character, and it was decided that "Quinn" would be the winning name for the mayor just ten minutes before the update that included them was pushed out.
  • It is implied that Bailey has the mayor in their pocket, to an extent. Quinn may dismiss Bailey sometimes, but wave away any mention of Bailey's tyranny when given the chance.
    • Whether the mayor knows about Bailey's abuse towards the player remains to be seen. Quinn may be blissfully unaware, or fully aware of the situation but wishes to avoid controversy.
  • It's noted that Quinn seems to wander off during speeches, talking about the investment opportunities within the town and successes in office.
  • Ivory Wraith seems to consider Quinn as a thief, and so his/her "enemy", as previously mentioned.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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