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Remy the farmer maintains the Farmlands, east of the Town. There, they can be found teaching classes at the local riding school. However, they lead a much more sinister life as the owner of the Underground Farm, also part of the farm network.

They make an additional appearance at Alex's Farm as a rival of Alex's, seeking to encroach upon the struggling farm.


Remy's description varies on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will be described as having pale brown hair with green eyes.

As they can be met at different locations, both descriptions will be listed below. The Underground Farm description will go into more detail, mentioning them holding a whip in their gloved hand, and donning a set of black riding boots.

  • If male:
    • Farmlands: "A horse trots up to you. Upon its back sits a man with short, pale brown hair."
    • Underground Farm: "A man with short, pale brown hair tends to them. You see a whip in his gloved hand. He smiles, and his green eyes glimmer. He tugs the leather glove off one hand as he walks closer, his black riding boots clapping against the barn floor."
  • If female:
    • Farmlands: "A horse trots up to you. Upon its back sits a woman with pale brown hair tied in a neat bun."
    • Underground Farm: "A woman with pale brown hair tied in a bun tends to them. You see a whip in her gloved hand. She smiles, and her green eyes glimmer. She tugs the leather glove off one hand as she walks closer, her black riding boots clapping against the barn floor."

First Meeting

Remy can be met in one of two ways. The easiest way is via the Farmlands.


When entering the riding school for the first time, several people will be found waiting for the next lesson to begin. A horse trots up to the player, with a person with pale hair sitting atop it. They introduce themselves as Remy, the head of the riding school. They inform the player that they offer lessons on both riding and caring for horses, and that they hope they can be of service to the player.

Remy spurs their horse to a trot, riding away.

Underground Farm

If the player is somehow brought to the Underground Farm through one of several methods, it will not be too long before the player is introduced to Remy. Remy always tends to the cows when the player arrives and will state that the player would make a good cattle. They get closer to examine them easier, even sticking a finger into their mouth to look at their teeth.

The player's clothes are forcibly ripped off by Remy, before Remy escorts them to another room where the player gets fixed to the ground. There, Remy will use a sharp machine to sting something into the player'sleft ass cheek - a brand (tattoo) that reads "cattle". Remy will only write this if forced bodywriting is enabled in Toggles. After this procedure is done, they lead the player to their new home: a stall next to the cows. That concludes the first meeting with them.


Remy spends most of their time instructing their horse-riding class. If the player chooses to participate in their classes, they have a chance of interacting with Remy.

If the player is in the Underground Farm, Remy has a set schedule throughout the week. They will always stick to that schedule.

  • 7 AM onwards: They and several farmhands will herd the cows and the player outside to a great field where they can eat grass. Remy themself will hasten the driven cattle from atop of their horse with their whip.
  • 12 PM onwards: Remy brings their horses to the field and has a special job for the player, taking them with them. Afterwards, the player is led back to the field where they now can interact with the stallions.
  • 6PM onwards: Remy will escort the player to the livestock milking machine.


Remy's relationship with the player is determinant on the player's behaviour. At their riding school, it will reflect that of a teacher-student relationship, in which Remy helps the player become a better horse-rider. During this period, Remy will remain generally friendly towards the player, guiding them along.

However, at the Underground Farm, Remy will do a heel-turn - they become much more malicious towards the player, treating them as if they were livestock. This can be changed to have Remy lighten up on the player somewhat. If the player remains obedient, Remy will start to like them and even give them apples as a treat when they're brought back inside. Producing large amounts of milk/semen will also result in a boost of their liking.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Remy's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

Remy's interactions with the player alter drastically based on their current location.

Riding School

As one of two locations Remy can be found at, Remy will make many appearances within their own class at the riding school, at the Farmlands. They will serve as the player's riding teacher while attending there, remaining forefront and center in the role. Interactions with them will tend to involve teacher-student interactions, such as helping the player improve the player's Thigh skill via teaching them how to ride a horse better, and making sure the player is paying attention.

It can be broken into at night. You will then be able to break into the School Office's building where you can steal money found in the cupboards.

Runaway Steed

A steed may attempt to run away with the player, causing them to knock the player off. Remy will catch up to the player if bestiality is disabled, otherwise it has the chance of resulting in a non-consensual sexual encounter if the player isn't careful.

Underground Farm

The second location Remy is stationed at, this involves their role as the manager of the Underground Farm. Interactions here will become drastically different to their behaviour at the riding school, taking up a malicious authoritarian role akin to someone like Harper. They become much more dangerous and malicious, treating the player as livestock.

Outside Herds

The farmhands will try to herd the player outside, together with all the other cows. If the player goes with them, Remy can only be seen mounting their horse to hasten the cattle. Should the player refuse to go outside, Remy will come closer, stroking the whip with their thumb to intimidate the player. Afterwards, they will still climb atop their horse to hasten the cattle.

Niki's Photoshoot

One of two possible "special jobs". Niki will be waiting inside a barn and offers to make a photo shooting. Remy advises the player not to do anything stupid and to do what they're told. Every photo shooting includes a pig and the player having sex with it. Remy will stay in the room to make sure the player doesn't make trouble.

More details on these scenes can be found here: Underground Farm

If the player disobeys the demands, Remy will get angry and bring the player to the field to plough it.

Doctor's Examination

This is the second of two possible "special jobs". Remy takes the player to a small dark building where Harper is waiting. There are three different examinations that can happen here, but Remy will just stand by most of the time, to make sure the player doesn't make any trouble. More details on these scenes can be found on the farm page.

Should the player be resistant, they'll shove Remy, making them angry. Harper will soon leave, and Remy inflicts pain on the player before taking them to plough a field.

Field Ploughing

If the player resists often, Remy will get angrier. Every time the player refuses to do the special job, they'll need to move a plough over a field while getting whipped by Remy. Also, the player won't get any apples if they're constantly resisting, making it harder to befriend the horses.

Player Milking

In case the player has been rebellious so far, Remy will come to the player and stick a muzzle inside their mouth. Otherwise, they will just take the player with them, without using the muzzle. The player has the option to go with Remy or to refuse. If the player refuses, two farmhands will come to Remy's aid who will allow them to rape the player in order to make them more obedient. Afterwards the scene will continue as if the player hadn't refused.

Remy will bring the player to the milking machine and bind them to the ground so they can't move away. They pull out a pot of pink gel and pours that between their hands. Afterwards they rub the gel into the player's chest, leaving a lewd warmth behind wherever the gel touches. Should the player be a male, Remy will also rub a purple gel onto the penis, making it more sensitive and potentially making the player cum. The player is then bound further so they're not able to move away from the glass pumps that are being attached to the player's breasts and, if existent, their penis.

The player can then give in or resist the procedure, but the outcome will be the same: Depending on the milk/semen volume they'll produce lewd fluids. However, if the player successfully resists, they won't be overcome by several orgasms which would be the case if they fail to resist or give in from the beginning.

Giving Chase

No matter which way the player escapes, Remy will chase them with their horse. If the player managed to befriend the horses, Remy's horse will throw them off their back and instead ride away with the player. In case the player hasn't befriended the horses, they'll catch up to them and bring them to the ground. Remy then uses their whip to put it around the player's neck, stopping them from escaping further. This will result in a heavy opinion loss.

Alex's Farm

As Alex's farm grows more successful, it will draw attention to itself, causing others to spot a perfect opportunity to partake in their misdeeds. One such person it attractions the attention of is Remy, an established rival of Alex's - whom will grow jealous of Alex's success. As such, they will begin to thwart their competition.

To have Remy begin to intervene, the player must do three things:

  • Clear out two fields.
  • Reach up to £45 an hour.
  • Ensure three fields are operational.

Once these are achieved, this attracts Remy's attention. It adds a new stat - "Remy's Encroachment". This increases daily, and enables new events as Remy's goons attempt to sabotage the farm to ensure Alex's farm does not succeed. Successfully thwarting Remy's goons during these events will lower Remy's encroachment, but failing to has a chance to raise it further. Trespassers can be seen trying to gain access to the farm, which the player and/or Alex may catch out.

It also causes damage to the farm's perimeter to become more frequent and severe. The player will need to take copious amounts of time fixing up the perimeter.

At max Encroachment, Remy's goons will ransack the farm. If the player successfully fights off the intruders, they will obtain the "Farm Protector" feat.

Once Alex's farm grow even more successful, Remy and their goons will initiate an event where they'll burn the potato fields and beat up Alex while the player is trapped in the shed. This event unlocks the Expanded version of Alex's farm. Afterwards, Remy and their goons will try to visit Alex's farm once in every month just to burn the fields at night.


  • Remy was first introduced in Version 0.2.13, along with the Underground Farm. Their appearance elsewhere was added in Version 0.2.15, alongside the Farmlands.
  • Remy is one of very few named NPCs to drastically change their behaviour based on where the player is currently located and who they are associated with, with the other person being Harper.
  • Remy is one of few NPCs to have a connection to Niki, with the other being Sam.
  • Remy is one of few named NPCs to have a presence outside of the game's main area, with others being Eden, the Black Wolf, and Harper.
  • Strangely enough, while at the riding school, Remy will not seem to recognize the player - should they have escaped the farm prior to coming across the riding school.
    • However, they seem to recognise the player should they have the cow transformation.
  • Remy could possibly be part of the town's upper class. When talking to Landry about breaking into their estate, they will mention the price is so high because of the risks of messing with "aristocracy". Wren, when spreading rumors during blackjack, will also comment how most of the police are friendly with Remy. This implies they've either been bought off or Remy's connections keeps the police friendly. Both of those would imply a high status and/or lots of money.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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