Remy's Estate

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Remy's estate is one of several locations accessible outside the city. It is situated near the Farmlands, on the moor.

How to Enter

You first need to go on Harvest Street and leave the town. Walk into the countryside until you reach the farmlands. From there, enter the moor and go deeper into it until you reach Remy's Estate.

Once you're there, you can approach the estate but you won't be able to access into it right away. You first need to work as a farmhand for Alex in their farm. Once you're done clearing several fields, readying them for plantation, Remy will be visiting you and Alex to discuss business :

"I'm Remy. I run the nearby riding school, and a farm of my own." He/She turns to Alex. "Sorry to arrive unannounced, but I couldn't get hold of you. I'm here to discuss business."

Alex will turn them off, saying they are not interest. And then abruptly end the conversation. "Finish your tea," Alex interrupts again. "Then get out."

The event will end with a note from the narrator : Remy will launch attacks from his/her estate on the moor. These will worsen over time, unless you take the fight to him/her.

Now you can head toward their Estate and try accessing it.

First Steps

Once you've reached Remy's Estate you will see that it is guarded and very secured.

"The bars are several times your height, and the top menaces with barbed wire. Most of the farm beyond is concealed by copse and hillock, but you can see the top of a barn peak above. A stately manor perches on a hill beyond, overlooking the moor. There's a gate nearby. It's guarded."

You have different ways to get into it.

  • You may approach the gate, and bluff the guard. The success rate depends on your Skulduggery skill.
  • For this second option, you need to approach the gate at least once to activate the quest "You could avoid the gate by breaking through the fence, but you'll need help from someone with underworld connections, or someone who knows the moor." Then, head toward the Pub and Ask for Landry and ask him about breaking into the Remy estate. He waits until you finish, observing you with a cool expression. "£2000," he says. "Not for me. For the specialist. It's a risk, messing with aristocracy. But she will get you in." Once you pay Landry, go back to Remy's estate, and this time Search for another entrance, you will find a hole torn through the bars and crawl beneath it and through the fence, emerging on the other side.
  • The third option, just like the second one, requires you to approach the gate at least once to activate the quest. You will need the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait, to be in the Great Hawk's nest located in the Hawk's Tower, and then simply ask them for help breaking into the Remy estate. Once it's done, go back to Remy's estate, and this time Search for another entrance, you will find a hole torn through the bars and crawl beneath it and through the fence, emerging on the other side.

Inside the estate

"You are in the Remy estate, near the front gate. There's a small stone building nearby. Six rough-looking guards stand outside. There's also a cottage, the mud in front covered in bootprints. Several cars are parked outside."

Once inside the estate, you can access two buildings :


"You enter the cottage. A group of men and women play cards around a table. They all face you."

In the cottage you will find a group of men and women playing cards around a table, they are not hostile and won't mind the fact you are not supposed to be there. They will propose you to play some Blackjack with them.


An idea strikes you. They don't seem hostile. For now. You could twist the situation to your advantage, but be careful.

Shall you accept playing cards with them, the person who seem to be in charge around there will introduce themselves

"The name's Wren. Now, how about we make this interesting?"

You will request that they do you a favour in case you win. "I like that. And if I win.." Wren will respond. They seem enthusiast, but shall they win you will have to strip from one of your clothes. Once you're fully stripped, they will request to fondle you, or that you kiss them. If your arousal maxes out before theirs, a sexual intercourse will begin.

You cannot request big things right from the first wins. "you know she won't be willing to do just anything. Not at first. You'll need to start with easy demands."

Depending on what you request from them, it will increase their + Daring, reduce it, decrease Remy's Encroachment , or increase the Chaos in the estate by a certain amount.

  • Agitate the steeds (- Remy's Encroachment - Daring)
  • Spread a rumour (+ Chaos - Daring)
  • Hide Remy's weapons (- Remy's Encroachment - Daring)
  • Disable Remy's cars ( - - Remy's Encroachment - Daring)
  • Smash a mansion window (+ + Chaos - Daring)
  • Free the cattle (+ + Chaos - Daring)
  • Start a fire (+ + + Chaos - - - Remy's Encroachment + Arousal)

Once you're done playing Blackjack, if you happen to be exposed due to being stripped from your clothes, Wren will propose you to satisfy their goons in exchange of a towel. (you can wrap it around Wren's waist if they lost their clothes to you during the game)

Stone Building
How to enter

"You approach the stone building. The guards will know you're an intruder, and you'll need to fight your way through them. Making them cum won't be enough."

There are 6 guards guarding the stone building, and you will have to beat all of them if you wish to get into it. But you can reduce their numbers down to 0 by setting chaos in the estate, which can be achieved by winning at Blackjack against Wren and asking them things that will increase Chaos.

The more Chaos, the less guards, until there is no one guarding the Stone Building anymore.

Inside the Stone Building

Once you're inside, someone will approach you : "Another from the Doctor? Over there." They point at a shelf at the base of a pillar

  • You may approach the shelf, you will notice it holds a row of vials. Purple liquid swirls within. This will increase your + Arousal. Knocking over those vials will reduce - Remy's Encroachment and increase your + Arousal. The person guarding over you will turn angry, grasping your arm and shouting, asking you who sent you, you have 4 possible options :

Choosing Bailey or Harper will make this person let the player go. Note that the player can choose Harper despite not meeting them yet. If the player chose Remy or No one, it will initiate a nonconsensual encounter. If the player succeeds, the other person will land on the fluid, which causes them to forcefully masturbate in front of the player.

None of these answers have consequences.

  • You may also approach the carriage and step into inside it. You will find overalls, which you can wear. You will also find a red lever on the front of the carriage, pull it and the engine will start, which'll lurches the carriage and knock you onto a seat. Guards will shout something at you, but you can't understand them over the roar of the engine. After a while, the carriage will slow and arrive on a new platform. You'll see two persons wearing white uniforms coming from a nearby metal door. They don't notice you, and go back from where they came. However, they will leave behind a small canister. You can then leave the place, you will arrive on Elk Street.

People of Interest


  • An additional pepper spray charge.
  • Wren the Sly, Trading Dignity, Firestarter, Playing with Fire feats.


  • It can be noted that when you make Wren start a fire, it'll increase the player arousal. The fumes from the burning field at Remy estate will also drug the PC. That would mean that the food provided to the town contains strange substances. It supports some players theories regarding the mindset and states of the inhabitants.


The following images showcase below what Remy's estate looks like at different times of day. Note that it shares the same images as the rest of the Farmlands.

In the Winter

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