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Remy's Riding School, or the Riding School for short, is one of several places of interest the player can visit. It is located within the Farmlands network.

The owner is the aforementioned Remy, a local farmer.


"You are at Remy's riding school. Stables surround a central courtyard. A small office sits to one side. A dirt track leads into the surrounding countryside."

How to Enter

The riding school can easily be accessed from the Farmlands. £25 is required to participate in lessons.

First Steps

When entering the riding school for the first time, several people will be found waiting for the next lesson to begin. A horse trots up to the player, with a person with pale hair sitting atop it.

They introduce themselves as Remy, the head of the riding school. They inform the player that they offer lessons on both riding and caring for horses, and that they hope they can be of service to the player.

Remy spurs their horse to a trot, riding away.


  • Lessons will cost £25 each for one session. One lesson will take place over the course of one in-game hour.
  • The Riding School is a good way of improving the "Thigh" sexual skill with little risk, as the player becomes a more efficient horse-rider.
  • If the player tries to proceed with horse riding while their arms are bound, Remy will take notice and unbind them for the player.
  • This location also serves as a good way of increasing the player’s Tending skill, as it involves caring for the horses found here.
  • At night, the player can break into the riding school's building, and steal from the cash register.

People of Interest

  • Remy. They are found teaching horse riding here, to those who wish to learn.


The following will detail the various events that go on at this particular location.

Runaway Steed

The steed may attempt to run away with the player, knocking them off. If beasts are disabled, this event will end here as Remy catches up to the player. Otherwise, the player may try to calm the horse or brace themselves. Calming it is difficult, the player must have at least a B in tending for any chance of success, but even an S rank will only give the player a 66% chance of succeeding. If the player braces themselves or fails the tending check, they will enter a non-consensual encounter with the horse.

Getting Revenge

A person may pull up the player’s top. The player may ignore this, continuing the lesson or exact revenge ( + Defiance | - Trauma | - Stress). There are two options on how the player can deal with the pervert.

  • Strip them (a D+ in Skulduggery guarantees success)
  • Shove them (Physique check - Max Physique guarantees success)

Regardless of the player's choice, the lesson will continue if they succeed.

Spooked Steed

A wild fox may scare the player’s steed. With at least a C rank in the "Thigh" body part skill, the player will manage to remain in the saddle. Otherwise, they will be thrown from its back (+ Stress | + Pain).

Private Chat

A person may want to chat with the player. The player may oblige (- Trauma | - Stress) or ignore them. There is a chance that obliging will lead to them asking the player to “find somewhere private”. Accepting their request will lead into a consensual encounter, while refusing has the same effect as ignoring the person in the first place - the player ignores the person and the lesson continues.

Branch Trouble

The player’s bottom clothing may get caught on a branch. There are three options on dealing with this:

  • Try to stop it (Tending B+ guarantees success)
  • Hold on (to the steed)
  • Let themselves be pulled off

Failing the tending check or holding on will reduce the integrity of their bottom clothing by fifty. If the player is wearing flimsy clothing such as towels or make-shift plant clothing, this will destroy the piece of clothing almost immediately.

Riding for Cover

If the player finds their genitals under the threat of exposure (such as having bottom clothing completely destroyed, or are otherwise completely nude) they have the option to ride up to Remy and get a towel instead, or choose an alternative option: "Ride for cover".

Once in cover, the player will come across a crumbling old building. Here, they may choose the option to make a plant skirt, ending the event and resuming the lesson. Otherwise, there are two other options to take:

  • Clear the debris
  • Crawl through the hole (requires a Tiny body size)

If the player clears the debris, they will also go on to proceed with the second option. With a tiny body, the player will slip inside. Otherwise, they will be prodded by a horse - giving the player another set of options.

  • Plead with the horse (needs at least a C in tending for success, S rank will give a 75% success rate)
  • Kick it (requiring strong Physique to succeed)
  • Endure (+ Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal).

Succeeding will have the player slip inside, whilst failing any skill checks or enduring the horse's prodding will instead have the player be licked all over by the horse, before managing to slip inside. Once inside, instead of clothing, they will find an unexpected sight - a live grenade, fortunately not pulling the pin. The player will hold on to it for safe-keeping, as it is considered an antique - which can be sold to Winter at the Museum. Before they return to their lesson, they find a tattered towel to wear.


  • A grenade can be found here, to be delivered to Winter as an antique to display within the Museum. When the player discovers this, they almost panic, but they realize the pin is still in - and that the grenade looks old; so old, in fact, that it cannot be a live one.
    • According to Winter, it never saw its intended use.
    • It is found when the player chooses to ride for cover - located within a crumbling old building, beyond a small hole.


  • Strangely enough, Remy will not seem to recognize the player - should they have escaped of the Underground Farm prior to coming across the riding school.


The following images showcase below what the riding school looks like at different times of the day.

In the Winter

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