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Sydney the Faithful
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Sydney might be willing to get his/her chastity device removed for someone completely pure, or if his/her mind was opened to lewdity. A very pure or very corrupt mindset, as well as a large amount of sinful lust, may be the key.
— In-game prompt

The Rite of Promise is one of two personal quests involving Sydney. It offers pure players a chance to join as one with Sydney, under the full support of the Temple.

Unlike other NPCs, there are two paths to Sydney - pure and corrupt.

This page will cover the pure path. For the corrupt path, see the Rite of Defilement. Note that these two quests are mutually exclusive - though Sydney can still be corrupted after the fact, completing the Rite of Promise permanently prevents the completion of the Rite of Defilement for that playthrough.


As Sydney's relationship with the player grows more intimate, they'll become increasingly torn between wanting to uphold their vows to the temple, and wanting to show their lover their devotion to them. To solve their problem, they decide to call upon their faith for support by way of an ancient holy ritual, only permitted to those devoted to purity.


Note: While this quest can be completed at any time of the year, actually starting the quest requires the player to chat with Sydney, which can only be done in the library while school is in session.

Before Sydney will suggest having their chastity device removed, their relationship with the player must have reached a certain, intimate point, as indicated by their stats.

  • Their Love must be at 83% or higher
  • Their Lust must be at 60% or higher
  • Their Purity must be at 80% or higher
  • They must have already removed their anal shield
  • The player must already be in a relationship with Sydney, as indicated by the ability to choose them as a Love Interest

Of the three required stats, Sydney's Love is the easiest to raise, as the player can meet the required level of Love simply by spending time with Sydney.

Since Sydney's Purity starts at 100%, the difficulty comes in maintaining it, especially while trying to increase their Lust. Choosing to pray for salvation alongside Sydney at the temple will help keep their Purity in check. If Sydney's Purity goes too low to the point where they end up straying down the path of Corruption, the player may still pursue this path by re-purifying Sydney. The easiest way to do this is by praying with them at the temple.

The quickest way to increase Sydney's Lust is to flirt with them in the school library, though this has the side effect of lowering their Purity. Ways to increase Sydney's Lust without lowering their Purity include letting them peek on the player in the changing rooms at Sydney's Counter or letting them write on the player; however, both of these events occur infrequently (once per day and at random when chatting with Sydney, respectively), making these methods unreliable. Alternatively, the player can initiate sexual encounters with Sydney, then ask them to stop, which raises both Lust and Sydney's Purity.

One cheesy method to massively increase Sydney's Lust without losing purity is to start the beach event. Every time you enter the water or swim you have a chance to trigger an event which increases Sydney's Lust stat. You can manipulate this by choosing "Go for a swim" and immediately leaving the water, repeatedly.

Sydney's anal shield will be removed automatically once their Love and Lust reaches a certain point - specifically, 60% Love and 60% Lust. Also, the player must have already found out about Sydney's chastity belt beforehand; this usually happens during lewd encounters, but can also be acheived during certain scenes. Once the player meets the requirements, Sydney will mention the removal of their anal shield at random: "I... I got my anal shield removed for you..." Note that the player may have to wait a day after reaching the required levels of Love and Lust before Sydney has their anal shield removed.

Once the player has met the aforementioned conditions, they must get into a lewd encounter with Sydney. The most reliable ways to do so are as follows:

  • Crawl under the counter at the school library (Promiscuity 4, requires an overall Seduction rating of C)
  • Catch them peeping on the player in the changing room, then confront them and subsequently proposition them (Promiscuity 1)

Provided the other requirements have been met, the player will receive the following message after having sex with Sydney:

  • He/She seems to be on the very edge of falling into sinful lust. "I... I can't take it anymore! We need to talk later, I want this belt off."

Upon hearing this, choosing to chat with Sydney the next time the option is available will begin the quest to remove their chastity belt.


Once Sydney has expressed their desire to have their chastity belt removed, chatting with them afterwards will lead to the following exchange.

You open your mouth to speak. Sydney cuts you off. "I want this belt off of me." He/She sounds determined, and his/her expression is serious.

"Are you sure? I'm glad you trust me, but this is serious."

He/She nods vigorously. "I've never been more sure of something." He/She begins to pace. "You know the temple's rules. They won't just let me get my belt removed, and... well, I've tried breaking it a few times of late. No luck. But there's... one way we can do it." His/Her sudden confident demeanor rapidly gives way to his/her usual apprehensiveness.

"Two initiates can... be... promised to each other, if... their love is found to be pure of heart and free of sin." His/Her face goes bright red. "It's not quite marriage, it's a step or two below that. While it doesn't protect the purity of the couple, it does exempt them from their chastity responsibilities, but only between each other." He/She seems to have trouble finding the rest of the words. "I... I want to be promised to you. I love you, and this is the best way I can show it, by letting you..." He/She looks away.

"I know this is a big step. I understand if it's too soon. The next time we're both at the temple, we can bring it up to brother/sister Jordan. That is, if you want to do this."

His/Her hands are shaking. He/She slowly sits back down, and attempts to return to work.

After hearing this, the player will now be able to ask about being promised when talking with Sydney at the temple. The player can only approach Sydney when they're praying - see their schedule for when they're available. Furthermore, the player must become an initiate at the temple. It is also essential that the player keeps Sydney's Purity from slipping if they wish to continue on this path; letting it slip below 50% will render this path inaccessible, until the player raises Sydney's Purity back up. Lastly, the ceremony can only be performed while Jordan is present at the Temple, meaning between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Provided all the requirements have been met, upon asking Sydney about being promised, they'll walk hand-in-hand to meet Jordan. Sydney makes their request, to which Jordan smiles. "I understand. You know the rules, Sydney. A union of two initiates will be permitted if, and only if, the love between the two is deemed to be absolutely pure of heart, and they undergo a rite of promise or marriage."

Sydney nods along. "Y-yes, we agree." He/She steps forward, and motions for you to do the same. "We'd like to be evaluated for the rite of promise." Jordan smiles once more as they lead the player and Sydney away from the main hall, into a secluded room.

Jordan's Evaluation

Before the temple can join two initiates, they must prove their devotion to each other by way of an evaluation. "The evaluation will focus on the aspects of your bond with each other, as well as your individual contributions to the order," Jordan explains as he/she shuts the door behind you.

Passing the evaluation requires that the player not only answer a number of questions related to their relationship with Sydney, but they must also display their own purity through a series of individual judgements.

The player is judged by an unseen score. They have little direct control over their score, save for how they answer certain questions. The player's score must exceed a certain point in order for them to pass, allowing them to become promised.

If the player's very first meeting with Sydney was during Sunday mass, they'll start with a bonus +10 to their starting score. Otherwise, they start at 0.

  1. The evaluation begins with Jordan judging the player's devotion to the temple - that is, their Grace.
    • If the player's Grace is incredibly high (bar almost completely full): "You're a credit to our faith, and every one of us could learn from you. I have faith that you will pass this evaluation already, but we must continue on." This adds 20 to the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player's Grace is average (bar roughly 3/4 full): "You've been an upstanding member of our faith. I trust your words." This adds 10 to the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player's Grace is low (bar roughly halfway full): "You've been a satisfactory member of our faith. I trust your dedication, but you must strive for improvement still." This adds 5 to the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player's Grace is incredibly low (bar below halfway full): "I question your true devotion," he/she says. "We know you can do better." This does not add nor detract from the player's evaluation score.
  2. Next, Jordan rings a bell, and a monk/nun enters the room to examine Sydney, to which they show no discomfort.
    • If Sydney's Purity is at 90% or higher: "You are as pure as the day you joined us, brother/sister Sydney. May you stay this way forevermore." This adds 10 to the player's evaluation score.
    • If Sydney's Purity is lower than 90%: "I sense your purity has begun to slip, brother/sister Sydney. Take care that your love for this initiate does not corrupt you." Though Sydney flinches at their words, this does not add nor detract from the player's evaluation score.
  3. The monk/nun then approaches the player, granting them the same scrutiny they gave Sydney.
    • If the player possesses the full Angel Transformation: "This one is... radiant. A true beacon of purity." He/She turns to Jordan. "I have faith that this one will take the vow seriously." This adds 20 to the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player's Purity is incredibly high (7/7 and nearly full): "Your dedication to purity is impressive." This adds 15 to the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player's Purity is high (6/7 - You don't feel entirely pure.): "Your dedication to purity is commendable." This adds 10 to the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player's Purity is low (2/7 - You feel defiled.): "Your dedication to purity is... sub-par. You should strive to improve yourself." This does not add nor detract from the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player's Purity is incredibly low (1/7 - You feel utterly defiled.): "A pity. Your purity has faded." He/She turns to Jordan. "This one should be made to atone before any such rite is permitted, but the say is not mine." This detracts 5 from the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player possesses the full Demon or Fallen Angel Transformations: "This one is... dirty. Tragic." This detracts 10 from the player's evaluation score.
      • If the player is a fallen angel and has requested forgiveness from Jordan (but has not yet completed the ritual), Jordan will instead speak on the player's behalf. "He/She has already confessed to me his/her soil, and seeks to improve him/herself. If anything, his/her willingness to admit his/her sin and desire to improve him/herself is something to admire." This adds 5 to the player's evaluation score.
  4. The monk/nun leaves the room. Jordan tells the player and Sydney that the next section of the examination requires them to be separated. They lead the player into an identical room, telling them to wait as they speak with Sydney. At this point, the player is prompted wait (0:15) or eavesdrop on Jordan and Sydney (a B+ or higher in Skulduggery will guarantee success).
    • If the player successfully eavesdrops, they'll hear Jordan asking Sydney a number of questions regarding their relationship with the player. This gives the player a preview of what to expect, as well as guidance on how to answer (they'll be expected to give the same responses as Sydney). They'll return to their seat before Jordan returns.
    • If unsuccessful, Jordan will return prematurely, having heard the player. "Forgive me, but I'll need to take measures to enforce the validity of the examination. Please place your arms on the table." The player does so, and their arms are bound in place as Jordan returns to Sydney. Note that failing detracts 10 from the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player waits, they'll simply stay put until Jordan returns.
  5. Eventually, Jordan returns. "Apologies for the wait. Please answer me honestly, no matter the question." They begin by asking the player how they and Sydney first met. The player will have up to three answers (at mass, at the school library, or when Sydney rescued you at school). The correct answer will vary depending on the character; if unsure about the answer, see Sydney's page.
    • If the player answers correctly, Jordan nods and writes something down. "Your memory serves well." This adds 10 to the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player answers incorrectly, Jordan frowns. "Sydney told me something different." This does not add nor detract from the player's evaluation score.
  6. Jordan takes a brief recess from the test to examine the player's ring finger - they'll need the player's ring size in the event that they pass. They also take the opportunity to warn the player about the gravity of their vows. "This bond does not protect your purity, hence the strict requirements. Such a privilege is reserved for marriage in our faith. Your chastity exams will be taken simultaneously, when possible. Should either one of you fail your chastity exam after your new vow, you will both be punished as one."
  7. After advising the player, Jordan's face becomes serious as they ask the player if they are certain that it is love, not lust, that compels them to become promised to Sydney. The player can answer yes or no, though neither answer has any effect on their evaluation score.
  8. If the player had previously punched Sydney at high Trauma, Jordan will mention Sydney coming to the temple with a bruised nose, asking if the player is responsible. The player can truthfully answer yes, or lie and say no. Neither answer has any effect on their evaluation score, but if the player is honest, Jordan will remark that Sydney lied on the player's behalf, telling them that the player did not hit them.
  9. If the player had convinced Sydney to changed their appearance in any way (whether it be their hair colour, hairstyle, or their glasses), Jordan will question the player, asking if they're responsible for the change.
    • If the player tells the truth and says yes, Jordan will smile and reassure them, stating they wanted to make sure the player was capable of telling the truth. This does not add nor detract from the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player lies and says no (+ Stress), Jordan will frown and state that Sydney claimed otherwise. This detracts 10 from the player's evaluation score.
  10. Lastly, Jordan asks the player if they've had any sexual contact with Sydney.
    • If the player truthfully tells them yes (+ + Stress), Jordan commends the player's honesty. This adds 10 to the player's evaluation score.
    • If the player lies and says no, Jordan will express disappointment that either the player or Sydney has lied. This detracts 10 from the player's evaluation score.

After the final question, Jordan steps away from the player as they deliver their final evaluation.

  • If the player's evaluation score is at least 60, Jordan will happily congratulate the player upon passing. The ceremony proceeds unabated.
  • If the player's evaluation score is between 40 and 60, Jordan praises the player's devotion but expresses doubt nonetheless. They ask to examine the player. This essentially serves as an off-schedule chastity exam, with the same options and the same punishment should the player be deemed impure. If the player's chastity is found to be intact, they'll proceed with the ceremony as usual; otherwise, they'll have failed the examination and won't be able to attempt it again for another month.
  • If the player's evaluation score is lower than 40, they'll have failed the evaluation. They lead the player back to a tearful Sydney, though not before informing them that they will be allowed to take this test again in one month's time.

Forever, As One

Upon passing their examination, the player is led back into the room where Sydney excitedly awaits. Jordan confirms that they've passed their exam. "Your union will be permitted, with the full support of myself and every other member of the order. The bishop will be informed at once, and your rings are already being prepared."

Sydney leaps into the player's arms, sobbing, and the player finds their own eyes beginning to water (- - - Trauma). Jordan then states that they will begin preparing the ritual, and instructs the player and Sydney to undress, to which they hesitantly do so (+ Lust). Afterwards, Jordan produces a bladed instrument and removes Sydney's chastity belt, and the player's if they have one, provided it came from the temple.

Sydney gasps at their newfound freedom, and the player notes that they can already see the signs of Sydney's arousal (+ Arousal). With Sydney's chastity belt removed, a group of monks/nuns enters the room, brandishing cushions, blankets, candles, and jars of grey powder. They place their offerings on the table, and Jordan instructs the Sydney and the player to lie down.

Sydney climbs atop the player, taking their hand in their own (and their handholding virginity, if present). Jordan takes a pair of ivory restraints from underneath the table, binding the player and Sydney's hands as they begin to recite a prayer, the other monks/nuns echoing their words.

"As those wish to be bound, so do we bind them. Here they lie, as two, as one. May this pardon, this promise, this vow hold fast, forever, as one."

One of the monks/nuns holds a candle above Sydney. "Should your love be pure, you will feel no pain." Sydney tenses and presses their bare body against the player's (+ Arousal). The wax begins to melt onto Sydney's back, but they look relieved rather than pained. It soon begins to drip onto the player, yet they feel no pain.

"The ritual is done," Jordan says, "but there's just one final step. We must prepare you for your new chastity exams." The monks/nuns holding the jars of powder approach the player and Sydney, rubbing it onto their genitals, then scraping it away and adding it to the the jar of melted wax. "This powder will be used in your exams from now on," Jordan explains. They then produce a pair of rings, which are placed onto the player and Sydney. The player and Sydney's clothes are folded, as Jordan congratulates them one last time. "We will give you two some... privacy, and clean up when you're done. The cushions and blankets will be burned to remove any impurities from this site. What you do now, the order will be blinded to." Jordan gives you both a gentle smile, and begins to leave with the other monks/nuns. "I hope you both find happiness in this decision."

They leave, and Sydney turns to the player expectantly. "S...so, now we can just...?"

  • Defiant: "About time. Ready?" you ask.
  • Neutral: "I think so. Are you ready?" you ask.
  • Submissive: "I... I think so. Are you ready?" you ask quiety.

Sydney smiles at the player, grabs them and kisses them as they fall back onto the altar, leading to consensual sex, after which they return to the main hall of the temple, hand-in-hand.

Promised to Sydney

With this, the player gains the Rite of Promise: Sydney trait. "You've been bound to another initiate. Sex with this person will not break your vows."

This functions similarly to the regular Chastity Vow trait; any act that would take the player's penile/vaginal virginity will break the player's promise, unless it's done with Sydney themselves. Oral sex, anal sex (provided the player is on the receiving end), tribadism, etc. is still allowed with other people, as is any other kind of sex that would not result in the player losing their penile/vaginal virginity.

As of, the Rite of Promise will protect the player's angel transformation. Having sex with anyone other than Sydney will not. On the same token, the implementation is slightly bugged. The player will still lose 60 Purity from losing their virginity to Sydney. While the player is still missing these points, Angel points will slowly bleed away from the player, potentially leading them to lose the Angel transformation anyway. If the player gets back to 1000 Purity, then they can keep the transformation as usual. Otherwise they will lose it until they can get back to full Purity. It is advised to build up a store of extra points that the player can lose without losing Angel (at least 12 points since it takes 12 days in the Nun Habit, Nun Veil, and Holy Pendant to regain the lost Purity without the Daily Purity feat booster)

Broken Promise

Should the player fail to uphold their vows to Sydney, regardless of whether or not they did so consensually, their Rite of Promise trait will be replaced with Broken Promise: Sydney - The temple will know.

Upon their next chastity exam, should the temple find that the player's promise has been broken, they'll be subjected to a shared punishment alongside Sydney. This will occur even if Sydney is not at the temple at the time of the player's chastity exam, as they'll be summoned in order to be purified.


  • The Rite of Promise: Sydney trait
  • The removal of Sydney's chastity belt


  • Both paths involve Sydney wanting to remove the belt "one way or another." However, the event that achieves this differs depending on the path.
  • After completing this path fully, it is possible to then corrupt Sydney should the player wish to do so. If the player does choose this option, the prayer room sequence in the Rite of Defilement path will be locked out. This is due to the Rite of Promise path having it's own unique scene in return - case in point, the holy ritual sequence - the Rite of Defilement path's unique scene is the prayer room.

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