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River the maths teacher is the second of five teachers within Degrees of Lewdity. Their job role serves as the player's maths teacher, as the job title suggests. They mainly teach at the local Oxford Street School, but they also lead a double-life as the leader at the Soup Kitchen on Wolf Street.


River's description varies slightly on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will be described as having brown hair, flecked with grey. They have piercing blue eyes that scrutinize their surroundings. It's stated that students tend to be well-behaved in their class.

  • If male: His short brown hair is flecked with grey and his piercing blue eyes scrutinize his surroundings.
  • If female: Her long brown hair is flecked with grey and her piercing blue eyes scrutinize her surroundings.

First Meeting

River has two potential ways of first encountering them. The first and normal method is to enter their maths class. Doing so leads into the various maths events that trigger.

The other way to meet them is via the Soup Kitchen. The player will approach the far end of the kitchen, and spot a man/woman in a hair net spooning soup into bowls. This turns out to be River, with several monks/nuns assisting them. If the player has not encountered River prior to this, the description of River will play.

River will "pierce" the player with their blue eyes. They say they did not expect to see the player here, and to not cause any trouble. The player tells them they heard River needed help. In response, River regards them for a moment before returning their attention back to the soup. River suggests the player should start cutting vegetables if they wish to make themselves useful.


River works at the School, located on Oxford Street. Maths class is the second class of the day, starting at 10AM.

When not working as a teacher, they can be found managing the local Soup Kitchen between 6PM to 9PM.


River's relationship with the player will generally be friendly, unless the player acts as a school delinquent - lowering all teachers' opinion of them, including River's. This is exemplified when the player is doing things that go against the school's rules, such as wearing fashionable clothing or masturbating in class. However, River will appreciate volunteer work at the Soup Kitchen, nonetheless.

Like all other teachers, River will disapprove of the player being late to class, swiftly giving them detention.

Note that it is currently impossible to initiate a lewd encounter with River.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of River's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As one of two locations River can be found at, River will make many appearances within their own maths classroom at the school. They will serve as the player's maths teacher while attending there, remaining forefront and center in the role. Interactions with them will tend to involve teacher-student interactions, such as helping the player study better and making sure the player is behaving in class.

However, they also make more prominent appearances outside their classroom, which involves their role as the manager of the soup kitchen. While the player is here, they expect (and want) the player to work as a volunteer at the kitchen. Interactions there will involve work-related interactions, while the player works as a volunteer. They will serve as the player's manager while working there, remaining in the background usually.

Maths Class

While teaching their class, River will make many appearances in their classroom.

  • If they catch the player masturbating during class, River will faint, leaving the player to do whatever they want with the rest of the class - their idea is to initiate a gang-bang with their peers.
  • River introduces the maths competition to the player. Three to four weeks into the school term, River will inform the class of the annual maths competition. To learn more about this school project, see here: Maths Competition
    • River will later make an appearance when the competition is held, similarly to Sirris and the Science Fair.
  • River may try to yank off what is currently on the player's head, calling it a "silly headband". In reality, this means the player's transformations - more specificially, their wolf and cat ears.
    • If River tries to yank off the "headband" a second time, the player can choose to bite River. This only becomes an option if the player possesses the "Fangs" stage 2 transformation trait.
  • Should the player be wearing clothing marked as "Fashionable", River will comment on this. They may ask the player to take off their shades if they are caught wearing them, and if the player has high enough Delinquency they can choose to flip off River.

Soup Kitchen

While working at the soup kitchen, River serves as the head volunteer there.

  • River may ask the player to take a batch of freshly baked bread from the oven.
  • They handle a heated argument at the far end of the hall, leaving the player to handle the soup. Once they return, River will be pleased the player was able to handle things.
  • River will call a monk/nun clumsy when they spill soup down their habit. They tell the player to get them a spare set of clothes from the Temple. The monk/nun returns, with River chastises them for taking their sweet time.
  • If the player is groped, and they choose to either walk away or angry, River looks at the still-dirty floor the player gave up on. They shake their head at the player. If the player gets angry, they attract River's attention, whom glares at the player as the man/woman clutches their face.
  • At some point, River may ask the player to bring more vegetables in from a van outside. It turns out that thugs are harassing someone else. This has various outcomes.
    • If the player intervenes and manages to successfully fight off the thugs, River will examine the player's disheveled state. Without a word, they leave through the door the player entered. The player hears shouting, with River returning a moment later. River says it was brave/foolish of the player to act, smiling all the while but it's noted that their shirt is torn.
    • If the player is too hurt to continue and/or screams, River will intervene by smashing a rolling pin into a thug's head. River steps over the player, blue eyes boring a hole into the pair of thugs. Once the thugs are driven off, River will help the player rise to their feet again.
    • Telling River will cause them to take action, tensing before walking outside. A few moments later a man/woman staggers through the door, looking disheveled and alarmed. River returns after a minute with visible injuries - their hat net is gone, their shirt torn. Blood trickles down their temple. River washes their face before thanking the player for telling them, saying some people have no decency.


  • River is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • River is one of few NPCs that works multiple jobs, other examples including Winter.
  • They are among the more squeamish of the characters when it comes to sex, evident through them fainting during Maths class after they discover the player masturbating.
  • They are one of few NPCs who has scenes which change depending on the player's transformations, other examples including Eden and Robin.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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