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Robin the Orphan
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Robin is one of the orphans living under Bailey's care. They can be met in the Main Hall of the Orphanage on the second day. Robin is an avid gamer, enjoys tree climbing, and acts somewhat akin to a sibling.

They serve as a potential Love Interest of the player. Given the fact that they live in the same place as the player, interacting with and romancing Robin are fairly easy things to do. Even with minimum Love, Robin will still be friendly towards the player and will "look up" to them.


Due to their status as a love interest, Robin's appearance will be mostly left up to player interpretation. Unlike other love interests or any other Named NPCs however, Robin seems to have no set description of their own, regardless of their sex. This was done intentionally.

They are noted to be about the same age as the player.

First Meeting

Currently, there are four different locations where the player can meet Robin.

At Home

Robin will approach the player at 7AM within the main hall of the Orphanage, from the second day of the game onwards.

The player will hear a voice shout behind them, in their direction. This turns out to be Robin, greeting them with a "Hey!"

Robin is noted to be another resident here at the orphanage. They have always looked up to the player, despite being about the same age. The orphan then runs toward the player, but fails to slow down in time, colliding with the player and almost falling over. The player holds their arm to steady, they reply with a "Thanks," they will be grateful to have still met the player.

Robin will remark that the player can visit them anytime in their room and mention that they have something they want to show the player. This will turn out to be a videogame console, which is a very consistent and accessible way for the player to lower Trauma and Stress.

Note that the player can skip this encounter by coming home at a late hour or simply avoiding the Orphanage altogether, though they can still trigger it on subsequent days.

School Canteen

If the player hasn't met Robin elsewhere, they'll run into the player in the School's canteen during lunch (12:00 PM - 1:00 PM). They notice the player and run towards them with enough speed to knock right into them, almost spilling their lunch in the process.

They tell the player to visit them in their room and that they have something to show the player, then gives the player a hug before running off to find a seat.

At the Stand

If the player visits Robin while they're at their Lemonade Stand on the Beach (or their Hot Chocolate Stand in the Park, if they manage to avoid Robin all the way to winter), they can have their first meeting with Robin at their workplace.

If the player meets Robin at their stand on the first day of the game, they'll mention that the got up early, explaining why they didn't greet the player as usual. Otherwise, they'll note that they hadn't seen the player in a while.

In either case, they tell the player they have to get back to their customers, telling them to visit them whenever they'd like, and that they have a surprise in their room.

Shopping Centre

In a particularly remote encounter, if the player goes to the Shopping Centre between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM, only on the first day of the game, they'll run into Robin, stuffing a box into an oversized bag. They tell the player not to peek, hoping to surprise them at home (the surprise is later revealed to be Robin's console). They tell the player to visit them before giving them a hug and leaving.


Robin can be interacted with both at school (on weekdays, whenever school is in session), in their stand (during the weekends) and in the Orphanage (all week), in addition to a number of activities the player can engage with in the company of Robin. Their schedule is consistent, but it might deviate by thirty minutes to two in-game hours depending on when the player interacts with them. Robin will refuse to do some activities if there isn't enough time before school or work. Robin has a chance to be in the bathroom. If they are, there will be a note on there door saying, "Bathing". You can go to the bathroom and the player can join them. (If LI) If the player is in the bathroom at the time and Robin is a love interest, Robin will come in and ask to join the player.

If Robin is not in their room, they will always leave a note on their door to inform the player of their whereabouts.

Weekday Timetable:

  • 7AM-8AM: Robin will wake up at 7AM and remain in their room until 8AM, when they will walk to school. They will invite the player to accompany them, taking 20 minutes. Robin will then not be accessible until lunch break.
  • 12PM-1PM: During lunch break, Robin can be found eating their lunch in the school canteen. The player will have the option to eat lunch together. Choosing to do so will lower stress and trauma, while taking twenty minutes of the player's in-game time. After that, Robin will head straight to their respective classroom mentioning they "don't like being late" and hug the player. If the player goes to the history classroom after eating with Robin, they'll find them waiting for class to start.
  • 1PM-2PM: At history class.
  • 3PM-5PM: After school has ended, Robin can be found window shopping outside the school. Should the player approach, Robin will invite them to walk back home together. Doing this will lower stress and trauma.
  • 3:20PM-9PM: After Robin has walked back home either by themselves or with the player, they will remain in their room. The player can talk, play videogames with them, or invite them on an activity together. Robin will remain available until their bedtime at 9PM, at which they will notice the clock and say goodnight to the player.
  • 9PM-6:59AM: Robin will be sleeping in their room. Should the player approach the door, they will find a written note that simply says "Sleeping!"
  • 9PM+ (LI): Only accessible if Robin is a love interest, and high Lust. Robin may ask if the player would like to stay in their room, if the player agrees, they will cover up in bed. The player hears Robin undressing, leading to a consensual sexual encounter afterwards.
  • 9PM-6:59AM (LI): Only accessible if Robin is a love interest, and high Lust. Robin may sneak into the player's bedroom when they are sleeping, returning to their bedroom as soon as they wake up to let the player get dressed.

Weekend Timetable:

  • 7AM-9AM: Robin will wake up at 7AM and remain in their room until 9, which is when Robin will go to the beach and set up their lemonade stand (or to the Park set up their hot chocolate stand, if is winter). They will ask the player to help them setting up the stand.
  • 9AM-4PM: Robin will be selling lemonade/hot chocolate. The player has the option to help out with the business. Doing so triggers different events, some of which can increase Promiscuity, Seduction, Skulduggery or Business Fame.
  • 4PM+: Robin will pack up their lemonade/hot chocolate stand and head back home. If the player was helping Robin just before 4PM, they will ask the player to help them carry the stand back home.
  • 4PM-9PM: After Robin has walked back home either by themselves or with the player, they will remain in their room. The player can talk, play videogames with Robin, or invite them on an activity together. Robin will remain available until their bedtime at 10PM, when they will say goodnight to the player as usual.
  • 9PM+ (LI): Only accessible if Robin is a love interest, and high Lust. Robin may ask if the player would like to stay in their room, in which should the player agree they will cover up in bed. The player hears Robin undressing, leading to a consensual sexual encounter not too long afterwards.
  • 9PM-6:59AM: Robin will be sleeping in their room. Should the player approach the door, they will find a written note that simply says "Sleeping!"
  • 9PM-6:59AM (LI): Only accessible if Robin is a love interest, and high Lust. Robin may sneak into the player's bedroom when they are sleeping, returning to their bedroom as soon as they wake up to let the player get dressed.

When Robin is in their room, the player can invite them on two activities outside: to have a picnic in the Forest (30 minutes) or go to the Cinema (£15 and 2 hours). These are not mutually exclusive, as the player can only partake in one activity per day. The picnic is notable for giving a huge drop in Trauma and Stress with the chance of a small Promiscuity raising event.

If Robin is not in their room, and the note on the door says "Sleeping!" the player has the option to wait for Robin, this option will skip the in-game time straight to morning (6AM) if the player chooses this option before midnight, otherwise choosing it again will skip to 7AM, around the time Robin wakes up.

Friendship with Robin is one of the most consistent and easiest ways to lower Stress and Trauma, because they rarely deviate from their day plan. Their weekend events are very useful for leveling up the aforementioned three skills if the player has nothing else to do. Robin can also give the player money (albeit infrequently should the player be in dire need of it).


Building a relationship with Robin is fairly easy; almost all of the player's interactions with Robin will help build their Love stat higher. There are some options that only unlock with high enough Trauma, to lower Stress/Trauma considerably faster than normal at the cost of the player's friendship with Robin. Negative hits to Robin's love stat aren't permanent and can be easily recovered.

In general, choosing to hang out with Robin such as playing/watching them play video games will do the trick. These small events are repeatable and frequent for as long as Robin is available to be interacted with in their room. Note that all options that increase love are marked with +Love.

Robin's Opinion of the Player

Lower items have priority.

  • Low Confidence: Robin looks up to you. (Default)
  • Mid Confidence: Robin thinks you're their best friend.
  • Very High Confidence: Robin feels protective of you.
  • Mid Trauma: Robin is troubled.
  • High Trauma: Robin is in pain.
  • Very High Trauma: Robin is traumatised.

If dating the player:

  • Low/Mid Confidence: Robin loves you.
  • High/Very High Confidence: Robin cherishes you.
  • Very High Trauma: Robin is nothing without you.
  • Very High Trauma, High Lust: Robin is lost in need for you.

If hurt by the player:

  • Almost ready to forgive: Robin feels conflicted.
  • After betrayal: Robin feels betrayed.

Confidence, Love and Lust

As one of several love interests, Robin has three primary stats. Love and Lust are two stats that all love interests share, with Robin possessing a unique stat dedicated to them: "Confidence."

  • Raising Love requires the player to spend time with Robin, spending time with them consistently. Higher Love will unlock more events, further improving the player's friendship with Robin. It may also change up several existing encounters.
  • Lust seems to only open up once Robin is a love interest. This makes Robin want to spend more time with the player, instead of the other way around. They will sneak into the player's bedroom and sleep next to them, or maybe have lewd intentions while watching a film in the cinema, or even afterwards. It is increased through certain needs, mostly without sexual encounters with Robin (actions that build up sexual tension without a way to release it).
    • Pleasing Robin sexually lowers Lust, as with all other love interests.
    • A higher level of Lust makes Robin more lustful towards the player, opening up more events.
  • Confidence is raised by having Robin take the lead in the relationship, instead of it naturally being the player. This is done through ways such as letting Robin do what they wish, such as stroking the player's head. It is lowered by having the player take the initiative instead. Higher Confidence will change up existing events.

Robin is a naturally shy and timid person, and as such will tend to let the player take initiative in the relationship. When confronted by others in the town, Robin will generally look to the player's advice or actions on how to deal with the situation, this is because they are afraid of confrontation, and will withdraw into a mental shell. Any strong non-sexual act towards Robin has them go along with it, albeit reluctantly.

During this state, Robin seems to act as an unwilling push-over, letting others walk over them such as Whitney. As soon as they are alone with the player again, they will be glad the situation is over, returning to their normal behavior once more.

However, this can all be changed by letting Robin gain confidence in themselves, with a high amount of confidence, Robin will begin taking the initiative. They will stand up to those who wish to have their way with the player, protecting them from threats such as Avery, and going as far as to attack them physically during certain situations. In addition, they may claim the player to be theirs, acting possessive and much more protective over the player. They will openly refuse potential threesomes and/or other cases of potentially sharing the player when the opportunity is brought up, firmly shaking their head in response - the player is theirs, and theirs alone.

Robin having high Confidence is not necessarily a good or a bad thing respectively, but more rather what the player wants from Robin. There are no downsides to a low or high Confidence, and unlike other love interests, a high number in the unique stat (Confidence) will not have them do anything harmful to the player. All in all, it depends if the player wants them to take the lead in the relationship, or not.

Dating Robin

Given enough time, the player's relationship with Robin will blossom into a romantic one. While Robin has always looked up to the player, it seems as if romantic feelings towards them were recently developed.

There are crucial steps on making this happen, see more information below.

More options and events will open up to the player at the Cinema and/or Forest if they are romanced with Robin. For example, for the former, the player has a good chance of getting a lewd event with Robin should they have a high Lust stat when watching a romance movie, or for the latter a picnic scene.

However dating Robin is not without its dangers, if the player lives at the Orphanage, has taken on Robins payments and refuses to pay Bailey, after so many refusals, if the player submits or maxes out pain while fighting then Robin can and will be sold alongside the player

Robin's Quest

In order to date Robin, the player must obtain their unique character trait and complete their personal quest, found here: Robin's Quest

Robin's Woes (part 1)

At max Love, a troubled (and worried) Robin will enter the player's room at night, and open up to the player about their situation. They are in much the same situation to that of the player, being extorted of their money to an increasingly greedy Bailey under threat of punishment should payment not be made. Each subsequent payment demanded from Bailey is increasing higher and higher, and Robin cannot keep up.

This is a way of temporarily dismissing Robin in the vein of Whitney or Kylar, should they not wish to deal with them anymore. However, Robin may eventually come back, but not without trauma inflicted onto them. While they are away from their room, this leaves it empty - essentially removing Robin from any possible interactions.

For more information, visit the "Robin's Quest" page linked above.

Robin's Money Troubles (part 2)

It should be noted that Robin has a secret cash amount tracker, although this is not explicitly shown in-game. However, the variable will be accounted for each time in the background the player asks them for money. Should they run out, Robin will be unable to give the player money - but may also state they need a bit for themselves.

Robin's cash value will reduce due to the payments they have to pay for Bailey. If the player asks for money, Robin will agree to this and hand it over to the player. This subtracts from their cash amount tracker. They will remain too shy to ask for the player's money, but nonetheless will give the player money themselves regardless. When asking for money, the player can ask nicely, or even demand it from Robin. Proceeding with the latter has Robin upset.

To contribute to the variable, helping Robin at their lemonade stand will help make them more money, adding towards their cash amount. However, their cash amount is increased naturally - albeit slowly - regardless of whether or not the player helps them out at the lemonade stand.

Should Robin be struggling with money and Bailey's demands, in a desperate attempt they will sell their console. This has the player lose several small events that serve as a good negative stat mitigator. When the player enters their room, Robin will be sitting in silence, in which they can be chatted with until they go to bed. Eventually, Robin will be punished, and the events during their personal quest will begin. Essentially the player can indirectly get Robin punished quicker if they keep asking and/or demanding for money.

If a new console is obtained afterwards, Robin will have it for a short span of time, until they feel the need to sell it once again in desperation of making money needed to pay Bailey. Robin continuing to be unable to pay Bailey will once again result in them being punished, and sent away. These events will be repeated until the player takes on their debt. This is due to the fact that they have no choice - they have become desperate for money, and it appears that their lemonade stand does not make enough to meet Bailey's demands. Robin will only do this once they have run out of money.

The player is able to buy Robin a console themselves should they not have one already, for a decent sum of £400. Doing so will make Robin extremely happy, and have the small events related to video games return once more.

Becoming a Love Interest (part 3)

After the player storms the office and asks to pay for Robin, Bailey will reluctantly agree to their terms. However, this comes at an added expense - the player must pay double of what would be the usual payment, as this now includes Robin's payment. It may lead to the player paying up to a total of £4000 per week for them and Robin, in which Robin would have been paying the same amount as the player - £2000.

Robin will learn of the player's deed, and leave them a heartfelt confession note. This has four requirements, otherwise this event will not trigger:

  • The Love stat must be at least 60%.
  • The Lust stat must be at least 10%.
  • The player must have taken on Robin's debt.
  • Robin’s Trauma stat must be less than 10%

Once the player has read the note fully, return to Robin to reciperate their feelings, by kissing them.

Sex with Robin

Unlocking Robin as a love interest allows the player to have sex with them, if their Lust stat is high enough. They will have sex with the player in their own room at night should the player choose to stay with Robin after they say goodnight. This is always guaranteed to happen if the player chooses the option, and is a surefire way of having sex with Robin.

Alternatively, a lustful Robin may also do it with the player in places like the cinema and park, should they feel aroused - and when they think no one is around to see their deeds.

It is also possible to have sex with Robin during school, if their lust is high enough.

Robin has unique dialogue if the player gives them one of their virginities. They will also comment on the player losing their oral and anal virginities, in addition to the usual penile/vaginal virginity loss as other NPCs comment on.

  • Penile/vaginal: He/She gasps. "You saved yourself for me. I don't deserve something so special. Thank you." Tears roll down his/her cheeks.
  • Anal: He/She gasps. "This is so naughty!"
  • Oral: He/She gasps. "You're making me feel funny down there."

Sexual Encounters

To condense the three parts into a much more simplified version, here is a quick summary of what the player needs to do to start having sex with Robin:

  1. Take on their debt. Have Robin approach the player at night about it, then go to Bailey the following morning.
  2. Read the confession note left at the player's bedroom by Robin.
  3. Enter Robin's room, and choose the option referring to the note (Kiss).

If the player has done all steps above, to start a sexual encounter with Robin, simply remain in Robin's room until it's time for them to go to bed, or head back to the player's own bedroom and sleep. Robin will often sneak under the covers, in which kissing them will lead into a sexual encounter.

If there is no note left by Robin, this is because they may be currently unavailable - and must be rescued from the docks - and/or has Trauma from said event. If this still occurs without Robin having trauma, then the player must simply wait; the note should appear almost instantly after the player takes on the debt. To reduce this, simply keep talking to them in their room to lower the stat quicker. Note that doing transformation-specific options (such as singing via the Harpy Transformation) may not reduce Robin's trauma. (but it will still reduce the player's)


Robin has always seemed to have looked up to the player, and their interactions with the player exemplify this. Regardless of the player's relationship with them, they will always intentionally act friendly towards the player, serving as their faithful friend regardless of how the player feels about Robin themselves.

Additionally, their role as the player's friend and fellow orphan/student allows them to have a wide range of interactions with other notable students and teachers, which will be detailed below.

As time goes on, the player's relationship with Robin may change into that of a romantic one, allowing the player to partake in unique events with them.

For more information on Robin's various interactions and events, see Robin's Events.

Other pages detailing certain interactions with Robin:


  • Contrary to popular belief, Robin did not exist since the game's launch. They were added in Version 0.1.11, which can be found on the Blogspot here.
    • The option to choose Robin as a love interest was added in Version 0.2.13, along with the other love interests. They were not initially thought as a "love interest" prior to that however, merely a major NPC whom's relationship with the player can be advanced much further in comparison to other Named NPCs.
  • Robin is confirmed by Vrelnir to be a virgin. According to the developers, they are said to be "flogged" and molested during the docks encounter, but their virginity is kept intact - until the player takes it, that is.
    • This means that no penetration/envelopment was involved while Robin was captured, only brutality and molestation.
    • This makes them one of few NPCs confirmed to be a virgin, with the others being Kylar, Sydney, the Great Hawk and Jordan.
  • They are one of four love interests to have a unique character trait tied to them, with the others being Eden, the Great Hawk and the Black Wolf.
  • Robin is one of two love interests the player can go on official dates with, with the other one being Avery.
  • Robin only makes up to a total of £300 on a weekly basis, evident by the amount of money they give the player if the player is paying for them. This is minuscule compared to the potential amount of cash the player can earn within that same period of time. When the player reaches the maximum limit (£2000), the player learns that Robin also has to pay £2000 - a total of £4000 every week. This means that they do not make anywhere near enough to pay Bailey, through normal means - and the player must intervene.
  • Unlike many other NPCs within the game, Robin is one of few named NPCs to know of the player's true identity before the game begins, with the other person being Bailey. A hidden variable such as $genderknown is set to these two named NPCs.
    • However, nonetheless Robin will still call the player by their perceived gender appearance, presumably out of respect towards the player.
  • Originally, Robin's unique stat was named "NPC Dominance". This encompassed both Whitney and Robin. This was changed in Version 0.2.7 to "Robin's Confidence" to be more suitable to Robin's character.
  • A misconception is that Robin is described to have small hands during after-sex flavour text. While this is the case, this detail is not specific to Robin and also occurs with Kylar.
  • It is implied during certain scenes that Robin has had a crush on the player since even before the game began. This is indicated when the player saves them from school bullies, or after watching the romance film in the cinema and proceeding to quote the lead role's lines to each other - the latter having Robin blush and look away from the player.
    • Additionally, in the initial first meeting, it is stated that Robin has always looked up to the player. It becomes clear that Robin sees the player as inspiring.
    • It is unconfirmed whether or not the player feels a similar way about Robin before the start of the game as well, although their face will "flush" after Robin calls them their "hero" for rescuing them from the bully, regardless of whether or not the player has unlocked them as a love interest.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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