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Robin the Orphan
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Robin's Quest, also known as several other names like the "docks event" or "Robin rescue" (to name a few examples) by the community, is an unlockable quest within Degrees of Lewdity - once the player maximises Robin's Love stat. It will require many weeks to pass from start to finish with a few potentially non-repeatable events.

As other personal quests, the outcome of this quest is determinant on player choice. Robin's well-being and mental-state will also be at risk.

Robin will confide in the player about their money problems, particularly as it pertains to Bailey's weekly payments. The player will have the option of taking Robin's debt on themselves or not. If not, the player's choice will have significant consequences for Robin otherwise.


A troubled Robin is worried about their situation. They are in much the same situation to that of the player, being extorted of their money to an increasingly greedy Bailey under threat of punishment should payment not be made. Each subsequent payment demanded from Bailey is increasing higher and higher, and Robin cannot keep up.

What can the player do in their time of need?


Unlocking this quest requires the player to interact frequently with Robin and earn 100% Love. Robin's Love increases whenever the player partakes in almost any activity with them. (Read Robin's page for a more detailed description of possible interactions). Filling Robin's love can take some time.

After this has been done, Robin will approach the player and automatically unlock this quest.


One night, a troubled Robin will sneak into the player's room and confide in them. They explain their situation, as stated in the description above. Robin will not be expecting the player to do something for them, but the player can nonetheless choose to either assist them or not.

Approaching Bailey will give players the option of taking on Robin's debt on themselves. (Note that Bailey can only be spoken to when they are in their office, available only from 7 to 9AM). The player may also choose not to approach Bailey, which will eventually result in a negative outcome for Robin.

Talking to Bailey

Going to Bailey and asking them to charge the player for Robin's debt will double the payment Bailey demands from the player. This will eventually cap at £4000. Bailey will not care who gives them the money as long as they receive it on time. Robin will be extremely grateful to the player. After some more time has passed, Robin will leave a note confessing their love for the player. The player can choose to reciprocate Robin's affections, unlocking more events and activities exclusive to Robin as a romantic partner. The player can also choose not to correspond Robin, which won't have negative consequences. The player and Robin can still remain friends.

Helping Robin will result in the player earning the trait Robin's Protector, which increases daily Trauma decay[1], in addition to the doubled debt from Bailey. Paying up to £4000 every week is not impossible by any means, but it could be unsustainable for players who work only at the coffee shop or the docks.

Ignoring Bailey

Should the player not talk to Bailey, a week or more will pass until Robin ends up broke and unable to pay Bailey, at which point they will pawn their gaming system for cash. When the player goes to their room and notices that the games console is gone, Robin will not admit that they sold it out of desperation, instead claiming that they "got bored of it". This will bereave the player from playing videogames with Robin, one of the most accessible ways to lower stress and trauma. Players can still interact with Robin, like walking to School with them, or going for picnic/movie, but activities related to the game console will be gone.

Roughly a week later, Robin will go missing from the Orphanage. No note will be left behind and their room will be empty. Robin will not show up at the Beach to sell lemonade (or in the Park to sell hot chocolate, if is winter) on weekends, nor will they attend school. Essentially, they will disappear from the player's life - but they return a week or so later after their initial disappearance, in their traumatised phase.

Robin at the Docks

If Robin disappears the first time, the player will get a clue from another orphan of their whereabouts, claiming that they believe Bailey took Robin to the Docks in Mer Street.

Upon searching the Docks, players will find that Bailey sold Robin to some rather unsavory characters. Robin will be strapped naked to a table on board a yacht, severely bruised and battered. Three people will be arguing between themselves that their "toy got broken", blaming one of them for having gone "mental with the whip". Robin is at this point severely traumatized and unresponsive.

The player approaches demanding the group to let Robin go, but this will elicit no response other than laughter. The three will then taunt the player and say that they'll only let Robin go if the player takes their place. Players will then receive four options:

  • Ask the dockers for help (Requires high dock status)
  • Take Robin's place
  • Fight
  • Leave

Choosing to fight will trigger a combat encounter. Fighting off the three will be extremely difficult even for players with good combat abilities and masochism. It is recommended to carry at least two pepper spray charges to ensure success. If successful, Bailey will come and rescue Robin and the player from further aggression. If the player loses combat or chooses to take Robin's place, the three people will untie Robin and then bind the player instead, dumping them on the ocean. This will then trigger a whale vore encounter. Whales can be very difficult to escape from if the player has a weak body.

Alternatively, if the player's dock status is high, they could ask some familiar faces from the dockers to help them. The player will tell give them a rundown of the situation with Robin and Bailey and when the player gets back on the yacht, they will reappear as masked people covered in loose raincoats and makeshift ballies on their faces. They will begin thrashing on the yacht which will give the player distraction in order to grab Robin and run or if the player is defiant, help them thrash the crewmates as revenge before grabbing Robin, who doesn't understand what is going on.

Regardless of the combat encounter's outcome; the next time players return home and it is past 5:00PM, they will have the option to visit a very disassociated and traumatized Robin. They will be unresponsive and dull at first, but they will end up breaking in tears in the player's arms. Talking to them is necessary to reduce Robin's trauma stat, to the cost of player stress. Players will then be able to take Robin to the Hospital to have a doctor heal Robin's heavily wounded body.

Robin's Hospital Visit

The player may tell Robin that they need to see a doctor, but they will be unwilling. They will never go to the hospital of their own volition, only complying if the player pressures them to go and tags along. Going to the Hospital will take an hour of in-game time.

Upon arrival, a troubled doctor will receive Robin. They will request Robin to take their clothes off in order to see the full extent of their injuries. The player will then stand up to leave, but Robin will grab their arm and ask them to stay, as they feel safer in the company of the player. The player will stay, but will be given the option to:

  • Look away
  • Watch (Lust+, Promiscuity 1)

Choosing to watch will offer a description of Robin as they strip. They will pull down their briefs or panties, revealing bruised and swollen genitalia. Robin will be looking straight at the player and ask them if they are attractive.

The doctor will complete their assessment of Robin and conclude that they will need bandaging and painkillers. Robin will be feeling better by the end of the doctor's visit. After returning to the Orphanage, Robin will be tearful but thank the player for doing this for them.

The game implies that if the player doesn't talk to Bailey about Robin's debt, Bailey will punish Robin again.

The player can still choose to talk to Bailey and take on Robin's debt after all this has happened.


  • Robin can now be claimed as a potential love interest.
  • The player earns the Robin's Protector trait: "Robin is dependent on you. You need to be strong. Increases daily trauma decay."
  • (If the player refuses/ cannot help) Robin entering their "Trauma" character progression phase. Behaviour will change drastically.


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