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Sabotaging Remy - also known by other names such as "Estate Sabotage", "Wren's Sabotage", "Farm Counter-Attack", "Sabotaging Remy's Operations", or "Remy Sabotage" - is a quest accessible via Alex's Farm.


The farm's newfound prosperity attracts the attention of Remy, whose offer to buy out the land is refused by Alex. Not one to allow competition, Remy takes to interfering with their rival's work in an attempt to force them out of business. The player's only choice is to take the fight to Remy and use their own underhanded tactics against them.


The quest won't be accessible until player clears the second field of Alex's farm. After witnessing Remy's failed bid to take over the farm, the following text will appear:

  • Remy will launch attacks from their estate on the moor. These will worsen over time, unless you take the fight to them.

The stat Remy's Encroachment will now be visible on the Social tab, under "Farm Status". As the message states, it increases passively over time and can only be reduced via direct counterattacks against Remy.

Following the player's encounter with Remy on the farm, they will now be able to infiltrate Remy's Estate and begin the quest.


As alluded to above, Remy's estate is situated in the moor. The player won't have to trek deep into the moor to reach it. Once the player arrives, they'll come to a gate. They won't be able to get in easily - the estate is, after all, private property. There are a few options for overcoming the barrier.

Breaking In

The simplest way to get into the estate is through the use of Skulduggery to trick the gatekeeper. At least a B+ is required to guarantee success, however, making this method unreliable for players who haven't invested in Skulduggery. Furthermore, if the player fails at their Skulduggery, they'll be turned away from the estate and unable to try again until the next day.

Failing the Skulduggery path, there are two other methods for sneaking into the estate. Checking the Journal provides a hint:

Landry's Aid

At the Pub, the player may ask Landry for help. They'll agree, mentioning a specialist friend of theirs who'll be able to work out a way for the player to sneak in, at a cost - £2000, to be exact.

If the player agrees, Landry takes the money and informs them that the specialist should be done by the time the player reaches the estate. Sure enough, upon arriving, the player will find a new option: Search for another entrance.

It will take 30 minutes for the player to uncover a hole in the fence. After the player finds the passage for the first time, subsequent entries will only take three minutes. The secret entrance will always be accessible, even after repeated uses.

Great Hawk's Aid

If the player has obtained the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait, they will be able to ask for the Great Hawk's help at its tower. The Hawk agrees to the player's request and sets off to the estate.

Gaining access to the estate via Great Hawk functions identically to Landry's method.

At the Estate

Whichever path the player chooses, they'll eventually make it onto the estate grounds. There are two places for the player to visit on the estate: the cottage, and the stone building.

The cottage is the more important of the two, as this is where the player must go in order to diminish Remy's Encroachment.

The player may only visit the estate once per day. If the player opts to leave, they will be unable to return as the estate's security will be on high alert, similarly to the Elk Street Compound's security.

Meeting Wren

Upon entering the cottage, the player will find Wren, a smuggler under Remy's employ. They'll invite the player to a game of cards, promising to assist the player should they win.

Wren offers several ways to obstruct Remy's business; however, the player must first advance the smuggler's Daring before they're willing to go all in.

For information on Wren's Daring stat, the game, and the consequences for losing, see Wren's page and Blackjack.

Wren's Favours

After winning a hand of blackjack, the player is given the opportunity to make a request of Wren. Options will be limited depending on Wren's current Daring. With the exception of the those that raise Daring, Wren's favours will either decrease Remy's Encroachment, increase Chaos, or both.

Chaos is an environmental stat unique to the estate. Currently, its only effect is making the stone building easier to access. Chaos is reset each time the player visits the estate.

Below is a list of services Wren will provide, starting from the one which requires the least amount of Daring. The player can only ask for each favour once per day.

  • Agitate the steeds | - Remy's Encroachment | - Daring
  • Spread a rumour | + Chaos | - Daring
  • Hide Remy's weapons | - Remy's Encroachment | - Daring
  • Disable Remy's cars | - - Remy's Encroachment | - Daring
  • Smash a mansion window | + + Chaos | - Daring
  • Free the cattle | + + Chaos | - Daring
  • Start a fire | + + + Chaos | - - - Remy's Encroachment | + Arousal

Stone Building

When the player first enters the estate, they'll note that six rough-looking guards stand outside. Attempting to enter with all six guards active will prove incredibly difficult. Making them cum won't be enough; ending combat this way will only provide the player with an opportunity to escape, without allowing them access to the building. If the player becomes too pained to continue, they'll be drugged and molested before being thrown back into the moor.

To gain easier access into the building, the player must first cause trouble elsewhere by increasing Chaos through Wren. As Chaos increases, more guards will abandon their posts; at maximum Chaos, the building will be completely deserted, allowing the player to enter uncontested.

Once the player gains entry into stone building - whether through maximizing Chaos or beating the guards - they'll arrive in some sort of underground lab. One of Remy's employees mistakes the player for a worker and directs them to a shelf and a pile of crates, one of which shakes ominously.

Approach the Shelf

Upon the shelves are several vials of pink liquid. Just being near them increases Arousal. The player has the option to knock over the vials ( +Arousal | -Remy's encroachment), irritating the employee who angrily grabs the player and asks who sent them. The player is given four answers to choose from: Bailey, Harper, Remy, or no one.

If the player says that Bailey or Harper sent them, the employee will hesitantly release them. Otherwise, they will attempt to forcibly remove the player from the premises, to which the player can either fight or go quietly. Going quietly or losing the fight will put the player back in the moor.

If the employee is pacified through sex or violence, a short scene will occur in which they slip and fall into the mysterious liquid, then begin involuntarily masturbating. Afterwards the player will be free to continue exploring the building and the rest of the estate.

Approach the Carriage

At the other end of the stone building is a carriage. The player won't be able to interact with it until they make the employee leave, which is achieved by knocking over the vials and not being ejected onto the moor.

If the player lost their clothes (mostly likely to Wren), they can acquire a set of overalls in the carriage. If the player chooses to pull the lever, the carriage will activate and descend down the track. It eventually stops at the Elk Street Compound.

The player is nearly caught by two workers, but they narrowly avoid being caught. One of the workers drops a canister, which the player may take (+ 1 pepper spray capacity). Whether the player takes the charge or leaves it, they'll emerge on Elk Street regardless.


  • Decreases to Remy's Encroachment
  • An additional Pepper Spray canister


  • Unlike breaking and entering in locations such as the Docks or the Elk Street Compound, trespassing in Remy's estate will not accrue any Crime.
  • The player can tell the employee in the stone building that Harper sent them even if they haven't met Harper at all by that point.

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