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Safehouses are one of several areas the player can stop to rest.


A safehouse can provide some or all of the following facilities.

  • A bed, allowing the player to skip several hours ahead while reducing Fatigue by resting.
  • A wardrobe, for swapping out/changing clothing.
  • A mirror, to examine stats such as Attractiveness and Allure, as well as view the player's Gender.
  • A bath, shower, or sink; to wash off any lewd fluids, body writings, or maggot parasites on the player.
  • Plots for gardening/farming plants.
  • The ability to masturbate.
  • The ability to remove restrictive clothing such as arm bindings.
  • Access to the "Attitudes" menu, which allows for the customization of the player's own behaviours and outlook.
  • Access to the "Settings" menu, which allows for the tweaking of NPC appearance/behaviour to the player's liking.

Safehouse List

Multiple safehouses exists within the game, though it should be noted that some safehouses may not actually be considered to be "safe." Nonetheless, a safehouse located in a dangerous area will still have some of the functionality and utility of other safehouses.

Safehouses can be sorted into the following categories:

  1. Full. Safehouse in every sense of the word, as long as the player deals with the owner appropriately. Provides all facilities.
  2. Wild. Slightly less safe since it is away from civilization. Lacks some facilities.
  3. Work. Generally unsafe since it's part of a workplace, so the player has to deal with coworkers and customers. Typically only has limited facilities.
  4. Imprisonment. Dangerous, The player is typically sent here as a punishment. Very limited facilities, if any at all.

The follow list is sorted by general safety in descending order. Other than the Orphanage the player will need to unlock a safehouse first before being able to access it.

  • Orphanage - Bedroom (Full) - The player's own bedroom at the Domus Street Orphanage, which is owned by Bailey. The player starts with access to this safehouse. Bathing is provided via a communal bathroom, which is a minute away. A garden with 3 small plots is also 2 minutes away.
  • Eden's Cabin (Full) - The home of Eden the hunter/huntress.
  • Alex's Cottage (Full) - The home of Alex the the farmhand.
  • Quarters (Full) - The player's own bunk in the temple after becoming a monk/nun.
  • Ruined Tower (Wild) - Doesn´t have a wardrobe, but the player can build one. The player resides at the top of the Great Hawk's tower. The mirror can be brought up by the player once the Great Hawk trusts the player enough to open the trapdoor.
  • Wolf Cave (Wild) - Doesn´t have a wardrobe. The player resides at the back of the wolf cave. Includes all safehouse facilities apart from an actual wardrobe (though you can strip and change clothing but it works like those in the toilets and the forest lake). A river is outside the cave which can be used as a shower and mirror. Can be dangerous depending on pack Ferocity.
  • Brothel (Work) - Only provides a shower, a mirror, and wardrobe.
  • Strip Club (Work) - Only provides a shower, a mirror, and wardrobe.
  • School - Pool - Changing Rooms (Work) - Only provides a wardrobe. The infirmary is 3 minutes away, and has beds available for limit rest during school hours. The toilets are also 3 minutes away which provides a mirror and a sink, and is also a masturbation location.
  • Asylum - Cell (Imprisonment) - The player can be sent here as an inmate. Only contains a bed, wardrobe and Settings.
  • Underground Farm - Barn (Imprisonment) - Remy's property. The player can be sent here as an livestock. Only contains the option to sleep until dawn, Settings and Attitudes options.
  • Underground Brothel (Imprisonment) - The player can be sent here a sex slave. No access to safehouse facilities, except the option to sleep.
  • Prison (Imprisonment) - The player resides within one of the Prison's cells, as an inmate. Includes everything except a mirror. Shower can only be used at a specific time and a mirror can be bought and added later.

Unlocking Safehouses

With the exception of the Orphanage, safehouses will have to be unlocked before the player is able to access them. They may also require specific, character-related traits.

  • Orphanage - automatically unlocked at the start of a new game.
  • Eden's Cabin - requires the Stockholm Syndrome: Eden character trait.
  • Alex's Cottage - requires the fourth field of Alex's farm to be cleared.
  • Quarters - requires the player to become a monk/nun.
  • Wolf Cave - requires the Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves character trait.
  • Hawk's tower - requires the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk character trait.
  • Brothel - requires the player to have discovered the Brothel first.
  • Strip Club - requires the player to have accessed the Strip Club first with a fake ID. (Alternatively, the player can already sneak inside and have access around 6:00-17:49 should the player have at least a D in Skullduggery, regardless whether or not the player has access to the Strip Club with a fake ID beforehand, but this will only be limited to the wardrobe)
  • Underground Farm Cell - requires the player to have been sent to Remy's farm.


  • It is theoretically possible to avoid having to pay Bailey by sleeping and remaining at one of the Forest safehouses indefinitely instead of the Orphanage.
    • However, doing this will make Orphanage content inaccessible, as Bailey will be waiting for the player regardless of time. There may also come a point when in order to progress, the player may have to return to the Town at some point, and by extension cross paths with Bailey once again.
  • After sleeping in one of the safehouses, the player has a 1 in 2500 chance of waking up with a toast in their mouth. Though it'll disappear by the next passage.

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