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Sam the cafe owner is one of several named NPCs within Degrees of Lewdity. They are the owner of the Ocean Breeze Cafe, located on Cliff Street.


Sam's description will remain consistent, regardless of what sex they are determined as. They are described as being an overweight man or woman - depending on their gender - and will tend to act friendly towards the player when interacted with.

First Meeting

Upon entering the Cafe for the first time, the player has the option to ask for work. Doing so will cause the player to walk up to the man/woman behind the counter. They will smile at the player, calling them a "cutie" before asking: "What will it be?"

The player asks if there's any work for them. The person's smile broadens. They explain that they need a cute waiter/waitress for the cafe. They offer a £5 hourly pay, including any tips the player makes, before warning the player that some perverted customers may try to grope them, but ultimately they mean nothing by it. Additionally, the cafe is always understaffed, meaning the player can work whenever the cafe is open. At this point, the player can choose to accept or refuse the job offer.

If the player takes the job, the person behind the counter introduces themselves as Sam as they shake the player's hands.


Sam is a busy owner, only appearing during certain events or while the player is on the job - they cannot be interacted with normally. They also cannot be encountered outside of the Cafe.

During the Cafe Campaign, Sam will be completely oblivious to what the player is doing.

If the player is not careful, Sam will want to check up on the player to see how they are doing. They may initially be occupied at first, however. After approximately ten turns pass, Sam will no longer be occupied.

  • Sam is occupied
  • Sam will want to check on the player soon.
  • Sam is chatting near the door!
  • The player hears Sam right outside the door!

If the player takes too long, Sam will barge through the door with the player barely covering themselves in time. They say that they are just checking up on the player, the player assuring them everything is under control. Sam returns to the main room, but it's noted that Sam also wedges the kitchen door open. This adds Suspicion.

The player is then unable to continue with adding their secret ingredient, and will not choose to not take any risks and make the buns without the special ingredients. They may go on to say how buns aren't selling today, and that the player should do better.


Sam has two stats to keep track of - "Love", and "Suspicion." However, the latter is not in actuality about Sam.

Their Love stat naturally increases when working at the cafe. Properly fulfilling tasks (such as dancing for people, ignoring customers if they inappropriately touch the player) will also raise their opinion of the player.

Methods that increase Sam's Love stat are listed below:

  • Ignoring a customer that spilt stuff on the player, and other such inappropriate touching and/or catcalls/harassment dealt the player's way.
  • The player removing their top at any point.
  • Generally acting lewd towards customers, such as dancing for them on tables when asked to do so.
  • Accepting the position to become a bun chef.

Note that it is currently impossible to initiate a lewd encounter with Sam.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Sam's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As Sam is primarily found at the cafe, they will make many appearances there. They will serve as the player's manager while working there, remaining in the background usually. Interactions with them will tend to involve work-related interactions, while the player works as a waiter/waitress. However, once the player takes on the role as a bun chef, they have a much more prominent role.


Sam makes many appearances during the cafe's waiter/waitress events.

  • At one point, Sam will ask the player to take out rubbish. Unknown to them however are shady types lurking near the dumpster. If the player screams when attacked, Sam will come to their aid. Alternatively, if they forget their task and go back inside, Sam will understand but will be unhappy with the player about it.
  • When a waiter spills soup over the player's top, Sam is watching this unfold. If they choose to ignore it, Sam will praise the player for handling the situation well. Otherwise, confronting the waiter will have Sam's disapproval.
  • When a large group of people is celebrating someone's birthday, choosing to dance on a table for them will excite the group - until Sam interrupts the performance, pulling the player to one side and approving of their work by giving them an extra £10.
  • If the player's skirt is lifted or their trousers pulled down at any point by a perverted pair, choosing to get angry will have the customers say it was "just a joke" while Sam gives the player a disapproving look.

Bun Chef

Once Sam's Love stat has reached decent levels (approximately 20-25%), the player has the ability to gain a new job at the cafe - alongside their current one. This entails working directly in the production of the cafe's ingredients and food production as a bun-making chef.

Sam will have a much more prominent role while the player works as a bun chef, eventually spiralling into the player (and by extension the cafe and Sam) becoming world-famous for their delicious cream buns.

Depending on how many buns were produced and sold in a single session, Sam's lines will change.

  • 30+ buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, staring in awe at the mountain in front of them. "This might be enough to satisfy demand. Good job!"
  • 20+ buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "You've been very busy. Our customers will be happy."
  • 10+ buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "Good job. Our customers will be happy.
  • 4+ buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "A nice batch. Our customers will be happy."
  • 3 buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "Three customers are going to be happy."
  • 2 buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "Shame there's only a couple. Our customers might need to draw lots."
  • Only 1 bun sold - "Marvelous," they say. "Shame there's only one. I hope a fight doesn't break out!"

Flustered Sam

The initial event that introduces the cafe chef job will have Sam run out of the kitchen, flustered. They hasten over to the player, explaining that they're in a "bit of a pickle" because the chef has bailed again. Sam wants someone to fill in for them, noting that it isn't too difficult and it pays double to the player's current waiter/waitress job. Sam will then give the player a rundown of the job upon accepting the offer, explaining how the cream buns are big sellers to customers - this is because there's a secret in the ingredients, but Sam tells the player to not feel pressured. They leave the player to their own devices.

Rude Customer

The second part of the initial event will introduce a rude customer which insults the player for making a "stale turd" of a cream bun. Sam explains how the customer has always been like that, and tells the player to make them a freshly-made bun with "extra" cream - according to Sam, that usually does the trick. There are both non-lewd and lewd options to take here, with the latter involving bodily fluids. Regardless, the customer feels satisfied after Sam brings the fresh bun over to them.

For the lewd option Sam will have a beaming look on their face, telling the player they've never seen the customer more satisfied than ever, wondering how they accomplished it. They then try to hire the player on the spot, asking if they'd like to put their cooking talents to work more regularly. They will also include a cut of each bun sold. Accepting the job offer will have Sam informing the player they can work as a chef any time the cafe is open, before saying they will provide any further ingredients the player needs and stating it could be the start of something big for the cafe.

World-Class Buns

Upon making one-hundred buns or more for Sam(Note: I got it at 59 buns, just wanted to report that), they will approach the player with a proposition. They explain how they wanted to keep the buns affordable, but the cafe has attracted interest. Sam will show a holiday brochure to the player, which is opened on a page that advertises the town. A picture of the cafe can be seen, with a caption below it that describes the buns as "world-class."

Sam will be overjoyed by this, wanting to increase the bun valued price from £50 to £100. After all, the cafe has a limited supply, and can't afford to keep up with the high demand as it currently is - hence the price increase. Sam will then return to work.

Sam's Proposition

Once the player has made 200 buns or more for Sam, they will approach the player. They inform the player they were at a party, and the topic of the buns was brought up. They go on to explain how people are very curious on how the buns are made. The townsfolk grew even hungrier upon hearing a young chef is responsible, with Sam thinking it could be a myth building around the player. Regardless, Sam gets back to their point and provides the player with a useful proposition - the player's image would be used in the cafe's advertising, and the front of the building will maybe have a redesign - after all, it's only fair people know who's responsible for the buns.

Professional Photography

Sam mentions to the player that they are in talks with a professional photographer. They tell the player to think it over before considering their offer. Upon accepting Sam's offer, they will be happy to hear it. Sam will hand the player a slip of paper after the photographer called, explaining how they have a photography studio on Nightingale Street. They tell the player to head on over when they're ready, and let them know who they are. It's at this point that the player meets Niki, a photographer.

Upon arriving back at the cafe, Sam will approach the player and inform them that the photographer has sent the pictures over.

Cafe Renovation

At some point, Sam will decide the cafe will renovate after the player has made 400 lewd buns or more for Sam. This is because the cafe and by extension the player has become world-famous for their cream buns.

During the initial event, Sam will approach the player, looking more serious than normal. They say they've made a decision, before telling the player that while the buns are the flagship product of the cafe, people are more interested than ever in the cafe's other dishes as well. There's still a queue for a chance to eat for the cafe, even when the player is not there. They tell the player they bought the building next door, referred to as the "big one". Their plan is to merge the buildings into one to make one huge cafe that can accommodate the flood of new customers coming in to see the player's world-famous buns. Sam feels giddy just thinking about the idea.

Sam informs the player further details of their plan, with them making up for it with grand re-opening event that will be held with the player at the center of it all once the renovation project is complete. They warn the player that the cafe is closing down in a week, and to tell them to drop by once finished.

The player will be able to access the cafe once a month has passed. Sam will be true to their word and have the mayor - Quinn - hold a grand opening event at the town hall for the cafe where the player gives a speech about their new-found fame as a renowned chef.

First Impressions

The player will enter through the doors of the rebuilt Ocean Breeze cafe. It's noted that the main room is much wider and taller than before, with more tables found up on a second floor overhanging the first floor. The rustic look of the cafe was replaced with a more elegant. Sam is found standing in the middle, talking to another member of the cafe staff - they are wearing formal attire.

Sam spots the player, rushing over to them and grasping their hands. They ask how they like the new look - the building, not them. The player has three options on their opinion of the new cafe:

  • Say it looks pretentious | - Love
  • Say it looks wonderful | + Love
  • Say it looks okay

Regardless of the player's opinion on the subject, Sam will state that they have always wanted a place like this.

Sam tells the player they have already begun preparations for the grand opening, wanting the player to make an appearance - although nothing big, just a speech the player will give. They explain further, stating that people from all over the world are coming to the event, so the town's "movers and shakers" will want to make an appearance. Sam tells the player there's no need to be shy, and they can say whatever they like. According to Sam, the important part is that the crowd wants to know who is making the food.

The opening event will start whenever the player is ready, with them as the star. The player is to visit some time in the evening to finalise things with Sam.

  • Defiant: You scoff. "It's a big much for some cream buns," you say. "Don't you think?"
  • Neutral: "It's a little gaudy," you admit.
  • Submissive: You look at your feet. "I liked the old cafe more," you admit. "Sorry."

Regardless of the player's response, Sam will state the player is underestimating their talent.

  • Defiant: "It's certainly an upgrade," you say.
  • Neutral: "I like it a lot," you say. "Very fancy."
  • Submissive: "It's wonderful," you say. "Like a dream."

Sam agrees with the player, nodding.

  • Defiant: "As long as I can work in peace," you say. "It's fine."
  • Neutral: "It looks okay," you say. "It does stand out."
  • Submissive: "I-I don't know," you say. "I'm not used to fancy things."

Sam will simply nod in response.

Grand Opening

The player enters the cafe. Sam approaches the player, clasping their hands with the player's. They ask if the player is ready, with the player nodding. Sam states they will prepare things from here, and the player will only need to worry about themselves and making a proper entrance.

Sam will then meet the player once they make their entrance, wearing formal attire. They tell the player this is everything they have wished for, and thanking the player for making their dreams come true. They hug the player, sparking a greater cheer from the audience - this is a large increase to their Love stat.

After Quinn makes his appearance at the ceremony, Sam rushes to the player's side, stating how that was the mayor. They pull a mirror from their pocket, checking their hair. They inform the player the mayor will introduce them when things are ready for the player to give their speech, which should not be too long. While Sam is with the player, people are finding their seats while the last of the guests shuffle through the doors. The player looks over at Bailey and Quinn, with Bailey seeming agitated while Quinn acts more jovial, chuckling while pulling themselves away from the conversation. Sam tells the player it's happening, before instructing them to go sit by the podium, while the cream treats are being moved over to the player. Sam rushes back into the kitchen while the player takes their seat.

Player Speech

During the player's speech, they have various ways on how to approach it. These two options directly impact how Sam reacts to the speech.

  • Tell them the truth about your cream. Heavily increases Sam's Suspicion, and also largely increases Stress while lowering Trauma.
  • Praise Sam. Heavily increases Sam's Love stat.

If the player tells the truth about their cream buns, they will look around the room with each face looking back. They take a deep breath before sharing their secret. The room falls silent, with all blood draining from Sam's face - the player is surprised they don't faint from the revelation. Someone in the back laughs in response, telling the player they already know of the secret, but however despite things it is "fucking delicious" while sarcastically asking why the player thinks they came all this way to see the chef.

If the player chooses to praise Sam, Sam will stare back as the player looks around the room, looking more excited than the player has ever seen before. The player talks about Sam, expressing to the audience the hard work they put in to make the cafe what it is. They thank Sam for giving them the opportunity to develop their talents, as well as thanking the audience for making their dreams come true. The audience applauds in response, with Sam in tears.


During the after-party, Sam will be mobilising the entire staff for the opening event. This means they will usually be kept busy and rarely have time to talk, but regardless of this Sam does not seem to mind. It is said that Sam's joy is infectious, spreading to other employees.

Eventually the party will begin to wind down. The player heads to the exit where Sam is seeing off the guests. They may say different things to the player or act differently - determinant on the player's speech:

  • Cream Secret: Sam intercepts the player instead. They state how they weren't expecting "that" in the player's speech. Sam says that they knew they said they could say anything, but it didn't cross their mind. They shake their head before going on to say that people took the "joke" well - no damage done. They thank the player for everything they have done."
  • Praising Sam: Sam will state that no one has ever said such nice things about them as they confide in the player. They wipe away a tear with the back of their hand.

Sam states that they are bumping up the price of the cream buns to £150. Despite its price, they are worth it - and there are additional staff to receive their paychecks. They wave the player goodbye, as the player exits out of the Cafe and back out onto Cliff Street - with the knowledge that they have accomplished Sam's dreams.


  • Sam is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • Sam seems to enjoy when the player acts lewd with the customers. They naturally disapprove of when the player goes against this, such as lashing back at any sexual harassment dealt their way.
  • However, they will step in when things escalates further - coming to the aid of the player.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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