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School exams are one of several repeatable quests within Degrees of Lewdity. It is a weekly event, occuring during Science, Math, English and History classes on Fridays.


The player must sit through an school examination to increase their grades. Pass the exam to become more knowledgeable in a subject.


Attend classes at the School on a Friday and make it through to the third twenty minute block.


The first two twenty minute blocks of class will occur as usual - however, the third twenty minute block will be replaced by a test. During this phase, the player has several options on how they can deal with the exam.

Note that the player's school grades will also increase in weekend even without a test as soon as they reach 200% towards understanding.[1]

More information on passing the exam is detailed below.

Chances of Success

The base chance of success at an exam can be viewed in the player's Characteristics tab and corresponds to the player's understanding (it can therefore be over 100%).

Once the exam is about to begin, the player can choose an action which can affect this chance:

  • Focus: Increases chance of passing by 5%.
  • Try and relax: Does nothing to pass chance.
  • Cheat: Success depends on the player's Skulduggery level. Succeeding increases chance of passing by 10%. Failing will reduce the pass chance by 10% and increase Delinquency. Having Robin in History class may prevent the increase on delinquency upon failing to cheat in History exam.
    • The required skulduggery is to a degree random, ranges from almost none to exceedingly high and tends to increase with the player's grade.

There are also other factors that will influence the player's test outcome:

  • Earning a teacher's love will increase pass chance by 5% (requires 10 points in their love stat)
  • The "Anxiety Disorder" trait decreases the player's chance of success by 10% (see Trauma Traits)
  • The "Severe Anxiety Disorder" trait decreases the player's chance of success by 20% (see Trauma Traits)
  • In Maths, if Whitney is there, they will distract the player during the test.
    • If not unlocked as a love interest option, they are bouncing a rubber off the player's back, reducing the player's chance by 5%.
      • Depending on the player's Dancing skill (rank S guarantees success), the player may catch Whitney's rubber, increasing their chance by 5% (back up to neutral) or fail and have their chance decrease by an additional 10%.
    • If unlocked as a love interest option, they are groping the player, and their chance will be decreased by 10%.
      • The player can "Satisfy Whitney" - pleasuring them with their hand (requires Promiscuity 3). Success depends on the player's hand skill (rank S guarantees success) and increases the player's chance by 5% (the prompt indicating 10% is inaccurate) with failure having no additional repercussions.
      • Alternatively, the player can "Retaliate" (max Physique guarantees success). Success increases the player's chance by 5%. Failing have Whitney continue to molest the player, given the player is not wearing a chastity device. If Whitney brings the player to orgasm, their chance increases by 5% (the prompt indicating 10% is inaccurate).
  • In English, if Kylar is unlocked as a love interest option and is sitting next to the player, the player can choose to copy Kylar, which increases their chance by 5%.

The "difficulty" of each exam is a random number from 1 to 100[2], and the difficulty is determined in weekend[3]. So is almost impossible to pass the exam by save/load before it.

Failing the Exam

While failing the exam has no repercussions, the player's grade will remain the same - it will not drop a grade. However, should the player's understanding drop to -100% or lower, they will drop a grade in weekend - this is the only way to have a grade decrease.[4]


Passing once the player has an A* in a subject will earn them a distinction. It increases Control, decreases Delinquency, and resets the player's understanding to 0%.

Earning distinctions is associated with the following feats:

Feat name Description/Hint Requirement Notes Rank
Distinction "Win a distinction on a school exam." Earn a distinction on any of the school's tests. -
Distinctive "Win 5 distinctions on school exams." Earn 5 distinctions on any of the school's tests. This feat will be hidden until the player unlocks the feat "Distinction".
Distinguished "Win 15 distinctions on school exams." Earn 15 distinctions on any of the school's tests. This feat will be hidden until the player unlocks the feat "Distinctive".


Succeeding at a test will increase the player's School Grade by one, and reset their understanding to 0%.


  • School exams were pushed back for several updates due to time constraints, until they finally made their appearance in the Version 0.2.19 update.

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